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Reconstruction Begins (1914-2014)

1914 – 1939 – 1964 – 1989 – 2014. The hundred-year nightmare of four generations of decivilisation is coming to an end. The generational change is becoming apparent and the cycle of historical injustices is being broken. True, we are now witnessing only the first timid signs of this transformation, but there is the promise of much more to come. After the recent expression of the free choice of the people of the Crimea, we are now witnesses to a historic moment throughout the Russian Federation and indeed throughout the Eurasian Union. The attempt to westernise, that is, to secularise, Christian Russia by violence, that which began 100 years ago in 1914 by dragging the then Russian Empire into the contagion of a decivilising Western imperialistic war, has failed.

The attempt to destroy the millennial underlying belief system which held together the East Slav and other peoples of the Russian Empire had begun with the influx of Western materialism among the upper classes long before 1914. What was new in 1914 was the spread of Western materialist ideology in a most extreme form. First, from 1914 a foreign invasion (as in 1812 and 1854) led to weakness. However, this time the weakness became so great that in 1917, just as the Russian Empire was on the brink of victory, it led to the overthrow of the legitimate government by upper-class traitors, orchestrated from the British Embassy in Saint Petersburg (just as the recent overthrow of the legitimate government in the Ukraine has been orchestrated from the US Embassy in Kiev). lmmediately, after a good many deaths, this ‘bloodless’ revolution took the legitimate ruler captive and pressure was put on the Church to compromise and accept the coup d’etat.

This first coup d’etat was followed some six months later by the seizure of power from these upper-class incompetents and traitors. This second coup d’etat was operated by a group of extreme and violent materialists, the brainwashed heirs of Voltaire, Darwin and Nietzsche, imported into Russia through and by Germany in a train (not sealed, as the myth would have it). lmmediately, the Church, which had always supplied the belief-system of the Russian Lands, came under bloody and unheard of persecution and the former ruler and his family were slaughtered. The materialists abolished the Russian Empire and founded the Soviet Union. There followed a generation of the most violent persecution, sweeping away millions of innocent lives, including 600 bishops, nearly 200,000 priests, monks and nuns and millions of faithful Christians. Mass shootings, artificial famine in Russia and the Ukraine to enforce collectivisation (on the model of the ‘Enclosures’ in England and the ‘Clearances’ in Scotland), torture chambers and concentration camps were the rule of the day. The Western world, birthplace of the ideology behind this holocaust, was mainly silent and eagerly traded with the new country.

This generation of violence ended in 1941, when the contagion that had yet again started in Western Europe, this time in 1939, also spread to the Soviet Union with yet another invasion, the fourth bout of anti-Russian Western imperialism in the five generations since 1812. On the feast-day of All the Saints of the Russian Lands, expansionist Nazi Germany invaded the former Russian Empire, causing 27 million mainly civilian victims, the greatest holocaust and genocide known to the history of humanity. However, it was also this holocaust that began to bring the new rulers of the Soviet Union to their senses. lt was a very slow and extremely painful process that lasted two generations and although direct persecution of the Church more or less ceased, indirect persecution continued most viciously. However, during that period, most stopped believing in atheism – when they had believed in it at all – and even their atheist rulers began to realise that their ideology was bankrupt.

It was in 1989, exactly two generations after the Second European War of 1939, that the signs of imminent collapse became obvious. This culminated in 1991, exactly two generations after the most recent Western invasion of the Soviet Union, that the atheist regime collapsed and the country fell apart. The West was triumphant and now, having divided, it tried to rule through its present ideology. So there began that disastrous period when Western materialism, now in its liberal consumerist form of individualist egoism, spread anarchically into the newly divided countries of the old Soviet Union. The spiritual and so moral decivilisation of the West took over. There was a decade of shame, when capitalist oligarchs (the old nomenklatura, the new aristocracy) stole the public assets and the poor were created. ABCDE – alcoholism, abortion, corruption, drugs and emigration – prevailed. Many of the best left, many of the worst seized assets and power. Only in recent years have we begun to see light, culminating now in the freedom and return home of the Crimea.

Four generations, one hundred years, since the attempt to destroy the Russian Orthodox world began in 1914, its geographical reunion has started. Christianity, in its original form and not in the apostate and compromised forms of the second millennium, is rising up against the whole tide of atheist secularism that seized power in Saint Petersburg in 1917 and in Kiev in 2014. lf those who are apostates and those who are compromised do not wish to join this movement, they are free not to do so. Thus, if the Roman Catholics of former Poland, now the far west of the Ukraine, wish to leave the Ukraine for the Poland of the secularist and bankrupt EU, let them do so, taking their Galicia with them. But let them leave the rest of the Ukraine, the other 80%, alone. As regards the rest of the smaller and weaker Orthodox Christian world in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, it can now look to the Russian Orthodox Church to lead it away from the mess of pottage of the European Union and the USA, back to Orthodox Christian roots and the free and uncompromised calendar and practices of the Orthodox Tradition in the coming Inter-Orthodox Council. The Restoration, Reconstitution and Reconstruction of the world that was lost in 1914 are in the air. Our vision is clear.

Free Ukrainians Reject Western Colonialist Junta in Kiev

For at least 400 years and more there have been attempts to split and divide the Russian world…When I say the Russian world, this does not mean, as those of ill will towards us interpret, the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union, it means the great Russian civilisation that came out of the baptismal font in Kiev and that spread to the vast expanses of Eurasia. This is an original civilisation based on Orthodoxy and the moral values of Orthodoxy – this is over 400 years which give no peace to those who see some challenge to their own ideological bases. And we know that whenever enemies have attacked our homeland, the main thing they have wanted to do is to divide our people and in particular tear away from this one world the southern and western Russian lands.

Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow and all the Russias, March 2014

The people of the Ukraine are choosing freedom in preference to the tyranny of the bankrupt Neo-Nazi clique that has illegitimately seized power with American baseball bats from the democratically-elected government in Kiev. And the Crimea is only the start. Most of the Ukraine is rising in revolt against the possibility of Western colonisation and NATO occupation. The Western attempt to use 19th century colonialism in its ‘scramble for Eastern Europe’ is failing in the 21st century. Only if the Euroterrorists in Kiev are very soon replaced with a legitimate and representative government which immediately proceeds with the federalisation of the Ukraine (which should have been done from the start 23 years ago), is there any hope that the land as it is today will survive.

Several questions arise. Why is the West so hostile to democracy and freedom in the Ukraine? Why does it support Stalinist-style centralisation? Why does it support and bankroll a country that has been run by one corrupt mafia after another for the last 23 years? Why does it maintain the borders of a country which were fixed by the atheist dictators Stalin and Khrushchev? Why does it rage against Free Russia?

To all these questions there is only one answer. It is because the impunity and pride of the West are such that it has lost its reason. Who but madmen would support the gangsters in Kiev? And where has this madness come from? It has come from the fact that the West has lost faith in God, lost faith in the very foundation of its culture which is in Christ. In the Western world, whether in North America or in its European vassals, the churches are empty of prayer, of they have not already turned into shops, clubs and bars, whether in Montreal, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Geneva, Berlin, London or Paris. And even where there are churches, there are suggestions that they should be used for homosexual ‘marriage’.

The fact is that the same demons that were once idolised by atheist Soviet leaders are now idolised by atheist Western leaders. They have migrated from the Soviet Union to the European Union, from the Red Star to the Ring of Stars. Hence the Western lack of logic and rationality, its worship of lies. The West hates Russia not because of the dirty and ignored statues of Lenin and his ilk that still litter the country through inertia, but because Russia is now largely Orthodox Christian, it believes in God. And that faith and its resulting civilisation must be discredited and destroyed by the West because they contradict Western atheist idolatry and its well-advanced plans for a terrifying global anti-Christian empire.

Why did NATO bomb Serbia and then split it apart, handing part of it over to Islamist drug barons and traders in human organs? Simply because Serbia was Orthodox. Why did the West hire snipers in Kiev so that they could kill policemen and demonstrators alike, thus provoking international outrage? Simply because the Ukraine was Orthodox and so, like Serbia, it has to be torn away from Orthodox Russia and Orthodox Belarus and then split apart. Those who are faithful to God must be mocked, discredited and destroyed. This is what the West and the Westernised already did to the faithful Anointed of God before 1918, applauding his fall in their parliaments and press.

The West bombed Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria with impunity because it knew that they had nothing with which to fight back. With Sovereign Russia, it dare not do this. If there were no Orthodox Russia, the secularist kingdom of lies and spiritual and moral darkness would grow worldwide, the demons would reign and then the end of the world would soon come. The smaller and weaker Orthodox Local Churches, forced by masonic cliques and personalities to adopt the Roman Catholic calendar for the fixed feasts, already look to Russia for protection. This is not the time for Russia to heed Western threats and blackmail, but to stand firm on principle, to defend Orthodox Christian values against the foolishness of secularist atheism gone global.

If former eastern Poland, apostate Roman Catholic Lviv and the surrounding area, wishes to rejoin Poland and so join the EU, let it do so, if the EU really wants these bankrupt provinces. For that region is the only real borderland (‘ukraina’), for only that lies on the borders of Poland. The Crimea does not. Nor do Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Uzhgorod and a host of other cities, towns and villages of the 83% of the country where Russian is the everyday language and most people can barely speak any one of the many dialects of the regional language that is called Ukrainian.

Little Russia, New Russia and much persecuted Carpatho-Russia want to have nothing to do with Poland. Having apostasised from Orthodoxy, the Western-backed Galician clique in Kiev no longer see Russia as its Mother. Let them therefore join them Polish stepmother. Let them buy their ticket for the Titanic. Then the many icons that have been weeping in Russia and the Ukraine since last September will cease to weep and instead flow with peace-giving myrrh.

Christ or Eurosodom?

Tomorrow the Crimea, and, make no mistake, after it the rest of the Ukraine, sets out on the path of self-determination, not just of political and economic self-determination, but above all of spiritual self-determination. The choice is either to keep faith with our ancestral Orthodoxy or else to betray it, to accept the precepts of Holy Rus and eternal life, or to accept the Eurosodom mess of pottage and eternal death. And only the flight from Sodom, the acceptance of righteousness, can save from death.

Although post-Soviet Russia has not yet been fully restored to Orthodox Russia, nevertheless it has not accepted Eurosodom and every year it comes to resist ever more the globalisation that is preparing the path of Antichrist. Indeed, there are many Christian prophecies about the spiritual rebirth of Holy Rus before the end, but not a single one about the spiritual rebirth of ‘Ukraine’ as part of secularist Eurosodom under the yoke of the atheist troops of NATO.

The referendum in the Crimea is the first step in the restoration of the three parts of Rus, Great, Little and White Rus. It is no coincidence that the referendum comes the day after the feast of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God (2/15 March), the Heavenly Sovereign Lady of the earthly Kingdom of Rus, and on the day of the feast of all the Saints of the Kiev Caves and the Ukraine. Whatever happens tomorrow, how will this saga end? We already know: Christ will defeat Antichrist (2 Thess. 2, 8) and Holy Rus will defeat Eurosodom. ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’.

The Second Crimean War – or the Poodles Bark

The Western world (which so arrogantly and absurdly calls itself ‘the international community’) has taken a decidedly anti-democratic turn in recent weeks. In the Ukraine, it clearly stands as the voice against freedom. Not only has it installed a provincial Neo-Nazi Roman Catholic junta in Kiev (which has also ruined relations between the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church), but also it is now opposing the will of the people of the Crimea, to be expressed in a referendum tomorrow. And the Crimea is nowhere near the ‘Ukraine’ – a word which means the borderlands, i.e. the Polish border. The Second Crimean War has begun – but only in the fantasies of powerless Western politicians. The West’s Ukrainian attempt at the geopolitical conquest of the Russian Orthodox world, driven by the hatred of the Polish-American geopolitician, Zbigniew Brzezinski, son of a pre-war Polish Fascist, against the advice of Henry Kissinger, is supported only by a pack of barking poodles

The West continues to use 19th century gunboat diplomacy in the 21st century, sending battleships into the Black Sea. Here there is nothing surprising. This is exactly what it has done in recent years in other sovereign nations – Serbia (Kosovo), Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – invading and destroying four sovereign countries under false pretexts. (Who has forgotten the invisible ‘arms of mass destruction’ in oil-rich Iraq?). All the above four now chaotic provinces or countries are largely controlled by terrorists – a scenario that the West has tried to repeat in Syria and now, in revenge for Russian protection of the Syrian people, in the Ukraine. On the other hand, the West stoutly defends the oil-rich homelands of real Islamist terrorism – Saudi Arabia (the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists and of the family friends of the Bush dynasty – the Bin Ladens), Qatar and Bahrein. The hypocrisy is amazing!

Now the bankrupt European Union poodles of the US regime are barking against another sovereign nation, and this time a great power, – the Russian Federation. In France the utterly discredited President Hollande has ‘sent a signal of war’ to Russia! In the UK the highly aggressive and poorly-educated (surely such shameful crass ignorance as his must be the result of poor education?) Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who only a few months ago wanted to bomb Syria back into the Stone Age, now wants to introduce ‘measures’ against democracy in the Crimea (though apparently democracy in Scotland is acceptable)! In EU Warsaw politicians are desperate to reclaim Galicia and Volhynia – the slice of Eastern Polish (Roman Catholic Ukrainian) territory taken from them by Stalin in 1939 and where all the troublemakers in Kiev come from. As regards the pro-EU Ukrainian junta that seized power in Kiev from a democratically elected government last month, its armed forces – their military equipment mainly sold off to Third World countries since independence – are in a state of mutiny. Most of its Navy, Air Force and Army have deserted. It is doubtful whether it now has more than 6,000 troops to defend it.

In Berlin the real President of the European Union, Angela Merkel, is in two minds, even though she knows that all her e-mails and phone calls are being tapped by the CIA. A pragmatic realist from East Germany, she knows that half of all German gas comes from Russia. If it were turned off…She also knows that Germany is already being drained of Euromarks going to former Eastern European countries, not to mention Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland…She also knows that the Ukraine is as bankrupt as it is corrupt. For example, she knows that only 100 metres away from the Palace of the corrupt coward Yanukovich stands the equally elaborate Palace of the new, self-appointed Ukrainian ‘Prime Minister’ Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Other Ukrainian ‘politicians’ are little better: Klichko, the ultimate political naïf, is a German citizen who owns six luxurious houses and Timoshenko is worth an estimated $10 billion – all money stolen from the people of the Ukraine. In its primitive and provincial corruption the Ukrainian political elite is behaving just like corrupt Africans politicians after their countries received independence from Western colonisers in the 1960s.

The Ukraine is costing the US a lot – $5 billion has gone down the Ukrainian drain already, on the admission of the foul-mouthed US Victoria Nuland – we all now know what she thinks of the EU. And all anti-Russian sanctions will be very painful – for the West. As regards the US administration, it should recall that if pro-Russian China switches off the currency, the USA will drown in its 17 trillion dollars of debt. The Second Crimean War, started to divert attention from the real problems of economically and also morally bankrupt Western countries, is a War that will cost the West very dear. Let the poodles bark: bears roar.

The Victory of Martyrdom and the Victory of Confessordom

In the 20th century the Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia won a great victory against Western materialism in its Communist form, a victory won mainly through martyrdom. With 600 martyred bishops, 200,000 martyred priests, monks and nuns and millions of martyred laypeople, its sacrifices were an immense example to the whole world, as long as that world wished to see it and not be blinded by its cultural prejudices causing it to hate the Church of God.

At the same time, living in outward freedom, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia won a great victory against Western materialism in its secularist form, a victory won mainly through confessordom. With figures like Metropolitans Antony, Anastasy, Philaret and Laurus, Archbishops Averky, Antony of Geneva, Tikhon, John and Antony of San Francisco, and a host of faithful priests, monks, nuns and laypeople, it resisted the ways of the Western secularist world, remaining faithful to the best of the Tsar’s Russia.

At one point, during the decadence of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the Church Outside Russia was indeed virtually alone in speaking on behalf of authentic Orthodoxy and combatting the modernist and ecumenist compromises of new calendarism, while the Church inside Russia was paralysed, a hostage of the Soviet atheist regime. The Church Outside Russia opposed Frankish-style ‘Orthodox’ ‘theology’, which fills the brain with mere academic theories, but does nothing to nourish the heart, and the attempts to create a Western Establishment Halfodoxy, in fact an anti-Orthodoxy, instead of real Orthodoxy.

The victory of the Church Outside Russia is apparent in that the now free Church inside Russia is speaking with the same voice and spirit as the Church Outside Russia. Ecumenists, immoral bishops, personality cultists, syncretists who wish to merge Hinduism with Orthodoxy in ashrams, are all of the past. Today the old decadent modernism and ecumenism, so prevalent in the Patriarchate of Constantinople for example only a few years ago, is dying out, its remaining representatives mostly in their 80s.

This double victory of both parts of the Russian Orthodox Church is apparent in the forthcoming Inter-Orthodox Council to be held perhaps in 2016. (The 2015 date prematurely announced was always unrealistic, given the amount of work there is to do in preparation). This Council was unthinkable, as St Justin of Chelije pointed out in the 1970s, as long as Eastern Europe suffered under Communist persecution and the Greek Churches were chattels of the CIA. If the Patriarchate of Constantinople can be persuaded to accept the autocephaly of the Churches of the Czech Lands and Slovakia and of America, and if the Patriarchate of Jerusalem can renounce its imperialist ambitions in Qatar, then a Council as early as 2016 is still possible.

With the Patriarchate of Constantinople now having accepted the Orthodox principle of consensus, as against the papist system of majority voting, the Local Orthodox Churches together will have to prepare an agenda, as the old one was long ago hopelessly discredited. It is true that because this Council is to be held in Constantinople, where resources are very limited, only about a third of the 800 or so Orthodox bishops will be able to meet. However, it may be that after this initial Council there will come another and more significant Council, which could be held for example in Russia, where there is the infrastructure to hold a Council of 800 and more bishops.

However, it is good that this Council is to be held. The heterodox world will learn something. It will help to put an end to the decadent drift in the smaller and spiritually weaker new calendar Local Churches and could also end US and EU meddling in Orthodox Church life. This could also put an end to the cultural isolationism and nationalism of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the other new calendar Local Churches. It was, after all, the cultural isolationism of Western Europe that brought it into the Great Schism in the 11th century, when it replaced God by Western man with its filioque heresy.

Then the Western world cut itself off from the Church of Christ and the Holy Spirit and propelled itself forward into fallen humanisation. It entered the ever deepening and tragic ideology of its filioquist civilisation and its ensuing inevitable secularism and atheism. If the new calendar Churches can be brought back to the Orthodox calendar and its ascetic and liturgical ethos, this will be a mighty example for the heterodox world. Perhaps the Council, gathered together in unity, could even speak prophetic words to the contemporary world, like St John the Baptist before the First Coming – repent for your sins before the Second Coming.

The Threat to Peace is Real

Backfiring sanctions, warships with guided missiles heading for the Black Sea, F-15 fighter jets on Russia’s border. As in so many Latin American and other countries (‘banana republics’) in the past, Washington has recognised and committed more than $5 billion to an illegal right-wing government that seized power from elected officials in Kiev. The CIA and MI5-fed Western media have always lied about the reasons for war, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Libya and Syria. Here are ten things the media will not tell you about what is happening in the Ukraine.

1. Washington planned the coup in the Ukraine.

The foul-mouthed U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland was caught on tape plotting who would be the next head of Ukraine. She bragged that the U.S. had spent $5 billion funding the ‘democracy’ movement there. Senator John McCain and EU Baroness Ashton went to Kiev, spoke at rallies and were photographed with the leader of the Fascist Svoboda party. Neo-Nazi forces took over buildings and threw out the elected government in a coup d’etat, then passed new laws with no quorum in the parliament building; some elected representatives were not even allowed inside by thugs standing guard outside with baseball bats. Intent on the destabilisation of the Ukraine, the Western policy is in fact to divide and rule it.

2. There has been no Russian invasion.

Western officials have threatened Russia for ‘invading’ the Ukraine, an artificial, Communist-devised country consisting of a small part of eastern Poland and a large chunk of western Russia, that has existed for only 23 years. This is a lie meant to cover up Western involvement in the coup. Russia rents a military base in Crimea, part of Russia for 200 years until 1954, and is legally allowed to station up to 25,000 troops there. Russia has merely said that it may act to protect civilians if they are threatened by the Neo-Nazi Uniats in Kiev. As for the Crimea the people are to vote in a democratic referendum on Sunday about if they wish to be governed by the Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev or join Russia. Apparently the West is against democracy and self-determination in the Crimea, though it is for it in Kosovo, Scotland and elsewhere in the world.

3. The U.S. war buildup.

The US Navy has deployed the USS Truxton, a warship armed with guided missiles, to the Black Sea. Six F-15 fighter jets and 60 military personnel have been sent to Lithuania, in addition to those already stationed there. The U.S. and Berlin (= the EU) are imposing sanctions and travel bans on Russian officials. Western politicians and the tabloid media have compared the democratically-elected and immensely popular Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Western leader Hitler. When preparing for war, the West always uses this bogus comparison to demonise leaders of opponent countries.

4. Neo-Nazis dominate the new government.

The openly racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler Svoboda party is one of three major parties in the government. Svoboda led the street actions that forced elected President Yanukovych to flee. The Right Sector, armed fascists from Uniat and schismatic Galicia (the far west of the Ukraine, formerly Poland) who have beaten opponents and vandalised public property, are now in charge of the military. Immediately after the coup, Ukraine’s chief rabbi, Moshe Reuven Azman, urged Jews to flee Kiev. The government’s first act was to ban the use of Russian (83% of the inhabitants of the Ukraine use this language in everyday life) and other languages as official languages. Opponents of the coup have been beaten, disappeared, or had their offices and homes vandalised and burned.

5. Coup leaders hired snipers to justify their takeover.

A leaked call between Estonian and European Union officials reveals that people behind the new government hired snipers to kill protesters and police in Kiev. The snipers were seen leaving the US embassy – there are between 3,000 and 5,500 foreign mercenaries in Kiev, many from the US. President Yanukovych was blamed for the killings and this was used to justify the coup.

6. Big business wants to control the Ukraine – and Russia.

Oil and gas pipelines in the Ukraine bring fuel from Russia to Europe. Western big business wants to control the pipelines to cut the flow from Russia and increase their own profits and even take over Russian resources.

7. NATO’s drive to expand.

As part of the Western drive to dismantle Russia, the Pentagon wants to establish military bases and missiles on the Ukraine/Russia border. The U.S.-run NATO alliance has expanded aggressively into Eastern Europe in the past 20 years, adding 12 countries so far. U.S./ NATO forces continue to occupy Afghanistan to the south.

8. Billions for the illegal coup in the Ukraine, cuts for food stamps in the U.S.

In early February, Congress and the Obama administration agreed to cut food assistance benefits for hungry families by $8.7 billion, claiming there is no money. Yet just weeks later, they announced $10 billion in assistance to the bankrupt neo-Nazis in Kiev. Secretary of State John Kerry personally delivered the first billion on March 4.

9. Power for the oligarchs

The new regime has appointed corrupt oligarchs as governors of rebellious regions of Eastern Ukraine. It has also agreed to an IMF austerity plan drafted by Washington to cut workers’ pensions, unemployment insurance and social programs – just like the cutbacks and ‘austerity programmes’ that workers in Greece and elsewhere have faced from the EU elite.

10. People across the Ukraine are resisting.

People in the Eastern, Southern and Northern Ukraine are resisting the coup. Some have taken over regional and city buildings and refused to hand them over to the junta. Others are marching on military bases and demanding that the troops disobey the commands of the Neo-Nazis in Kiev. Most of the Ukrainian Navy has defected to the side of the people, as also parts of the small Ukrainian Air Force. Patriotic Ukrainian troops are refusing to obey orders from the junta in Kiev, which is planning to set up a secret police. called a ‘National Guard’. Some are pleading with the Russian government to protect and assist them against the Euroterrorists in Kiev. The people of Ukraine remember well what Nazi rule was like during World War II and they will not stand for it again from a Berlin-ruled EU.

The Triumph of Orthodoxy

Today, on this the Sunday of Orthodoxy 2014, we pray to the saint of Little Russia who conquered the world, St John of Shanghai, Western Europe and San Francisco, for the Triumph of Orthodoxy.

The Meeting

The meeting of many, but not all, leaders of the Local Orthodox Churches in Istanbul, so inconveniently-timed in the first week of the Great Fast, has ended. The absence of all Orthodox leaders, notably of the Patriarch of Antioch and Metropolitan Rostislav of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, is much to be regretted. If the meeting heeds the words of the Russian Church, it will hopefully lead to a radical revision of the proposed, secularist agenda, which sounds like a provincial version of the now much discredited, fifty-year old Second Vatican Council.

As Patriarch Kyrill underlined, old-fashioned ecumenism is at an end – except perhaps in US-funded Constantinople, whose representatives are referred to as ‘our transatlantic colleagues’ by Russians, who see it as an American colony. The intervention of Patriarch Kyrill and others also explained to Constantinople that no decision can be rammed through by a small group of foreign-funded modernists; all decisions must be agreed on by consensus, by all bishops of every Local Church, and not just by a few of some Local Churches, if those decisions are to be ‘received’ by the Orthodox faithful.


Archbishop Chrysostom II of Cyprus, one of the smallest Orthodox Churches, rightly mentioned the problem of nationalism as the major problem of mononational Local Churches. For example, we only have to think of Mt Athos and the recent ‘shock’ meeting of a racist (‘phyletist’) Greek minister with a Chinese Orthodox monk on Athos, which led to the proposal by the Patriarchate of Constantinople to limit the number of Non-Greek monks there to 10%!

Another example of this is the Greek nationalist philosophy of Metr John Zizioulas, which was largely shaped by the disincarnate and intellectualist ideology of semi-Orthodox Paris Russian thinkers. Other examples are the ownership of the Russian church in Budapest, disputed by Constantinople despite Hungarian law, or the situation of the Local Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia, whose canonically-elected leader is not recognised by Constantinople.

The Ukraine

The meeting in Istanbul came against the background of the recent Western-financed and orchestrated overthrow of the democratically-elected government in Kiev. This was supported by an estimated 3,000 to 5,500 Western mercenaries, mainly flown in and armed from the USA. The non-representative junta, come to power in an Orthodox country through violence and intimidation, has a President who is a Baptist pastor, a Prime Minister who is a scientologist and a homosexual Minister of Internal Affairs! The spontaneous reaction and decision by most of the inhabitants of the Ukraine, 83% of whom are Russian-speaking, to attach themselves to Russia, bringing about the possible break-up of the Ukraine in its present and temporary form, was inevitable.

The present anti-democratic Western aggression, led by President Obama and his ill-informed ideologue-advisors, is backfiring. Brought about by a deeply spiritually deficient West, the birthplace of the two most genocidal and atheist ideologies in history, Communism and Nazism, it is bringing Russian liberals, previously pro-Western, to revise their erroneous views and is encouraging oligarchs to return to Russia, repatriating their assets. They ask themselves: Whose side are we on? On the side of the bankrupt Galician junta and their regional language, representing scarcely 15% of the Ukraine, or of the real Little Russia and sorely persecuted Carpatho-Russia, whose leader has just been sentenced by the Neo-Nazis in Kiev to three years in prison against European law? In other words, on the side of the atheist West or the Christian East?

Today Orthodox Rus prays to the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas for the Triumph of Orthodoxy, both in Little Russia and Carpatho-Russia, as well as in Istanbul and in the rest of the weaker Orthodox world.

The Giant Tea Party

The people of the Ukraine are in revolt. Just as in 1773 the people of Boston refused to pay taxes to a government that did not represent them, so the ‘Sons of Liberty’ of the Ukraine refuse to recognise a regime that overthrew their democratically-elected government through foreign-backed violence and so does not represent them. We would hope that libertarians the world over support their cause against the self-appointed Neo-Nazi clique and their gunmen in Kiev.

Such has been the concern in the Russian Crimea that Russian troops (permanently stationed there) have been deployed to protect the people. (Ignorant, CIA-fed Western media claims that ‘Russia has invaded the Crimea’ are as absurd as claiming that ‘Russia has invaded Russia’!). And if the bankrupt Galician junta that has usurped the legitimate government in Kiev wants to proclaim that ‘Russia has invaded the Ukraine’, it can – nobody with brains or the slightest knowledge of reality is listening.

Libertarians support freedom for the Ukraine. Thus, the American politician Ron Paul has written as much in The Washington Times ( news/2014/feb/24/ron-paul-us-should-leave-ukraine-solve-its-own-pro/).Spontaneous popular revolts throughout the Ukraine are now taking place against the straitjacket of Communist-era centralisation.

Nowhere will freedom be valued so much as in Carpatho-Russia (called ‘Transcarpathia’ by ignorant Kievan governments), where people have suffered so much from Ukrainian Secret Police persecution. Is the day of freedom at last dawning for the 83% of Ukrainians who are Russian-speaking and all the other minorities who have suffered so much from the Galician Uniat gang now in power?

Sadly the only thing standing in the path of Tea Party freedom are the bullying and aggressive Western Powers who have always supported terrorists against legitimate governments and their peoples. So it was with the Ottoman Empire (so keenly supported by Great Britain and France in the 19th century), in the 1980s in Afghanistan (where the US founded Al-Qaeda and trained Bin Laden in CIA camps), in Kosovo (where they supported drug-running and people-smuggling Muslim terrorists against the ancestral inhabitants of that Serbian province), so too in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and now in the Ukraine, where they support the Neo-Nazi Euroterrorists against the people. Such support for terrorism is so expensive that it is bankrupting the Western Powers. And which Jewish bank will finance the Galician anti-Semites in Kiev?

Free Ukrainians Rise up to Protect Themselves from Western Atheism

Ukrainians everywhere are now spontaneously rising up against the foreign-financed and foreign-backed Neo-Nazi junta in Kiev which, with help from Polish and Lithuanian mercenaries, overthrew the democratically-elected President Yanukovich. Now the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, the Hetman Sahaidachny, has refused to follow orders from the junta, coming over to Russia’s side and flying the Russian naval flag. The captain, Rear Admiral Andrey Tarasov disobeyed orders from Kiev.

The move comes after the Navy command resigned on Friday. Self-appointed President Aleksandr Turchinov made Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky the new Navy Chief, a statement published on the President’s website Saturday said. An ITAR-TASS correspondent in Crimea has reported that the Ukrainian military serving in Crimea-deployed units are joining the local self-defence forces. Many servicemen disagree with the junta’s direction, so, they leave their units and tender their resignations. Some units said they would only take orders from the commanders of Crimea’s self-defence forces.

Meanwhile, three Russian federal subjects have reported increasing flows of refugees from the Ukraine. Belgorod Province Governor Yevgeny Savchenko said that thousands of refugees from southern, eastern and central Ukraine are pouring into Belgorod Province. The refugees say that they are fleeing the continuing rampages unleashed by unruly ultra-right elements who seized power and think that they can get away with anything. “Crowds of gunmen… no one knows where they came from… roam around, staging all sorts of provocations. Yesterday, they attempted to block the Moscow-Crimea highway. We’re deeply concerned”.

The Governor of Rostov Province, Vasily Golubyov, told reporters that people are fleeing political and social uncertainty, saying that they no longer feel safe in their homes. Bryansk Province Governor Nikolai Denin echoed this, saying that what is happening in the Ukraine perplexes most refugees and they fear for their safety. He added that local people are giving them aid, sympathy and understanding. According to Federation Council Chairman, Yevgeny Bushmin, more than 140,000 Ukrainians have fled to Russia since the beginning of unrest in the Ukraine. He said that most refugees are staying with their relatives and friends.

Speaking for the Church, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Synodal Department for the Coordination of Church and Society has said, “Back in 1995, the World Russian People’s Council stated that the Russian people are a divided nation on its historical territory; it has the right to be reunited in a single state body, that’s an accepted norm of international politics”. Today, he expressed the hope that these people would have a guaranteed right to an independent free choice of civilisational blocs, saying, “At the same time, we hope, in fact, that the Russian military’s mission to protect not only the freedom and identity, but also the lives, of these people would not meet fierce resistance, with large-scale clashes. Nobody wants bloodshed…that would only deepen the divide that already exists amongst Orthodox people on Russian historical space”.

He said that in the last few days many people on both sides of the Russian-Ukrainian border, including Orthodox, urged the Russian government to protect people who are “under strong pressure on linguistic grounds. Sadly, most do not understand how current reality is hostile to their right of civilisational choice, how they are not in step with the whims of the European élites. Yet, these élites are becoming increasingly marginalised, as they do not respect the will of the majority of the peoples of the world, as well as many in Western Europe itself”. ‘In the best periods of its history, Russia came to the defence of people whose life and liberty was in danger. It helped those who are close to us in faith and spirit, it helped those who did not want to live under imposed external control, and it helped those who wanted to keep their ideological and civilisational freedom. Of course, especially, in this case, it is about Christians who want to live in a Christian way, to build their future as part of a civilisation fundamentally different from the Protestant-Catholic one, different from the secularised West, and different from the civilisations lying to the east of the Orthodox world”.