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The Ukraine: Winter Approaches

US aggression in the Ukraine has achieved a catastrophe, whether through incompetence or, as the conspiracy theorists would have it, on purpose. The CIA-installed oligarch junta in Kiev, stubbornly insisting on keeping an old-fashioned, Communist, centralized State, has lost the war in the east, and the north like Kharkov and the south like Odessa are in revolt. Even Poroshenko, like the Nazis, has realized that he has slaughtered in vain; he cannot occupy the lands of the free, of those who reject his Fascism. The newly-discovered mass graves in the east have revealed bodies of civilians with certain organs removed by his ‘stormtroops’ who can only torture civilians. The 1500 US troops now invading Romania and the others entering Poland are not going to help.

Up to 10,000 of Poroshenko’s much-vaunted, US-directed, but in fact ragtag National Guard are dead. Over 550 of their bodies cannot even be identified, the others are coming back in coffins to the west of the country, where families are furious with the Kiev regime which has destroyed their country and their lives. In Poroshenko’s own words 65% of the Ukraine’s military equipment, deployed in the east, is destroyed and even US, UK and Polish mercenaries no longer want to fight against the Ukrainian Resistance volunteers – too many of them have died; this is not an easy fight for them as in Africa. Kiev has wasted 5 billion dollars murdering and bombarding its own people, discrediting itself for ever.

All over the Ukraine production has been slashed, the economy is in ruins. Everywhere there are rolling power cuts, for lack of coal and with winter not far away and gas bills unpaid, people in what was once the richest part of the Soviet Union fear the worst. Ukrainian companies have lost their greatest market, the Russian Federation, and none of the promised generous subsidies are coming from the West, instead just empty words, pats on the back and meaningless words. Disenchantment with the West is setting in – the Western elite really could not have done more to destroy its standing in the Ukraine.

In any case, the Western elite is now preoccupied with a war of its own crass making in Iraq and Syria, where it is now bombing the very fanatics whom a year ago it was training, arming and financing. (Again, the conspiracy theorists presume that the chaos is deliberate). The Western elite has no time for corrupt oligarchs on the Ukrainian periphery. Worse still, ill-thought out sanctions, bullied into place in its poodle EU by the US, threaten to push Western Europe into a new recession. As for Russia, it has turned to the east and a giant anti-Western coalition of Russia and China is now in preparation.

In the eastern Ukraine several churches have been destroyed, several priests murdered and in the west one or two churches invaded by Ukrainian nationalist fanatics, whose head, a married and defrocked ‘patriarch’, is a visitor to the State Department/Colonial Office in Washington. The US policy is to divide and rule the Church, just as was that of the Nazis when they occupied the Ukraine over 70 years before them. Thus, they hope to create a CIA-friendly Halfodox Church, one which is spiritually degutted, a Euro-Orthodoxy, an Orthodoxy lite, like that in US-run Constantinople or in CIA-subsidized old calendarist sects, and like that which the US/EU is desperately trying to produce in its newest colonies in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and, if possible, with time, in Serbia, Montenegro and Georgia. However, we shall, as ever, resist to the last drop of blood and sweat.

‘Greek Poverty Premeditated’

One of the most respected bishops of the Church of Greece, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, has organized a highly popular concert in aid of the Greek poor. Substantial amounts of money were collected at the concert on behalf of those suffering from the financial crisis.

The Metropolitan spoke out at the concert, saying: ‘We live at a time of tragedy for our country. The reason for the catastrophe is not some natural cataclysm, but the greed and premeditated plan of the global government. But Greece has lived through much harsher trials and has always overcome them with faith in Christ and the immortal ideals of our people. Notably the Orthodox Church has always been the ark of salvation for Greeks’….’The Church is not a ministry of social defence, her aim and task is the Kingdom of Heaven and that is why she is an inspiration for us in overcoming our weaknesses. In today’s situation when the State is helpless, like a vacuum, the Church has taken on itself its task. Our means are few, but with unlimited love and trust in the Lord we are carrying out our ministry. If need be, we are ready to sell off even the candelabra and lamps from our churches in order to help those in need’.

The Glory of the Isles

Written from an Orthodox standpoint and intended primarily for older children and teenagers, this booklet, first printed in 2009, sold out and now reprinted, can also be read by adults. In simple language, it explains the history of the first thousand years of Christianity in Great Britain and Ireland. Giving the lives of the main saints of Britain and Ireland, it is abundantly illustrated with a map, eleven line drawings and thirteen icons, all printed on glossy paper.

Its chapters explain the Glastonbury legend of St Joseph of Arimathea, the stories of St Alban and the Celtic saints, Patrick, David, Columba, Aidan, the Italian Archbishop of Canterbury St Augustine, the Greek Archbishop of Canterbury St Theodore, then St Bede and other English heroes like St Edmund, St Alfred (with his unique icon) and St Alphege. It considers the Norman Invasion with sadness and looks forward to a potential rebirth of native Orthodoxy under the spiritual guidance of St John the Wonderworker and St Elizabeth the New Martyr. It concludes:

‘For we have a spiritual secret weapon buried in our Isles, which can deliver us from the fury of the Northmen, from whom we have suffered for a thousand years. This secret weapon, which the world cannot see, understand or take from us, is the prayers of the saints of the Isles – our True Glory. The Glory of the Isles is not in the pride of the past and its crimes. It is in the humility of the Saints. And this is what makes sincere Orthodox Christians different from others’.

Printed on high quality paper, with the 2012 icon of All the Saints of Britain and Ireland on the cover, this is an ideal resource for Orthodox church schools.

Bury St Edmunds, 2014. 38 pages. £4 (6 euros/$12) postage included.

The Tragedy of the Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has stated in an interview with The Independent newspaper, well-known for its agnostic liberal-democrat stance, that he sometimes doubts in the existence of God because of the injustices in the world. ‘The other day I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God, Look this is all very well but isn’t it about time you did something – if you’re there’. Earlier in the interview, when asked if he had moments of doubt, Archbishop Welby replied: Yes. I do, in lots of different ways’. ‘There are moments, sure, when you think is there a God, where is God?’ ( The scandalizing interview has today met with the characteristically Orthodox comments of a well-known St Petersburg priest, Archimandrite Nectarius (Golovkin). He has said (

‘Western Catholicism gave birth to Protestantism, which entailed rationalism and atheism. Here is the spiritual chain of Catholicism. The grace of God leaves those who fall away from the living and rooted system of Orthodoxy. The soul of one who has fallen away from God is not in contact with the miracles of grace, but is subject to the invasion of false and demonic signs. This unfortunate man, the head of the church of England, has not been found worthy to witness a single miracle in his life. In the Orthodox Church every priest is repeatedly in contact with Divine miracles in his ministry. I can enumerate an incalculable number of miracles in my thirty years of pastoral ministry. There have been miracles ranging from the sending of rain through the prayers of Orthodox Christians to amazing and incomprehensible signs from God. I can only feel sorry for this Anglican because he belongs to a so-called church which is sterile. There is no grace in it, no sense of standing before God’.

‘The head of the church of England belongs to a withered branch that has fallen away. Anglicanism has abandoned the living power of Orthodoxy, the rooted system fed by the grace of the Holy Spirit. We have not spilled and squandered apostolic teaching, we have kept it with great care, we have cared for the chalice of the grace of God in the bosom of the Orthodox Church’.

‘The statement by this Anglican is indicative of the state of a soul which is outside the grace of the Orthodox Church….It is not by chance that it is said: ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble’. The pride which engendered the fall from Orthodoxy has produced Divine resistance. All sects and heresies arose from pride. When some reformer or other states his teaching, he opposes himself to the Church, to the Universal Councils. When someone leaves the Church, it is a sign of pride, which allies him with the devil’.

For our part, we wonder why the former oil executive, Justin Welby, has not the honesty to give up his large salary and prestigious home and hand over his office to someone who actually believes in and knows Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Why Does the Western Elite Want to Destroy Russia?

The Western elite began setting up an ideologically-driven, Non-Orthodox (in fact anti-Orthodox) Empire in north-western Continental Europe at the end of the eighth century by reviving Roman paganism and Old Testament iconoclasm. Ever since then, in order to justify itself, it has aggressively expanded, attacking all centres of Christian Faith outside itself. This first became apparent when the elite’s Emperor Charlemagne had the ‘Libri Carolini’ written in c. 790 and declared Christians (‘the Greeks’) to be heretics because they remained faithful to the Christian Church and Creed of the Seven Universal Councils. As soon as the Western elite was strong enough, in fact during the eleventh century, it took over Rome, founding its own semi-pagan ‘Church’ and attacking Christendom not only in words but also in deeds, its crusaders finally sacking and looting the Christian Capital in New Rome in 1204.

Having during the eleventh century founded its centralized papist Superstate, of which today’s EU is a re-creation, merely replacing semi-pagan Catholicism with the pagan ideology of bread and circuses, post-Christian Europe expanded with blood. Beginning in southern Italy and Sicily, it had already taken genocide to England (‘1066 and all that’) and then to the Celtic Lands before it took it to New Rome in 1204. Massacre by crusade and inquisition was similarly employed in its expansion to the Iberian Peninsula, the south-west of France and Eastern Europe. Later the same genocide would take place in the Americas, Latin and North, by the British in Ireland (1 million dead in famines), India (15 million dead in famines), Tasmania, South Africa and Kenya, and now the same genocide of the ‘natives’ is committed by Israel in Gaza and by CIA-directed Uniats in the Ukraine.

The 1204 Western attack on the European Capital of New Rome weakened it and led to its fall to the Muslim invaders of Europe in 1453. The West has always used Islam as a proxy for its evil purposes. If the Church were to survive, it would therefore need to move to another centre. This was Russia. Indeed, even before this transfer took place, the Western elite had already begun attacking Russia, notably in the thirteenth century its Teutonic crusaders launching vicious attacks against it, effectively stabbing it in the back from the west while it was being attacked by the Mongols and Tartars from the east. In the early seventeenth century Poles and Lithuanians invaded Russia, which ended in the invaders’ defeat in 1612. In 1812 ‘Twelve Western Tribes’ under the anti-Christian Emperor Napoleon invaded Russia and suffered a terrible defeat. But Western invasions were not to end there.

Thus, in 1854 Britain and France, again allied with Muslims, again invaded Russia, preventing it from liberating Christians in the Balkans from Ottoman oppression and from protecting Christians from Islam in the Middle East. And this was to be repeated again and again, invaded by Germany in 1914, when Russia was betrayed by its so-called allies, Britain and France and its own fifth column of aristocrats, and invaded again by Germany in 1941. And today invasion is being attempted yet again in western Russia (now called the eastern Ukraine), as the combined Western elite of the USA and its EU colony, back the Western proxy puppet regime in Kiev. Why have there been six Western European invasions of Russia over the last 400 years and not a single Russian invasion of Western Europe, excepting that of Eastern Europe entailed by the need to defeat Nazi Germany in Berlin?

First of all, Christian Russia must be destroyed by the Western elite, as its mere existence proves that the ideology of Western ‘Christianity’ is a deformation. The elite can brook no rivals. Although there are other parts of the Orthodox Christian world, in Romania, Greece, the Balkans and elsewhere, they are small and can be dismissed as mononational folklore by the West. However, the multinational Russian Church is different. It is three-quarters of the whole Church, covers one sixth of the planet and 62 countries, carrying on its shoulders the rest of the Orthodox Christian world. This was why the Satanic powers of the Western elite tried to destroy Russian Christianity in 1917, exporting to Russia its materialist ideology of greed based on bloodshed. This is why the Satanic powers of the West are again trying to destroy Russia’s reviving Christianity in 2014 by destroying the Ukraine.

Russian Christian Civilization, called Holy Rus, is based on original Christianity, unlike the West, which is based on the paganism of manmade materialism with a ‘justifying’ superstructure of judaising deformations of Christianity. Hence the millennial confrontation of the two Civilizations, Christianity and the West, Holiness and Unholiness, Faith and Materialism. This was why the West exported its materialist greed and love of profit to Russia, first contaminating its elite and then, once that elite had betrayed its sacral monarchy, contaminating with blood the rest of the country. This contamination by a failed materialism resulted in the final treachery by the pro-Western Gorbachev. Despite this, Russian Christian Civilization is still alive at the core of the Church. The West attacks Russian Civilization, Holy Rus, precisely because of its universal character, which the West mocks as ‘messianic’.

The Western elite mocks this universal character because Holy Rus is the only serious rival to that elite’s own ‘messianism’, which it calls ‘globalization’. This claims that the ‘West is best’, a ‘chosen people’ ideology that appeals to all that is basest in humanity. This is why the unprincipled careerists of the Western (and, outside the West, Westernized) elite tries to reduce the universal character of Russian Orthodoxy to mere folklore, as it has largely done to Greek Orthodoxy. Holy Rus has taken the main thrust of Western invasions because the Western elite knew that Holy Rus, stretching from the Carpathians to the Pacific Ocean, is the only spiritual force that stands in its way to global control, the only spiritual impediment to its materialist expansion, that is, the only force that stands in the way of world evil, and has saved innumerable peoples from desecration by the Western elite throughout history.

Most recently we have seen this in Syria, but most strikingly we have seen it in Siberia where the native peoples, unlike their relatives, the native peoples of North America, were not massacred by Western genocide and herded into concentration camp reserves, but survived and flourished under Russia. Holy Rus resisted the basis of Western materialism, greed and bloodshed, and replaced it with the desire for the collective good. Having defeated Western materialism in its genocidal Communist form, Holy Rus seeks the restoration of its Faith, its sacral monarchy and its peoples; only in this restoration can it again become the Third Rome and so resist the elite’s New World Order. This special worldwide mission of Russian Christian Civilization opposes the West, showing the way out of the suicidal Western culture of death, the dead end which has led the world to its present apocalyptic situation.

A Victory for Confederation over Unionism

Although against the views of the younger generation, the older generation in Scotland has, unlike most of Ireland over 90 years ago, not chosen full independence, it has chosen home rule. This is in itself is revolutionary. It means that Scotland has rejected the 1707 form of Union, which was successful at the time only because of massive bribery by the British elite. This means that Northern Ireland, Wales and above all England will also receive home rule, whether the politicians grant it willingly or not. Unlike most of Ireland, independence for the peoples of the British Isles is to be gradual and non-violent. It means that the Unionist ‘United’ Kingdom, centralized in London, is no more; the Isles must now seek Confederation.

The Scottish referendum is a defeat for Unionism and the centralized State, as in the Ukraine, where a centralized State, a Leninist-Stalinist conglomerate, so keenly supported by so-called ‘democratic’, self-interested Western politicians, is massacring its own peoples. The results are a clear warning to Unionists in the EU and the USA and a clear warning to elitist Establishments everywhere. Elections to such Establishments are rarely popular and are characterized by very low turnouts. However, when the question put to the electorate actually concerns them, the effect on it is electrifying. Although total freedom for Scotland has not been achieved, the result is a turning-point in UK political life, whose configuration will never be the same again.

Firstly, the Labour Party has suffered massive defections to the Scottish National Party. Having allied itself with the Establishment, the Labour Party will probably never be elected again to government, either in Scotland or in England. Secondly, however, the Conservative Party, almost identical in views to the Labour Party, may also be unelectable – as it was already in 2010. Just as the Labour Party compromised its principles under the Tory Blair, so the Conservative Party has also compromised its principles under the Liberal Cameron. Thus the Labour Party is unelectable in Scotland because of the Scottish National Party, but the Conservative Party is unelectable in England because of the English National Party, although that still calls itself UKIP.

Since the three Westminster Establishment parties have all been reduced to rumps of careerists and opportunists, puppets of Washington and Brussels (Berlin), then the field is now free for new parties to speak up for the undertrodden and disenfranchized peoples of theses Isles. The field is now open to any party, of left or right, which can listen to the people and show a love of freedom and justice – everything that the old parties, captives of banksters, arms merchants, privatized and virtually unregulated monopolies and retail lobbies, have not done. Only through Confederation can the ‘United Kingdom’ survive for another generation, after which its dissolution will probably occur in the next referendum. It is a question of time.

A Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop Speaks Out against the Satanists: ‘If they do not stop, then God will stop them’.

As time progresses, even those on the fringes of the Orthodox Church are coming to realize that the genocidal, CIA-installed junta in Kiev is in its essence Satanic. Here are the words of one from the centre, the latest bishop to speak out:

The fearless Bishop Longin (Zhar) of the Metropolia of Chernovitsy in the current Ukraine (formerly North Bukovina and part of Romania) has spoken out in Romanian against the war being waged by the Kiev regime oligarch Poroshenko (Waltzman) against the Ukrainian people. Notably he has called the current Ukrainian leaders ‘cursed’ and ‘servants of Satan’. He has also called on all Ukrainian faithful not to let their sons go to their deaths because the present war is against the Orthodox Faith:

‘I call on you to be united and not to send your children to their deaths. Our Orthodox Faith does not allow us to kill each other. They want the deaths of our people, who live in peace with God, for the sake of their political interests, for the sake of those who defend their businesses and their leaders’ duties. My beloved, you are not allowed to shoot and kill. God gives life and He takes it away. The leaders of the Ukraine have declared that ‘the Orthodox Faith is Ukraine’s greatest enemy’. This is what the foreigners, for whom the truth is unbearable because they are blind, have dictated to them’, said the Bishop.

‘How can you take up arms and shoot at God’s creation? Like all of you, he too has a mother, a wife, a child. Why do they force you to kill? What is secret has been revealed: thousands and tens of thousands, which they say is hundreds, have been killed. I do not bless you to go to war. We call you to peace. Some ten thousand soldiers have been killed and even their mothers do not know that they are dead. I am not engaging in politics, but with pain say to you that this war is not against an enemy but is a war between us. When the cursed defend the USA, they want to see Orthodox killing one another and at the same time they eat, drink, make merry and rejoice that blood is being shed on this holy earth’.

‘They will pay in full for the blood that has stained their hands and their clothes. All of this is the work of cursed Europe, of which the Holy Fathers said: ‘Do not worship the beast’, and the Americans who everywhere, wherever they interfere, sow only enmity and shed blood. Now they have gone away and take pleasure that the blood of us Christians is being spilled. Brothers, we all feel as if we are on the threshold of a Third World War. This is why I have called on you: Repent! I thank all the villages of Bukovina, all those who live here, that you have risen up. This is what we are all called on to do: We will not give up our children to be killed’.

‘I will never commemorate at the Divine Liturgy the cursed leaders of our country, the unbelievers, those who have no fear of God, who sit in their armchairs and give out orders to kill. Only one prayer remains: O Lord, if Thou canst, enlighten them, for they have been enfolded by darkness and the underworld. They need nothing except bloodshed and in that they take their pleasure. Satanists! Servants of the evil one. If they do not stop, then God will stop them and then they will have great sorrow’.

Freedom for Scotland?

The Westminster elite scurries for votes in Scotland. Having appealed to sentimentalism and then bribery, it next resorted to the terror tactics of economic intimidation and bullying, so well-known to the public schoolboys who run both the politics and the commerce of the British Establishment. The US President, at whose voice Westminster wags its tail, and the Australian Premier have threatened Scotland, as also the German Chancellor, who considers Scottish freedom as treacherous to the EU.

That at least is true, for freedom is always treacherous to tyranny, whether to tyranny in London or in Brussels. Whether the Scottish National leaders will be far-sighted enough to keep post-Calvinist Scotland free from the post-Catholic EU and become a permanent part of Non-EU Europe, together with equally post-Calvinist Switzerland and post-Lutheran Norway and Iceland, remains to be seen.

It is by no means certain that Scotland will choose freedom on Thursday 18 September 2014 and in any case we can doubt the fairness of the referendum; there will always be some who can ‘modify’ the result, if the result is not ‘the right one’, as we saw in the election of President Bush and as in countless EU referenda. Nevertheless, the genie is out of the bottle. If Scotland can be allowed to choose freedom, as Crimea was allowed to choose freedom – and overwhelmingly chose it – whatever the result in Scotland, others in the EU will also want to be allowed choice. At least the EU is not like the Ukraine, where, if you want freedom, you are massacred.

Most of Ireland freed itself from the Westminster tyranny at the cost of blood nearly 100 years ago. Now it is the turn of Scotland, once long ago converted to the Faith by an Irishman, St Columba, and other Irish (‘Scoti’) missionaries, who gave their name to Scotland. Sooner or later Scotland will free itself. One day Northern Ireland will choose freedom from the centralized union that is the UK, and Wales will follow. Then only England will still be bound by the Empire-making Norman elite that governs it – already there is talk of an English Parliament. Freedom is now only a question of time.

On the Spiritual Purity of Holy Orthodoxy


The living beliefs of St John of Shanghai swim against the tide of the world and are remarkable examples to all of us for the three following reasons. First of all, although he lived outside Russia he expressed faithfulness to Holy Rus, which for him, as shown in his sermon on the 950th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, is a living reality, not a dream or myth, as it is for unbelieving modernists a la Schmemann. This faithfulness to Holy Rus, even though it was enslaved beneath the Soviet atheist yoke, entailed his constant prayers for the Patriarch of the Russian Church (shown by his words to the then Fr Vladimir Rodzianko) despite the Patriarch’s political enslavement and so separation from free Russians. It also entailed St John’s opposition to those who fought against Russia, under the tragic and misguided illusion that that they were fighting against the Soviet Union.

Secondly, St John was faithful to the Tsar, already in the 1930s enjoining his canonization against those of both left and right who opposed it. Thirdly, he believed in the Russian Church not as a national ghetto, but as an organism with the worldwide calling to convert to Orthodoxy, as he clearly expressed at the Second All-Diaspora Council in 1938. These three virtues, faithfulness to Holy Rus, faithfulness to the Orthodox Monarchy and faithfulness to the Russian Church’s calling to preach to the heterodox and unbaptized world, are matched by three opposing temptations. These can be found among the still unChurched (and this includes clergy and laity), among those on the fringes of the Church and those outside the Church. These three temptations of spiritual impurity are liberalism instead of faithfulness, conservatism instead of faithfulness and heterodoxy instead of faithfulness.

Liberalism instead of Faithfulness to Holy Rus

This is the temptation from the left, with its renovationism, modernism, new calendarism, liberalism, ecumenism and freemasonry. We have met its spirit in ‘Orthodox’ freemasons in Paris, in cultish, Hindu-style gurus with a name-worship mantra or psychic hypnosis and even occultism, inspired by Blavatsky and Steiner, in those who cannot stop speaking of ‘hypostasis’ and ‘theosis’, rather than living the commandments of the Gospel, in ‘cowboy’ copies of liberal Protestantism and liberal Catholicism camouflaged by long Greek ‘theological’ words, in the elderly or now dead renovationism of the old KGB-selected Moscow Patriarchal representatives from before the fall of atheism, in well-read converts who reject new immigrants from Eastern Europe because they are not liberal intellectuals like themselves, and in ideologies driven by personalities, not by spiritual realities.

Conservatism instead of Faithfulness to the Orthodox Monarchy

This is the temptation from the right, with its phyletism, nationalism, naïve idealization, old calendarism, right-wing emigres and converts who support and accept money from the CIA or MI5, the cultivation of the museum ethos. We have met its spirit in Greeks who tell Non-Greeks to go away, in those who ban the use of languages other than their own, in nationalist Ukrainians who have nothing to do with the Church because they are driven by politics, not by Christ, in those who fall into schism on account of minor errors rather than the general correctness in the Church, in those who schismatically divide the Church, falling into the temptation of the Church’s enemies who want to divide and so rule Her, in converts from conservative heterodox who bring prejudices into the Church, in those who self-justifyingly confuse psychology with theology, serving self and not the general good of the Church.

Heterodoxy instead of Faithfulness to Missionary Work

Authentic missionary work is about conforming the world to the Church, and not as some compromised people have suggested, supporting the errors of those outside the Church through their own syncretism (‘all religions are the same’), founded on indifference. Also, if heterodox are prematurely received into the Church, they may bring spiritual impurities, either in the form of agendas for ‘reform’ or else of reactions to their heterodox past. Thus, there may be ex-Anglicans still with their Protestant mentality who want a ‘refomed’ Orthodoxy in their own image, since they, received prematurely and not yet ready for the Orthodox Church, are unable to cast off their own personal, cultural and spiritual prejudices. Either such will mature, or else they will lapse. Unable to cast off their Establishment class views, whether of left or right, they will never become Orthodox, however well-read.


The title of this essay is formed by the words of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus (+ 2008), said to me in May 2006, on the need to conserve the integrity of the Holy Orthodox Faith. However, his words were in the same line as those of three generations of Russian bishops of the Diaspora before him, of Archbishop Antony of Geneva (+ 1994), of St John of Shanghai (+ 1966) and of Metropolitan Antony of Kiev (+ 1936), the first First Hierarch of the Church Outside Russia. They all agree, in words as in deeds, that any immixture of spiritual impurity in the Faith is a dead end precisely because it is unspiritual and what is unspiritual by definition brings death. It is for us to follow with care their words, deeds and lives, so that we do nor err from the Tradition of the Church through impure influences from outside Her. And this we can do through faithfulness.

St Andrew’s Work


A spectre haunts Europe. It is the spectre of freedom. From north-west Europe to south-east Europe, professional politicians of the Establishment elites are quaking: they may lose their jobs and with them all their opportunistic careerism and self-seeking will have been for nothing.


Perhaps on orders from a worried Washington, today three English public schoolboys (in fact one a Polish Jew who attended an elite State school, but his manner is still that of an English public schoolboy) have hurried to Scotland in panic. They fear freedom and the people who may vote for freedom. Washington is worried about a new country that, initially at least, will be free of both its political and economic arm, the EU, and of its military arm, NATO. No doubt the CIA, through its poodles in England, is listening in on nationalist conversations, in the hope that it can discredit Scottish leaders. Certainly, the sight of three English public schoolboys in Scotland will bring in a great many votes for the Scottish National cause.

Together with them, all European Establishments are worried. If Scotland does opt for freedom, Wales, Northern Ireland and then at last England will also free themselves, but France, Spain and Italy, at the very least, are also directly concerned, for they too have minorities, from Brittany to Catalonia, from Lombardy to Corsica. All artificial unions are doomed to collapse, whether the Soviet Union, the British Union (UK), the European Union or the American Union (USA). The implications of freedom for Scotland are enormous; little wonder that the Westminster Establishment has scurried to Scotland. However, the more intelligent among them must realize that, whether their last-minute delaying-tactic bribes work or not, Scotland’s departure from the Union imposed on it over 300 years ago is sooner or later inevitable. The game is up.

If a yes for freedom vote is recorded, the UK will no longer exist and the British flag will seem an anachronism. But if the UK no longer exists, then we shall all be free of the EU. The absurdly-named United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP, will have to call itself what it is, the Independence Party. As for the three other political parties in England, they can then at last coalesce into one and rename themselves the single party for EU-appointed careerists and opportunists – which is what they have long been. As for a place on the UN Security Council, perhaps that absurdly biased organization can at last be restructured and places given to the countries that really matter and represent the real world: China, India, USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil and South Africa.

The Ukraine

Kiev’s rag bag ‘army’, composed for 50% of western Uniats and schismatics, and then of Nazis, criminals and US, UK and Polish mercenaries, supported by US and Mossad advisors and rockets, has failed to impose its tyranny on the eastern Ukraine. Having shot down a Boeing airliner, Kiev’s army and air force have been totally discredited. Over 3,000, mainly civilians, are dead, killed by the CIA puppet, the corrupt arms-dealing oligarch Poroshenko, now a war criminal. Even the cream of US PR men could not get him more than 25% of the vote, similar to that obtained by various other US puppets in Latin American banana republics and South Vietnam over the last 65 years. Even the EU, largely responsible for the original fiasco, is realizing that the Ukraine is just another artificial union, a conglomerate formed by the Russophobic Communist Party some 90 years ago, and now ardently defended by the West (which also founded Communism in Russia).

Novorossiya, New Russia, the southern and eastern half of the ‘Ukraine’ (in fact western Russia), the object of these terrifying Western-organized atrocities in 2014, is heading for freedom as part of the Russian Federation. So too are many in central and northern Malorossiya, though in Kiev neo-Nazi bands are still terrorizing the population who seek refuge in the Russian Federation. Carpatho-Russia, miscalled by Kiev ‘Zakarpat’e’, also wants freedom; if it does not join the Russian Federation, perhaps it will return to Slovakia or even Hungary, leaving Ukrainian persecution behind it. This leaves only Galicia, or eastern Poland, where all the troublemaking Uniats and schismatics are. It seems that President Putin would be happy for it to return to Poland, since most Galicians have nothing in common with Orthodox culture.

Moreover, Uniat persecution of the Church in the Ukraine has at last brought realism to the last few remaining ecumenist fantasists and naifs in Russia and also to those in Romania. In neighbouring Moldova the Church has taken a firm stand against the EU and its Satanism, despite the bribed pro-EU politicians there. What an example to Romania. And the EU is not having its way in Serbia and Montenegro either. Despite the presence of CIA-funded Protestant sects in the Ukraine, Moldova and Romania, the people have resisted. It may be that by the end of 2014, we shall see great political changes in Europe, both north-west and south-east.


Both Scotland and the Ukraine, not to mention Romania, are close to St Andrew. Let us pray to the first-called apostle that, come his feast in the secular month of December, we shall have good news in all the countries where he is venerated. Freedom is in the air and sooner or later we shall have it.