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Judas Does Not Sleep: Orthodoxy or Demonocracy in 2015

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine…And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise and more.

Rev 6, 6 / 18,11

Whatever our nationality, all Orthodox Christians who know and follow the Tradition are in a sense ‘Russian’. Of course, this is not at all in the sense of nationality or passport – there are many who have the nationality and the passport, but they are not Russian in our sense at all. It is in the spiritual sense of belonging to multinational Rus, to the Orthodox world, of being true Christians, real Orthodox, appreciating Orthodox culture and having a generous heart. As one Muslim said to a friend recently, now in 2014 is decision time: Are we with Washington or are we with Orthodox Russia? Are we with those who want to set up a global dictatorship, demonocracy, atheist hegemony over the whole world, or with those who defend Faith in God and spiritual life?

As part of the Russian Orthodox mission outside Rus, we too defend Holy Rus, our spiritual homeland and our cultural values. The choice is between the sectarian and Godless world of neocon mammonism and the communitarian and Orthodox world of Holy Rus, the primacy of this world or the primacy of the other world. Holy Rus must prevail in this momentous and worldwide struggle which was begun in 2014 or Night will fall on us until the Second Coming. In 2015 we pray for the victory of Holy Orthodoxy and our allies over money-worshipping hegemonists, their self-centred individualism and self-seeking hedonism, over the CIA-puppets in Kiev and Moscow, the so-called Poroshenkos and the millionaire Navalnys, or else….For Judas does not sleep.

Today there is the Russian world, the Orthosphere, with her allies and sympathizers, who have been set upon in 2014 through the Western invasion of the Ukraine and the propaganda and currency attacks on Russia, and the rest. Any so-called Orthodox who deludedly choose the rest, choose apostasy and Gehenna. As for Europe, it stands between these two worlds, between Sovereign Freedom and World Dictatorship, between Moscow and Washington, between Jerusalem and Babylon, between Christ and Satanization, between the Church and Sodomization. Who is not against us is with us. Europeans can only be saved through Holy Rus. In 2015 healthy forces in Europe, as elsewhere, may gather around Russia and the Saints of Old Europe against planetary evil, and the Russian world may extend to it. In 2015 we shall see the further development either of a world of free and patriotic nations or of a worldwide dictatorship. And that development is our responsibility.

As a consolation, but also as a warning, we have the prophecies of Elder Jonah of Odessa (+ 2012). In 2007 he said: ‘The Catholics will come to our country…They will not stay long but will do a great deal of evil and shed so much blood…but they will leave, hanging their heads in shame’. As regards the war in the Ukraine, he foretold that ‘it is a spiritual war and its main aim is to tear the Ukraine away from Holy Rus and destroy Orthodoxy in it’. As for the dollar, he said that ‘the wind will blow dollars along the road like leaves in autumn and no-one will chase after them, they will be like bits of cheap paper’. And he said that ‘if the Lord is to give Rus an Orthodox Tsar, then we must repent and pray very hard and that only through a Tsar given by God will Russia find might and salvation’.

And this will be our New Year.

Looking Back on Old Sourozh

These are four interview answers given to a student who is at present working on a Ph D concerning the History of the Sourozh Diocese.

Q1) The Sourozh troubles (as they have been called) are regarded as a crisis almost entirely precipitated by the arrival in the diocese of large numbers of ethnic Russians after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. How far is this really the case or did this event merely act as catalyst to previously existing tensions in the diocese?

A1) Sourozh troubles? At the time His Holiness Patriarch Alexey II called them a ‘schism’ in public pronouncements, which I translated as the official translator. True, the crisis was precipitated by the arrival of Russian Orthodox from the ex-Soviet Union, but this was only a catalyst – its cause lay far, far deeper and had been festering for decades. The recent arrivals merely lanced the deep boil.

Essentially the whole problem was a problem of insularity, of being cut off from Russian Orthodox reality, a problem which had historical roots in the general captivity of the Church authorities in Moscow and their inability to control their own tiny Diaspora, let alone the majority of the Russian Orthodox Diaspora which belonged and belongs to a completely autonomous ROCOR. However, there was the specific case of island Britain, which was even more cut off than the rest for the usual geographical reasons, and where a personality cult had developed. So when reality struck the cloud cuckoo land of the largely exclusive, upper class Anglican-style clique/club which the rulers of the ‘Sourozh Diocese’ by the early 2000s largely were, this was a long overdue encounter with reality.

What had happened until then had resulted in the exiling (in a typically hypocritical, racist, backbiting and sending to Coventry way) of all ‘dissidents’, i. e. of all those who knew what Russian Orthodoxy was actually about and would have nothing to do with insular fantasy and the personality cult which was at the heart of the so-called Sourozh ‘Diocese’. The problem came to a head because the dissidents were no longer a small minority who could be got rid of by making them leave (and sometimes find refuge in ROCOR), but were the vast majority, composed of all the new arrivals from the ex-Soviet Union who knew what Russian Orthodoxy was actually about and rightly ‘wanted the Church back’.

In this way those who had ruled the roost in Sourozh for decades before, oppressing the faithful Russian Orthodox minority and forcing them out, suddenly themselves became the minority – and a very small one at that. Realizing that they were now cornered and had lost power, they left, as they had forced so many into doing before them. What goes round, comes round. In this way they proved the ‘big fish in a small pond syndrome’ – anyone can remain a big fish as long as they make their pond very small. And that is what they did, made a very small pond for themselves.

Of course, the trouble was that the by then free Patriarchate had allowed such a situation to develop. With many others, I too made public several articles in the early 2000s, warning and pleading with the Moscow authorities to do something about their own Church locally. They did not do anything until it was too late. I doubt whether that was deliberate policy (waiting until the troublemakers had left of their own accord), as conspiracy theorists would have it, more it was a result of inertia and above all a lack of suitable individuals in Moscow to take over (see the answer to Question 2 below). This was why the new Sourozh bishop had to be nominated by the ROCOR Archbishop Mark, who was possibly the only Russian Orthodox bishop who knew the reality of the situation.

The ultimate historical roots of the Sourozh schism lay in the Diaspora schism between the minority of Russophobic, liberal, politicized elements in the Diaspora (in Europe called Evlogians and based in Paris) and the majority of the Diaspora in ROCOR. This schism took place in London in the 1920s, as elsewhere in Europe. (Though the roots of this schism lay in turn in the liberalism, modernism and fringe Orthodoxy of pro-Revolutionary intellectuals and aristocrats in Saint Petersburg before the Revolution. It was these individuals who emigrated to Paris after 1917). After 1945 the London Evlogians returned to the Patriarchate, but mainly without enthusiasm.

The situation was then saved, from the Patriarchate’s viewpoint, by sending a young priest, precisely from Paris (the heart of the Evlogian/Saint Petersburg schism) after World War II, who would be acceptable to the London ex-Evlogians and secure the situation, so that the ex-Evlogians would not return to the Paris schism. This priest was Fr Antony Bloom, around whom, especially after his mother’s death, there grew up a unique and utterly insular personality cult. This would inevitably result in clearly predictable difficulties after his death, since the death of the subjects of personality cults always results in difficulties, as it shows that they are not immortal.

Personally, I became fully aware of this situation (I had already been disturbed by several things I had seen) only in 1976, when during a six-week study visit to Russia I saw Russian Orthodox reality. The last scales fell from my eyes and I saw how peculiar and eccentric the Sourozh Diocese was. This was reinforced after 1976 when I had contacts with ROCOR – far bigger in Britain than the Sourozh ‘Diocese’ in terms of numbers of Russians, but not in terms of English people, because Metr Antony Bloom had created a mini-diocese (‘Sourozh’) largely through some 1,000 English converts, mainly of Anglican background, to his personal and peculiar brand of Orthodoxy, and by ordaining men whom other bishops would not touch for canonical reasons – and then by living in Greece and studying at St Serge in Paris. I realized that the Russian Orthodox reality inside Russia and ROCOR were identical; it was Sourozh that was out of kilter, just like the Evlogian group based in Paris.

The last straw came in 1982 when I and my wife had personal contact with Metr Antony and we clearly realised that he was a morally compromised individual and that the whole thing was a personality cult. At the same time in 1982 the then Fr Basil Osborne, whom I had first met when he was a young deacon in 1972, told me that the clear intention of the ruling clique of liberal academics in Sourozh (mainly convert clergy) was to ‘go over to the Greeks’ as soon as Metr Antony was dead. It was at that point that I left the Sourozh diocese, as so many others before me and after me, long before 2006. It was only in 2012 that I received an apology for my treatment thirty years before from His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill in Moscow. What a disaster – the Russian Orthodox Church authorities in England had been chasing Russian Orthodox away from them!

Q2) Several priests have told me that the arrival of Metropolitan Hilarion in the diocese was the main reason that events came to a climax when they did as his short but intense sojourn in the parish polarised the debate. Is this a fair assessment?

A2) Entirely true, but again he was only a catalyst. If it had not been him, it would have been someone or something else. The polarization had always been there. And we should remember that Bp Hilarion was made bishop and sent by Moscow at the specific request of Metr Antony. However, that does not excuse Moscow. You do not send a newly-baked, very naïve, very young and very inexperienced bishop into a hornets’ nest – which is exactly what they did.

Q3) In all the documents and interviews I’ve conducted both sides accuse the other of the same methods – i. e. it is seen as a coup by small (or even miniscule, four or five people) but highly influential group who ‘masterminded’ the activities. Is this a fair assessment? It seems to me that both can’t be right?

A3) The schism was fomented by a small clique of individuals. Bp Basil as a very weak individual was as much a victim as anything else of that very small group. He had been under control for as long as his very practical wife, whom I knew well and respected, had been alive. Once widowed, he began going off the rails. Altogether 300 people left in the Sourozh schism (the other 700 or so individual whom Metr Antony had converted had very quickly lapsed, often after only a few months), but only a few, four or five, led them; most, converts and often elderly, were unconscious of the game being played with them and were deluded and therefore deserve compassion. They had been hoodwinked all along.

It is true that on the ground in London and England in general, the other side, the pro-Russian Orthodox, was also led by a very small group of individuals. However, the latter were massively supported by the whole of the Church inside Russia, all those in ROCOR in England who were conscious of the situation and above all, by the vast mass of recent arrivals from the ex-Soviet Union in England. Whether Churched or unchurched, they instinctively knew, as we had known for decades, what was right and what was wrong.

Q4) The influence from the Motherland: This spectre rides high in the belief of many of the ‘anti-Moscow’ people – e g. the Russian State (FSB) seeks to control the Russian Diaspora though the Church. It seems to me that this can’t be discounted as fantasy as the Russian State and Foreign Office does seem more interested in ‘consolidation’ of the Diaspora – and it could be argued, why shouldn’t it? Diasporas are increasingly important to every motherland these days and the Russian Diaspora punches below its weight in terms of numbers (at least in the political sphere).

A4) This is without doubt paranoid fantasy and self-justification (‘we are leaving the Russian Church because it is not politically free’). Not in the sense that there must surely be Statist/nationalist, politically-minded individuals in the Russian State/FSB/Establishment who would like to control the Russian Diaspora, but it takes two to tango. They can fantasize, but if the Diaspora does not want to play ball, their fantasies are irrelevant. And the Russian Diaspora (as is proved by the history of ROCOR both before and since 2007) does not want to be embraced by such individuals. However, as I also know from contact as an official ROCOR representative in meetings with His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill, Metr Hilarion and Archbp Innokenty (formerly in Paris) in Moscow, the Patriarchate is equally independent and utterly resistant to attempted encroachments by nationalistic individuals – it remembers the State protestantization of the Church before 1917 and does not want a repeat of that. The Church inside Russia much enjoys the freedom She has from State interference.

The people who make such fantastic statements about a Russian State ‘takeover’ are thinking in Anglican terms, in other words in terms of a State Church, founded by the State and directed by erastians. They are the ones who are not politically free and not culturally free. They are talking about themselves and indeed, such people are often Anglicans, who have little concept of how the Orthodox Church actually works. Interestingly, the Sourozh schism was taken up at the time by the British Establishment press, with newspapers like The Times and the Telegraph defending the Russophobes and making the whole story into base, simplistic tabloid-style propaganda of the cowboy sort. ‘Greek = good; Russian = bad’.

This is in tune with the whole Anglican, US and generally Western view of the Orthodox Church. In the 19th century, the Victorians already saw the Russian as bad, as propaganda for their imperialistic ‘great game’ (unheard of in Russia), of which the Western invasion of the Crimea was part. Between the 1920s and 1948 the Patriarchate of Constantinople was largely under the Anglican thumb, since 1948 and the US deposition of the legitimate Patriarch Maximos (abducted into exile in Truman’s personal presidential plane to Switzerland) and replacement by the US candidate (what better example of Western, not Orthodox, erastianism?), it has been CIA controlled. And it is to the Rue Daru branch of Constantinople that the schismatics went. The Western problem has always been that it does not control the Russian Church, hence the remarks by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Tony Blair that the Russian Church is the greatest enemy of the West. Anyone showing independence is an enemy!

Sourozh was a political plaything for the British media, just another opportunity for the British Establishment to justify its politically-motivated Russophobia. It is in the light that we should ultimately see the Sourozh schism, as playing into the hands of the Russophobic British Establishment. And it was basically carried out precisely by individuals whose sympathies were wholly with the British Establishment, including one who, to my knowledge, had worked for MI5. (I exclude the Russian paranoid fantasy that Bp Basil, as an American citizen, was a CIA agent – though you can see how some could end up thinking like that).

Descendants of White Émigrés Address Appeal to EU Leaders

Over 100 descendants of the White Russian nobility residing in EU countries have called on EU nations to stop irrationally alienating Russia and give an unbiased appraisal to the Ukrainian crisis. On Thursday Rossiiskaya Gazeta published an open letter, written from Paris by Prince Dmitri Shakhovskoy and his wife, Princess Tamara, and signed by over 100 people representing the first emigration. Prince Shakhovskoy wrote:

“The aggressive hostility that Russia faces now lacks any rationality and the double standard policy simply exceeds all limits. They accuse Russia of all sorts of crimes, they pronounce it guilty a priori and without any evidence, whilst they show other countries surprising leniency, in particular, where human rights are concerned. We can’t put up with daily slander targeting modern Russia, its leaders and its President, who are slapped with sanctions and smeared with dirt, in contradiction to basic reason”.

The émigrés also said that the fact that EU officials and media consistently silenced the facts about the cruel shelling of civilians in the eastern Ukraine conducted by the junta military with support of paramilitary groups brandishing Nazi symbols outraged them. Another disturbing fact was the full blockade of the Donbass region by the Kiev junta, which seeks to destroy a region that it still claims to be part of Ukrainian territory.
The letter stated that junta forces are also allowing numerous attacks on Russian Orthodox churches, condoning acts of violence against Her, even extending to the murders of priests, the destruction of church buildings and staging repressions against Russian Orthodox believers. It said, “We can’t remain indifferent and silent in the face of the planned elimination of the Donbass population, open Russophobia, and hypocritical approaches that contradict the interests of EU nations themselves. We hope that the countries that in their time had shown hospitality to our families will again set out on the path of reason and impartiality”.

Earlier, the Russian Federal Assembly suggested that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe launch an international panel to investigate crimes against humanity in Europe, such as the tragedy in Odessa or mass executions of civilians near Donetsk in Novorossiya. The proposal mirrors an address to international organizations and national parliaments and governments, calling on them to investigate crimes against civilians in the warzone in Novorossiya, passed by the Russian Parliament in October this year.

25 December 2014

The Russian Federation – Defending Christians Worldwide

After meeting the Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić, Russian Foreign Minister S V Lavrov said that Russia was offering to host a Conference next year to combat Christianophobia, saying, “In the coming year, we are proposing to organise a Conference to combat Christianophobia within and through a series of meetings, similar to those which took place this year on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia”.

19 December 2014

At a meeting with His Holiness Pope and Patriarch Tawadros Sulaymān of the Coptic Church, Foreign Minister S V Lavrov stated that one of the Russian Federation’s main foreign policy objectives was to see that no-one limited the rights of Christians, saying, “Relations between our churches go deep into history and became one of the foundations for the development of relations between Russia and the Middle East and North Africa. This is our common heritage… however, regarding culture and history, the present and future of this region is alarming”. Lavrov noted that Russia appreciates Patriarch Tawadros’ contribution to efforts to prevent a disaster in the region and to his work in preserving inter-religious peace, saying, “We’re delighted to hear your assessment of the political efforts to calm the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. One of our foreign policy objectives is to see to it that no one limits the rights of Christians”. In turn, Patriarch Tawadros observed that he long dreamed of visiting Russia, as he had read Russian theology and literature, saying, “I learned a lot from Orthodox theology, Russian literature, and fairy tales. I’m grateful for Russian leadership in supporting Egypt”. At the same time, he said that the situation of Christians in some Middle Eastern countries is dire, pointing up, “Some groups use violence against the people. Christians are victims of violence in these countries. However, the situation in Egypt changed significantly for the better after 30 June”.

29 October 2014

World War V Begins

Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

Rev. 9, 14

If for some European countries national pride is a long-forgotten concept and sovereignty is too much of a luxury, real sovereignty for Russia is an absolutely necessity for survival.

The support for separatism in Russia from across the Atlantic, including propaganda, political and financial support as well as support provided by special services…was absolutely obvious and left no doubt that they would gladly have Russia follow the Yugoslav scenario of disintegration and dismemberment, with all the tragic fallout for the people of Russia. It did not work. We did not allow that to happen. Just as it did not work for Hitler with his people-hating ideas, as he set out to destroy Russia and push us back beyond the Urals. Everyone should remember how that ended.

No one will ever attain military superiority over Russia. We have a modern and combat-ready army…We have the strength, will and courage to protect our freedom. We shall protect the diversity of the world. We shall tell people abroad the truth, so that everyone can see the real and not a distorted and false image of Russia.

Address of President Putin on 18/12/2014 in response to the War declared by Washington

Introduction: Satan’s Work Before 1914

Ever since the fourth-century settlement of the first Christian Emperor, St Constantine, Satan in his hatred, jealousy and pride has been striving to destroy the Christian Roman Empire and revive the Pagan Roman Empire in its place. This is all part of the ancient struggle between Good and Evil, between Jerusalem and Babylon, between the Gospel and Mammon, between a worldwide Kingdom of Christ and a worldwide republic of Satan, between Christ and Antichrist. This struggle will end with the enthronement of Antichrist in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and his defeat by Christ, Who will come again at the end of the world to judge it.

Satan’s breakthrough came after the first millennium when he divided from the Church the ambitious, power-holding elite of Western Europe, who had begun looking back with barbaric nostalgia at Pagan Rome. By the end of the fateful eleventh century that elite had begun spreading its errors not only to the newly-enslaved masses of north-western Continental Europe, but also by conquest to Sicily, southern Italy and England to the Near East. For over 400 years, the power-holding elite consolidated its feudal aggression all over Western Europe, conquering Wales, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Ireland, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and threatening Russia, the Near East, Cyprus and pillaging the Christian Capital in New Rome.

Thus, the elite started interminable wars, bloodshed and genocide, both in Western Europe, for example the ‘Hundred Years War’ between England and France, and outside Europe in the Near East, everywhere launching ‘crusades’, building castles to oppress the people and creating the ‘Renaissance’ of paganism. Over 400 years later, after the discovery of the Americas by greedy gold-seekers in 1492, the bloodshed and genocide was spread to New Worlds. So began feudal slavery and the colonial exploitation of distant lands in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia, encouraged by the ‘Enlightenment’, another great revival of paganism.

World Wars I to V: 1914-2014

Over another 400 years later, in August 1914 the bloodshed and genocide that the Western elite had been carrying out worldwide returned to Western Europe and led to a series of what were in fact five generational wars, WW I in 1914 and WW II in 1939. World War III began in October 1964, with the newly legalized holocaust of tens of millions of innocent people in the abortion war as well as in continuing colonial wars, conducted in South-East Asia and Africa in particular. WW IV broke out in November 1989 with the bankruptcy and collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, victims of Western money-lending. Without the counterbalance of the Soviet Union, this led to a generation of Western invasions and genocides in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, in fact all through North Africa and the Middle East.

Now in December 2014 there has begun WW V, when the Western elite has set its tentacles into long-coveted and resource-rich Russia, having already installed a Fascist junta in Russia’s soft underbelly of the Ukraine. Ruled by the grotesque Kiev puppet junta, the Ukraine already faces bankruptcy and social collapse. However, let us not despair – for the sake of ten righteous, even Sodom would have been spared. The difference between this war and the preceding four is that this is the final war between Pagan Rome and Christian Rome. If the Church does not win this war, then Antichrist will be enthroned in the rebuilt Temple and then Armageddon will come. However, if the Church does win this war, as we believe She will, then we shall be granted more time, another generation or perhaps many more generations in order to finish gathering in the harvest of the Church worldwide, work which has scarcely started.

This is the War that was prophesied by the Book of Revelation, as by Athonite and Russian elders alike, the war between the Orthodox World, Christian Rome, led by the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Pagan World, Pagan Rome, led by Washington, the World’s greatest aggressor, operating through its propaganda, economic and military forces and vassal states in Western Europe and worldwide. Today in the Ukraine, as in Syria, the servants of Satan make glad, as they shed blood and create chaos, removing, as they hope, the last barriers to their domination of the planet, a global empire with a bandit monopoly of money-lending and enslavement to debt, controlling all the world’s natural resources (Matt. 4, 8-10).

2014: Why World War V

The cause of all the world’s contemporary problems is not human evil in itself, but the preparations for the coming of him who is complete evil and who according to prophecy is briefly to rule the whole world. The Jews await him, supported financially and militarily by President Obama, by many sectarian Evangelicals and by ever more Protestantized Roman Catholics, who have fallen into seeking after the ‘New World Order’ (for, ‘Not everyone who saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven’, Matt 7, 21). These seekers are preparing through the bloodshed of the ‘Arab spring’ and Western-founded Islamist terrorism – violence is always the sign of Satan – to build the World Ruler’s Temple in Jerusalem, taking delivery from the USA of 60,000 tons of onyx for it, preparing ‘Greater Israel’ and ‘the New Middle East’ from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Opposed to this stands the multinational Russian Orthodox Church, which has led the Confederation of Orthodox Churches since 1453. All Orthodox who are free and still devoted to the Orthodox Faith stand behind Her. However, some, Orthodox in name only, have been corrupted and have fallen away in a process of Uniatization and Protestantization. Whether politicized, naïve or deluded, and so not supporting Russian Orthodoxy, they will now have to decide whose side they are on, with Christ or Antichrist. Moreover, today the Russian Orthodox world leads and protects not only the Orthodox world, but also all those of traditional religions and values worldwide. This is because the devout of all religions know that globalization destroys all faith, all values, except that of the idolatry of Mammon, which is that of Antichrist.

Indeed, the Russian Federation is the only large (in fact the largest), Christian, multinational country in the world, which defends oppressed Christians and upholds traditional religious values against Sodomy. Thus it supports patriotic forces in the oppressed EU countries and those who revere the first millennium of the Church in Western Europe. This is vital now, for tens of thousands of Christians are being slaughtered every year, merely for being Christians, in northern Africa, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and now in the Ukraine. Thus, Russian internationalism and support of diversity stands against Western nationalism and homogeneity which is now spread worldwide. In the Western world, especially in the corrupt and autocratic EU and USA, such values are attacked and destroyed. Indeed, if the Russian Federation goes under in World War V, then the whole free world will go under also and we shall know that Armageddon is for very soon.

Conclusion: The Future

In 2014 the Western elite launched first its propaganda War and now its economic War against the Russian Federation. Thus it has imposed illegal, anti-Russian sanctions and forced its voiceless and spineless colonies in the EU, to their own suicide, to do the same, so dividing Europe. It has launched a campaign of speculation against the rouble and attempted to bankrupt the Russian economy by making its Arab vassals overproduce oil – which is first of all bankrupting Western oil companies. The Bulgarian puppet government has been instructed by its EU masters (in turn instructed by its US masters) not to allow the South Stream pipeline. Now the Western elite is seriously discussing the next phase of its War – the possibility of launching a full-scale military ‘Hot War’ against Russia in the Ukraine, pouring its NATO troops and arms into the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia and Romania in readiness.

The elite knows that President Putin is determined to find an alternative world order to the dollar Mammon. This is to be based on the Eurasian Economic Union, the BRICS countries, the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), Iran and the huge Russian oil and gas deal with China. Such a dedollarization of the world economy would greatly weaken the US/EU/NATO mafia, on which the elite has built its power base. In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church is pressing ever more for an end to an economy based on interest and transnational money-lending, for ‘moral economics’, much closer to Christian (and also Islamic) Tradition. Little wonder, as Metr Amphilochy of Montenegro has said, that the arch-materialist warmonger, Tony Blair, declared that the Russian Orthodox Church is a greater enemy to the West than Bolshevism. ‘Moral economics’ would completely undermine globalized Western Mammon.

Now we recall the prophecies of Fr Paisius the Athonite about Russia and Turkey and those of the Elder Jonah of Odessa about the two-year war in the Ukraine, as well as the prophecies which foretell vast Chinese armies in Iraq. The Russian Orthodox world, wherever we live, is a defensive empire of faith, defending international law, respect for national sovereignty, national independence and traditional values. Little wonder that we defend the rights of the real patriots of Europe against the Babylonian EU and its rulers. The elite’s plans for a One World Government are being shaken. The coming of Antichrist which they have so carefully and slavishly prepared may be postponed. The elite is furious and has begun World War V, a war of propaganda, economic and military aggression.

Titular Metropolitan to Become Uniat?

According to an interview with the Roman Catholic magazine, “Vatican Insider”, the Greek academic and titular Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) may be thinking of becoming Roman Catholic. From his words it is difficult to know if he thinks that a majority of other bishops of the Patriarchate of Constantinople will follow him or if this only concerns himself and a few others. In any case he believes that ‘communion with Catholics will soon be restored’. His very marginal ideas are sure to be controversial since the mass of faithful of that Patriarchate will certainly not follow him or other like-minded bishops.

The Metropolitan remarked that he foresaw swift progress in achieving what he called ‘full Christian unity’ (it is not clear if these words refer to our unity with God or with heretics). He foresaw unity between his Patriarchate and the Vatican because of the ‘inspiration’ of Pope Francis. In particular he noted the declaration of Pope Francis during his recent visit to the Phanar (shortly after that of the US Vice-President) that the Vatican would ‘not impose conditions apart from those concerning the general confession of the Faith’ as the price of submission to it. The Metropolitan did, however, add that he would have to find out what the term ‘the general confession of the Faith’ meant.

We can add for our part that since the doctrines of the Vatican have in no way changed and there has been no repentance or return to Orthodoxy on its part through renunciation of the filioque heresy, the heresy of the papal claims or any other of its errors, it is clear that any Orthodox who enters into communion with the Vatican will obviously have to become Roman Catholic, just like any other Uniat. Presumably the Metropolitan, who is a well-known academic and author of obscure but erudite books (unread by and incomprehensible to ordinary Orthodox), realizes this. But perhaps his remarks are merely political, not like so many others made by Phanariots over the last few centuries.

What Path for Russia? Crown, Sceptre and Orb

What path for Russia? To become once more a tyrannical State that attempts to westernize its people by terror and force, as under Peter I or Stalin? Or to become a CIA-controlled banana republic, reigned over by a junta of puppet oligarch-thieves who exploit the country and people, treating them as their private property, as in Latin America? This latter path is what Washington originally planned for Russia. Indeed, in the anarchic 1990s, under the drunkard Yeltsin who gave away large parts of Russia to pro-American bandits, masking themselves under the name of oligarchs, the country was undermined and was starting to become just another banana republic colony. So far, however, Washington has got its way – and only for the time being – only in the provincial Ukraine, not in Russia.

In fact, the oligarch-traitors used by Washington as its puppets in Russia are yesterday’s men. They are now openly seen for what they always have been, over-wealthy and ambitious traitors who want to seize power for themselves, like the aristocrats who in British-organized plots assassinated the Emperor Paul I in 1801 or who deposed his descendant the Emperor Nicholas II in 1917. The 1990s are over and since the year 2000 and the first steps towards freedom and restoration in Russia, we have seen panic, hatred and fury from Washington, with varying plans either to finance traitor-oligarchs to undermine the Russian Federation, as in Latin America, or to create an economic war by enforcing so-called ‘sanctions’, as in Iran, or to declare war and bomb, as in Yugoslavia.

The fact is that what Washington has for the moment achieved in the Ukraine cannot be achieved in the Russian Federation. Unlike the Ukraine, the Russian Federation is one eighth of the world with vast natural resources, but above all is the centre of a unique and uncompromised Christian civilization, respected by many. It has a special vocation, a historic and worldwide mission which, however, can only be achieved through the symphony of Church and State. This was the key element that was missing for over 300 years, ever since the Russian Church was beheaded by Peter I’s tyrannical, Protestant-style State and the German Catherine closed 700 monasteries and stole Church lands. Inded, it was that missing symphony that was responsible for the catastrophe of 1917.

Now when Washington hears of symphony between the Russian Church and the Russian State, it shudders and turns to the torturers of the CIA to attack both its Church and State through such rigged events as ‘Pussy Riot’ and a host of other pathetic propaganda operations. Washington realizes that if Russia is restored to Christianity, its whole Western Sodom and Gomorrah construct will fall. Therefore it has declared economic war through imposing illegitimate sanctions, supposedly to punish Russia for the democratic choice of the Crimean people to return home after separation from their homeland for 60 years. The rouble has lost 40% of its value, prices of imports, including Western consumer goods, are rising dramatically, Russians have to tighten their belts.

But Washington knows that it plans for global dictatorship are still threatened by Russia. They had already been threatened when Russia repelled the US-backed Georgian invasion of Russia in 2008, when Russia rejected US plans to bomb Syria in 2013 and when Russia foiled its plans to make the Ukraine into a NATO base in 2014. This is why Washington is now enacting its new Cold War, forcing all its colonies and vassals, from the EU to Japan and Australia, into a coalition to enforce a media and economic war. EU countries, notably Germany, France (forbidden to sell naval ships to Russia), Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria (forbidden to allow the South Stream pipeline) and Greece, have been bullied into enforcing ‘sanctions’ and breaking contracts against their own interests.

The vassal Saudi Arabia has also increased oil production in order to decrease the oil price, on which the Russian economy is to some extent dependent. However, this has been to the detriment of the USA’s own shale oil industry. Moreover, Russia has fought back, renewing alliances, developing the Eurasian Economic Union, turning successfully east to China and India, west to Latin America, and south to Turkey. It is also trying to find alternatives to international payments with the US dollar, paying in goods, in local currency or in gold. The strength of this Russian reply to the economic Cold War declared by the US explains why warmongers in the US are now threatening a Hot War, which they see as the only way they can succeed in turning the whole world into their empire

This is a huge risk, for attacks on Russia have always been defeated, Western invasions of Russia ending up in history with Russian troops liberating Paris or Berlin. Moreover, although sanctions are definitely hard for Russians, they have also brought positive results. Thus, the Russian government and people are turning ever more to the national-patriotic ethos of their history, turning against the pro-Western ethos of the last generation. Moreover, this is uniting people and elite and has marginalized the tiny US-subsidized minority of the ‘democratic’ (= oligarch-bandit) opposition, composed of ‘liberal’ (= neocon) self-seeking, fifth columnist Russophobes. They who with Western support were foolishly preparing a ‘coloured revolution’ in Russia have all been revealed as traitors.

That was not the West’s intention. This is ‘blowback’. The fact is that some in Russia are beginning to understand that some things are more important than the dubious material ‘blessings’ of Western consumerism, which often turn out in fact to be curses. They have understood that what is more important is the return to Orthodoxy, the ancestral spirit of self-sacrifice for faith, home and the peace and future of the whole world. What path for Russia? There is a third path, neither a westernizing tyranny, nor a CIA banana republic. On 8 December it was reported that a simple blacksmith from Donetsk, Viktor Mizalev, has from the scrap metal of junta missiles, launched against civilians, forged a crown, a sceptre and an orb. The Sanhedrin in Washington has no answer to this.

Immigration: The British Political Class Its Own Worst Enemy

Current political debate in the UK is focused on immigration from the EU. So the very politicians who are responsible for mass immigration, without popular consent, now outdo each other to be as anti-immigrant as possible. The infrastructure of this overpopulated little country, especially that in its south-east corner, is bursting at the seams. Huge pressures are being put on housing, transport, roads, schools and hospitals, as the population has increased by millions in just a few years and is continuing to bulge ever faster. Who is to blame? Definitely not the EU. And definitely not the immigrants themselves, who are victims, not culprits. British politicians, forbidding a democratic referendum over forty years on joining and remaining in the EU have again and again betrayed the sovereignty of the UK, selling it for the mess of pottage that is the EU empire, when its terms and conditions of membership were abundantly clear, are to blame.

Worse still – the whole Western world, which gleefully and irresponsibly bankrupted the Communist bloc by a very costly arms race and by artificially lowering oil prices (also bankrupting itself in the process, for which future generations will have to pay), is also to blame. The Western destruction of the economies of Eastern Europe, done to create new markets for Western countries, and the refusal to allow those economies to protect themselves from the ravages of the alien law of the jungle capitalism (the so-called ‘free market’, in fact debt enslavement) has had catastrophic effects on Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. Families are tragically divided, skype-mothers and fathers sadly having to leave their children, friends and homes to the care of impoverished grandparents, as the young are forced to head for wage slavery in Western Europe, to do the low-paid jobs that Western people do not want to do.

Worse still – the Western world is extending its meddling economic tyranny to the Balkans, Moldova, the Caucasus and particularly the Ukraine. Now ruled by a US-installed junta of oligarch-puppets, mostly with US or Israeli passports, led by a Mr Waltzman (who calls himself Poroshenko), the Ukraine has lost over two hundred and fifty thousand citizens this year alone. They are fleeing the civil war created by the US, which has ringed the Russian Federation with NATO bases, and its EU vassals. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, homes and identity. Many, trying to earn more than the $100 a month which they may be lucky enough to be earning at present, are fleeing. Once the breadbasket of Europe and an industrial hub of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine has been ruined by imperialistic Western meddling and its citizens are fleeing political, social, economic and military chaos and bankruptcy for Russia or for Poland and then Western Europe.

Worse still – the Western world refuses to back away from the catastrophe that it has created, let alone take responsibility for it. Elements in the US military-industrial complex actually want to unleash not just a new Cold War, but a Third World War and are sending in warships, planes, tanks and infantry for ‘exercises’ all over Eastern Europe. As for the German-run EU, all it wants is to create new markets for German economic imperialism. December 2014 marks a turning point; either NATO will continue its aggression and preparations for war – or else we shall go towards peace. In that case Eastern Europeans will no longer be forced to uproot themselves from their ancestral homes, friends, families and way of life, as the only alternative to unemployment and food banks, and will continue to live their family life together. As for xenophobic British politicians, they will be able to stop moaning about immigration. For that they have only themselves to blame.

Russian Orthodox are Pro-European, Pro-Greek and Pro-American because we are Pro-Christian

Although the revolution in the values expressed and lived by the Russian Federation over the last generation is far from complete, nevertheless it is not an exaggeration to call that transformation in question a revolution. From a consistently militant atheist ideology, that which produced the horrors of the Gulag and lasted for seventy-five years, it has passed in twenty-five years to an ever more Christian stance, one which shames the modern West. Little wonder that today’s militant atheist Western governments, whether in the US, Western Europe or among their nationalist puppets in Eastern Europe and Istanbul, are annoyed. This revolution in values has taken place through mass baptism and the return of many Russian Orthodox to uncompromised Christian values, known as Russian Orthodox values.

This means that we sympathize with all who confess those values or values close to them, whatever their label. As the Western ruling class has ever more quickly abandoned those Christian values in recent decades and reverted to the pagan values of Ancient Rome, it has distanced itself and isolated itself from its own faithful people, the patriotic Christian minorities of Western Europe and North America. Moreover, at the same time that ruling class has distanced itself from the faithful in countries which are at least formally still respectful of Christianity, whether in Africa, Asia, Latin America or in still free, non-EU Eastern Europe, in Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, the Ukraine and, above all, the Russian Federation, which stands apart because of its size and importance.

Here we speak not only of the apostasy of the Western ruling class by its imposition by force and intimidation of State-run abortion and euthanasia, ‘gay parades’ and ‘homosexual marriage’ or of the establishment of satanic organizations. Here we speak not only of the moral and cultural imperialism which ends the freedom of other countries to live by their traditional values. Here we speak not only of political correctness, that intolerant, neo-puritan ideology just as Spirit-less as the materialism of the old Soviet Union. We also speak of imposing sanctions on other countries for their Christian behaviour and fomenting civil wars in them, supplying arms, indebting them, supporting genocide in them and invading them either militarily or economically in order to exploit their natural resources and markets.

These Russian Orthodox, or uncompromised Christian, values tie in not only with traditional Western Christian, but also to a surprising extent with traditional Islamic, Judaic, Hindu and Buddhist values. The Russian Orthodox support for Tradition is all the more striking when we look at certain smaller Local Orthodox Churches, members of whose elites have under political pressure shown tendencies to abandon the integrity of the Faith, despite the Universal Orthodox Tradition dating back nearly 2,000 years and the views of their own faithful. Having lived and worked in Greece for one year, learned Greek, loved Greece and made pilgrimages to Mt Athos and in 1979 met there Fr Ephraim (now in the USA), I have in recent days been warmed by the support of the Greek faithful for the Tradition.

Thus, the current petition against the ‘new’ pro-Vatican ecclesiology of the Phanar (in fact an ecclesiology that was evolved in the 1920s) with its neo-imperialist, eastern papist interpretation of Canon 28 of the Council of Chalcedon, is spreading through Greece and Cyprus and the Greek Diaspora. Although an internal petition addressed to the Greek faithful, it has the full support of Russian Orthodox faithful and the faithful of many other Local Churches whose hierarchies are free and have not been subjected to foreign political and financial pressure. For just as the Russian faithful are pro-European inasmuch as we support the True West, the Orthodox West of the first millennium, the Russian Orthodox Church cannot be anything but pro-Greek Orthodox, for She received the faith from Greek Orthodox.

And just as the Russian faithful support True Greece, Orthodox Greece, the Athonite elders, not the fake, masonic Greece that the Western elites are trying to foist on Greeks, so also we support True America, not the warmongering, anti-Christian America that we see today. Thus, the present visit of Metropolitan Tikhon of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) to the Russian Church is symbolic of the Russian Church’s love for all who confess Orthodoxy. After years and even decades of internal troubles, the OCA may at last be returning to the confession of Orthodoxy as her new relations with the Russian Orthodox Mother Church show. For the OCA, the time of decision is here – to reintegrate the Russian Orthodox Tradition by giving up the fantasies of the decadent past or else to remain outside the mainstream on a compromised limb.