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From Recent Correspondence: May 2014

Q: How do you understand the current civil war in the Ukraine?

A: Whenever the Orthodox world is on the brink of victory, the West intervenes and undermines it, carrying out its genocide. So it was in the mid-eleventh century, a brilliant time of military victory and spiritual prosperity for New Rome and the whole Christian Empire. So it was in Kiev in the twelfth century, when the West tried to undermine its brilliant Orthodox civilization, so it was in Russia when the barbarian hordes from the West invaded in 1612 and in 1812, then again in 1854 in the Crimea, yet again in 1917 when Russia was on the verge of victory, and so today in the Ukraine, where we are witnessing yet another Western invasion and occupation of Kiev. The Western elite cares nothing for the Ukrainian people or history; the Ukraine is just a tool to gain more power, destroying all opposition to its domination by bread and circuses. Thus, its new President-elect is only a puppet – the real governor of the Ukraine, the next state of the USA, is the US ambassador in Kiev.

Q: This is not the version of the Western media.

A: The propaganda being pumped out day and night by the BBC, for example, is quite astounding. They have quite lost their conscience and all integrity. People are turning more and more to alternatives, especially the Internet, which is not censored – not yet anyway. It is worse than in the days of the Cold War; then you knew that the Soviet Union was atheist and persecuted the Church. Now the Russian Federation is becoming Christian and it is the West that is atheist and persecuting the Church and indeed any spiritual or traditional values at all.

Q: Who do you think was originally responsible for the problem in the Ukraine?

A: Stalin and his borders were responsible. Can you imagine a country made up of eastern Poland and western Russia? It was never going to work. It is as though you made one country out of France and Germany. It is not possible. Now a civil war is going on in the Ukraine, with Ukrainian killing Ukrainian. Little wonder that most of the Ukrainian Army refuses to take part or has surrendered to the free Ukrainians in the east; the junta in Kiev has had to bring in foreign mercenaries in the east, the same as those that brought it to power by violence last February. The civil war in the Ukraine will be interminable – until the country falls apart into its natural and quite different parts.

Q: Has the West won anything by meddling in the Ukraine?

A: No – just as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only has it lost a lot of money, which has been poured into the corrupt black hole of Kiev, but also the events in the Ukraine have affirmed post-Communist Russian identity. Before there were many in Russia who wavered in loyalty and were pro-Western. Now 82% support President Putin. I can think of one Church figure, who not so long ago was an ecumenist and papophile, but who is now appealing for faithfulness to the Tradition – like everyone else has always done! Such is repentance for the errors of youth.

President Putin has adopted the Church and its values as his emblem. This is not the Church being taken over by the State, as in the West – it is the Church influencing the State. President Putin has realized that there is nothing else. The US has made a colossal mistake by meddling in the Ukraine. It has lost all support in Russia and also now lost China, so isolating itself even further. Moreover, the US has little support in many parts of the EU itself, even in Germany. It looks as though the West has been following instructions on how to make enemies; at least that is the effect of Western imperialist meddling over the last 25 years. The West has lost international respect.

Q: Are there any other repercussions?

A: Yes, a huge one. The aggressively expansionist West has brought Russia to create the Eurasian Economic Union, with the very wealthy Kazakhstan and Belarus. Now Kyrgyzstan and Armenia want to join the EEU as soon as possible. Armenia is all the more interested since its neighbour and enemy, Azerbaijan, has become a US colony through its Turkish proxy. Other countries have expressed great interest, notably Vietnam and above all China. Generally, the stupidity of the West has thrust Russia into the arms of China. Russia is already one of the largest Christian countries in the world, but China within a generation is due to become the largest Christian country in the world.

Q: But Christian in the sense of Protestant or Roman Catholic, and not Orthodox.

A: Yes, but the spiritually sensitive there will migrate to Orthodoxy, having seen though the Western myths of Protestantism and its parent Catholicism, just as has happened in the West itself. For the moment the Chinese are not spiritually ready, but this will come and they will move to Orthodoxy and to the Russian Church, to whose canonical territory China belongs. I think the same may happen in North Korea (not in South Korea which, like Japan, has since 1945 been a US colony). In addition, once Communist ideology has collapsed in despotic North Korea, as it inevitably will do, as it already has done in China, there will be a need for another ideology and a religious one – certainly not the Western one which is atheist.

Q: Why are both Greek new calendarists and Greek old calendarists at one in condemning the Russian Church and generally being Russophobic?

A: There are five reasons for this. The first is Greek nationalism – both new calendarism and old calendarism are a purely Greek problem. The second is jealousy. For instance they accuse the Russian Church of ‘imperialism’ (!), when they really mean Greek imperialism. The third is extremism – they do not like moderation because they represent two extremes, two isms. The fourth is self-justification; if Russia is ‘imperialistic’, then that would mean that they are not. The fifth is the CIA, which finances both groups to varying degrees. Indeed, one old calendarist bishop in America actually wrote to me a few years ago vigorously defending the CIA and openly told me that many of his parishioners worked for it.

Q: But there is such a thing as Russian nationalism, isn’t there?

A: Of course, there is. We have suffered from it over the last 40 years. There are unChurched Russians who have no understanding of the word ‘Rus’. They confound culture and language with the Faith. As I said at the San Francisco Council in 2006, Rus is the Orthodox reply to globalism. Rus means Orthodox multinationality. Whether among the 100 or so peoples of the Russian Federation, or in Russian canonical territory in Japan and China, or in Alaska (at least among the natives, not among the Anglos), in North Korea, Thailand and Laos, or in the 50 or so countries of the Western world and beyond, which are covered by the Church Outside Russia, you can find Russian Orthodox. Russian Orthodoxy is a world, not a single nationality.

Q: That sounds a bit Roman Catholic.

A: The concept of Rus is not one of papist centralized unity, it is Trinitarian, unity in diversity. As one Russian philosopher put it: ‘The choice is between the Holy Trinity and hell’. We choose the Holy Trinity, not Western (= pagan Roman) centralization.

Q: Doesn’t the support recently shown by the Russian government for anti-EU movements mean that it is allying itself with right-wing movements?

A: Not at all. Both the European left and the European right, all those with actual political beliefs and principles, are alike opposed to the EU, which, as they realize, is only a US colonial project, using Germany as its executive pawn. Those who oppose the neocon EU also want social justice. This is why, in the UK for example, UKIP is not only anti-Brussels but also anti-Washington. Most Russians today bitterly regret the ‘privatizations’ inside Russia in the 1990s, carried out by Harvard–trained or at least Western-style necons. Such asset theft created the oligarchs, who now mainly live in London and Tel-Aviv. The Russian Federation has not forgotten social justice and so also supports the left-wing anti-EU movements throughout the south of Europe.

Q: But surely that is left-wingery and is just nostalgic support for the old Soviet Union?

A: Not at all. If you believe that, you have swallowed one of the main myths of Soviet/Western anti-Russian propaganda. This is that the pre-1917 government did not believe in social justice, that it was against the people. The pre-1917 government was committed to social justice, the literacy rate was nearing 90% and huge strides had been made not only in education, but also in medicine and improving working conditions. Most, if not all, of what was good in the Soviet Union had been inherited from the Tsar’s Russia. By 1917 Russia had already overtaken the West in several areas. The Tsar’s rule was a popular monarchy. Do not forget that it was brought down by the aristocrats, who were losing money and land to the people, just as today the anti-Putinists in Russia are also pro-Western oligarchs (modern aristocrats) who are frightened that they will lose their ill-gotten gains back to the people through populist government.

Q: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the West?

A: I would say ‘cautiously pessimistic’, even though the rate of spiritual decline in the West has accelerated tremendously over the last 25, and even the last 10, years. The West has for a thousand years been held in a cycle of atheist logic. It is captive to it. Everything that we in the Church do is only a delaying action, something that puts off its atheist Babylon. But even delaying it is still a miracle.

Q: What will happen in the West in the end?

A: Today political correctness is already talking of making circumcision illegal. Soon it will be the same with baptism, especially baptism by immersion. We shall be forced to flee to Russia to get baptized, just as St Seraphim of Vyritsa prophesied in the dark days of persecution in Russia.

Q: Do you have any thoughts seven years on from the great events in Moscow on Ascension Day 2007, when the two parts of the Russian Church were administratively reunited after an interval of nearly 90 years, when before there unity had only been spiritual?

A: Our ROCOR Metr Hilarion was brought up in a Diaspora parish of the Church inside Russia. Our ROCOR Archbishop Mark wanted to study in the Church inside Russia. I would not compare myself to them, but I had the same ambition in 1976. However, it was all impossible. The Diaspora parishes of the Church inside Russia were simply not free. I realized this in 1976 in Russia, when I saw the authentic Church and could compare it with non-ROCOR parishes outside Russia and saw scandals in them. One of our ROCOR bishops told me that if he had been treated by representatives of the Church inside Russia as I was treated, he would have left the Church altogether. Today those who caused all the problems are all dead; they have become history in the bad sense, just bad memories. But such was the decadence of that period because of the lack of freedom. A Church cannot live without spiritual freedom.

Fortunately, there was the Church Outside Russia which had kept and cherished that freedom. And today both parts of the Church have spiritual freedom. And that is due to two great hierarchs: Patriarch Alexis II and Metropolitan Laurus. I firmly believe that one day there will be a feast in the Church calendar in honour of Sts Alexis and Laurus, Restorers of Unity. That was, is, and will be a spiritual ascension for us all.

Ascension Day 2014

The Last Bastion of Orthodoxy

But that which ye have already hold fast till I come.

Rev. 2, 25


For 100 years, ever since 1914, the world has constantly been at war. This is because, before the final and inevitable triumph of Christ, a One World Government must come to power in Jerusalem. Hence the recent preparatory visit there of Pope Francis, accompanied by an imam, a rabbi and a Greek Patriarch. The assaults on all the Orthodox Churches are to be seen in the light of this preparation. However, the main obstacle to the enthronement of that government, and it will be an enthronement, is the resurgent Russian Orthodox Church. This is why the multinational chorus of the Western media, orchestrated and fed as one by the powers that be, so violently expresses its hostility to this last bastion of the Church of God on earth, so proving its importance.

The Seven Ancient Churches

The first phase of the assault, launched as long ago as 1909, was on the Seven ancient Churches. First to be tempted was the tiny and impoverished Patriarchate of Constantinople, weakened by flattering its Greek nationalism or phyletist Hellenism. The assault was then spread to the three other tiny and impoverished but also ancient Patriarchates in the Middle East and the rest of the Greek-speaking world in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. Today, as the Patriarchate of Constantinople is tempted by Uniatism, the faithful in its jurisdiction, led by the monks of Mt Athos, resist and look to freed Russia for deliverance from the chains of modernism, ecumenism and even apostasy, provoking the question: Will these Churches survive until 2054?

The Seven New Churches

The second phase of the assault was on the Seven youngest Churches. It came first in the Balkans, by bombing and dividing Serbia, bribing Romania, Bulgaria, as also the Poles, Czechs and Slovaks, into the EU and attempting to undermine Georgia. Then came the attack on the Seventh Church, the Russian. First, they tried to attack her through Syria and the Middle East, but this failed. As President Assad said this week: ‘Russia has saved Syria and the whole Middle East’. So the assault entered a second phase, through the Ukraine, where schism, a civil war and genocide have been instigated, just as they were in Serbia. The aim is to destroy the unity of the Russian Church so that the Russian State, now reviving under the Church’s influence, can also be destroyed.


Thus, the powerbrokers of this world have attempted to destroy the whole Orthodox Church, subordinating it to this world. In the first fifty years of the third millennium they wish to make all fall away from Orthodoxy, just as they made all fall away from Orthodoxy in the Western fifth of the Church in the first fifty years of the second millennium. So they turned to the Russian Orthodox world, undermining its vulnerable, protestantized outer fringes with renovationism. Now they are turning to the marches of the Russian Orthodox world in the western Ukraine, where they continue the genocide of Orthodox under a puppet President who made his oligarch’s fortune not from chocolate, as his PR advisors claim, but from arms-dealing and even worse. Now all is at stake.

Corruption and Construction

Introduction: Corruption

The cynical say that ‘every man has his price’, that it is possible to corrupt anyone. Indeed, it is said that secret services and police forces use human weaknesses to corrupt any as they wish. Thus, one person’s weakness is money, another’s fame, a third’s alcohol and so on; thus all can be corrupted. Famously, when the powers of this world encountered St Basil the Great in the fourth century and met with his refusal to compromise, those powers said that no-one had ever spoken to them in that way before. To this St Basil replied, ‘Perhaps you have never yet had to deal with a bishop’.

Behind human cynicism and hatred for humanity there stands the devil; he always attacks by the weakest points. This technique is used by the devil not only against individuals, but also against nations and institutions. Thus, Roman Catholicism has been attacked by its weakest points, desire for power, attachment to Non-Christian culture, and recently homosexual and pedophile clergy, to which it exposes itself by its insistence on clerical celibacy. And Protestantism has been attacked by its weakest points, attachment to Non-Christian culture and secularism, to which it stands very close because it gave birth to it.


As for the Orthodox Church, it is also attacked by the attachment to this world, in the form of nationalism. Thus, nationalism has infected every ancient Orthodox Patriarchate, including the Georgian, and every Balkan Church, in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and especially in Serbia, which faces Communist-inspired schism in Macedonia and EU-inspired schism in Montenegro. Of all the Local Orthodox Churches only the Russian Orthodox Church remains in principle (though there are always bad examples here too) multinational and faithful, present by its missions in 62 nations, translating the services into a host of languages.

However, it is now the turn of Russian Orthodox to face US- and EU-inspired nationalism in the Ukraine, in an attempt to divide and rule there, just as Nazi Germany had tried before. But how can the Church resist nationalism? It is only by putting the Kingdom of Heaven above all national affairs, only by not becoming institutionalized, reduced to a mere national institution, by not becoming a mere religion – by remaining a Faith. For religions are for those who have only some vague belief in some unknown force, who do not know God, whereas Faith is for those who have real spiritual experience and know God.

Spiritual Decay

The decline from Life to Death, Faith to Religion, from the Holy Spirit to Institutionalization, from seeing God (possible only for the pure in heart, according to the Gospels) to spiritual blindness, passes through two phases. The first is spiritual decay and the second is moral decay. Spiritual decay begins by the loss of Faith. This means the loss of spiritual life and so spiritual awareness. It is the loss of spiritual awareness that leads to spiritual decay and decadence. This in turn leads to any number of isms which, like all isms, reflect conformism to this world, that is, secularism.

Such secularism degenerates by historical phase into Catholicism (secularist because it wishes to have control over the world), Protestantism (secularist because it rejects the Incarnation and hands over public life to secular authorities), liberalism, modernism, syncretism, ecumenism (all secularist because they conform to the world, that is, they swim with the secular tide) and, in its final stage, atheism, the Religion of Godlessness, which is the ultimate form of lack of spiritual awareness, indeed spiritual blindness, since atheism denotes the refusal to know God, which is spiritual Death.


Since moral life is entirely dependent on spiritual life, spiritual decay leads directly to moral decay or decadence. In Church life moral decay firstly means simony. For centuries simony was common, almost the norm, in Local Churches under the Turkish Yoke. Today, in one Balkan Church, it is still particularly common, although cases can be found in every Local Church without exception. The other stage of moral decay is homosexualisation of the episcopate and indeed the two often go together (1). Homosexualisation comes about when bishops are no longer chosen for their monastic virtues, but for career reasons.

Sadly, such cases can even be identified by appearance. Unfortunately, such individuals tend to ordain homosexuals as priests or at least give those with that weakness positions of responsibility. This vice is often accompanied by a dislike for normal married clergy, who suffer much from such bishops, as also a dislike for women and children. We have known over a dozen examples of this in the Diaspora, where monastic life is weak or non-existent, in France, England and especially the USA, where the new calendar Churches suffer in particular. It is a form of corruption which rots Church life.

Conclusion: Construction

In such a frank essay, we would like to conclude by emphasizing that we must keep all this in proportion. Firstly, we are talking about a minority of exceptional cases overall (even though there can be pockets, where this does not seem to be the case, as in the USA). Secondly, there are solutions. The first solution is that there must be normal monasteries (not ‘sketes’), where numbers of monks live in coenobia, according to the Typicon. The second solution is that future bishops must be taken from those with experience of monastic life, including if they are widowed priests.

The time of career clergy, young, with degrees and doctorates from Protestant and more often Catholic educational institutions, is over. It is time to escape the decadence of the past fifty years especially and time to return to the healthy monastic traditions of the Church. Those who ignore monastic tradition, or worse still, despise it, as is so common in certain anti-traditional parts of the Russian Greek Diasporas, do so at their peril. Healthy life will be restored throughout the Church only when monastic life, which puts the Kingdom of Heaven first, is restored.


1. Cases of pedophilia, very common in Catholicism, are far rarer in the Local Churches; we have only known three such cases, one in Soviet Russia, one in the Ukraine and one in France, though we have heard of several other cases in old calendarist sects.

The Liberation of Europe and Russian Orthodoxy

As the last elderly ecumenists of a dying generation meet in Jerusalem, the results of the European Union Elections give hope. Whether in France, the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Italy and a number of other EU countries, the peoples of Europe are in revolt against the Babylonian European project. This has been foisted on them by the Establishment elites of Europe, their handsomely-paid Eurocrat servants and those who stand behind them. Whether left or right, anti-EU and so pro-European, pro-people, pro-social justice, pro-freedom and pro-Tradition parties are gaining support in Europe.

In the UK there is a particularly interesting situation, for just as the European Union Establishment elite is worried, so too is the British Union Establishment elite. This is not just because of the populist and misnamed UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) which should perhaps be called the EIP (the English Independence Party), as it has far less support outside England and English Wales. It is also because there are national movements especially in Scotland but also in Wales, which wish to put an end to the old Unionist structure of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in which latter there may now be a majority in favour of reunion with the real Ireland. This move against the pseudo-British Unionism of the UK is in miniature the same move as that against the pseudo-European Unionism of the EU. It is the same yearning for freedom against Big Government.

Just as the survival of the EU (with Kievan blood still fresh on its hands) and its once seemingly inevitable development into a despotic Superstate is threatened, so too is the survival of the despotic British Union, the UK. The threat here comes above all from the independence referendum to take place in Scotland after the summer. Allowed by the same elite which ironically disallowed the overwhelming results of the democratic referendum in the Russian Crimea, Ukrainian for only 60 years, it may result in an independent Scotland, British for 300 years. This would mean the end of the UK and also of the British flag, an invention of the Imperialist, slave-trading, ‘Rule Britannia’ 18th century. It would inevitably be followed by referenda in Wales and Ireland and also, at long last, freedom for England, enslaved for 950 years by the foreign ruling elite’s myth of Britain.

Perhaps the four nations of the Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) can be saved from the Roman-Norman-Germanic Imperialist myth of Britain and find again their freedom, sovereignty, independence and dignity. If so, they could then form a free Confederation of the Isles, with perhaps a Parliament in the Isle of Man, from where uniquely all four island nations are visible. And, following that model, the nations of Europe could also be saved from the Carolingian-Napoleonic-Hitlerian Imperialist myth of Europe and find again their freedom, sovereignty, independence and dignity. If so, they could then form a free Confederation of Europe, with perhaps a Parliament in a free Carpatho-Russia, which is after all the geographical centre of the real Europe. Is it possible that the peoples of Europe are voting for freedom which they will attain?

The EU Establishment elite is all the more concerned in that the bid for freedom in Europe is backed by President Putin (defended by the UKIP leader as well as other European politicians), from whom the foolish Mr Cameron was expecting support against Jacobite Scottish independence. The attack by the Hanoverian Establishment Prince Charles against President Putin’s support for freedom in the Ukraine, Europe and the UK is here significant. He has just returned from a $400 billion energy deal with China, with which Russia has been forced to ally itself since the aggressively anti-Russian, expansionist US/EU alliance in support of the separatist CIA-installed junta in Kiev. The President supports traditional moral values, which only a few years ago were considered to be civilized norms; today they have been thrown away as the decivilized West heads for suicide.

The choice is clear: Holy Rus or Conchita Wurst; Recivilization or Decivilization. This is the choice available today. All else has been tried and has failed. For if China, and for that matter India and the rest of the East, want to go the way of the eccentric and isolated West, they too will end up with Conchita Wurst. The only alternative to the West, Orthodoxy, is there at the heart of the Eurasian Economic Union. Christianity is and always has been a Eurasian Faith, symbolized by the double-headed eagle of the Church, uniting East and West. Just as Russia liberated Europe from Napoleon’s Empire in 1814 and liberated it again from Hitler’s Third Reich in 1945 (thus, as the ungrateful Prince Charles seems to ignore, having saved Britain from starvation and surrender to Hitler in 1942, as Churchill foresaw), will Russia be called on to save Europe again, this time from the expansionist EU Fourth Reich?

With all this in mind and the example of a dissolving UK, there is no reason why European regions such as Catalonia, Galicia, the Basque Country, Brittany, Corsica, Wallonia, Flanders, Lombardy, Sardinia, Sicily, Bavaria, Saxony, Sorbia and many others may not also become independent. It is just, but only just, possible that Europe may yet abandon the centralized bureaucracy of Imperialist EU tyranny and choose to restore freedom, sovereignty, independence and national dignity. It may still be possible that Europe will, for a time at least, postpone Babylon and choose freedom. It will be supported by the Russian Orthodox world. Hope in Europe.

Can the Church Survive in the USA?

Introduction: DeChristianization

My fourth visit to the United States only confirms what I knew already – that the American people are an extraordinarily generous, open and friendly people; however, they are also a people whose goodwill and often naivety are much abused by Europe and successive US governments. The ruling American elite with its global machinations, arrogance, bankruptcy and taxes is one thing; ordinary Americans are quite another. What has struck me on this visit is the retreat and defeat of what I would call Traditional America. A great country is now ruled by a New America, which is increasingly and systematically anti-Christian: this is the America of abortion, corruption, drugs, churches for sale, Atheist-TV and bullying support for anti-Christianity imposed by its elite on its people and on the rest of the world. New America is choosing not a ‘wonderful life’, but the nightmarish alternative proposed in that classic film.

In other words, the fragments of America’s Christian Tradition are disappearing very rapidly and I can say – with enormous sadness – that much that I still saw here on my last visit in 2008 has already been lost. A country that until recently was famed for its Church-going and Christian values is becoming like even sad, decadent, transvestite Europe – and perhaps even worse, because in Europe there are at least the reminders of historic, physical, architectural remnants of the old Christian culture. There now seems to be little to choose between America and Europe. The admirable America of deep, homespun Bible tradition and wisdom and anti-federal libertarianism is dying – and it is tragic. In this context we can see the two great challenges, if Christianity, especially in its integral Orthodox Church form, is to survive in the USA. These challenges are the two struggles against Conformism and Consumerism.


American history has been marked by intolerance, which clearly has its origin in Puritanism. All must swim with the tide; otherwise you are ‘un-American’. All have heard of the Salem witch-trials. All have heard of slavery, racism, civil war and blind Puritan phariseeism. But what happens to Puritanism in a post-Puritan and atheist society? The intolerant reflex does not disappear – it becomes the witch-hunt of those who consider, for example, that homosexual marriage or abortion are sins, that LGBT is an illness, or indeed, that any sin is sin and vice is vice. It becomes the witch-hunt of those who consider that drugs are just a new form of slavery and destroy the freedom of the individual. The New America says: Anything goes – if it ‘feels good’ and is ‘fun’, then ‘let it all hang out’. In other words, Puritanism has, by reaction to the restrictive rigidity and frigidity of the past, been turned upside down; now all is permitted, except the denial that all should be permitted.

Intolerance abounds in New America against whatever is deemed to be against the peculiar fashion of political correctness, a set of moral prejudices which is quite striking in its utter inanity and illogic. Anti-Christian political correctness is the new Puritanism, the new intolerance. The conformism and intolerance of a rapidly developing post-Protestant and militantly atheist society are frightening. The first temptation for Orthodoxy in such a society is then the temptation to conform, to cease being itself for fear of being different, to demote itself. For decades now, we have seen how many Orthodox here, ‘for fear of the Jews’, have wanted to give up their identity and become clean-cut ‘All-Americans’. Thus, the first things to be jettisoned (if they still exist) are monasticism and the Orthodox calendar – in favour of the Catholic/Protestant/secularist calendar. But that is only the start.

Thus, they say, make the priests shave their beards, cut their hair short and put on clerical collars; let there be pews and organs and robed choirs in the churches; let candles no longer be used and icons be taken out; let the churches resemble Methodist and Baptist tabernacles; let fasting be abolished and confession be reduced to a yearly comfort-talk by a psychologist (‘you must not feel guilty about anything you may have done wrong; it is not your fault’); let communion be compulsory; let churches be made into social clubs as with the Episcopalians, Presbyterians and all the others, where (paid) entertainment, ‘show-time’, is provided, business can be conducted and the main thing is how many ‘activities’ you have. Repentance, prayer, liturgical life and asceticism as the reasons for the existence the Church are forgotten. Conformity to civil society, and not to the Law of God, is the norm.

As regards liturgical language, there are two tendencies. The first is compulsory all English by intolerant order and any mention of Russian, Greek etc must be forbidden. In the OCA ’Russian’ was physically removed from signboards, utterly failing to understand that ‘Russian’ does not mean ethnic Russian. Often English is accompanied by Protestantization and Church life becomes salt that has lost its savour. Alternatively, you can use your language to reinforce the community as a Russian, Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian etc ethnic club with food and folklore. That is quite acceptable – just so long as it is not a Church, that it has no spiritual identity or life, but only a cultural and sociological one – just like Protestant churches or, for that matter, Polish/Hispanic/German Catholic ones. Here the deciding factor is class, and in the USA class is decided by how much money you ‘make’.


The USA is the land of the dollar, of materialism, of mammon. The lower class here is the poor, the upper class is the rich. Nothing is defined, as in Europe, by your name, family, good taste, manners or culture. The new ‘nobility’ is defined by money, in other words, by how you consume and how much you consume – and the corresponding clothes, body shape (created in the clinic or the gym) and cult of youth. Unfortunately, this also conditions Christianity. Christianity here is generally a cafeteria Christianity, a ‘pick and mix’, ‘go as you please’, selective Christianity. You don’t like the priest because he tells you to stand at church and fast and does not look like an ‘American’? He’s not ‘fun’, not ‘cool’ – sack him – that’s what consumer shareholders do to those who are not fun and not cool. Otherwise, go to another store – denomination or jurisdiction – and change brands – that is, ‘change churches’.

Consumerism is born not of hierarchy, but of ‘democracy’, of the rule of the crowd, and so is always defined by the lowest common denominator. In other words, it is reductionist. And this means, for example, that Orthodox churches become Sunday only churches and services become very short – they are reduced both in quantity and quality. Forget vigil services; think of bingo. The danger here is that Orthodoxy – and there is in fact only one sort of Orthodoxy, albeit in different languages – begins to develop into a novel and secondary form of Orthodoxy. Instead of the Orthodox Tradition, there has developed in the USA a liberal Orthodoxy, a ‘new Orthodoxy’, an ‘American’ Orthodoxy, an anti-ascetic Orthodoxy, a comfort religion, one that is fit not for those who want to pray, but for those who want to pay, for ‘consumers’. To combine God and Mammon is what they want.

Those who have ‘invested’ in inventing such an Orthodoxy are not interested in quality, but rather in quantity. How many are there here? The numbers game is what it is all about. ‘Reach out and get the customers through the doors’. Thus, ‘outreach’ televangelism is crowd-pleasing marketing. Churchgoers are customers, with credit cards in their pockets, and can be pulled in especially by personalities. In this way Christ is forgotten and replaced by personality cults. Brought out of Russia by secular-minded intellectuals, personality cults have spread through the European and American diasporas, merely reflecting the secular cult of celebrities. Secular society lives, as in ancient times, on bread and circuses, on fast food and fun, on MacDonalds and Disney. The same crowd-pleasing tendencies are present outside the Church but also in some Orthodox churches in the diaspora.

The consumerist cult of fun is particularly visible in secular American society and from there it is spreading around the world, including into Church life. Now, ‘fun’ is a euphemism for the pleasing of everything that is not the soul. Its sign is infantilism and infantilism is the main characteristic of modern Protestant and Catholic ‘worship’. The crowd or audience, because that is what the people are, are treated as children, with guitar music, clapping, dancing, sentimentalism and manipulation. Such ‘churches’ and ‘services’ in no way resemble anything known to Christian history. The saints, who replace celebrities in the Church, did not know of ‘fun’ and were not infantile. Infantilism and fun are manipulative novelties invented for an anti-ascetic, post-Christian and indeed anti-Christian world to make Church services into entertainment shows. ‘Fun’ kills the sacred.

Conclusion: The Tradition

What is the solution? Clearly conformism, which is only the sociological, not the theological, must be avoided. Orthodox have a clear-cut identity, we are very different from Protestants – as well as from Catholics in America, who are almost entirely Protestantized. We have a different faith and worship the unfilioquized God. True, there is only one God, but not all worship God, many worship manmade substitutes. True, there is the other extreme to conformism, which is usually expressed by Protestant-minded converts, who want to be different just for the sake of being different. They cultivate the exotic, the foreign, the ethnic, old calendarism, and any extreme of dress or outward practice. Here there is only the psychological, not the theological. But we follow neither the sociological nor the psychological, we follow the spiritual, expressed in the Tradition of the Holy Spirit.

In so doing we do not cultivate differences just for the sake of them. Our differences are primarily internal, not primarily external. Thus, when we need to begin the inevitable transition to English – and to proper, grammatical, liturgical English, not to street Immigrantese, for we do not repeat the errors of Catholicism 50 years ago – we just do it. Thus, we do not lose the sense of the sacred, the atmosphere of prayer, respect and devotion which characterize Orthodoxy. Languages are only vowels and consonants in different orders: a change of language is not the problem, a loss of authentic piety is the problem. In all things our task is neither to seek to conform, nor to be different for the sake of it, but simply to be faithful to the Tradition of the Holy Spirit, which is above liberalism and conservatism. The Church does not conform to the world – the world conforms to the Church.

The Mid-West, May 2014

Eurosodom or Euro-Vision?

The news reached me in the USA on Sunday. The Eurovision Song Contest, usually inane but relatively innocent, had been won by a bearded transvestite who could not even sing. There was a clear political conspiracy of systematic jeering of the innocent Russian song. This was sheer provocation. The accelerating repaganization of Europe is now headlong, as it hurtles towards its suicide. What was unthinkable only ten years ago is now a reality. Satanism is here and we can smell his sulphur.

Those who applauded this transvestite declaration of ‘peace and freedom’ and thought that it was a declaration of human rights and democracy could not have been more wrong. As one whom I know who has never liked President Putin told me: ‘I will now vote for him’. The message has indeed struck home in the troubled and divided Ukraine: As President Putin told the Ukrainians: ‘Is this what you wanted: Eurosdom? Then you can have it, but we will remain Christians’. As Europe sinks ever deeper into the pagan degeneracy of Ancient Greece and Rome, the fate of Pompeii threatens it.

Russia is today offering all Western peoples, inside and outside Europe a vision, the true Euro-Vision: a Eurosodom or the vision of a Europe of Tradition. This Song Contest has crystallized the polarization of the Western world. For months now conservative Republicans – paleocons, not the opposite neocons – in the USA have been praising President Putin and ironically and amazingly condemning their own country as ‘the evil empire’. The once implacable enemies of the Soviet Union are becoming the implacable friends of Russia. The same has been happening in Europe. There is developing here a broad coalition of Western citizens, let alone Ukrainian citizens, who now look to Russia for salvation and rescue from Eurosodom.

The clear and deliberate provocation of Eurovision has backfired. It has created support for true peace and freedom, not the ‘peace and freedom’ of Antichrist, but those of Christ, which ‘pass all understanding’ of the new pagans. The Western world thought to make the Ukraine into the battleground between Christ and Satan; in reality it has made itself into that battleground. As never before in the whole of history, Western people who are still spiritually alive, who still have a conscience – and not just the Orthodox among them – are looking to Russia for leadership and support.

Exactly 200 years ago Russian troops liberated Paris from the tyranny of the atheist Napoleon after he had tried to enslave Russia with a multinational European army, 90% of whom died in the attempt. Today, Orthodox Russia is being called on to liberate ‘Paris’ – that is, the whole Western world that is enslaved by its apostasy – once more. In 1814 Paris rang to the cries of Christ is Risen; in 2014 these are once more the only words that can change the Western world. Protestantism is all but dead; Catholicism, its former Pope rejected, has utterly discredited itself despite its recent public relations campaign; there remains only the Church of God, without which there is indeed no Christianity, and Russia is at the heart of the Church, as it has not been since 1917.

The Big Picture Beyond the Ukraine

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell

The battle for the Ukraine is on. All earnestly pray that there will be no full-scale genocide of the peoples of the Ukraine by the US-appointed neocon regime in Kiev. Those who live outside the Ukraine, including in the Russian Federation, can and should only watch, making sure that there is no NATO invasion, as is threatened. Russian intervention would only be justified in order to protect Ukrainians from such genocide by the US vassals in Kiev. In principle, it is up to the peoples who live in the present-day borders of the Ukraine to decide their destiny, which may even include leaving the country. So far only the Crimeans have done this, overwhelmingly expressing their desire for freedom in their referendum which at last restored them after a 60-year interval to the Russian Federation. Democracy thus denied access to the US fleet which had intended to use the Crimea as its Black Sea headquarters.

Here we should make no mistake. The general US-EU encirclement of Russia is designed to end Russian access to the North Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. By encircling and confining Russia to an isolated landmass without outlets to the sea, bullying US-EU empire builders seek to limit Russia’s role as a rival power centre and possible counterweight to its imperial ambitions for hegemony in the Middle East, North Africa, South-West Asia and the North Atlantic. The bankrupt US and transvestite EU are intent on destroying independent, national and non-aligned governments throughout the world and converting them into imperial satellites by whatever means are effective, ‘divide and rule’ being the favourite. Thus, the US has moved from encircling Russia via ‘elections and free markets’ to terror and economic sanctions in the Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia.

Washington’s (‘the international community’s’) strategic objective is to isolate Russia, undermine its military capability and erode its economy by strengthening NATO’s political and economic collaborators/national traitors/NGOs inside Russia – so dividing it, returning it to semi-vassal status and grabbing its gold. Bankrupt Washington’s One-World goal is to place neo-liberal political puppets in power in Moscow, just like those who oversaw the pillage and destruction (‘privatization’) of Russia during the infamous Yeltsin decade, creating the oligarchs. The US-EU power grab in the Ukraine is a step in that direction. The neo-Fascist junta in Kiev has now unleashed a large-scale military offensive against the pro-democracy, anti-coup, Russian-speaking majority in the east and south of the Ukraine who have been demanding a federal form of government reflecting Ukraine’s cultural diversity.

The US-EU has promoted this ‘military response’ to mass popular dissent and encouraged the coup regime to eliminate the civil rights of the Russian-speaking majority through neo-Nazi terror and to force the population into accepting junta-appointed regional rulers/oligarchs in place of their elected leaders. In response to this repression, popular self-defence committees and local militias quickly sprang up and the Ukrainian Army was initially forced back with thousands of soldiers refusing to shoot their own compatriots on behalf of the Western-installed regime in Kiev. Some even joined the freedom fighters. For a while, the neo-liberal junta had to contend with the disintegration of its ‘power base’. Following the advice of visiting CIA Director, Brenner, the junta then dispatched its elite ‘special forces’, trained by the CIA and FBI, to carry out massacres of pro-democracy civilians and popular militias.

Thus, the puppets of the crumbling US Empire bussed in armed thugs to the diverse city of Odessa to stage an ‘exemplary’ massacre: burning the city’s major trade union headquarters and slaughtering 42, mostly unarmed, civilians who were trapped in the building with its exits blocked by neo-Nazis. The dead included many women and teenagers who had sought shelter from the brutes. The survivors were beaten and imprisoned by the ‘police’ who had passively watched while the building burned. It is clear that NATO strategists who planned the putsch were only thinking about weakening Russia militarily and gave no thought to the costs of sustaining their puppet regime in Kiev when Ukraine had been so dependent on Russia. They appear to have overlooked the dynamics of the predictably hostile east and south of the country, which after the massacres are now utterly lost to the murderous junta.

Today Kiev can barely afford to feed its soldiers and has to rely on neo-Nazi volunteer militias. The junta now lacks legitimacy among most Ukrainians and has lost control of all but a small patch of land occupied by government offices in Kiev (echoes of Baghdad and Kabul). It has even lost the loyalty of the neo-Fascists and other now disenchanted former supporters. In general, their power-base of Uniat or schismatic Galician nationalists from the borderlands (ukraina) in the former Polish far west have decided that they want to leave the Ukraine and join the bankrupt EU. Only it is not at all clear that the EU will ever want them, bankrupt as they are. Meanwhile, in other parts of the Ukraine, the peoples of Transcarpathia (Carpatho-Russia) and Transdnestria would like to join the Russian Federation, though they have no borders with it and are far away, unlike those of the Crimea.

The majority, the peoples of New Russia in the east and the south and the peoples of Little Russia, including Kiev, in the centre, are now alienated; the regime is killing its own and so has lost all legitimacy. Although it is clear that the Ukraine will survive its present turmoil, it will be with a real and non-NATO government, different borders and, quite possibly, a different name. It may be that a new Ukraine will revert to its historic name of Little Russia and consist only of Little Russia, New Russia, Transdnestria and Carpatho-Russia, losing the Crimea and, to its relief, trouble-making Galicia. Such a Little Russia would enter the new Eurasian Economic Union, which will initially consist of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. That would be the solution to the sorry Ukrainian saga, which is only a delayed result of the fall of the Soviet Union, with its ill-conceived internal borders, a generation ago.

That fall was itself the delayed result of the fall of the Russian Empire, the original geopolitical catastrophe in 1917. And that attempted destruction of Christian (Russian) Civilization was ultimately caused by the apostasy into Catholicism of the once Orthodox Christian West a thousand years ago. In 1204 in its pride it attempted to destroy Christian Civilization by sacking its capital in New Rome. It then degenerated into the Judeo-Christian or Catholic-Protestant world, which has now degenerated into the Euro-Atlantic and openly anti-Christian world. So this is a geopolitical struggle which has been going on for centuries. Thus, in 1854 the Western Powers invaded the Crimea (then, as now, in Russia) to destabilize and weaken the Russian Empire. Then they invaded the Ukraine for a second time in 1914 and for a third time in 1941. And now in 2014, they are doing it for the fourth time.

Thus, it can be said that the First World War of 1914 never ended – it was only ever interrupted. And it is being continued today, exactly one hundred years on and in the Ukraine again. The aim of this new aggression is to destabilize and weaken the unexpected and unwelcomed (for it) resurgence of Russian Orthodox Civilization. This aggression is only the next stage of a four-pronged aggression against the Orthodox Christian world: against the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the other ancient Patriarchates of Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem since 1917; against the Balkan Churches in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and also Cyprus since the 1920s; against Syria in the last three years; and, finally, today again, against the Ukraine. The atheist West cannot allow Russian Orthodox Civilization, which is the hub of the whole Orthodox Christian Church and Civilizational World, to grow strong.

The current aggression, led by the atheist US administration and backed by atheist EU bureaucrats, is then aimed at splitting off the Ukraine from Russian Orthodox Civilization. The latter stretches from the Polish border to the Pacific Ocean, with outposts far beyond in China, Korea, Japan, Alaska and in a great many other countries throughout the world, including in the Western world. And in this matter we faithful Russian Orthodox in the West have to meet our destiny and responsibility by being outposts, oases and envoys of that uncompromised Russian Orthodox Christian Civilization. The main arm being used here by the US is Galician nationalism, a terrain which has been well cultivated ever since the Hapsburgs. Ironically, however, as a result of that nationalism, today’s Ukraine has given up its freedom for dependence on the bankrupt USA and the EU (Berlin).

Just as Berlin organized the invasion of the Ukraine in 1914 and 1941, so it is invading the Ukraine once more in 2014, exactly 100 years after their first invasion. History is being repeated because people have not learned the lessons of history. True, this time the invasion is political and economic, but in fact Germany has always needed the Ukraine for Lebensraum (living space) and as a market for its exports. Thus, ironically, in its attempt to be independent of Russia, the Ukraine has become a vassal of the neo-feudal West. The only way in which Russia can bring most of the Ukraine back is if it can become an economic magnet for it – as also for the rest of the Orthodox world. This means throwing off the tyranny of Western neocon economics by developing the Eurasian Economic Union, which the atheist West is doing its best to undermine, precisely by destabilizing the Ukraine.

The unity of the Russian Lands was first lost with the overthrow of Imperial Russia after the First Germanic Invasion of 1914; they were gathered together after the defeat of the Second Germanic Invasion by the Soviet Union in 1945; then their unity was lost for a second time with the overthrow of that Union in 1991. We wonder if they are not being gathered together once more, in 2014, not this time by military means, but by political and economic means. Thus, nobody in their wildest fantasies has the intention of gathering together the Orthodox and Eurasian Lands militarily into a new Soviet bloc. Nobody wants or needs such mistakes of the past, however much the West wants to provoke a war between the brother peoples of Russia and the Ukraine. But what we do want to see is a new and voluntary Union, a new Empire, based not on Communist values, but on Christian values, on the Church of God.

This new Eurasian Empire, an Empire of the Spirit, but also a political, economic and social Empire based on Orthodox Christianity, would be a centre against the atheist West. The Russian Federation has to meet its destiny and responsibility, creating a centre of independence for Christendom against the forces of Eastern paganism on the one hand and Western atheism on the other hand. This was after all the role of the Tsar’s Russia before the Revolution and this can be the role of a renewed Orthodox Empire once more, a centre for all who do not recognise paganism or atheism, but recognise the Church of God, belong to Her and confess Her Faith without compromise. St Alexander Nevsky, who in the thirteenth century stood alone to defend the Church and Civilization against the barbaric Catholics wrote: ‘We must strengthen our defences against the West and seek friends in the East’.

Today’s Russian Federation has understood this and understood that playing with Western liberalism, that is, with Sodom and Gomorrah and the law of the jungle that has so miserably failed in the last decade in the Ukraine, as it did in Russia in the previous decade, will mean social, demographic, political, economic and industrial decline. The West wants an Arab spring in the Ukraine, a new Libya and Syria. But it has not understood the power of Russian Orthodox Civilization and that borders do not go through artificially constructed countries, but through the faith in human souls. The West may well have recovered its troublemakers of the nationalist, Uniat and schismatic far west Galicia, but it has lost the rest with its massacres. Orthodox Little Russia will survive as an independent sovereign state, outside vassal status to the US/EU cartel and with its soul, culture, identity and language intact.

Through its Ukrainian adventure, as also through its adventures in Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, the Balkans and Syria, where it provokes apostasy through Uniatism, Protestantism and Ecumenism, the West has only reinforced the geopolitical sovereign identity of the millennial, multinational Russian Orthodox Civilizational World. Once pro-Western oligarchs are withdrawing their money from the West and its Israeli proxy and repatriating it, feeling betrayed. Once pro-Western elements in Russia and the Ukraine are beginning to understand that the pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian Orthodox of Holy Rus were right all along. As St Alexander Nevsky also said: ‘God is not in might, but in truth’. And that is something that the Western elites have never understood and never will, for they have never believed in the God of truth, only in their own towering Babylonian pride.

‘Orthodoxy Main Impediment to Western Apostasy’

For us Western Orthodox who have not lapsed into a masonic, Western-manipulated Euro-Orthodoxy/Halfodoxy (masonic because its Western-appointed Patriarchs are all freemasons or do what the freemasons tell them to do), the below marks a very sad day in Western history. It is a historic definition of the new post-Christian Western ‘Civilisation’, which in the first millennium was Orthodox, as the religion of Antichrist. Thus, it marks the day of the final apostasy of the Western world after a thousand years of degeneration.

Coming from Sweden, a country notorious in post-Schism times for its Crusades against Russian Orthodoxy, this report, if it is true, is perhaps no surprise. With the new Western anti-Christian Crusade currently being operated in the Ukraine, Carl Bildt, an ideological disciple of the notorious Christ-hater, Russophobe and geopolitician Zbigniew Brzezinski, has in fact told the truth that we have always known: post-Orthodox Western ‘Civilisation’, in fact Western Anti-Civilisation, is leading to Antichrist and the Apocalypse. See:

If Carl Bildt actually said this, he is correct: the main threat to Antichrist is indeed Christ.

With the current suggestion, under pressure from the part-Jewish John Kerry, that the Israeli State hand over Mt Zion to the Vatican and international control so that the new World Religion can be further prepared, we move a step closer to the preparation of the throne of Antichrist. We also note that in a few days time Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew will be meeting in Jerusalem, thus furthering this World Religion.

However, we should not despair. In Syria the city of Homs has at last been delivered from Western-backed Muslim terrorists. In Germany ARD television has now proved that those killed in Kiev in February were all victims of the terrorists, not of the legitimate government, as we knew all along. In Russia President Putin has just signed a new law, forbidding the use of foul language in all media (the opposite of what has happened in recent years in the West). And in the Ukraine Orthodox forces are every day stregthening against the Uniat terrorists and the Judas Philaret of Kiev. If we pray to him who defeated the Scandinavian apostates in the past, St Alexander Nevsky, and to the great Swedish saint, St Anne of Novgorod, we shall be victorious again.

Freedom for the Peoples of the Ukraine: Freedom for the Peoples of Europe

The Crimea, attached to the Ukraine by the drunken Ukrainian peasant atheist Khrushchov in 1954, chose freedom by referendum. The south and east, known historically as ‘New Russia’ and arbitrarily attached to the Ukraine by other Soviet atheists 30 years before the Crimea, are also choosing freedom against the martyr-making junta in Kiev. Odessa, with at least 46 victims of the Kiev terrorists, wants freedom; as also Donetsk and the region around it. Who is next? Could it be Transdnestria, which long ago declared independence from Moldova? Could it be ‘Transcarpathia’- Carpatho-Russia – which has already declared independence from the Kiev regime? Could it be the centre itself with Kiev, formerly known as Little Russia? Or will it be the freedom of Orthodox Volhynia and the great Lavra of Pochaev through the prayers of St Job?

What will remain is the Roman Catholic and schismatic far west province of Galicia, the only real Ukraine, or borderland, speaking its many regional dialects, much half-Polish, a quarter-Slovak and a quarter-German. Perhaps it should return to Poland, as an unwanted relic (and also invention) of the Hapsburgs. Perhaps the US will subsidise it (the EU has refused to do so). It seems curious that the West wished to preserve an artificial Soviet construct, the ‘Ukraine’, with its artificial borders, not registered internationally anywhere. It can only be presumed that the West was thoroughly ignorant of history, or else had actually started believing in its own myths. However, what is even more curious is that the West should have backed such losers as the incompetent murderers, handpicked by the US State Department and approved by the EU, as those who illegitimately seized power by violence in Kiev.

The unrepresentative US-installed puppet regime that was supposed to hand the Ukraine on a plate to the EU and NATO is collapsing, its soldiers and policemen in revolt, and with blood on its hands. Eurofascism has not won; not because the Russian Federation has invaded to liberate it, but because the peoples of the Ukraine have risen up to protest against the Galician separatists and their mercenaries. Colonialist Berlin and Washington, set to ravage the Ukraine, destroy its industry, dump its consumer goods and nuclear waste there, thought that it had won everything. In fact it is losing everything, once more discrediting itself in the eyes of the free world.

President Putin’s popularity has now risen to an unheard of 82%. Even the US now agrees that the EU has blood on its hands in Kiev. The EU is more discredited than ever, as we will soon see in the European elections. China and India have been drawn ever closer to the Russian Federation. The Eurasian Economic Union, which the EU thought it had for ever sabotaged, is about to be launched and may well expand rapidly, absorbing former US puppets like Georgia and Azerbaijan on the way. The world saw the isolation of the West in Syria when it accused the government there of using poison gas, when it was in fact Western-backed terrorists who used the poison gas. Now it has seen the crassness of the Western world in the Ukraine too.

No more will the Ukraine arm the enemies of the people, as it did the Saakashvili regime in Georgia in 2008, slaughtering 2,000 innocents. No more will politically-backed puppet schismatics like ‘the Patriarch of Kiev’ exist and Church property will at last be returned to the Church; no more will politically-backed Galician Uniatism be free to spread in the Crimea, New Russia and Little Russia. The scheme of the CIA-run Patriarchate of Constantinople to take over the Ukraine has failed. Just as in 1945, so in 2014, Eurofascism has been defeated again.

Where does the process of liberation stop? The Caucasus? The ‘Stans’ of Central Asia? Mongolia? Moldova? The Baltics? Serbia and Montenegro? (After all Galicia is to the Ukraine what Croatia is to Serbia; the Second World War proved that). Hungary? Bulgaria? Cyprus? Romania? Greece? Even Peru and Venezuela have expressed interest, indicating that the new Eurasian Economic Union may not only be geographical, but ideological as well. What we may at last be witnessing is the restoration of the Russian Empire, after the treachery and historic injustice that have now lasted for 100 years. Is freedom on the way? We must pray to the martyred Tsar for his help.