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Russian Nationalism Loses Control of the Russian Church

After the 1917 Revolution and the dissolution of the Russian Empire, the Russian Orthodox Church, formerly the Church of the Russian Empire, was forced to decentralise and give up various territories like eastern Poland and Finland, and the churches in them. Thus, the new country of Poland (and also Czechoslovakia) came to form its own independent (autocephalous) Local Orthodox Church. As for Russian Orthodox in Finland, like the emigres centred in Paris, and later Ukrainian emigres, they joined the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

However, the bulk of the Russian emigration, then in China (from here many later moved to Australia) as well as in Western Europe (from here many later rejoined others already in North America), became independent of Moscow. Eventually the descendants of this emigration became known as ROCOR or the New York Synod. Despite the fact that in 2006 several parishes in England and France had left the jurisdiction of Moscow itself to join Constantinople, in 2007 most of this New York Synod formally returned to Moscow, though a minority went to various old calendarist sects. In 2019 many of the descendants of the Paris emigres also rejoined Moscow, though a very large minority remained with Constantinople.

Despite reunification as recent as 2019, five years on, the 2024 situation mirrors the post-1917 chaos, when parts of the Russian Church refused to be subject to the politically-driven Russian Church administration.

Firstly, the Church in the Ukraine declared itself fully independent of Moscow. So much so that it set up nearly 100 parishes for its emigration in Western Europe, quite independently of Moscow. As for the Russian Orthodox Church in Latvia, it did much the same inside Latvia. In Moldova many parishes also left politically-coloured Moscow for the Romanian Church. Abroad many Moldovans went to Romanian churches, where they are not abused by Russian racism.

There is also dissidence in Lithuania and Estonia and even in Russia itself, where some Russian Orthodox also joined Constantinople. As regards the Russian Orthodox centred in Paris, now under Moscow, most there do not commemorate (or respect) their own Russian Orthodox Patriarch, whom they see as a politician, not as a churchman. More radically, the bulk of the old Russian emigration, now centred in New York and highly Americanised (they openly advise people to vote for Trump and support other post-Protestant phenomena), are also protesting. Some of its bishops openly called on the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops from the Ukraine!

Many suspect that several bishops and senior priests of this New York group has yet again been infiltrated, just as it was between the 60s and 80s, by the CIA. In any case its American or American-linked bishops parrot anti-Russian CIA propaganda, despite the fact that they call their fragment of the Church ‘Russian’! As a result, many Russian Orthodox patriots have been obliged to leave the New York Synod for other Local Churches, since the Moscow-centred Church, suicidally, refused to accept these patriots!

Thus, scandalous corruption in the New York Synod forced quite a number of patriotic Russian Orthodox in the USA, who also objected to the CIA hold over the group and yet were abandoned by politically-driven Moscow, to join the Church of Constantinople. In England, scandalous persecution from New York forced patriots in half the local diocese, abandoned by Moscow, to leave for the canonicity of the Romanian Church, thus skilfully avoiding politically-driven Constantinople. Here they continue to live exactly as before, as Russian Orthodox using the old calendar, but in exile as Russian Orthodox, as Moscow abandoned them. They are much supported by Moldovans, who are tired of being mistreated by Russians.

Ukrainians and Moldovans alike, tired of Russian racism, have been leaving, the Ukrainians setting up their own churches, the Moldovans, as we said, going to the Romanians. Making Non-Russian Orthodox feel like second-class citizens, usually deliberately, is suicidal for the Russian Church. The Russian Church is not only becoming a National Church, but rather a Nationalist Church. Suicidal politically-motivated and nationalistically-motivated actions by individuals in, or sent from, Moscow means that it has lost the loyalty of literally tens of millions of former Russian Orthodox.

At the present time, it is difficult to see how Moscow can ever get these tens of millions back. All this seems particularly strange when the Russian Church is supposed to be the Church of the multinational Russian Federation, part of the multipolar BRICS Alliance! And yet the Russian Church appears to be unipolar and uninational! Surely a Federation would be better represented by a multinational, and not nationalist, Church? Perhaps, once the conflict with the USA and its vassals in the Ukraine is over, the Russian Church, just like the Russian military with its four corrupt and now arrested generals, will also be cleansed of treacherous corruption, CIA bishops and all the rest?



The Russian Federation Offers Peace for the Last Time

On 14 June President Putin gave a very generous and face-saving last opportunity to the US elite and their vassals to make peace in the Ukraine, where they are fighting against the Russian Federation. This last chance peace offer is a repetition of and development of all those made continuously from 2014 on. This last offer consisted once more of the condition of the neutrality, demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine and its recognition of the five Russian provinces in the east and south whose Russian inhabitants have by referendum already chosen to join the Russian Federation.

This peace offer was at once dismissed by the Western elite in favour of their plan to escalate the anti-Russian war further. ‘Make war, not peace’, said Washington’s messenger-boy Boris Johnson in Kiev in early April 2022, using as his pretext the amateurishly British-staged ‘massacre’ in Bucha, selected only as its name is similar to the English word ‘butcher’. So they put paid to the already initialled Istanbul peace agreement between the Ukraine and Russia. Peace was never on the Washington agenda. In 2019 Washington had already published its plan to destroy and dismantle Russia completely, though this had been its scheming ever since 1991.

In reality, this intention of destroying Russian unity actually goes back to the British-orchestrated overthrow of the Tsar in 1917. That tragic overthrow, which led directly to the massacres of Lenin and Stalin, was greeted by the then Prime Minister Lloyd George in the London Parliament at the time as ‘the achievement of one of our aims’. However, it had in fact been the intention of the Victorian Imperialists as early as the 1840s, which had led to the British invasion of Russia in 1854.

After all, the American Empire only inherited and continued the British Empire, the turning point and transatlantic handover of power going back to Milner’s Round Table Movement agreement of 1916. That provided US backing for the British overthrow of the Tsar and at once the US entry into World War I, thus the US replacing Russia. Of course, the present Western ‘narrative’ (a new word for fairy-tale or parallel world) is that Russia wants to recreate the Soviet Union and invade all of Europe. This is nonsense. The failed Marxist experiment in the USSR with its buffer zone in Eastern Europe to protect it from continual Western invasions is dead. Sadly, the equally failed US Empire experiment is not quite over.

When will the tragedy in the Ukraine end? The end must be close, but no politician can say when; only a psychiatrist can do that. With the US rejection of the peace plan, a rejection swiftly followed by the rejection of the same by US NATO client-states, the US will soon lose its war against the Federation. The latter has now been obliged by Western stubbornness to reject the Russian ultimatum and Russia will now take control of the whole of the Ukraine. And as a result, the US elite and Co will lose face. And the whole of Western Europe will never be the same again. This transformation will affect the Church. See the next commentary.


Q and A: The Ascension of the Lord 2024

Orthodox Christianity Before and After the Western Schism

Q: Was England Orthodox before 1066?

A: I think the question is misleading. Firstly, how can a country be Orthodox? Only people can be Orthodox. Secondly, what do you mean by Orthodox? Jewish? If you mean Orthodox Christian, then it is true that before 1066 English people could and did make pilgrimages to Jerusalem and New Rome (Constantinople) and elsewhere in the Orthodox Christian Roman Empire, of which they were by faith a part, and Greek clergy are recorded living in England at the same time. English people could and did take communion anywhere there, their priests concelebrating.

This concerned not least the exiled refugees from England who went to live there permanently after 1066. This was because all held the same Orthodox Christian Faith, East and West, despite different rituals and customs. Of course this was true not only of the faithful in England, but more or less true of the faithful anywhere in Western Europe, even after the Year 1000. In other words, Roman Catholicism did not exist as such at that time, though its origins can be traced back to about the Year 1000 and even some aspects of it right back to the end of the eighth century under ‘Charlemagne’, who wanted to revive pagan Rome. In fact, that was exactly what his spiritual descendants did so successfully.

Q: Which Local Church will take the leadership of the Orthodox Diaspora in Western Europe?

A: I don’t know. The Greeks rejected their golden chance to prove that they really are ‘Oecumenical’ during the very long years of the Soviet captivity between 1917 and 1992. Instead, they showed that they were only ‘Ecumenical’ and so compromised and discredited themselves. Next, between 2007 and 2020, the Russians were given the same golden chance to assume the leadership of the Diaspora. And they threw their golden chance away too, into the selfsame dustbin of nationalism. It was offered to them on a plate and they rejected it, just like the Greeks before them. To quote the suicidal words of the time pronounced by a very young and spiritually untried bishop from Moscow, which he said against those who belong to other Local Churches, but which in fact he said to his own loss: ‘Too bad for their souls’. So the ship of the Church locally for now continues to be rudderless.


Q: Why do we pray for the monarch or government and armed forces? They are generally a bunch of crooks.

A: You forget that we are Christians and so pray for our enemies! For example, the early Orthodox prayed for suchlike as the Emperor Nero. We must pray for our persecutors. I always do it. We are Christians. We always pray for the powers that be, including the armed forces, as the Apostle Paul instructs us (‘Honour the King’), and this is so that they do not do evil.

Q: How has the word Christian become so discredited?

A: The word Christian is generally used to express Roman Catholic or Protestant, only very rarely Orthodox Christian. Instead of that term they use ‘Eastern Orthodox’, as though Christ (the Head of our Church) were some exotic oriental guru. In other words, the word ‘Christian’ has been instrumentalised and even weaponised by the powers of this world.

For example, I am (Orthodox) Christian because I reject feudalism with its serfs, massacres and inquisitions (so cannot be Roman Catholic); I reject Imperialism with its slavery and exploitation (so cannot be Protestant); I reject Capitalism with its paid serfs, kept quiet with the bread, sugar and salt of supermarkets and circuses of TV and the internet (so cannot be Secularist). So are you a Christian?

However, there are also bad clergy in every part of the supposedly Christian world. They discredit the word ‘Christian’. For example, there is in Colchester a Polish taxi-driver. He had the same job when he lived in the Church city of Krakow in Poland. His job was to transport Catholic clergy and seminarians to prostitutes. This industry was well developed there. On the other hand, we have here a very nice Roman Catholic lady from eastern Poland near the border of Belarus, whose husband is Orthodox. He refuses to go to church because the priest in his Orthodox village is a drunkard, who steals money from the church and lives a dissolute life. That this exists is nothing new; Russia had many such priests before the Revolution and there are many in the Ukraine today. The only question is why such men are ordained by bishops and then NOT defrocked. It suggests that the bishops themselves are corrupt. And I certainly know cases of this. It is all about money.

Q: What do you think of Jordan Peterson as an Orthodox missionary and ‘the surge’ towards Orthodoxy?

A: This Non-Orthodox gentleman does not lead a Church life. He preaches an ideology. However interesting it may be and however sincere it may be and however close some of it may be to Orthodox views, it is not Orthodox Christianity because it is not living Orthodoxy. Thus, over the last years or so, I have been contacted as a priest by many young men (not a single woman), between the age of 16 and 40, who claim, under the influence of Jordan Peterson, they want ‘to become Orthodox’. When I have told them that they have to attend Church services for this to happen, they immediately lose all interest. In other words, they are in love with a podcast theory, ‘internet Orthodoxy’, not the Church. This is totally different from practice and reality.

There has been no surge towards Orthodoxy at all. I must add that some of those young men were very strange individuals, narcissistic, misogynistic, family-hating, sometimes, I suspect, repressed homosexuals and sometimes downright weird. I think they live in a virtual world of the fantasy, not the real one. It appears to be a generational problem, a result of the internet, a lack of contact with reality. Podcasts are not a Christian way of life. By their fruits, ye shall judge them.

Q: Why does the Bible not mention dinosaurs?

A: For the same reason that the Bible does not mention locomotives. Both words were invented about the same time in the 19th century. The books of the Old Testament were written down over 3,000 years before that. However, the Book of Job (40, 15-24) does mention a ‘behemoth’, with an exact description of a very large dinosaur (most dinosaurs were very small according to the fossil record). Elsewhere the Bible often mentions dragons and, in all the cultures and folk-memories of the world, dragons are the old name for dinosaurs.

Q: Was the Flood local or universal?

A: This is not a dogma of the Faith, so believe as you will. Personally, I think it was universal, because every culture in the world has a flood story and because how else can you account for worldwide fossils, 95% of which are sea creatures (for example, fossils of sea creatures found on high mountains), stratification of rock, plate tectonics, or the Ice Age? And then, if it had been global, why did Noah not simply move away from the area and why did he bother to preserve the animals anyway? Personally, I cannot imagine how a geologist cannot be a Christian.

Q: When was the Earth created and how long did it take?

A: Nobody knows. The traditional Orthodox date is 7,532 years ago. You can interpret that literally or figuratively. How long did it take? Six days or six ages. No such speculations, or even certain knowledge, helps us to salvation. Do not waste your time!

The Russian Church

Q: Why does the agony of the Russian Church continue even 33 years after the fall of Communism?

A: This is because of the lack or repentance of the Russian Orthodox masses, who are baptised but untaught. Thus, in the centre of Moscow the corpse of Lenin, that forerunner of Antichrist, continues to rot in public in its ziggurat. Everywhere statues of monsters like him and the names of the murderers are recalled in metro stations, streets and whole regions. Meanwhile the relics of the Imperial Martyrs are held, the faithful barred off, in Saint Petersburg and it is impossible for the faithful to venerate them. This is spiritual captivity. Relics make miracles only when they are venerated.

Q: Why was Gregory Rasputin hated by most of the Russian emigration?

A: This was because most of the Russian emigration hated the Tsar and the Tsarina. They blamed their loss of money, position and property on the Imperial Family and all who had supported them. In the words of St John of Shanghai (and also in my experience) only about 10% of the Russian emigration were for the Tsar or went to church, and probably far fewer than 10% of the aristocracy, who had lost the most through the Revolution. Although all the emigres have died out, this attitude continues among their descendants of the second, third and fourth generations, to whom they passed on their old prejudices.

Q: Why does the West hate Russia?

A: Simply because Russia has refused to be colonised by the West. True, it has not remained entirely independent. The Russian Empire (1721-1917), the Soviet Empire (1922-1991) and Russian Capitalism (1992-2022) were all the results of Russian aping of various Western ideologies of materialism. However, this 300-year period is now over. Russia has now reverted to being a National Russia.

Q: Did you ever meet Metr Antony of Sourozh? What would he think of the present situation in the Russian Church?

A: I not only often met him quite often, but he tonsured me reader over 42 years ago, in January 1981. As regards the present, all I can say is that he must be spinning in his grave at the sight of how Sergianist politicians who think like the State have taken over the Russian Church and principles thrown out of the window. The New Martyrs and the New Confessors have been betrayed by those who prefer money and luxury and the corruption that follows from those passions.

Q: Is the schismatic American ROCOR still in communion with any other Orthodox?

A: As far as I can see, this tiny US-based group of 300 churches and small communities is now openly preaching that you must be nasty in order to be nice! This is of course psychopathic, which is what we have come to expect of the new American ROCOR. It has lost so many normal Russian Orthodox that it now consorts occasionally only with certain politically very conservative, usually ex-Protestant, members of the Antiochian Jurisdiction (200 rather wealthy churches and communities in the USA). Both have stronger links to the USA than to Europe and West Asia and actual Orthodox Tradition. Both appear to be out of communion with the huge Russian, Romanian and Greek Churches. Birds of a feather flock together.

Two Spiritual Battles for Church Life in Western Europe

I have been forced, despite my own very considerable preference for a quiet and peaceful life, to fight two spiritual battles. As I have always fought for the Centre, these battles were fought against the extremism of both left and right. Both of them meant helping to fight for the unity of the Church.

The reason for these battles is that tragically, after the 1917 Russian catastrophe, there was far less protection of the Church as restraint had been removed. As a result, the ability to cleanse the Church of extremes was greatly reduced. Part of the Church administration fell to pressure from the powers of this world, from its politics of Capitalist (CIA etc) and Communist (KGB etc), and their inevitable moral corruption, lust and greed, especially homosexuality and love of money. For this fall influenced both the teachings and practices of those affected. Only the saints of the Church remained free of them, as these battles were essentially for the Holy Spirit, which this world wishes to quench.

The first battle was to help defeat freemasonry, with all its associated ecumenist modernism and liberalism. The masons wanted to swim with the tide and walk the same path as the vast majority of Protestants and Roman Catholics, who had before them already adopted Secularism as their ethos and successfully emptied their own churches of spirituality and people. We always ask them: Do you venerate all the saints?

The second battle was to help defeat sectarianism with all its associated nationalist ritualism and phariseeism. The sectarians wanted to ‘wall off’ their particular jurisdiction from the Church and condemn the mainstream mass of Orthodox who fill our churches, locking themselves away in their tiny, warring ghettoes in rented rooms and sheds, falling out of communion with the masses. We always ask them: Who are you in communion with?

The two battles have always been for the golden mean, the middle way, for the canonical teachings and practices of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The freemasons oppose the Holiness and Apostolicity of the Church. The sectarians oppose the Unity and the Holiness of the Church. This means fighting:

For Her Unity against the proudly divisive forces of sectarianism.

For Her Holiness against the morally corrupting forces of secularism.

For Her Catholicity against the narrowly xenophobic forces of nationalism.

For Her Apostolicity against the rootlessly anti-Tradition forces of modernism.

Some would say that none of this is important, that you can be a sectarian, a secularist, a nationalist or a modernist, and it makes no difference. This is quite untrue. The fact is that all those who retreat to the fringes of the Church and then end up outside the Church, and even justify their presence there, are known to Church history as schismatics and heretics, are full of hatred.

This hatred is always expressed by their persecution of those in the Centre. Why is this? It is because the Centre of the Church is closer to Christ and so is governed by Love. The further you are away from Love, the more you are consumed by psychopathic hatred. As the fourth-century Church historian Ammianus Marcellinus rightly wrote: ‘No wild beasts are so hostile to men as Christian sects generally are to one another’. Here there is something satanic.


Patriotic National Conservatism and Social Justice or Anti-Patriotic Cosmopolitan Elitism and Social Collapse

Introduction: The World

Nowadays the exclusive US-led club of G7 countries have to meet in an isolated huddle. They have been overtaken by the far greater and inter-civilisational BRICS Alliance. According to the US World Bank, three of the four largest economies in the world are members of BRICS. These are China, India and Russia. The latter, although under 16,000 Western sanctions, has overtaken the Japanese and German economies (both members of the G7) and is rapidly catching up with India, which the USA is going to fall behind, as real economic figures for it appear.

Other members of the G7 have seen their economies overtaken by countries such as Turkey, Indonesia and Vietnam, which all want to join BRICS, but not to join the irrelevant G7 club. It is the intercontinental BRICS Alliance that has become the de facto United Nations. This is mirrored by the elitist huddle of the WEF (or rather WWEF – Western World Economic Forum) and the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, which finished last week, attended by 136 countries, though it was almost completely unreported by the globalist Western media.

The Example of England

A long time ago Norman invaders ‘established’ their capital of aggression in the mercantile City of London, where there was money. (Later this would become the location of the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange). Having massacred or expelled the Old English nobility, they formed an alien, foreign and anti-patriotic ruling class. From this ‘Establishment’ they and their descendants created the UK, with all its exploitation and crimes. The Norman royal family replaced English royalty, brought their Norman Church with them and demolished all the Old English churches. After that, foreign royal families, French, Welsh and Scottish and their aristocratic supporters, were in control of the country.

In the 16th century this alien royalty reinvented yet another Church, murdering, torturing or exiling any who opposed it. In the early 18th century the London merchant class imported easy-to-manipulate royalty from Germany (they had previously imported royalty from the Netherlands, having beheaded and then overthrown the previous Franco-Scottish dynasty). Then they could do their will, which was to get even richer by expanding overseas. In so many ways a fake country, fake royalty and a fake Church had been evolved. Similarly, when the time came, the elitist structure developed political parties, in fact the two sides of the same Uniparty. So they invented fake political parties too.

It used to be said in the 1950s that Britain was in genteel decline, like a once prosperous relative who was now forced to wear shabby clothes for lack of money. Since then the decline has clearly accelerated. Today the ‘Norman’ political parties of the London Establishment are sinking like the Titanic, as they have betrayed the country in favour of globalist corporations. Despite their almost total control of State propaganda outlets like the BBC and the newspapers, the so-called ‘media’, they have lost control of the ‘narrative’, as they call it.

All around in the UK we see collapsing public services and infrastructure, like the vastly underfunded health and education systems, millions of people eating out of food banks, hugely overpriced and failed privatised utilities, cowboy-run electricity and gas suppliers, heavily-polluting water supplies, bankrupt local administrations, third-world roads, degraded and absurdly expensive railways, lies about Brexit so there is now even less control of borders than before, and pathetic armed forces which cannot even find recruits to run the small amounts of their often broken down military equipment.

After the Suez humiliation in 1956, Britain officially became a US satellite, a vassal. Although, at the time in the face of Communism, there was no alternative, this has turned out to be an error. The post-War settlement of the victorious industrial Superpower of the USA established itself and its allies, to become known as the G7, as the world leaders. Even the UN was set up in New York with all kinds of supposedly ‘international’ organisations, like the World Bank, the IMF, GATT (now the WTO), the ICC (International Criminal Court) and the EU, were completely under its control. But this is the past.

Conclusion: The Western World Elite

The catastrophically failed Project Ukraine has led to chaos in Western Europe, not least after the EU elections of 9 June. This is changing its highly-aggressive and Russophobic, pro-Nazi Establishment elite, which is so hated by the European peoples, who are in turn so despised by that Atlanticist elite. The globalist Sunak, a bank-teller sent by the US, and Macron, the Great (Narcissist), the new Napoleon with his globalist agenda, but in fact a bank-teller sent by the Rothschilds, in love with himself and the Parisian elite, are discredited. Meanwhile, the German Scholz is very weakened. All are self-delusional and consider that their peoples did not understand their genius. Sunak is said to be heading to the US after his forthcoming defeat and Scholz retiring to the Bavarian Alps. As for Macron, perhaps he should buy a villa on Elba or St Helena? The Western elite, which tried to export its ideology to the Ukraine is now desperate. This all compares strangely with the landslide election victory of President Putin. The ideology of the Western elite is unexportable. It is, after all, rejected even by many native Western people. For we are the source of Patriotic National Conservatism and Social Justice.

As for the equally narcissistic USA, it is now a crusader state, just like its genocidal vassal, Israel. Everywhere the elite tries to impose its ‘liberalism’ by force. However, there is nothing as intolerant as liberalism. The result is the thoroughgoing ruination of culture in the Western world and its fast collapsing Civilisation. The culprit has always been the pure pride of supremacy and infallibility. This was first proclaimed in about the Year 1075, when the Pope of Rome attributed them to himself ( This ideology pf infallibility and supremacy has been handed down in history to various Western leaders, at present to the US President and the Western world which he lays claim to. He lays claims to this narcissist, Darwinist pride of supremacy and infallibility, which claims that ‘we are the ‘fittest’, the exceptional, the exclusive, the indispensable. In Christian language this is called pride, which is evil. For they are the source of Anti-Patriotic Cosmopolitan Elitism and Social Collapse.



Two Sorts of Bishops

I met my first Orthodox bishop exactly fifty years ago, in 1974. Since then I have met perhaps 100 more bishops, 10% of the current total. Although in 1974 I was naïve enough to think that all bishops were Christians and did not tell lies, I soon learned otherwise. Indeed, I have learned that there are two sorts of bishops: those who tell the truth and the liars.

For example, a young and inexperienced bishop told a pack of lies about his priests for two and a quarter years. He told these lies to all the bishops in this country and in his own country and was believed even in Moscow and Antioch. People believed him because naïve people believe a bishop, imagining that he is a Christian, and think that the priest is lieing. But, as Chaucer said, the truth will out. Now he has been found out. We were telling the truth. His schism has been found out. And he has shown himself to be a liar.

After the Collapse of the Ukraine


Even the wishful thinkers are now losing their self-imposed delusions and fantasies. Reality is at last dawning even on them: The Kiev regime has lost its futile ten-year old war. For some commentators it is a question hanging on till the US election in November, for others there remain only three or four months, for others only a few weeks. We do not know who is right. But what will happen when this tragic nightmare is over, when the mass killing of largely untrained Ukrainian men, sent to the front by the Kiev regime on Western orders, has stopped? What ultimately happens when the West has stopped hammering in the last nails into its own coffin?


Obviously, all churches in Malorossija/New Ukraine stolen by violence from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the fake, US-founded ‘Church in the Ukraine’ with its new Protestant calendar will have to be returned and the culprits punished. Then referenda will surely have to be held all over the pre-2024 Ukraine with one vital question: Which country do you wish to belong to? The choices could be: The Russian Federation or Malorossija/New Ukraine, and in western border areas, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and possibly Belarus and Slovakia. The majority will no doubt wish to belong to the Protectorate of Malorossija/New Ukraine, with its capital in Kiev. This will have two official languages, Russian and Ukrainian.

For those who wish to leave for countries to the west, there will have to be Russian negotiations with the countries concerned first. Hungary and Romania would be advised that any new areas must remain demilitarised zones and that any NATO bases should in general be removed from their soil, although those countries could perhaps remain members of NATO for as long as that fragile organisation lasts. In the case of Romania, Moldova should also enter into the deal. Here there should also be a referendum with three choices: Do you want to join Russia (Transdnistria and Gagauzia massively will), join Romania or remain as an independent nation?


Kazan, 22-24 October 2024. This city and date will go down in history. Here will take place the next BRICS Summit under Russian chairmanship. Here dedollarisation will take a huge step forward. Here many new countries will join BRICS, which could become the multipolar Alliance of 20, 30 or even 40 countries. This will be a turning-point. This will mean the consolidation of the Heartland, the ‘world island’ of Afro-Eurasia. For Eurasia itself contains three of the four largest economies in the world, according to the latest World Bank figures: China, India and Russia (the US is second, Russia has overtaken Japan).

Already China and Russia have formed an Alliance. Africa is on its way. Latin America too. Iran has joined, as will Afghanistan and the five stans of Central Asia. They may be followed by Mongolia, Pakistan, and Iraq. The Arab Union and Turkey may follow too. The chauvinism of the Caucasus, which has allowed outsiders to divide and rule it for so long (like that of the Balkans), is also coming to an end. Next may follow Japan and South Korea, which latter is yet to reunite with the North. Finally, even isolated Australia and Oceania will join in due course.

South-Eastern Europe

The amazing anachronism of NATO is already in disarray and will dissolve, as Trump has promised. This will leave the forty or so countries of Western Europe (Eastern Europe is Russia, Belarus and Malorossija/New Ukraine) to resolve their problems. The fact that the Danube flows into the Black Sea, which will be dominated by Russia, will mean that Hungary and Serbia will join BRICS first. This will open the whole of South-East Europe to BRICS, from Romania and Moldova to Bulgaria, from Austria (following its old partner, Hungary) to Cyprus, from Greece to ex-Yugoslavia, from Czechia and Slovakia, from Albania to Turkey. With a population of over 160 million, including Turkey (86 million), this is a viable Economic Confederation. BRICS will transform and reshape this whole region, overcoming the old chauvinism, linking the whole region to China via Eurasian Russia.

North-Eastern and North-Western Europe

This will leave North-Eastern Europe in disarray. All five countries here, Finland, Poland and the three dying and bankrupt Baltic statelets, have had complex and tragic histories with Imperial and Soviet Russia. One way out would be to ally themselves with North-Western Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland (soon to be reunited at last) and Iceland. These seven countries already have large numbers of economic refugees from North-Eastern Europe and also a similar (though in their case quite unjustified) fear of Russia. Once having rid themselves of their NATO-appointed puppet governments, these twelve largely post-Protestant countries could ally. Perhaps the Baltic States would at last have the courage to grant their Russian minorities basic human rights. With a population of over 160 million, these twelve countries could form an Economic Confederation.

Western Europe

Western Europe, isolated, will then need to get together. Between Germany and France the old recriminations could easily surface once more. Clearly, the time of the tyrannical, anti-democratic and failed EU with its unelected commissars will be over. Some looser organisation must replace it. However, beyond these two there are just as many again, another 150 million people, in Benelux and Switzerland and then in the South-West, Spain and Portugal, Italy and Malta. The total population of these countries is 300 million. Together, in a loose Confederation, they could at last move forward independently from Northern America.

Northern America

All these world-changing events will leave the isolated USA and Canada to sort themselves out. It is to be hoped that their new arrangements will not be violent, though in a USA with some 300 million guns in circulation, we can only fear. The huge inequalities there between very rich and very poor, black and white, are worrisome in the extreme. Canada may survive intact, but perhaps not the USA, which was united only by the incredible violence of the Civil War. If it does divide, may it be in peace.



What Will Happen to the Orthodox Church After the Fall of Washington?

The powers of this world have throughout history tried to abuse religious belief by making it into their own nationalist and ritualist institutions. This has been to camouflage and justify their nationalism, that is, their attachment to this world, their worldliness. Chinese, Indians, Jews, Greeks, Japanese, Copts, Syrians, Armenians, Arabs, Latins, Germans, Greeks, Spanish, Russians, French, British, Americans, they have all done it. These are just facts from Church history. How do Christians remain outside and resist an ideology which puts national and worldly issues above Christ, all for the sake of amassing more power and money? There are only two ways of resisting:

Either you are a Confessor, or else you are a Martyr. Thus, St Stephen the First Martyr was stoned to death by the Jews because he upset their nationalism. He was only following the prophets and St John the Baptist, who had told the nationalist King Herod the truth, and Christ Himself, Whom they crucified. Then came such Confessors as St Basil the Great and St John Chrysostom. And in the twentieth-century there were the hundreds of thousands of Martyrs all over Eastern Europe, as well as Confessors like St Nectarios of Aegina, St Luke of the Crimea, St John of Shanghai or St Paisios the Athonite. There is nothing new under the sun. The saints are always the best witnesses.

In recent centuries the Church in the Middle East and the Balkans was oppressed by Ottomans, Poles and Austro-Hungarians. Meanwhile the Russian Church was oppressed by Westernising rulers, even more so after 1917. In the nineteenth century and even before, the main Patriarchate outside Russia, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, was used as a plaything by the British and French ambassadors. The Western Powers also appointed German kinglets to rule the newly-liberated Balkan countries in their name.

Since the second half of the twentieth century, the Patriarchate of Constantinople has in the same way become the plaything of US ambassadors there. Meanwhile the Patriarchate of Moscow was being used as a plaything by the Soviet State. Neither the US State of the Soviet State was Christian. Both were, whatever the theory, in practice atheist. This situation has continued by centuries of inertia even after the end of the first so-called Cold War in 1991, but in ways even more terrible than before.

Thus, in Moscow, Stalinist centralisation has continued, repelling all Non-Russians from the Church, as Metropolitan Vladimir of Moldova openly described in his recent letter to Patriarch Kyrill. For fifty years we too were treated as second-class citizens by the same Russian Church. None of this is because this mentality has been forced on the Church by the State, but because it has become a bad reflex inside the Church. It is nothing to do with the State. For example, a fragment of Moscow, the New York ROCOR has done this too, completely discrediting itself, mistreating Non-Russians. (As one of its bishops said to me recently, ROCOR is ‘a train wreck’).  The mentality to repel all, including many Russians, has been imposed internally. The only real slavery comes from ourselves, not from others.

We can see the same mentality also in the uncanonical, US-orchestrated actions of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Ukraine and elsewhere since 2018. Sadly, Constantinople fell to Greek racist hatred and jealousy of Russians.  It could simply have refused to do any of its horrors. But the $25 million bribe was irresistible to the weak. Since then a second Cold War has begun, with US proxy forces trying to weaken and destroy Russia from the Ukraine. It means that the heavy burden of steering the ship of the Church has fallen to those less politicised, more free, to the now 14 other Local Churches. Their role has been dependent on the political freedom which they have.

Thus, under Communism in Eastern Europe and under the US control of the Greek Churches, the Serbian Church stood out as a beacon of relative freedom and theology. Today, in this respect the Albanian Church seems to have taken the lead as the voice of freedom, though the long-overdue visit of Metropolitan Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America to the persecuted Ukrainian Church is also a miracle. The remaining 14 Local Churches are not all united because they do not enjoy the same measure of freedom. They are only relatively free compared to Constantinople and Moscow. For instance, the actions of the Greek Patriarchate of Constantinople have brought some of the other Local Churches into a state of internal schism.

Specifically, the Cypriot and Bulgarian Churches are now in a state of internal schism as a direct result of the US interference in Constantinople, both direct and indirect. Equally, the US-controlled Patriarchate of Alexandria and Moscow are in schism because of the latter’s interference in Africa. Other Local Churches, like the Romanian and the Georgian, which have a strong national identity, take an independent line, ignoring uncanonical Greek and uncanonical Russian alike. This is despite the attempts by the local US ambassadors, who behave like the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, to interfere in the choice of Patriarchs and policies. This independence is the only way to go. It is freedom.

However, our question is what will happen after the US stops interfering in internal Church affairs. It is our hope that, once political pressure eases, the Greek Churches in particular can take the lead and get out of political distortions and contortions, abandoning imperialist fantasies, recognising new autocephalies, notably that of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and its Diaspora. However, the Russian Church also has to give up its Soviet-style centralisation, which is its imperialist fantasy. It has to grant autocephaly to parts of the Church in now independent countries.

The shadow of the old Imperialism, Russian or Soviet, just like Greek and Latin imperialism, has cast a long shadow on Church life. Its time is up. For the Church does not consist of one Local Church ruling imperially over all the others, but of their entirety, their catholicity – all the Local Churches together. Once political meddling is over, all the Local Churches must hold a Council together. A free and canonically ordered Council, not the 2016 robber-Council farce in Crete. Then the very many long-outstanding issues between the Local Churches can at last be resolved. In freedom. May God’s Will be done!