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The Russian Orthodox Church and the Slanders of Western Hypocrisy

The current favourite anti-Russian Orthodox slander of the US-controlled Western media (obviously, this includes the State-run BBC locally) is that the Russian Orthodox Church is the lackey of the Russian government, notably of President Putin. Here they love to misquote the words of Patriarch Kyrill, that President Putin as a leader is a miracle. Clearly, he is a miracle, after ideologues like Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchov, Gorbachov or the shameful drunkard Yeltsin, all peddling their anti-Christian, Western ideologies, after their vicious and barbaric persecution of the Church, the greatest anywhere in human history. However, to conclude from this that President Putin meddles in Church affairs or that members of the Church hierarchy are his lackeys is so absurd that one can only marvel at the sheer brainwashed ignorance (or else lying cunning) of Western politicians and journalists.

Why do they peddle such lies? The short answer is that they are so stupid or else so venal that they believe their own anti-Christian propaganda. But let us look at the problem in more detail.

The Western Powers have always tried to meddle in the affairs of the Church of God. A whole quarter of the Orthodox Church in Western Europe (it was then at most a quarter) was interfered with and taken over by the secularist Western elite who wanted all power for themselves. We have only to think of 1054, 1204, the Crusades, the Teutonic Knights, the Inquisition, the Protestants, the 19th century games of the British and French ambassadors with venal patriarchs in Istanbul, the British creation of the Greek Orthodox Church, devious British manipulations in Cyprus, the appointment of German puppet-kings in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Their meddling continued into the 20th century (for example in the British-orchestrated Russian ‘Revolution’ (in fact a power-grab by decadent Anglophile and apostate Russian aristocrats), the notorious Meletios Metaksakis in Istanbul and the £100,000 he received for his repulsive anti-Church activities in the 1920s. In 1948 these operations were taken over by the CIA from bankrupt Britain.

Today, after the fall of the Western ideology of Communism, we have the extraordinary manipulations by the USA of Istanbul. Here money exchanged hands ($25 million?) in support of US interference in the affairs in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church through the local US-appointed oligarch-gangster puppet Poroshenko. What is the Ukraine to the CIA? Only a banana republic that is not in Latin America, but placed more strategically, there where nuclear missiles can be stationed on the Russian border and aimed at Moscow. However, the USA meddles wherever possible. It not only appoints patriarchs of Constantinople, but also of Bucharest and perhaps elsewhere. It holds ‘conversations’ with the Archbishop of Athens, putting great political pressure on him, it tries to implement a schism in the Patriarchate of Antioch between Damascus and Beirut, tries to reinforce the schisms in Macedonia (just as their friend the Croat Communist Tito did) and in Montenegro, not to mention in puppet-Estonia and Moldova. To suggest that the Russian State meddles in the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church and that its bishops are lackeys of the Russian government is the most extraordinary hypocrisy. Only the most ignorant or brainwashed could possibly believe this lie.

There is a picture of the atheist President Macron standing amid the ruins of Notre Dame. It is a picture that symbolizes contemporary post-Christian Europe. Amid the firs of atheism, Western Europe stands amid the ruins of the vestiges of its Orthodoxy. Sadly, unless the West repents, Notre Dame is only the beginning. God’s punishment awaits. Not just in spiritually, morally and financially bankrupt Western Europe, but in the USA as well. An explosion in Yellowstone? Devastating hurricanes and floods on the Carribean or Atlantic coast? An earthquake or tidal wave along the Pacific? We wish it on no-one. May God spare the United States and Western Europe from any catastrophe. But it will happen – unless there is repentance, because when people turn their backs on God, refusing His help, He can no longer defend them from the activities of the demons and all their satanic glee. Be warned.

Aleppo and Mosul

Aleppo is freed from Western-backed and Western-armed barbaric terrorists, called by the State-controlled, fantasy, Western media ‘resistance-fighters’. In the real world, millions of terrorized people are at last relieved. However in Iraq, Mosul, once called Nineveh, is also under occupation by the same barbaric Sunni terrorists and is suffering. These terrorists were founded by the USA as successors to the CIA-founded Al-Qaida, when it illegally invaded Iraq in 2003 and disbanded the largely Sunni Iraqi Army and State. In Mosul thousands of civilians are starving and perishing, as US-trained and armed Iraqi forces advance and slaughter, painfully slowly, house by house, towards the city centre. Of course, the Western media generally do not report this, just as they have generally not reported the Saudi massacre of 10,000 Yemenis under a rain of British bombs and aircraft, which have brought £2 billion to the British government over the last year.

Why such silent hypocrisy? Because Iraq is a US vassal State and Saudi Arabia is a British vassal State. So they are ‘allies’, regardless of the fact that the Saudis have beheaded more people than IS. Therefore, Western journalists are hardly likely to be allowed by their governments through ‘editorial policy’ to report otherwise. Indeed, they are paid to accuse Syrian and Russian governments of the crimes that they themselves committed when they first created the civil wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. So too bureaucrats of the US-funded United Nations and US-appointed political hacks throughout the Western world. Now that the democratically-elected Syrian government (called a ‘regime’ by undemocratic, non-elected and unelectable Western politicians and their mouthpiece journalists) has taken Aleppo, it may begin to think of a long-term settlement for the country, founded by British and French colonialism after the First World War.

However, with the disastrous failure, bankruptcy and collapse of the New World Order neocon ideology of globalism that has run the Western world for the last 25 years, what goes on in the Middle East is only part of the picture. Western State terrorism, fed by the 40% share of the world’s ‘defence’ industry that belongs to the bankrupt USA (compare to the 4% of the Russian Federation), may be coming to an end. A new generation is coming to the power, much to the slandering resentment of the bad losers of the anti-Christian, gerontocrat ideology of the ‘West is best’ past. As the Western media peddles their lies about the long-awaited liberation of Aleppo from Western-funded terrorism, a wind is blowing. It is the wind of freedom as the peoples of the Western world rise up against three generations of anti-Christian and anti-Church secularist tyranny, of which the last has been but the worst. This wind of freedom will bring challenges, but also opportunities.

Satan’s Hand

If our government in Libya must end, millions of Africans will flood illegally into Italy and France…Europe will in a very short time become black…We are impeding immigration and are restraining the advance of Al-Qaeda. In such a way, if the stability of Libya is broken, then the negative consequences will immediately affect Europe and the Mediterranean. Everyone will be in danger.

Colonel Gadhaffi

Satan’s hand has struck again, this time in Paris, though in recent days in the Lebanon and Kenya too – and as regards Syria, every day for nearly five years. Satan stands behind both the bombing of the Russian airliner on Halloween and the appalling Paris atrocities on Friday 13. The hysteria of the Western media shows their appalling hypocrisy and xenophobia. Let 130 Syrians die every day at the hands of terrorists financed by the Western allies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but not Frenchmen. The everyday tragedy and horror committed by Islamic State in Syria have been brought to a Western capital.

Yet only three years ago the West wanted to destroy the Syrian government and army by massacring them with bombs, thus supporting the Islamic State terrorists! Meanwhile, in the Yemen the Western governments are sending Saudi-piloted US planes and British bombs to commit genocide against the people there, just as they did in Serbia some sixteen years ago and in Libya more recently.

Who is caught between Western terrorist governments and Islamist terrorists? The peoples of the world, Syrian, Iraqi, Asian, African, European….

Even one of the arch-terrorists, Tony Blair, has admitted that Islamic State is partly a product of the Western invasion of Iraq and the seizure of its natural resources. In 2003 Pandora’s box was opened and the evil genie released, just as all the experts warned in 2002. In the last few years chaos has been unleashed in North Africa and throughout the Middle East as far as the Himalayas. The USA may have committed apostasy under its atheist?/Muslim? President who advocates worldwide sodomy, but surely Western Europe, with its bimillennial history of Christianity that the USA do not have, can still step back from the precipice. However, this will mean returning to its Christian roots and identity and making a pact of solidarity with the only large Christian country left, the Russian Federation, instead of trying to destroy it with sanctions, sodomy and the invasion of the Ukraine.

Let him who has ears hear.

Who is the Greatest Enemy of the English?

Who is the greatest enemy of the English? Could it be the Irish? Or perhaps the Germans? Or perhaps the Argentinians? Or perhaps the French? Or perhaps the Kenyans? We think none of these.

First of all, in order to answer such a question, we must ask ourselves what being English means, what the most fundamental English values are. We would suggest, and we believe that this is not a subjective answer and that a great many people, both English and Non-English, would agree with us: Freedom, Respect, Tolerance, Fair Play and Honesty. Now let us look at those who reject these values. If we can find out who rejects them, then we can find out who the greatest enemy of the English is.


Which country, a great slaving nation but apparently ‘mother of the free’, has invaded nearly 90% of the world’s countries during its history, imposing itself on them in naked aggression, with only 22 out of the world’s 193 countries not on the receiving end of its warlike and exploitative imperialism? (Its State spies also monitored the freedom-loving George Orwell of ‘Big Brother’ fame for the last twenty years of his life).


Which country courted the Libyan leader, used torture chambers in Libya to torture its enemies, then bombed it, destroyed its infrastructure, watched as its leader was sadistically murdered and has now created a refugee crisis of millions, which has led to thousands of Libyans drowning in the Mediterranean Sea? (Moreover, it has repeatedly done the same thing in many, many other countries over the last ten generations and more).


Which country massively monitors the telephone calls and e-mails of its citizens and threatens them for their opinions, but denies that it does so?

Fair Play

Which country over 900 years ago massacred 5% of its population and continually maintains that this was a huge triumph, the beginning of its history?


Which country continually lied to its people about its massacres of the peoples of dozens of other countries around the world in their name, opened the first concentration camps, and calls itself democratic, even though its governments are chosen by an often small minority of its people?

The answer to all these questions is Britain. The Norman-founded British Establishment, 6% of the population, established by invasion, massacre and occupation 949 years ago, champion of lies and hypocrisy, is the greatest enemy of the English people, 94% of the country, and of England, and has constantly betrayed us. Is it not time to start an English Liberation Movement (E.L.M.), its logo an elm tree, a symbol of our age-old roots in England and Englishness, and fight against the British occupation?

As Tsar Nicholas II’s younger sister, the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, said in an interview fifty-five years ago: ‘My best friends and so many of my relations are British, and I am devoted to them and to much in the English way of life…But, of course, it has never been possible to discuss with my best friends the utterly vile politics of successive British Parliaments. So much of British policy is wholly contrary to their own tradition of fair play’ (2).


1. www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/…/04/britain-invaded-countries.
2. The Last Grand Duchess by Ian Vorres, P. 240, 1964

British Values

1. Introduction

In recent days in connection with the ‘radicalization’ of young British Muslims the UK Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) has spoken much of ‘British values’. This is nonsense. There is no such thing as ‘British’. This is a purely political construct of the Establishment. Certainly, however, there are Welsh, Irish and Scottish values. Thus the Scottish National Party (SNP) and its many supporters have a very clear idea about what Scottish values are. Perhaps they should start a branch in England and call it the ENP (English National Party), so that it too could define English values and at last liberate England from the foreign myth of ‘Britain’.

And foreign it is. Only three groups have ever used the myth of Britain: the Latin-speaking imperialist Romans; the French-speaking imperialist Normans; the German-speaking imperialist Hanoverians and Saxe-Coburg-Gothans (who reign over us to this day). It is time for us to reclaim England and recover and restore our English values. We have spent too long forced to hide in the marshes of Athelney. Our moment is coming, with the support of the liberators of the peoples of Europe from European Unionists, liberators of the English from the British Establishmentists.

2. Radicalization

Thousands of young British Muslims, born to Muslim immigrant families or else converts, have become disaffected from society and have turned to violence. This was smiled on by the British government as long as they went off to murder tens of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians and supporters of the majority Assad government (called ‘the Assad ‘regime’ by the State-run British media). However, when they started murdering in Iraq and elsewhere, ardently supporting the ever more powerful, brutal and international IS and then started murdering Western hostages, they were suddenly unacceptable. Their violence is repulsive – though no more repulsive than that of the British-armed Kiev junta against the Ukrainian people – up to 50,000 dead and some 2 million refugees in Europe’s unreported (because censored by the Western media) civil war. (About the only British journalist who has reported the war is Graham Phillips, who was interrogated for hours by MI5 on his return).

The question is why have these young British Muslims become disaffected and even turned to abhorrent violence? Why have Home Office appointed ‘youth workers’ or ‘deradicalizers’ been mocked and rejected, indeed why has their propaganda often been mocked and had the opposite effect on young Muslims, especially when they talked about ‘British values’? Why has their disaffection been so destructive and why has the government not been able to channel it constructively? The answer as to why radicalization has appeared comes in just two words, in a name that reeks of that infamous British value – hypocrisy: Tony Blair.

Let us now look at the three values which are supposedly ‘British’: Democracy, Freedom and Fairness.

3. Democracy – A British Value?

Democracy has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.

Strange in a country where the adult male and female electorate has only been allowed to vote for less than 100 years. Strange in a country where the only choice is between two Establishment-approved puppets with strangely similar views. Strange in a country where most governments, like those of Thatcher and Blair, are elected in a first past the post system by a minority of 25%-35% of the electorate. Strange in a country where Members of Parliament are generally not allowed to vote as they and their constituents think according to their conscience, but as they are ordered to by Government enforcers called ‘whips’. Strange in a country where referenda are rarely allowed and only when the ‘right’ decision is more or less guaranteed. Strange in a country where the phrase ‘election bribery’ is a cliche. Strange in a country where a large minority never votes because it considers that it will make no difference and that all politicians are corrupt. Strange in a country which was created by invasion and genocide (England), castle-built brute force (Wales) and bribery (Scotland and Ireland).

Indeed, such is the power of ‘democracy’ that the State even refuses to recognize referenda abroad. Thus it forbids referenda in the various parts of the Ukraine, a country cobbled together in the last 90 odd years by three of the most brutal dictators in history – Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Apparently the democrat-lovers in London fully support them. And when the Crimean people seized the opportunity for a referendum in the Crimea and overwhelmingly voted for freedom, then the same democrat-lovers rejected the result. It was not the result that they wanted.

Democracy – a British value? That is Democracy spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

4. Freedom – a British Value?

Freedom has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.
A recent meeting of small, far-right European political parties met in, of all places, Saint Petersburg. Why there, when their theoretical views are so distasteful (and they really are) – though less so than the actual practices of the murderous, Neo-Nazi, Western-approved regime in Kiev? Simply because in a West which is under the witch-hunting dictatorship of political correctness, there is no tolerance for a meeting of such political parties and their freakish and often laughable views.

Such is the Western world where child-murders and the cremations of their little bodies in hospital gas chambers totalling millions annually is quite acceptable, where in several countries euthanasia is quite acceptable, where ‘homosexual marriage’ has been enforced by police truncheons, where Roman Catholics have been forced to close their orphanages, where bed and breakfast owners are not allowed to express their opinions about the practices of certain guests, where teachers are sacked for refusing to teach thirteen-year olds LGBT propaganda and where many people are not allowed to wear the sign of the Resurrection, the victory over death.

Freedom – a British value? That is Freedom spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

5. Fairness – a British Value?

Fairness has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.
So it must be fair to invade other countries, massacre their peoples and plunder their resources. Such, after all, is the history of the Establishment in Britain (the ‘Enclosures’, the Highland ‘Clearances’, the Irish Famine) and its Empire overseas: From India to Kenya (divide and rule), from Tasmania to the Sudan (genocide), from North America to New Zealand (poisoning of the native peoples), from Afghanistan to South Africa (massacres and concentration camps), the British Establishment has given excellent examples of how it has made ‘fairness’ and its flag hated.

The bones of a British King, Richard III, who despite perhaps being a relatively good king, was still a man of violence and possibly a child-murderer, have just been re-interred with all pomp and ceremony by the Archbishop of the Establishment in person. It was a festival, a celebration, a party, attended by tens of thousands and widely reported by the State-run media. Why? Because he was a murderer. Because he was a hero of the Establishment.

Just over thirty years ago the holy relics of an English King, Edward the Martyr, a victim of violence, were reinterred in a church in Surrey. That event was attended by a few dozen and ignored by the State-run media. Why? Because he was a saint who supported monasteries. Because he was a victim of the Establishment.

Fairness – a British value? That is Fairness spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

6. Conclusion

What would Jesus say?

The real Jesus, not the idol of sentimental sects which with self-justified aggression and smug pride claim that they have been ‘saved’ and we have not, but the real Jesus, Christ the Son of the Living God and the Vanquisher of Death and Death’s Kingdom, Hell, would say:

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in…Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men. But within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity…For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matt. 23, 13, 27-28; 24, 27).

The Origin of Western Hypocrisy

The puppeteers who created jihadists and ‘radical Islam’ – groups of criminal fanatics and psychopathic/sociopathic terrorists like Al-Qaida and Islamic State – are regretting it. Originally created, trained and armed by Washington to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then against the Russian Federation in the Caucasus, then against the Syrian government – the jihadis of radical Islam are wicked genies who have been let out of their lamps. In this century radical Islam has already attacked the USA in 2001, London in 2005, then spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East, from Iraq to Nigeria (9,000 dead last year alone) and Libya to Syria. Now radical Islam has rebounded again, this time in France. Quite predictably, it has dared to attack typically intolerant Western secularist ideologists who praise outrage and blasphemy, pouring oil on the fires of Islam.

When radical Islam attacked countries outside the West and Western interests, in Soviet-controlled Afghanistan, in Chechnia, in Beslan, in Libya or in Syria, it was good, but as soon as Western troops began dying because of it in Afghanistan and Iraq and Western civilians in New York, London and Paris, it was bad. In exactly the same hypocritical way, those who deplore barbaric deaths, including those of anti-religious and anti-Tradition blasphemers in Paris, do not deplore the unreported genocide of thousands of religious and traditional Ukrainians by the State terrorism of the Western-installed arms-dealer Poroshenko. Yet, he came to power through overthrowing a democracy and marches in Paris at their sides as an honoured guest on behalf of the freedom to outrage millions. The West has an intolerant compulsion to annihilate everything outside itself. Why these systemic double standards?

The history of Western hypocrisy stretches back into the millennial past and even beyond. Europe, and later its settlements around the world, was built on the systemic violence which started with Charlemagne, called ‘the Father of Europe’, on massacres, invasions, ‘crusades’, inquisitions, persecutions, burnings and feudal wars, on the systemic killing, enslaving and looting of the peoples of the planet, from Saxony to England, from Jerusalem to Constantinople, from the Americas to Asia, from Australasia to Africa. Gold and slaves were taken in the name of the idol of ‘progress’, concentration camps (‘reservations’ and ‘detention camps’) set up in a process called ‘spreading Western civilization’, the price of which is a billion Western and Westernized prosperous consumerists, a billion modest, three billion poor, three billion desperately poor and a planet on the verge of ecological catastrophe.

The history of Western hypocrisy goes back then to that point in history when the elite of the peripheral Western European provinces arrogantly appointed itself as the centre of the world, usurping even the authority of God through its new ideology called the ‘filioque’. This asserts that all the power and authority of God (‘shock and awe’) comes from fallen human nature, which takes the place of God and, worshipping itself, calls itself ‘humanism’ and ‘rationalism’. Thus, the elite then usurped the legitimate Christian Empire, making the pagan vestiges of Old Rome into its model and plundering the Christian capital in New Rome with its barbaric, military might. Today this is still apparent when Western people refuse to become Christians, that is, refuse to join the Orthodox Church, because they prefer their ‘Judeo-Christian’ (deformed Christian) culture, for they put their culture before the Church.

Western culture is then filioquized, that is, it claims the supreme authority of God for the fallen human nature of the Western and Westernized (‘filioquized’), thus idolizing and absolutizing that nature. Hypocritically, Western culture claims to be multicultural. It is not. It is strictly monocultural. Its cultural arrogance, utter intolerance and blasphemous disrespect are breath-taking. Only when any religious belief is reduced to folklore or psychopathological schism, degutted and castrated, is it acceptable to the West. Any, including perhaps especially Western people, who seriously reject and challenge Western atheism in favour of authentic and consistent Christian beliefs, are ostracized, mocked, despised, condemned as ‘eccentric’, ‘backward’ or ‘retarded’ and their faith blasphemed. The West may be at the very centre of apostasy, but spiritually it is hopelessly provincial, as it always has been.

This is why, like its model, the pagan Roman Empire, the egocentric and formerly ethnocentric modern West lives in moral degradation amid suicidal depopulation, too selfish even to reproduce, relying on cheap immigrant labour to function. This is the grave that Western ‘civilization’, with its aggressive atheism, has dug for itself. The only Christian alternative to Western totalitarian disrespect for spiritual belief is centred in Russia, at the heart of Christian civilization. Viciously attacked by Western materialism and atheism in 1917 and left for dead, it has risen from the tomb. Although it is now facing a new propaganda onslaught from the atheist West, which is also arming the Nazis in Kiev, its new Vietnam, it is the only strong centre of faith in the Risen Saviour, around which the last spiritually healthy forces of Europe and of the world can gather as the storm clouds of 2015 loom.

The Church is Irresistible

The Second World War in Europe ended on 6 May 1945 – according to the Orthodox calendar the combination of Easter Day and the feast day of the military saint St George the Victorious. (In their embarrassment the Soviet atheists deliberately delayed signing the peace treaty until just before midnight on the eve of 9 May in order to avoid this conjunction that was so obvious to all Russian Orthodox faithful

As for the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, to the embarrassment of the same atheists when they realized it, he went into space on 12 April 1961, the feast day of St John of the Ladder, who taught us how to get into heaven through the ladder of virtues, though Soviet atheism ridiculed its innate primitivism by declaring that ‘Gagarin had flown into space and not seen God’.

The Soviet Ukrainian atheist leader and persecutor Khrushchev, who promised to eliminate the Church by 1970 was overthrown on the Feast of the Protecting Veil, 14 October 1964, himself dying on 11 September 1971, the feast day of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, who denounced all tyrants. Meanwhile, by 1971, the Church was alive and reviving.

More recently, terrorist attacks in New York also occurred on 11 September 2001 and in London on 7 July 2005, both feast days of St John the Baptist, who called for repentance and denounced the iniquity of Babylonian towers and powers.

And on 11 January 2015, over two million – but only in the secularist Western world – protested against the murders of 17 people, most of whom had been assassinated on Orthodox Christmas Day, 7 January. 11 January was the Orthodox Feast of the Holy Innocents, when we also recall the millions of people who are murdered in abortions around the world every year – millions of abortions fully supported by Charlie Hebdo, whose present blasphemous and outrageously disrespectful journalists have still not learned that when there is a fire, you do not pour oil onto it, but water.

Those who protested in the Western world on 11 January claimed that the cartoonists and writers who were murdered were upholding the ‘Western value’ of freedom of speech. However, they also trampled underfoot the ‘Western value’ of respect for others, of tolerance for their religious beliefs and for the values of traditional family life and marriage, supported not long ago by mass demonstrations of over one million other French people. However, these people whose beliefs have been outraged by the atheistic French State did not interest the equally atheistic Western media.

We wonder if the present hysteria in France and in Western Europe in general will not be considered as an excuse for a new unwarranted war, just as the attack of 11 September 2001 led to the unwarranted war against Iraq, which caused a million victims of Western arrogance and imperialism.

Seventeen people were barbarically murdered in France. But when Western-trained, financed and backed Muslim terrorists slaughter tens of thousands in Afghanistan (Al-Qaida was founded by the CIA), Chechenia, Syria and Libya, when Israel slaughters 2,000 in Gaza (with Western bombs, shells and bullets) and when the Western-installed Nazi kleptocrats in Kiev slaughter thousands in eastern and southern Ukraine, all that is quite acceptable. Why? Because those genocides are Western crusades. So everything they do is justified. The Western condemnation of terrorism is always selective, for it never condemns Western terrorism itself.

However, this latest Western Crusade against the Church of God in the Russian world and Eastern Europe is in serious trouble. The CIA-installed Kiev junta is bankrupt and begging for billions more subsidies from deaf Western ears. Poland and Romania are more tempted by much-coveted parts of the Ukraine than by EU bullying. EU-abused Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey are looking with hope towards Russia. Businessmen and politicians in Italy and Germany are fed up with the swaggering cowboys from Washington who are killing their EU vassal with their anti-Russian and so anti-EU sanctions. In Macedonia the much persecuted Bishop Jovan has been released from prison at Russian insistence. In Russia itself there have been renewed calls for the Russian Federation to return to the Orthodox calendar, so overthrowing some of the last remnants of Western-imported Soviet atheism. And meanwhile the anti-ecumenical and anti-globalist St Paisius the Athonite (+ 1994), who prophesied many of the current events, has been canonized. The project to enslave Orthodox Europe is unravelling