The Giant Tea Party

The people of the Ukraine are in revolt. Just as in 1773 the people of Boston refused to pay taxes to a government that did not represent them, so the ‘Sons of Liberty’ of the Ukraine refuse to recognise a regime that overthrew their democratically-elected government through foreign-backed violence and so does not represent them. We would hope that libertarians the world over support their cause against the self-appointed Neo-Nazi clique and their gunmen in Kiev.

Such has been the concern in the Russian Crimea that Russian troops (permanently stationed there) have been deployed to protect the people. (Ignorant, CIA-fed Western media claims that ‘Russia has invaded the Crimea’ are as absurd as claiming that ‘Russia has invaded Russia’!). And if the bankrupt Galician junta that has usurped the legitimate government in Kiev wants to proclaim that ‘Russia has invaded the Ukraine’, it can – nobody with brains or the slightest knowledge of reality is listening.

Libertarians support freedom for the Ukraine. Thus, the American politician Ron Paul has written as much in The Washington Times ( news/2014/feb/24/ron-paul-us-should-leave-ukraine-solve-its-own-pro/).Spontaneous popular revolts throughout the Ukraine are now taking place against the straitjacket of Communist-era centralisation.

Nowhere will freedom be valued so much as in Carpatho-Russia (called ‘Transcarpathia’ by ignorant Kievan governments), where people have suffered so much from Ukrainian Secret Police persecution. Is the day of freedom at last dawning for the 83% of Ukrainians who are Russian-speaking and all the other minorities who have suffered so much from the Galician Uniat gang now in power?

Sadly the only thing standing in the path of Tea Party freedom are the bullying and aggressive Western Powers who have always supported terrorists against legitimate governments and their peoples. So it was with the Ottoman Empire (so keenly supported by Great Britain and France in the 19th century), in the 1980s in Afghanistan (where the US founded Al-Qaeda and trained Bin Laden in CIA camps), in Kosovo (where they supported drug-running and people-smuggling Muslim terrorists against the ancestral inhabitants of that Serbian province), so too in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and now in the Ukraine, where they support the Neo-Nazi Euroterrorists against the people. Such support for terrorism is so expensive that it is bankrupting the Western Powers. And which Jewish bank will finance the Galician anti-Semites in Kiev?