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Will Religion Triumph Over Faith?

When the Son of Man comes, will He find Faith on earth?

Luke 18, 8


Some might be surprised by the above title. This is because they have not yet understood the difference between Religion and Faith.

Religion is an artifice, the opium of the people, a primitive, idolatrous, manufactured, State-manipulated substitute for Faith.

Faith is the spiritual experience of the Divine Spirit, the inward illumination by the Holy Spirit, which softens the heart, which transfigures the mind and so converts the will. In the first century the Apostle Paul spoke of this experience when he was taken up into the seventh heaven, as did St Symeon the New Theologian some 950 years later, as did St Silouan the Athonite some 950 years after that. As did all the saints in all the ages.

Today they are preparing for the Coming of Antichrist by replacing Faith with Religion, for only when Faith has been destroyed can Antichrist come. Thus:

Hinduism is being replaced by Indian nationalism

Buddhism is being replaced by racism.

Islam and Judaism are being replaced by the hatred and violence of ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’.

Roman Catholicism is being replaced by sexual perversion and pedophilia.

Protestantism, with its Puritanical fear and hatred of womankind and so witch-hunts, as though sexual attraction were unnatural and in fact the only possible sin, is being replaced by Anti-Puritanism, which is endless sexual depravity and gender confusion in the name of ‘equality’.

Only Atheism need not be replaced, for Atheism denotes that you have given up the struggle anyway.

To ask ‘Will Religion Triumph Over Faith’? Is tantamount to asking, ‘Will Antichrist triumph over Christ?’ The answer is the same: Of course not.

Yes, today they are preparing for the Coming of Antichrist by replacing Faith with Religion, by altogether removing the Holy Spirit from human life, the millennial temptation of the Western world. But after Antichrist will come Christ. And His are the last words and the last acts in history, which make all else that came before them utterly irrelevant.