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Western Terrorism: The Real and Present Danger

The present wave of State-orchestrated hysteria in the West against President Putin has its origins in the neocon overthrow of the legitimate democratic government in Kiev a year ago, at a cost of $5 billion to the US taxpayer. This was followed by the installation of a Kiev puppet regime ‘elected’ with 15% of the vote, garnered by the US-run PR machine, and since then NATO aggression against the Ukraine, with the slaughter of tens of thousands. Thus, when the Cameron regime recently took part in NATO operations in the Baltic, flying and sailing just off the Russian coast, sent over 50 armoured cars to the corrupt oligarch junta in Kiev and laughably accused President Putin of wanting to invade the Baltic States, it was only natural that the Russian Federation would then show that it can defend its peoples against Western terrorism in the Ukraine, where 80% of the population is fundamentally Russian. As a result, Federation planes and ships have been flying and sailing in international airspace and waters off the British coast – doing exactly what the UK government has been doing off its coasts and its borders.

The campaign of character assassination and demonization of President Putin has been led in the UK by tabloids like the MI5-fed Daily Telegraph, accused this week by one of its own journalists of corruption in the HSBC money-laundering scandal. The right-wing Telegraph has been closely followed by the Murdoch propaganda tabloids and the State-dependent BBC, which has revealed that in 1981 it was already vetting 40% of its staff through MI5. (Two of my career-minded colleagues from the 1970s, now working for the BBC, were recruited by MI5). The Establishment has also timed a relaunch of the enquiry into the death of the British spy Litvinenko after an SIS cover-up lasting nine years. We are reminded of the long-delayed Establishment enquiry into the Blair regime’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, which helped lead to a million deaths. (We will hardly mention the futile invasion of Afghanistan which cost hundreds of British lives and cost the British taxpayer £35 billion). Indeed, the same Establishment is still unable to launch the long-awaited enquiry into its own deep-rooted pedophilia, an enquiry stretching back only over the last forty years.

Of course we are not suggesting that President Putin, once a lowly KGB operative (unlike several American Presidents, who were actual heads of the CIA), is anything more than a politician. (Let us recall the old Cold War dictum that the only difference between the CIA and the now defunct KGB was that only the CIA actually believed its own lies). Only a politician, for today that ex-KGB colonel is the President of a country, where corruption is everywhere rife, especially in its notoriously dishonest elite and the media. (Although we should not forget either that the debt-ridden US economy has for years been shaken by corrupt banking and accounting practices of its elite and EU elite’s accounts are so corrupt that they cannot even be audited). It is obvious that President Putin leads a country that has far to go in order to rise from the ruins of Western-imposed Soviet atheism and immorality. However, once contested, that President has been made incredibly popular by the crass miscalculations of recent Western aggression. 85% + support him. Nevertheless, he is only a train on the tracks, not the destination. Orthodox only support him inasmuch as he supports the Church.

The present neocon policy is at the stage of appointing American ministers in Eastern European countries, especially in the Baltic States (the current Estonian President is American and Lithuania allowed itself to be used for CIA torture centres), Poland, the Ukraine, Romania and Georgia. Such is the process of US empire-building, which has such a long history in Latin America, Asia and Southern Europe. In Serbia the US has already bought up 30% of the media in order to weaken the country by ‘soft power’. Wait for the next stage of American ‘advisers’ there. However, in the Ukraine the situation for the hubristic neocons is disastrous. The rout of the Kiev junta forces in Debaltsevo (which the BBC cannot even spell) is clear. Some 3,000 died, 1,000 surrendered with huge amounts of US and other arms and equipment and the Ukrainian freedom fighters are now even talking of going all the way to Kiev to liberate it from the American banana-republic regime, leaving the far west Galicia and pro-Nazis to return to Polish rule. The Kiev Army is all but finished. The CIA’s unique talent for picking English-speaking local losers, demonstrated worldwide from Vietnam to Saddam Hussein, from Greek colonels to Pinochet, has yet again been repeated with Poroshenko-Waltzman.

As for Russia, it has steadfastly refused the trap set for it by the neocons – to make it invade the Ukraine. The Ukraine will liberate itself. It is already doing so. The neocons in Washington are faced with the choice – to escalate their aggression hugely with ‘mission creep’ and make their new Cold War into a Hot War, or to give up on the Ukraine as a bridge too far, yet another Vietnam, this time in Europe. If the neocons who control Washington do escalate the war they have started (US arms merchants would love that), they must expect a Russian response, but still worse, they will finally alienate and destroy the EU, which they so openly despise. However, in reality they cannot afford to lose the EU, which they have already divided and which is in a state of crisis with Greece and with the rise of other popular liberation movements of both left and right throughout its empire, in Germany, France, England, Cyprus, Denmark, Scotland, Catalonia, Italy, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Cyprus and almost everywhere.

The outcome of the situation in the Ukraine is not clear. If Russia and the Ukraine can repent for their immoral and cynical Soviet past, there is hope. As Dostoyevsky said some 150 years ago, a Russian without Orthodoxy is dross. The fact is that an ‘Orthodox’ people without Orthodoxy is God-less – corrupt, immoral and cynical, and this is the same in every ex-Orthodox country, as in Greece. Noted for its notoriously anti-Orthodox and therefore corrupt and immoral elite, the German and French banks of the EU threw billions of euros at Greece so that it could then buy German and French consumer goods, which it could not otherwise have afforded. Responsible people do not give bad children billions of euros, but the EU was irresponsible, loaned the money and so bankrupted Greece. It is not the Greek people who were to blame, but the corrupt Greek elite and the irresponsible and short-sighted EU banksters, who sought only short-term profits. The people were and are their victims. Now the people have elected a government of their choice, having seen through the past corrupt EU elite and its PR myths. The same will happen in utterly corrupt Romania and Bulgaria.

In the twentieth century, once-Orthodox peoples all wandered far from the Faith, imitating the atheist materialism which had already corrupted the West. This occurred most dramatically of all in Russia, with an initial coup d’etat directed from the British Embassy in Saint Petersburg in 1917, which was to lead to the deaths of tens of millions. Only by repenting and returning to the Faith like the Prodigal, asking the Father for forgiveness and then living the Faith, can Orthodox demonstrate to all the traditional civilizations of the planet that only Orthodox Christian Civilization can defeat the twin threats of Western secularist terrorism and the Islamist jihadist terrorism that the West created. If there is no mass repentance, we shall demonstrate only our own apostasy. Then there will be no liberation of Kiev, no Triumph of Orthodoxy and there will follow the literal end of history with the long-planned enthronement of Antichrist in Jerusalem. Too late the West will realize its mistake, that it has only been a pawn, stooge and puppet manipulated by the hands of Satan. True, the triumph of Babylon will be short-lived because the Second Coming will follow it, but then we shall be judged for our lack of repentance, our corruption and our failure to witness to the Truth of the Church of Christ. It would be better to repent now while there is still time.

Forty Years of Struggle

As we enter the forty days of Lent, we recall that for forty years now we have consciously and actively been fighting for the truths of the Russian Orthodox Church from inside the Church. Forty years ago the adversary of the Church was the atheist materialism from the West which had conquered the Russian elite by 1917 and through it also penetrated parts of the Russian emigration. Since then the atheist regime in the former Russian Empire has fallen, since parts of that elite have repented and much more of the emigration is free of compromise. Today, the adversary is the same atheist materialism, but it has now altogether penetrated the Western (and Westernized) elite worldwide. With its global consumerism this atheism is now trying to destroy the whole Orthodox Church. It is trying to westernize Orthodox Christians, making us too into zombies who have only one desire – to live for our stomachs, comforts and animal passions, thus enslaving us to the prince of this world.

This means in particular the destruction of the last bastion of Orthodox Christianity – the Russian Orthodox Church. The ideologues and leaders of the West like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carl Bildt and Tony Blair have quite openly said this. For them the restoration of Orthodox Rus is as abhorrent as it was to Lenin and his followers. For forty years we have fought all these adversaries, for they are all motivated by the same Satan, who is the only real enemy – all others being but pawns in his hands. We know that the only way of fighting Satan is to defend and build up the Church, fighting against secularization. Satan’s aim is to deprive the world of the Holy Spirit, as he so effectively did in the Western part of the Church beginning a thousand years ago, for he knows that the aim of the Russian Church is ‘the acquisition of the Holy Spirit’, as St Seraphim of Sarov said. And if the Russian Church can be deprived of the Holy Spirit, then we will no longer be able to prevent the enthronement of Antichrist.


Shipwreck or Salvation on the Rivers of Babylon?

Introduction: Shipwreck

Whenever groups have left the Church for political, that is, for secular, reasons, they have inverted the values of the Church and so found themselves shipwrecked. Thus, the founding values of the Christian Empire, long ago defined as ‘Orthodoxy, Sovereignty (deliberately misunderstood by secularists as Autocracy) and the People’, are all derived from our Trinitarian Orthodox Christian Faith. ‘Orthodoxy’ refers to our Christian Faith in the Father of Love, ‘Sovereignty’ refers to the Incarnation of the Son in the world but sovereign and free from the world, and ‘the People’ refers to the sanctification of the peoples by the Holy Spirit.

We can see the inversion of these principles in the values of the renovationists and modernists on the fringes of the Orthodox Church, like those around the Paris Archdiocese of ‘Rue Daru’. They deform the values of ‘Orthodoxy, Sovereignty and the People’ into their opposites, ‘Anti-Orthodoxy, Secularism and Russophobia’. With Faith in the Father rejected in favour of fallen humanity, Faith in the Incarnation of the Son in the Christian Empire rejected in favour of the secularism of disincarnate private delusions, and Faith in the Holy Spirit rejected in favour of intellectuals, Orthodoxy is reduced to mere rationalist humanism.


Anti-Orthodoxy is expressed by liturgical modernism in imitation of heterodoxy. This includes the use of the Catholic calendar (so-called ‘new’ calendar), the celebration of evening Liturgies and the deliberate absence of iconostases (‘to be more like the Catholics’), defective knowledge and ignorance of how the services are celebrated, sometimes even of the Eucharistic Liturgy) and the substitution of knowledge of the Typikon by abbreviations and fantasies, such as conducting the Proskomidia in the centre of the church or the interruption of the Liturgy by ‘charismatic’ calling out of names of anyone to be prayed for.

It includes a lack of musical culture, poor behaviour in church (sitting on the floor; children running about without discipline), the use of colloquial Russian instead of Church Slavonic in the Liturgy, the disappearance of confession and obligatory communion for all, including that of practising homosexuals and Non-Orthodox. This is not only not the Russian Tradition and certainly not the Greek Tradition of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, in fact it is no Tradition at all. To liturgists like the late Archbishop George (Wagner) of the Paris Archdiocese (‘Rue Daru’) it was, and to others like him it is, only ignorance.


Archbishop George (Wagner) used to complain to me that the problem of Rue Daru was that it had been founded by individuals who had wanted the Revolution. In other words, among them left-wing politics (liberalism and freemasonry) had replaced Churchliness. Indeed, their whole approach to Church life was marked by politicization. Their movement was, after all, part of a political foundation before the Russian Revolution which created that Revolution. In their movement the values of the Kingdom of Heaven are replaced by heterodox fashions and dependence on secularism in its basically atheistic, Western liberal form.

We can see this in the recent Charlie Hebdo and Copenhagen murders. These sparked massive demonstrations, but the murders of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, as those of thousands of Christians in Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine, were dismissed by the propaganda-filled Western media, which are so keenly followed by these secularists. In Paris the secularists, ‘Orthodox’ among them, decided on the slogan ‘Je suis Charlie’ and those who rejected this slogan in favour of ‘Je ne suis pas Charlie’ because it would mean that they supported blasphemy, were dismissed as terrorists and their lives were threatened by atheists.


In the days of the atheist regime in the Soviet Union, all agreed that the ideology of the materialists who had usurped legitimate power was abhorrent because they persecuted the Church. However, there were those who opposed it for purely political reasons. They were those who had usurped authority, then lost the power that they had seized to the Bolshevik bandits and were exiled to Paris. They did not care very much about the persecution of the Church, of the martyrdoms of the Tsar and the clergy, only about ‘human rights’ and the persecution of minorities, liberals, freemasons, Uniats, heretics, Jewish intellectuals etc

In those days they detested the Church inside Russia because the bishops lied, as they were held hostage by the regime. They should rather have had sympathy for the Church inside Russia, including captive bishops. Today they justify their continued isolation and rejection of the Church through their Russophobia. They say: ‘We cannot return to the Russian Church because She is still not free but is held in feudal subjection to Putin’. The absurdity and sheer ignorance of such arguments is apparent to the rest of the world, but not to the politicized, who are an integral part of the anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox Western Establishment.

On the Rivers of Babylon

The saddest thing about the Paris Archdiocese, ‘Rue Daru’, is that those bishops who founded it and led it for decades, Metropolitans Evlogy and Vladimir, Archbishop George (Tarasov), Bishops Methodius (Kulmann), Alexander Tian-Shansky and Roman (Zolotov), full well believed that their jurisdictional attachment to the Patriarchate of Constantinople was only a temporary arrangement which would last only as long as the Church inside Russia was not free. They would be horrified if they could see where its extremists have wanted to take it in recent decades. A group that has lost its way now only has self-justification left to it.

In exile they sat down ‘on the rivers of Babylon’, on the banks of the Seine, and there they wept. The emotional Metr Evlogy could not wait and, in 1945, he rejoined the Russian Church – too early, for the persecution had not yet ended. Bishop Methodius, like Protopresbyter Alexei Knyazev, Archpriest Igor Vernik and many others, was also tempted, tired of isolation. There is no doubt that if any of them were alive today, they would have rejoined the Russian Church in the last fifteen years, as Archbp Sergiy (Konovalov) also wanted. However, there were always forces present which prevented the inevitable return.

The Past

I have known Rue Daru since 1979. The first thing that struck me was how isolated and insular it was, unlike anything else in the Orthodox world, which I already knew quite well. And yet that there were people at Rue Daru who saw themselves as being in the centre, instead of the reality, that they were on the margins. Parisian intellectualism was their ethos and their lost grasp of reality caused them to dwell in fantasies. Archbishop George (Wagner) used to remark to me that one day at Rue Daru lists of names of those to be prayed for would contain not only titles like ‘the sick’, but also ‘the intellectual’ (‘intelligent’ in Russian).

A lifeboat was offered Archbishop Sergiy’s Rue Daru by Patriarch Alexey II in 2003. Through no fault of his own and his untimely death, it was rejected. It has seemed ever since that the Paris Archdiocese has chosen a suicidal course of drift and shipwreck. With the Rue Daru Cathedral belonging to the city of Paris, most of its active people from the ex-Soviet Union, with unintegrated and politicized converts (though many of them later see through it all) manipulated by the descendants of liberal emigres who have themselves never known the Tradition but only delusional fantasy, it seems to have little future, having become marginal.

The Present

Today the once prestigious St Sergius church and Institute are in crisis, most students transferred to the new seminary of the Russian Orthodox Church. A new Cathedral and Diocesan centre, already blessed by Bishop Nestor of the Russian Orthodox Church and Archbishop Job of Rue Daru, is about to be built. Only 80 and 90 year olds, living in the past, still believe that Rue Daru, now very small and rather irrelevant, can be the foundation for a new Local Church in Western Europe. This is part of their delusional fantasy that Constantinople will one day grant Rue Daru autocephaly and create a ‘Western European Orthodox Church’.

Constantinople was never going to and never will grant them their pipe-dream fantasy. At last the ruling bishop, Archbishop Job, is doing exactly what Archbishop George (Wagner) promised us what he would do in 1981, but let us down and doing the opposite through weakness. 33 years have been lost. Over the decades so many have been chased out by the intolerant ideology of the liberals and modernists that only a few faithful are left. At last now, problematic individuals who caused so many huge difficulties in the past and forced serious Orthodox to leave, have been removed. And some serious clergy have come from Russia.

The Struggle

As I have written before, we must all intensify our prayers for Archbishop Job. He bears a name of much suffering. Can he right the errors and weaknesses of the last fifty years? Renovationism, a Vatican II Orthodoxy in the Finnish-Lutheran style, is what the extremists want. Over fifty years they have step by step come to power, making the lives of the Archbishops miserable, intolerantly chasing out the Orthodox, making Rue Daru ever more sectarian and marginal. Instead of being inclusive, their intolerance has forced many to leave. Why do they not simply join the Uniats? This at least would be honest on their part.

The present disciplinary actions of Archbishop Job and his courageous attempt to restore the isolated Rue Daru jurisdiction to canonical Orthodox norms after a decade of disastrous drift are to be welcomed. As one senior priest of the Paris Archdiocese in England said to me last year, the first thing that Archbishop Job has to do just in England is to defrock three members of the clergy. In France perhaps too. We must pray for Archbishop Job. Can he steer the ship of the Church away from the rocks of the irrelevant, renovationist meanders of the past towards its future of helping to witness to authentic Orthodoxy in Western Europe?

The Future

The most Churchly elements in the Russian emigration understood its providential mission and future – to witness to authentic Russian Orthodoxy in Western languages. Thus St John of Shanghai spoke of the Russian mission to witness to the rest of the world. Metropolitans Antony and Anastasy, like Archbishop Seraphim of Chicago and many others, also knew that God has sent us forth to convert the world. Thus, in Western Europe the great task of the Russian Orthodox Church is to become an autonomous Metropolia, the foundation of a future Western European Orthodox Church under the loving guidance of our Patriarch in Moscow.

We wish Archbishop Job every good thing in his long and arduous struggle to at least attempt restore all of Rue Daru to the canonical norms and traditions of the Russian Orthodox Tradition, which it claims to represent, but in large part, clearly does not. He has the youth to attempt to reverse the marginalization of Rue Daru that has gone on for far too long and so return it to the mainstream of the Orthodox Church. After a decade of disastrous drift and ever smaller numbers, only his actions can prepare it to reintegrate the Russian Church and to take at least a modest part in the great task of witnessing to authentic Russian Orthodoxy.

Conclusion: Salvation

The reunited Russian Church in Western Europe goes from strength to strength. It has many historical monuments, large churches and large numbers of Orthodox. In Western Europe the two German Dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church alone are at least twice as big as the whole Rue Daru group, which has been built on tiny communities which gather in private or rented rooms, usually fewer than twenty in number. The whole jurisdiction is only a few thousand strong and most of these would leave tomorrow if the Churches they actually feel allegiance to, mainly the Russian and Romanian, were equipped to look after them.

In 1980 I married in St Nicholas church in Boulogne Billancourt in Paris. Among the guests was Archbishop George Tarasov, to whom we were close. I often think of the future Archbishop, flying on the Western Front one hundred years ago. What was he fighting for? For Russia and Her Church; not for the project of today’s iconoclastic renovationists. His life as Archbishop in Paris was made a misery, he was publicly booed and hissed by the Brotherhood and he lived in poverty. Can his humble tears ‘on the rivers of Babylon’ help steer Rue Daru from shipwreck to salvation? We pray that it may be so.

Archpriest Andrew Phillips,
Colchester, England

4/17 February 2015

The Western Elite Versus the Rest

In the Ukraine the desperation of the Poroshenko junta is now clear. Forced into signing Minsk-2 by an equally desperate Merkel and Hollande, who fear full-scale war between US-run Europe and Free Europe and so the collapse of the EU, Poroshenko has also been threatened by the IMF which will no longer fund him unless he ends the bloody war he so foolishly began. His US puppet-masters are also impatient, for 700 Western mercenaries, including many Americans and NATO-trained Poles, are trapped by the Ukrainian freedom-fighters in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

Even in his Uniat heartland of the far western Ukraine (formerly eastern Poland), Poroshenko is facing demonstrations, militant opposition and the refusal to fight in the US-ordered war. There the cold and unpaid population are demoralized by Poroshenko’s broken promises and the thousands of returning bodybags with the corpses of sons who died for nothing. Embarrassed by Poroshenko’s Nazi cronies in Kiev, the EU is insisting on the always obvious need for the federalization of the Ukraine which Poroshenko always refused. The EU will now police his ragtag army’s retreat.

Sadly, in their hubris the unenlightened secularists and atheists of the Western elite still do not realize that the war that they have started in the Ukraine is a religious war. Speaking to Ukrainians defending their homeland marching beneath the double-headed eagle flags against the corrupt oligarch junta the US has put in place in Kiev, they have been told again and again that this is a ‘holy war’ for the Church against Satan. They still do not grasp that the Ukrainian patriots are not battling against the Kiev junta, or even against American neocons, but against the Devil himself.

The goal of the Church’s enemy is, as ever, the establishment of planetary Satanic rule. What is happening in the Ukraine, as everywhere in the US-organized wars across North Africa and the Middle East, from Nigeria and Libya to Syria and Afghanistan, is a prelude to global war. This is a war to destroy true Christianity, Orthodoxy, the Church. Having created the First and Second World Wars and laid hundreds of millions of the slain, including the aborted, at the altar of their father, Satan, the Western elite has initiated the Third World War, intentionally hastening the reign of Antichrist.

The ‘post-modern’ West is declining in self-justified sodomy and decadence. It is mired in unbelief and failing even to reproduce itself, handing itself over to primitive Islamism. As His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill recently commented, the only real threat to the Church is the loss of faith precisely by imitation of the West. The destruction of faith, family and the nation is the Satanic aim of the Western elite worldwide. The last rampart of traditional European Christianity is the Russian Orthodox Church – now being freed from temptation to imitate the West by Western terrorism in the Ukraine.

Western Russophobes point to the cynicism and massive corruption of the post-Soviet Russia which is the only Russia that they know. ‘Birds of a feather…’. Without any vision, they do not see the other Russia, the Russia which is being transformed into Orthodox Russia. They see only the reflections of their own lack of faith, their own cynicism and corruption. They criticise President Putin, whom they have made so popular by their attacks, because they fail to see that he is only a transitional figure who is leading to the future. Because they are faithless, ignorant of the Holy Spirit, they are blind.

The Russophobes foolishly think that we are naïve and do not know about the corruption of post-Soviet Russia. We do know about it, but we have gone beyond it. They live in the post-Soviet past. We are with the future Russia, where the nominal becomes real. We have vision; they have only despair, the disbelief of their cynicism. Moreover, Orthodox Russia is waking up the rest of the Orthodox world, the for now EU-captive Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, and the EU-free but US-threatened Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Western world itself.

Orthodox Russia, recovering from the Western-imposed Bolshevik delusion and rediscovering itself, first spiritually and now in the new generation politically, is being called on to save the world. Squeezed between false forms of Christianity and Secularism, the Church stands firm, vigilantly watching those groups which are preparing for Antichrist. Just like the Church Outside Russia in the years when the Church inside Russia was paralyzed, even though threatened by isolation, the whole Church now stands in uncompromised faith, witnessing to the whole world.

The Russian Orthodox Church is uniting diverse peoples around the world who are opposed to the anti-Christian Western elite and its insidious global spread through the propaganda of US ‘soft power’. In the last few decades the Western elite has adopted a world-view based on egoism (‘individualism’) and secularism that isolates it from the rest of the world. So arrogant is that elite that it is unable to comprehend its own isolation. Traditional Western people have been saying for decades that the West has become hopelessly decadent and have been looking for a leader to counter all this.

The leader is here in the Russian Orthodox Church. With the end of the Cold War, America has become the global revolutionary power, seeking to foist the atheism of its post-modern views on the whole planet, by force when necessary. Today Russia has emerged as the counter-revolutionary force, uniting both traditionalists (Ron Paul / Marine Le Pen / Nigel Farage) and radicals (Paul Craig Roberts / Syriza and nationalists in Scotland and Catalonia). In Cold War 2 the evil empire is the Western elite. Russian Orthodoxy is both traditional and also has a consciousness of social justice.

The Russian Orthodox Church represents the actual global consensus, while the Western elite (not the Western people) is the decadent and isolated exception. The West’s postmodernism, as my friend Fr Vsevolod Chaplin proclaimed recently, ‘is increasingly marginal’, adding that ‘it cannot cope with modern challenges’. Meanwhile, Orthodox Christian, Chinese, Indian, Latin American and African civilizations share opposite values and will play an active role in building peaceful relations between civilizational systems and making firm friends among unbrainwashed Western people.

Little wonder that President Putin is genuinely popular and admired by 90% of Russians across the spectrum, in a way that Western politicians can and will never be. Among believers as well as the religiously indifferent, among Protestants as well as Orthodox, among academics as well as taxi drivers, but also among increasing numbers of ordinary Western people themselves, who are so detested and despised by the patronizing global Western Establishment elite, he is seen as the leader who will stand up to the arrogant aggression of bullying and depraved Western governments.

The American Nightmare: On the Globalization of Sleeplessness

America is a great country, but its downfall will be in greed and lust.

St John of Shanghai

Every people and every country has gone through turning points in its history in order to get to its present stage. Some turning points are positive, others are negative, many are both; in all cases they are epoch-making. For example in the history of England, everybody would agree that the genocidal Norman Invasion of 1066 and the 16th century Reformation when the State exchanged the popular religion for another were such turning points. However, there have been many other turning points in English history, whose relative importance historians discuss and the balance of whose positive and negative consequences are controversial.

As regards the USA, how did it get to its present stage as a Superpower seeking world hegemony, with bases in some 130 foreign bases? How has the country of such an open, generous, warm-hearted and welcoming people become so strongly disliked? Why are its only, and even then sometimes critical, friends to be found in the Anglosphere of the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in vassal-like countries in parts of the EU and in Japan? Why is the USA so isolated? Why in so many parts of the world is there such fear of and hatred for the USA, a fear and hatred which have increased almost exponentially since 1945 with the ritual burning of US flags almost worldwide? In other words, when did the American Dream turn into the American Nightmare?

There are some who would suggest that the USA was corrupt even before it began. There never was an American Dream, only ever an American Nightmare. The USA was, so they say, founded by a mixture of sectarian Puritans, unable to accept the religion of the majority in England, and greedsters, who wanted to steal a relatively empty land and its rich resources, had no qualms about slaughtering the native inhabitants, settling their country and exploiting it with imported slaves. In the 18th century, so they say, such was the greed of the slave-owners in control that they started a war against the colonial power and its tax system. In this they were influenced by revolutionary masonry, whose symbols appear on the dollar bill and mark the city planning of Washington D.C. to this day. The USA, so they say, is simply a colony which got out of control and became deregulated, living not by moderate European values and codes, but by extremes, by the law of the jungle, by gun law, becoming ‘the Wild West’.

Many would reply that the above is a totally unfair and jaundiced view. There was, so they say, much that was good in the early settlers who lived with the Native Americans in relative peace and brought Christian values of hard work, morality, freedom, justice and humility. This was the American Dream.

A more substantial number of Americans, especially in the South, would suggest that the rot set in only with the American Civil War (1861-65) with over 600,000 dead. Then the greedsters took control from the Christian elements in the nation. Then, so they say, the industrial North under the cunning Lincoln decided to ravage the South in order to take slaves, who had lived in Patriarchal conditions in the South, to wage slavery in grim and fast-expanding factories in the North. For them the US Civil War was an act of genocide, which destroyed a whole civilization of Southern rural and agrarian values for a Northern industrial world of filth and exploitation, which destroyed the Shire for Mordor. The concept of ‘a wonderful life’ of Confederation, of unity in diversity, local and family values, was lost for the Big Brother world of capitalist and centralized Unionism, ultimately of Imperialism. And after the Civil War, so they say, there were no more checks on the slaughter of Native Americans, who were increasingly herded into giant concentration camps established on the worst and poorest lands, called ‘reservations’, so that their lands could be exploited.

Many would reply that this is a myth. The economy of the South was based on slavery and racism, the Civil War was about freedom, justice, development, progress and unity. The Union was a great victory over tyranny, backwardness, ignorance and racism.

Others assert that nothing really went wrong until the USA began violently stealing land from Mexico in the 1840s and then creating overseas colonies, notably in the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Cuba at the end of the 19th century. This, so they say, led to further meddling in Latin America and then overseas, across the Atlantic in Europe after 1917 and 1941, across the Pacific against the Japanese Empire after 1941 and then worldwide after the Second World War. The USA, so they say, should have remained independent, sovereign and in isolation from others.

Many would reply that, on the contrary, so-called US ‘meddling’ was actually massive self-sacrifice, that US heroism saved suicidal Europe from itself twice, saved the Pacific Region from Japanese imperialism and then numerous countries from Communist and other tyrannies.

Others, perhaps more conspiracy theorists, affirm that all was basically well until Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963. He was, so they say, the last obstacle to the complete domination of the USA by the ‘military-industrial complex’ (Eisenhower’s phrase), the annihilation of ‘small town America’ and its values and worldwide meddling. Only after Kennedy did there come the catastrophe of Vietnam, CIA-installed right-wing military puppet juntas in South Vietnam, the Philippines (Marcos), Greece (the colonels), Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Chile (Pinochet), Argentina (the generals) etc, which always turned sour through the particular junta’s fanatical nationalism, in Cyprus, Kuwait, the Falklands or elsewhere. The same has happened today in the Ukraine, where, again in the name of mythical ‘freedom and democracy’, the CIA, and so the USA, has backed another loser, once more been spending billions of dollars on setting up, backing, training and equipping criminal nationalist oligarchs and war criminals, as usual the most hated, awful, corrupt and genocidal people in the country, such as Poroshenko-Waltzman. After all, so they say, until Kennedy, the USA was a Christian country and there was no question of its administration rejecting puritanism in favour of lust and spreading sodomy worldwide.

The above thoughts are but pebbles dropped into a pool. It is for American readers to watch for any ripples and decide whether all or part or any of the above is true. We wish the American people only the best, whatever they may think of both worthy and unworthy US administrations. What concerns us is that perhaps the original American Dream, founded on Christian values, has been forgotten, first for greed and then for lust, that there may be a cultural time-bomb ticking in Washington, which will one day be set off by the accumulation of historical errors over 250 years and more, and this may create an American Nightmare. And if that should happen, then the whole world will be unable to sleep.

Europe’s Fateful Hour of Decision

With US Special Forces filmed taking part in the war against the Ukraine, Ukrainian freedom fighters hearing English, French, Polish and Flemish being spoken by mercenaries, many of whom have been killed, US arms and NATO uniforms being found in Donetsk, and US General Ben Hodges, Commander of the US Army in Europe, seen handing out medals to wounded Kiev junta soldiers, the Obama regime is already de facto at war with the Ukraine and therefore with Russia.

According to press reports, during his five-hour meeting with President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel last Friday, President Putin warned his European counterparts that he would not allow the Obama regime to arm the terrorist regime in Kiev any further against the Ukrainian people. He stated that should the US do so, ‘total war’ would be the result within a matter of weeks.

Chancellor Merkel has also warned her Western counterparts against starting such a total war. She was alarmed by a German intelligence document, provided to President Putin by her at Friday’s meeting, estimating the true total number of deaths in the war so far at 50,000. This is ten times the officially announced figure which has repeatedly been cited in the mindless, US-run, propaganda-filled Western media.

According to the former Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti, speaking on Italian television on Monday 9 February, the USA is manipulating NATO and certain Eastern European countries into starting total war.

During a visit to Sochi, the Russian President publicly warned the Obama regime against its reckless actions, stating: ‘There is an attempt to upset the existing world order with one undisputed leader who wants to remain such, thinking that he is allowed everything, while others are only allowed what he allows and only in his interests’.

However, while the current Putin-Merkel-Hollande peace bid now being discussed in Minsk is the last chance to avoid total war, the Obama regime is intent on exactly that. The pro-sodomy US Vice President Biden has vowed to arm the Kiev junta. But if the use of US weapons in the killing of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians continues, Russia will support a large-scale military offensive to free the peoples of the Ukraine in a campaign which would involve liberating Kiev itself.

The Kiev junta currently has only around 41,000 regular troops plus about 20,000 irregulars who joined volunteer battalions to fight against the 100,000 Ukrainians and has lost 220 tanks and more than 480 armoured vehicles since August of last year through combat, breakdown, capture and above all mass surrender to the Ukrainian freedom fighters, whom they have joined. The fact is that at the outbreak of the war in March 2014, Kiev had only 6,000 combat troops, only a sixth of its aircraft and anti-aircraft systems were functional and only four of the Ukrainian Navy’s vessels were combat-ready.

To make matters worse, over 16,000 former Ukrainian military personnel defected to Russia when the Crimea decided to return to Russia in March. The rest of Kiev’s ill-equipped 100,000 troops are not combat-ready. Young men are fleeing the Ukraine in their thousands, often for freedom in Russia, in order to avoid being conscripted for a US-decided civil war which they and their parents oppose and which in any case is unwinnable. In its desperation Kiev has established what are called ‘barrier squads’ and sent them to the front lines to shoot any soldier who attempts to retreat.

The oligarch-puppet President Poroshenko, who ironically made most of his money by selling off the arms of the Ukraine’s armed forces to Third World countries, has lost control of the military situation. His nation’s currency has collapsed, his administration is bankrupt, workers are not being paid, flats are not being heated and demonstrations against him are mounting. In the east of the Ukraine, where there are 1,000,000 refugees, the popular uprising against the US-installed Fascist junta in Kiev has already raised nearly 100,000 troops, many of them defectors from Kiev’s army. All are now massing for what could become the final battle against what is left of the ragtag army sent by Kiev to massacre the Ukrainian people.

In the eastern Ukraine today banners proclaim in English ‘Yankees Go Home’ and ‘No to US Terrorism in the Donbass’. As for the European Union, it has a far greater problem to resolve. If it wants to survive, it has to decide not just if it wants total war, but also about its own future. As Cyprus offers its territory for a Russian base and Greece, Hungary and Czechia support Russia, the EU countries (not the US-appointed EU elite) have to decide if they want to be an EU/United States of Europe/US and NATO vassal colony, or a Free and Sovereign Europe of the Nations, a model put forward both by Russia and by the increasingly popular European parties of both left and right. What is happening in the Ukraine will decide the future of the whole of Europe, its life or its death.

The White House Tries to Divide the Russian Orthodox Church through Spying

I have on occasion been asked why I am a priest of the autonomous Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) and not of the Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia. The answer is simple: I live outside Russia. True, for historical reasons there are still for the moment parishes of the Church inside Russia which are outside Russia, however illogical that may seem. Therefore, in theory, I could be part of them. However, when I was younger, I found that they were infected by various anti-Orthodox spiritual diseases and cults.

Although we live in very different times when the Church administration of the Church inside Russia is free and no longer held hostage, even today there are some less than Orthodox individuals who still sometimes frequent Church inside Russia parishes outside Russia. They appear, in theory at least, to favour ecumenism, renovationism and the new calendar and do not want to see a strong Russian Orthodox Church converting the Russian State to Christian values. They seem to live a very different life from the life in the parishes inside Russia. But these are isolated individuals who have no official support and represent only themselves, not the mind of the Church. They are the last few leftovers of a decadent past.

However, such vestiges explain why, at a different moment in history, at a time of persecution, I found refuge in the Western European Diocese of Archbishop Antony of Geneva of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia among true bishops, priests and faithful. The best and most loyal friends of the now free Church inside Russia always have been and are today in the Church Outside Russia. Some may object that there have been in the past individual members of the Church Outside Russia who were not loyal friends of the free Church inside Russia. That is a fact, but such individuals, who put politics above Churchliness, were also always few in number and did not represent the mind of the Church.

At the Fourth All-Diaspora Council in San Francisco in May 2006, held to discuss reuniting the two parts of the Russian Church, inside and outside Russia, I was an eyewitness to such individuals. Behind me stood a priest from the Ukraine, then a member of the Church Outside Russia, and John Herbst, the then US ambassador to Kiev, conversing and plotting schism. They did not want to see unity in the Russian Church. It was quite open. And of course a tiny and spiritually irrelevant schism in the Ukraine, financed with a small drop of the $5 billion which the US embassy in Kiev spent on subverting democratic government in the Ukraine, was the result.

Now today we have yet another case of a CIA scheme to introduce schism into the multinational Russian Orthodox Church, only this time from inside Russia. Yesterday in Moscow it was announced that one Evgeniy Petrin, a former employee of the Church’s Department of External Affairs, whose head is Metr Hilarion (Alfeev), has been placed under arrest for another two months until 5 April, accused of treason and passing information to the CIA. Arrested in June 2014 in an affair ‘connected with the Ukraine’, Petrin, who also turns out to have been a major in the FSB (Russian Security Services), denies everything.

According to his brother Aleksei, Petrin worked for the Church Department in 2013. His brother explained that while working for it, he discovered individuals planted there who were in fact CIA agents aiming to foment schism between the Church in the Ukraine and the rest of the Russian Orthodox Church. His brother added that their plan was to weaken the influence of the Russian Church in the Ukraine by provoking conflict between the main part of the Church based in Moscow and that in the Ukraine. According to him, one of the organizers of the plan was a certain Daniel Bilak, an executive in the international law firm CMS Cameron McKenna LLC, whose company represents foreign corporations such as Shell and Exxon.

Whatever the truth, it is clear that at least one US spy, and possible more than one, infiltrated the Church’s Department of External Affairs and that the White House is still intent on creating a schism within the Russian Orthodox Church in order to further its plans to destroy the Ukraine. Just as it protestantized the Vatican just over fifty years ago, so as to make it as spiritually weak and malleable as Protestant groups, it now wants to do the same with all the Orthodox Churches. So far it has infiltrated only two of them at a high level, but now it is trying to do the same in by far the largest local Church, the Russian.
Source: RIA Novosti

On the ‘Radicalization’ of Young Muslims in the UK

The Western Establishment’s attempt to take over the world goes back to the 11th century with the ‘crusades’ and their invasions, massacres and occupations. Its first victims were in the West – ordinary Christians in the Iberian Peninsula, the south of Italy and Sicily, England (in 1066) and the rest of the British Isles and then in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This was the age when the Western leader declared himself to be the substitute for the Son of God and claimed that even the Holy Spirit proceeded from him! In other words, already then, the Western world arrogated to itself the Divine right to conquer the world, a world in which the West (and its puppets, the Westernized) would reign supreme and all others would be reduced to living in a giant Indian Reservation, that is, a glorified concentration camp.

Next in line were the Jews and the Muslims. Indeed, anti-Western Muslim resentment goes back to the Crusades. In recent times it has gained much strength from Western support for Zionism and the occupation of Palestine, which has taken place to the profound disapproval of anti-Zionist Jews. Even more recently, it has gained in intensity thanks to the Western oil grab of 1991, when the forces of the CIA-appointed Saddam Hussein were repulsed from the purely artificial oil terminus state of Kuwait, after the entrapped Hussein had cunningly been misinformed by the US ambassador in Baghdad that he could occupy it freely. A few years later came the Western invasion of Afghanistan. However, it is clear that it is the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that was the turning-point in the scale of anti-Western Muslim resentment.

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, young European-born Muslims have become increasingly militant. In some cases they have been prepared to carry out appalling acts of terrorism in the face of Western Establishment aggression against Islam. Indeed, Western State terrorism against Muslim countries, which has killed over a million people and created millions more refugees, has provoked attacks by Muslim terrorists in response, killing tens of thousands of innocent Christians, mainly in Syria and Iraq. This destabilizing Western genocide in Iraq in 2003, openly called by the then Italian leader Berlusconi a ‘crusade’, has done even worse. It has set all North Africa and the Middle East on fire, from Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Cameroun, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to the Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now the Western Establishment has yet again launched a new ‘crusade’ in Eastern Europe, committing genocide in the Ukraine through its puppet regime in Kiev. The contagion has spread. Europe is split. Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary are looking to free themselves from EU tyranny. Powerful minorities in Eastern Europe, in Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, and also in Western Europe, in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy, are now calling for freedom from the US political and economic straitjacket imposed in it by the US vassal Germany. And so Mrs Merkel, the head of the EU, has been summoned to her master in Washington. But why have Muslims, and not Ukrainians, launched attacks in the West in revenge for injustices committed?

It is because Islam, like Judaism, is an Old Testament religion. And Old Testament religion is marked by violence – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Hinduism and Buddhism (though not a religion, but a philosophy) also fall into this, as can be seen among Hindus in India and Buddhists in Burma. And modern religions like Atheism, for example, Communism and Nazism, are marked by extreme violence. Globalist Capitalism does the same – only not in Western countries. Only the Christian Faith, practised in most of the Ukraine, has the unique revelation that God is not Vengeance, but Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, and that is why in Christianity alone there is the Resurrection, proving that Love is stronger than death, as the martyred Tsar Nicholas wrote before his own martyrdom.

Of course, Non-Christians will criticize this and at once point to the Crusades, the Inquisition, Catholic ‘missions’ in Latin America and to the violent ravages of Protestantism in Africa and Asia; did not the meddling Methodist George Bush declare that God told him to invade Iraq? Is not the West, the inventor of the concentration camp and the Atomic Bomb, ‘Christian?’ However, such Non-Christians should know that institutional Catholicism and Protestantism and even more the modern West, are not part of the Christian Faith, they are anti-Christian reversions to an Old Testament in which God is the West. (Here we are not speaking of individual Catholics and Protestants, many of whom are fine and unfilioquized Christians, but about institutional ‘religions’, ‘isms’, Catholicism and Protestantism).

In other words, humanity has in large part either never received, or else openly rejected the unique revelation of the New Testament, that God is Love and Resurrection, Mercy and Forgiveness. Much of humanity has preferred religions of Hatred and Death, Cruelty and Vengeance. Large parts of the Western world, a thousand years ago in principle Christian, have since gradually reverted to the Old Testament religion of Phariseeism (self-righteous fanaticism which justifies its technological terrorism) and Saduceeism (indifferentism and hedonism which justifies itself with the word ‘tolerance’). And so they meet opposition from terrorists whose technology may be far more primitive but whose terrorist bloodthirstiness is just as appalling as the terrorism of the apostate, post-Christian Western world.

What should be done with ‘radicalized’ young Muslims in Western Europe? Those who flocked in their thousands to fight with IS terrorists against the Syrian government with, until recently, the support and training of Western governments. Those who have been armed and paid by the closest of Western allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Perhaps first the West should stop supporting IS terrorism and the finance and support for it by the Western puppet dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. After all, in the last few months the Saudi monarchy has beheaded twice as many people as IS. Some hypocritical politicians here have suggested that Muslims be taught ‘British values’. Does this mean that they should be taught to invade any country in the world and massacre its peoples? That is the history of the ‘British’ Empire.

There is no such thing as ‘British values’, because there is no such thing as ‘British’. ‘British’, like ‘Britain’, is an oppressive and purely political construct of Establishment imperialism. Ireland only escaped it with much bloodshed, Scotland is desperately trying to escape it and large minorities in Wales and England also want to escape it. In the struggle between McWorld and Jihad, between Atheist Secularism and Old Testament Fanaticism, both equally aggressive, there are no winners, all are losers. If you want to start taming Muslim youths, then start by channelling them into theological study and active charity work in the Muslim community. As for the rest, there is only one rule: ‘Do as you would be done by’. If you do not want to be massacred by others, do not massacre them first.