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News from the World

It is reported that the atheist Muslim (?) President Obama has last weekend been in negotiations with the Saudi Arabian government, trying to persuade it to flood the oil market with production in order to destroy the market for Russian oil. This comes along with his meeting with the Jesuit Pope Francis, with whom he no doubt spoke of again desperately trying to catholicise the Ukraine. Today, in the UK, however, the leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, denigrated and slandered by the Establishment-controlled media for being independently-minded, has called Angela Merkel ‘cold’ (she is after all a Calvinist East German) and President Putin ‘brilliant’.

More seriously, the Serbian e-publishing agency Pres has reported that a Facebook group called FB referendum has petitioned President Putin to ‘annex’ Serbia, calling for a referendum like the Crimean one that would join Serbia to Russia. Within a few hours 30,000 Serbs had signed the petition, expressing their unwillingness to become yet another exploited, deindustrialised and immigrantised Eurocolony, under Berlin’s economic occupation and NATO’s military occupation. And in Bulgaria it has been reported that two thirds of the population support President Putin and are for a Crimean-style ‘annexation’ of Bulgaria – similar to the desire in almost all of the ‘Ukraine’.

The battle lines are being drawn up as in the prophecy of St Seraphim of Vyritsa – between a Christian Empire based in Moscow and an atheist Empire based in Washington. Whose side are you on?

The Polish Orthodox Church Officially Returns to the Orthodox Calendar

Meeting on 18 March in Warsaw under the wise leadership of Metropolitan Sava, the Bishops’ Council of the Polish Orthodox Church decided to return to the Orthodox calendar. In this way the Bishops’ Council has overturned the lamentable decision made ninety years ago on 12 April 1924, under pressure from the notorious freemason and modernist, the Anglican-installed Patriarch Meliton of Constantinople, to introduce the secular, Roman Catholic calendar for the fixed feasts. It was that controversial and later deposed Patriarch who also did so much to divide the Russian Church by encroaching on its territorial integrity, especially in Poland, Finland and the Diaspora. This victory for Orthodoxy will come into force in Poland on All Saints’ Sunday, 15 June 2014.

The Polish Orthodox Church thus shows its solidarity with the vast majority of Orthodox, especially other Slav Orthodox in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and Serbia, but also with the Churches of Georgia, Jerusalem and of course Mt Athos. It is to be hoped that the last remaining new-style Slav Churches of Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia will follow suit. May this move be an inspiration to those who fell into the calendar decadence of the past. For only when the Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian Churches have returned to the Orthodox calendar will their disastrous, sectarian calendar schisms be overcome. It is to be hoped that at the 2016 Inter-Orthodox Council the 80% of the Orthodox Church that remained faithful to the Orthodox calendar can persuade the erring minority to return to the fullness of Orthodox practice. Then the Church bells will ring for joy all around the Orthodox world.

Euroatlantic Aggression Against the Unity of Holy Rus

To speak of a new Cold War between the Western secularist world and the Russian Christian world is absurd; the Western aggression of the Cold War never finishes and has been going on for centuries, at least since the age of Daniel of Galicia (1205–1255) and St Alexander of the Neva (1221-1263). True, sometimes that Cold War heats up, as in the thirteenth century, as in 1612, 1812, 1854, 1914 and 1941. Or, as in recent years, with the attempted US-funded and EU-backed Georgian invasion of Russia in 2008 and now the US-funded and EU-backed seizure of power by mainly Catholic Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine in 2014.

The roots of this aggression, ‘the ‘Cold War’, were sown over a thousand years ago, when what had been the western part of the Church assumed the ideology of papism. This ideology, known as the filioque and stating that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Pope of Rome, meant that what had been the western part of the Church became a papocaesarist State, its self-proclaimed task to conquer the whole world. This globalist imperialism was in the sixteenth century inherited by a new vital force in the West, Protestantism, which asserted that all male believers are popes, not just one, so ‘democratising’ the filioque.

Today and since its long-awaited appearance in the 1960s, there is the new vital force of atheist secularism, which asserts that all, believers or not, are popes, so further democratising the filioque and making faith completely irrelevant, for the Holy Spirit proceeds from all human nature, not just from white males, but also from atheists, pagans, homosexuals, transgenders etc. So the process of apostasy that started in Rome long ago spread outside it. Rome was only the carrier of the virus that will lead to final apostasy and the end of the world.

In today’s Ukraine we see how all these forces, Catholicism (in its Uniat form), Protestantism (in the new self-appointed President), secularist atheism (in the ideology that rules all these puppets), and also schismatic and apostatic ‘Orthodoxy’ under the married ‘monk’ Denisenko who concelebrates with Catholics) the apostate front is complete. All the filioquists are together, all united, all ready to accept the rule of Antichrist, as long as the West rewards them with their toy of Ukrainian nationalism.

Yesterday in Brussels President Obama, himself the apparently lapsed Muslim leader of the collected atheist and agnostic heads of Western European states, made a clear statement of naked aggressive intent against the Christian world. He called for the stationing of more NATO troops throughout Eastern Europe, asserted that Might is Right and that a big bullying power (the USA) has the right to take over a small, bankrupt country (the Ukraine), using the puppet junta that it has put into power there. Thus, in a speech full of historical lies, the US President denied freedom and democracy, the right to self-determination, of tens of millions of Little Russians and Carpatho-Russians, now under the yoke of the Euroterrorist junta in Kiev.

To sow discord between Orthodox Christians using nationalism as the sword with which to rule and divide has always been the Western technique. Thus, in the Balkans, almost a century ago, it began to divide off the small and weak, if ancient, Greek Orthodox world from the rest of the Orthodox world, experiencing success in Anglican-subsidised Constantinople and British-controlled Greece, Cyprus, Alexandria and Antioch. Then under the masonic Patriarch Myron, it tried to pluck Latin Romania from the Orthodox Christian orbit. Today it works ardently in the same direction in EU Bulgaria, in bombed, much divided and bribed Serbia and at this very moment in puppet-regime Ukraine.

Thus using the weakness of nationalism to divide the ‘soft underbelly’ of the Orthodox world (for which nationalism the West then reproaches it!), the West hopes to disrupt the Inter-Orthodox Council which may take place as early as 2016. Now is the time of testing. If semi-modernist, Western-financed representatives of Local Churches at that Council do not return to the fullness of the Orthodox Christian Tradition, regarding for example ecumenism, the liturgical calendar and other practices, it will turn out not to have been a Council at all, merely a failed Conference. It will then be for the Russian Church to organise a real Council, attended by all the bishops of all the free Local Orthodox Churches.

Euroatlantic aggression against the unity of Holy Rus means a clear choice between Western Secularism and Orthodox Christianity. Whose side are you on?

Gathering the Russian Orthodox World Together

As the American-installed Galician junta in Kiev continues its campaign of economic suicide for the Ukrainian people according to IMF and EU criteria, it is also censoring Russian television – an act unheard of even in European Union countries. Meanwhile, the Ukraine’s former leader, the American-backed Julia Timoshenko, back from Germany, yesterday called for Russia to be obliterated by nuclear weapons and the 8 million citizens of the Ukraine who hold Russian passports to be murdered by ethnic cleansing.

The junta is currently shutting off water and electricity to the newly liberated Crimea. And in Transcarpathia (eastern Carpatho-Russia / Ruthenia), Neo-Nazis have kidnapped the heroic national leader of the Rusin people, Fr Dmitry Sidor, and taken him to an unknown destination. Many fear for his life. The kidnapping has gone unreported in the editorially censored Western media. In the south, north and east of the Ukraine, notably in Odessa, Kharkov and Donetsk, local people have asked for Russian intervention to free them from the tyranny and intimidation of the Uniat junta in Kiev.

It may be that this will not be necessary since the junta is now in a violent feud with members of the far right, anti-Semite ‘Right Sector’ clique which brought it to power. The junta is trying to replace it with US mercenaries, paid for by Washington. The Ukrainian Secret Police has indeed reported that Greystone Limited, a commercial military company, will take charge of suppressing protest movements in the Ukraine. According to a source cited by ITAR-TASS, the junta believes that it is unable by itself to suppress protests and neutralise leaders and activists of the pro-Russian movement among the 83% of Ukrainians who speak Russian in their daily life. In particular, the source said, the junta boss, the Protestant Aleksandr Turchinov, is of this opinion, ‘Therefore, they decided to hire foreign mercenaries, who would serve as political police and State security protection’.

The source stated that the idea of hiring mercenaries came from oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta, the self-appointed junta governors of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk provinces. Not so long ago, during a meeting with Turchinov, they discussed a plan to stop the protest movements when Kolomoisky noted, ‘Why reinvent the wheel if there are real people who understand how and how much to pay?’ According to open source information, Greystone Limited is a subsidiary of Backwater, renamed Academi. This well-known company has ties with the CIA and the US Defence Department and its employees participated in the American Afghan War and in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

In Moscow in the ‘Church and the World’ programme on the Rossiya-24 TV channel, none less than Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk has in a radical change of mind complained of the behaviour of the Uniats and their leaders, notably Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk, in supporting the violent protestors who overthrew the democratic government of the Ukraine in February. He said that those leaders had not only supported joining the EU, but had also campaigned for the active meddling of Western countries in the Ukraine’s internal affairs. He pointed out that Shevchuk had even been to the State Department in Washington together with the schismatic married ‘monk’ and semi-Catholic Filaret Denisenko and asked for US intervention in the Ukraine. The Vatican, he said, had refused to intervene to discipline the Uniats.

Thus, in its crass policies in the Ukraine, the Vatican is now losing its very last friend in the Russian Orthodox Church. We may conclude that is clear that the worldwide task of gathering all faithful Russian Orthodox together will now continue all the more intensively and that even those who formerly had illusions about our ‘friends’, both in the Orthodox Church and outside Her, are rapidly losing them.

A Miracle in Syria

A miracle of the Mother of God has been reported from Saidnaya, one of the most famous Christian towns and places of pilgrimage in war-torn Syria. The ongoing civil war has destroyed several Christian institutions and displaced thousands of Christian families in Saidnaya.The incident was related by a Syrian Christian who visited her homeland recently.

The miraculous incident took place last month when a rebel group fired rockets at the monastery. The nuns inside the monastery experienced a huge noise and vibration from the rocket attack. They were sure that the rockets would kill them and also damage the monastery complex. But nothing happened as they expected, and the nuns wondered at the fate of the rockets.

A few days later one of the Generals of the Syrian Army visited the monastery to convey Nativity and New Year greetings. During the conversation he asked whether the monastery had experienced anything unusual recently. The nuns told about the rockets fired by rebels at the monastery but which did not hit them.

The officer was amazed to hear this and he confirmed that he had even seen the rockets fired towards the monastery, but he along with others had seen something very strange and unusual. The rockets were about to hit the monastery but suddenly a women dressed in blue appeared in the sky and took the rockets with her hands and threw them away. This was a great wonder to all of them. The General wondered who the could be the lady dressed in blue with amazing grace all around her. Finally they realized that it was none other than the Mother of Christ our God, the Lord and Saviour.

OCP News Service

The West Further Isolates Itself: Russia Faces its Eastern Destiny

US global influence outside the club of the world’s seven most insolvent nations – the now irrelevant G7 – has declined dramatically in the last few months. Firstly, there was the Western threat to bomb Syria, which failed when it was proved that the poison gas attack in Damascus had been carried out by Western-backed terrorists. Secondly, there were the bullying Western threats against the democratic and bloodless decision of Crimeans to return to Russia after the frightening Neo-Nazi coup d’etat in Kiev, which has so frightened so many other Ukrainians. Russia had already warned the tyrannical West several times that sanctions against the self-determination of the Crimea would be counterproductive and now three geopolitical shifts are afoot.

Firstly, with the United States and much of the US-controlled European Union rejecting Russia, it is turning east for business, contracts and alliances. The US-staged and funded (5 billion dollars) coup d’etat in the Ukraine has already brought Russia and China together, encouraging bilateral trade and in the future possibly marginalising the dollar. With China refusing to vote against Russia over the Crimea at the UN (it has Taiwan in mind) and suing the bankrupt Ukraine for $3 billion for a loan repayment, the Chief Economist of Russia’s largest bank has stated that ‘China’s yuan may become the third reserve currency in the future’. If such a joint, commodity-backed reserve currency bypasses the dollar, Russia will become independent of Western financial markets.

While Europe seeks alternative sources of energy, in case Russia stops gas exports to it (the imminent rise in gas prices to the Ukraine by 40% is of great concern), Russia is preparing to announce a huge natural gas supply deal with China that is apparently close after years of negotiations. If it can be signed when President Putin visits China in May, he will be able to hold it up to show that global power has shifted eastwards and that he does not even need the West for exports, so binding Russia and China in an axis. It should be noted that China has already overtaken Germany as Russia’s biggest buyer of crude oil thanks to oil supplies via the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline and another crossing Kazakhstan.

Secondly, as if pushing Russia into the embrace of the world’s most populous nation was not enough, there is also the second most populated country in the world, India. The Russian government has taken the time to thank it too for its understanding over the Crimea – saying that India had shown restraint and objectivity. President Putin has called the Indian Prime Minister to discuss the crisis, suggesting that there is room for Russia’s ties with traditionally non-aligned India to flourish. Russian moves to regain the Crimea were seen very favourably by the Indian Establishment, which suffered enough from British colonialism and has little time for Western bullying and patronising.

Thirdly, the neo-conservative oligarchy that governs the Western world has also managed to undermine the European Union’s once good relations with the Russian Federation. Since, as they see it, Russia stands in the way of their New World Order hegemony and so has to be destroyed, if the Eurozone has to be destroyed in the process, then that too can be done, as Victoria Nuland has so ineloquently put it. Relations between the European Union and the US are, to say the least, cool, apart from with the UK government, which alone has always played the role of poodle to the US. The elite that runs the European Union has never been so unpopular with the peoples it dictates to and it risks being rejected in the May elections.

It should be noted that China and India are the two civilisations which have always resisted Westernisation and its Frankish Catholic/Protestant filioque ethos. If China and India should draw close to Russia, it may be that Russian Orthodoxy will at last become free to play its destined role in both those countries, bringing many souls to Christ. Having in its quest for global hegemony attempted to destroy Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the neocon elite has in the Ukraine now declared war on the Russian Orthodox world, where it has no power to appoint masonic patriarchs, as elsewhere. In so doing, it has further isolated itself from the Church of God and is setting its Sodom against Jerusalem. That is to play with volcanic fire. Frankly, the Western elite seems to have been so blinded by its hubris that all it is doing now is re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Why the Transformation Now?

We who were born in the dark years of the Cold War and who hoped against hope for the restoration of Orthodox Russia suffered much. Three generations of an atheist regime in the former Russian Empire was followed by one generation of decadence, of ABCDE – alcoholism, abortion, corruption, drugs and emigration. But now, in 2014, and even before this, in 2007 with the reconciliation of the two parts of the Russian Orthodox Church, we have in recent days, weeks, months and years begun to see the light. Why has the wait been so long and the suffering so great?

We suffered because the treachery that brought about the ritual killing and martyrdom of God’s Anointed, Tsar Nicholas II, hung like a curse over the whole former Russian Empire and the world. For this reason those politicians and economists, Russian, European and American, who just over a hundred years ago predicted a brilliant future for the Russian Empire, that by 1950 it would dominate the world, were wrong. Equally wrong were those Western and Westernised liberals who predicted a brilliant future for Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 – and for the same reason.

What has changed today? Those who read the Old Testament know what has changed. It does not require a higher degree in mathematics to understand it. Let us turn to the Book of Exodus: ‘Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me’ (Ex. 20, 5). Calculating a generation as 25 years and starting in 1914, we came to the end of the third generation of apostasy in 1989. Today we are at the end of the hundred year period, of four generations. Simple arithmetic indicates that we are now seeing the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. Restoration is at hand.

On the Workings of Providence

The February rejoicing of the minority junta, now in power in Kiev but thanks only to US and EU backing and drawn from non-denazified Galicia in the far west of the Ukraine, is turning into March lamentation. Having overthrown a democratic government (corrupt, but no more corrupt than those now in power and those before it) through violence and intimidation, it has been deserted by the Ukrainian Army, Navy and Air Force. The majority of the inhabitants of the Ukraine, 83% of whom are Russian-speaking according to last November’s Gallup poll, has no confidence in the junta and no loyalty to it. So they are abandoning it.

The Crimea left the Ukraine on the day of its great contemporary saint, St Luke the Bishop-Surgeon. As one resident there wrote to me yesterday, ‘Here every day is now a holiday’. In the south- west, Transcarpathia is pleading in a petition with President Putin to free it from the tyranny of the Kiev junta. The north and the south and the east want freedom, refusing to recognise the US-funded Neo-Nazis from the far west. Those who mocked in triumphalism three weeks ago did not foresee the workings of Providence. As a result of their blindness:

President Putin’s popularity has now soared to 76% according to the latest opinion poll. China and the other Non-Western countries have taken Russia’s side, accusing the meddling West of hypocrisy, especially in bomb-ravaged Iraq (1,000 dead last month alone) and Afghanistan. The Kiev junta has received no money from the bankrupt EU. There has been no NATO invasion, as their fantasists had told them. And the US is too poor to pay out the billion dollars that the junta needs every three weeks just to survive.

The bullying rhetoric of the West, with its ironic support for the artificial Stalinist and Khruschovian borders of the Soviet Ukraine, has remained just that, words without concrete actions. Sanctions have backfired and now the French government is supine after Russian threats to cancel its orders at the Saint Nazaire shipyards and the US administration is trembling, as Russia also threatens to cancel its orders for a fleet of Boeings from Seattle. As for Germany, half of its gas comes from Russia.

The main thing is that the Orthosphere is at last reviving. Orthodox Unity and Restoration are on the cards. The New World Order – the Western building of the new Tower of Babylon – has, for the moment, been put on hold. The world breathes again.