Free Ukrainians Reject Western Colonialist Junta in Kiev

For at least 400 years and more there have been attempts to split and divide the Russian world…When I say the Russian world, this does not mean, as those of ill will towards us interpret, the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union, it means the great Russian civilisation that came out of the baptismal font in Kiev and that spread to the vast expanses of Eurasia. This is an original civilisation based on Orthodoxy and the moral values of Orthodoxy – this is over 400 years which give no peace to those who see some challenge to their own ideological bases. And we know that whenever enemies have attacked our homeland, the main thing they have wanted to do is to divide our people and in particular tear away from this one world the southern and western Russian lands.

Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow and all the Russias, March 2014

The people of the Ukraine are choosing freedom in preference to the tyranny of the bankrupt Neo-Nazi clique that has illegitimately seized power with American baseball bats from the democratically-elected government in Kiev. And the Crimea is only the start. Most of the Ukraine is rising in revolt against the possibility of Western colonisation and NATO occupation. The Western attempt to use 19th century colonialism in its ‘scramble for Eastern Europe’ is failing in the 21st century. Only if the Euroterrorists in Kiev are very soon replaced with a legitimate and representative government which immediately proceeds with the federalisation of the Ukraine (which should have been done from the start 23 years ago), is there any hope that the land as it is today will survive.

Several questions arise. Why is the West so hostile to democracy and freedom in the Ukraine? Why does it support Stalinist-style centralisation? Why does it support and bankroll a country that has been run by one corrupt mafia after another for the last 23 years? Why does it maintain the borders of a country which were fixed by the atheist dictators Stalin and Khrushchev? Why does it rage against Free Russia?

To all these questions there is only one answer. It is because the impunity and pride of the West are such that it has lost its reason. Who but madmen would support the gangsters in Kiev? And where has this madness come from? It has come from the fact that the West has lost faith in God, lost faith in the very foundation of its culture which is in Christ. In the Western world, whether in North America or in its European vassals, the churches are empty of prayer, of they have not already turned into shops, clubs and bars, whether in Montreal, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Geneva, Berlin, London or Paris. And even where there are churches, there are suggestions that they should be used for homosexual ‘marriage’.

The fact is that the same demons that were once idolised by atheist Soviet leaders are now idolised by atheist Western leaders. They have migrated from the Soviet Union to the European Union, from the Red Star to the Ring of Stars. Hence the Western lack of logic and rationality, its worship of lies. The West hates Russia not because of the dirty and ignored statues of Lenin and his ilk that still litter the country through inertia, but because Russia is now largely Orthodox Christian, it believes in God. And that faith and its resulting civilisation must be discredited and destroyed by the West because they contradict Western atheist idolatry and its well-advanced plans for a terrifying global anti-Christian empire.

Why did NATO bomb Serbia and then split it apart, handing part of it over to Islamist drug barons and traders in human organs? Simply because Serbia was Orthodox. Why did the West hire snipers in Kiev so that they could kill policemen and demonstrators alike, thus provoking international outrage? Simply because the Ukraine was Orthodox and so, like Serbia, it has to be torn away from Orthodox Russia and Orthodox Belarus and then split apart. Those who are faithful to God must be mocked, discredited and destroyed. This is what the West and the Westernised already did to the faithful Anointed of God before 1918, applauding his fall in their parliaments and press.

The West bombed Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria with impunity because it knew that they had nothing with which to fight back. With Sovereign Russia, it dare not do this. If there were no Orthodox Russia, the secularist kingdom of lies and spiritual and moral darkness would grow worldwide, the demons would reign and then the end of the world would soon come. The smaller and weaker Orthodox Local Churches, forced by masonic cliques and personalities to adopt the Roman Catholic calendar for the fixed feasts, already look to Russia for protection. This is not the time for Russia to heed Western threats and blackmail, but to stand firm on principle, to defend Orthodox Christian values against the foolishness of secularist atheism gone global.

If former eastern Poland, apostate Roman Catholic Lviv and the surrounding area, wishes to rejoin Poland and so join the EU, let it do so, if the EU really wants these bankrupt provinces. For that region is the only real borderland (‘ukraina’), for only that lies on the borders of Poland. The Crimea does not. Nor do Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Uzhgorod and a host of other cities, towns and villages of the 83% of the country where Russian is the everyday language and most people can barely speak any one of the many dialects of the regional language that is called Ukrainian.

Little Russia, New Russia and much persecuted Carpatho-Russia want to have nothing to do with Poland. Having apostasised from Orthodoxy, the Western-backed Galician clique in Kiev no longer see Russia as its Mother. Let them therefore join them Polish stepmother. Let them buy their ticket for the Titanic. Then the many icons that have been weeping in Russia and the Ukraine since last September will cease to weep and instead flow with peace-giving myrrh.