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The Ukraine: Winter Approaches

US aggression in the Ukraine has achieved a catastrophe, whether through incompetence or, as the conspiracy theorists would have it, on purpose. The CIA-installed oligarch junta in Kiev, stubbornly insisting on keeping an old-fashioned, Communist, centralized State, has lost the war in the east, and the north like Kharkov and the south like Odessa are in revolt. Even Poroshenko, like the Nazis, has realized that he has slaughtered in vain; he cannot occupy the lands of the free, of those who reject his Fascism. The newly-discovered mass graves in the east have revealed bodies of civilians with certain organs removed by his ‘stormtroops’ who can only torture civilians. The 1500 US troops now invading Romania and the others entering Poland are not going to help.

Up to 10,000 of Poroshenko’s much-vaunted, US-directed, but in fact ragtag National Guard are dead. Over 550 of their bodies cannot even be identified, the others are coming back in coffins to the west of the country, where families are furious with the Kiev regime which has destroyed their country and their lives. In Poroshenko’s own words 65% of the Ukraine’s military equipment, deployed in the east, is destroyed and even US, UK and Polish mercenaries no longer want to fight against the Ukrainian Resistance volunteers – too many of them have died; this is not an easy fight for them as in Africa. Kiev has wasted 5 billion dollars murdering and bombarding its own people, discrediting itself for ever.

All over the Ukraine production has been slashed, the economy is in ruins. Everywhere there are rolling power cuts, for lack of coal and with winter not far away and gas bills unpaid, people in what was once the richest part of the Soviet Union fear the worst. Ukrainian companies have lost their greatest market, the Russian Federation, and none of the promised generous subsidies are coming from the West, instead just empty words, pats on the back and meaningless words. Disenchantment with the West is setting in – the Western elite really could not have done more to destroy its standing in the Ukraine.

In any case, the Western elite is now preoccupied with a war of its own crass making in Iraq and Syria, where it is now bombing the very fanatics whom a year ago it was training, arming and financing. (Again, the conspiracy theorists presume that the chaos is deliberate). The Western elite has no time for corrupt oligarchs on the Ukrainian periphery. Worse still, ill-thought out sanctions, bullied into place in its poodle EU by the US, threaten to push Western Europe into a new recession. As for Russia, it has turned to the east and a giant anti-Western coalition of Russia and China is now in preparation.

In the eastern Ukraine several churches have been destroyed, several priests murdered and in the west one or two churches invaded by Ukrainian nationalist fanatics, whose head, a married and defrocked ‘patriarch’, is a visitor to the State Department/Colonial Office in Washington. The US policy is to divide and rule the Church, just as was that of the Nazis when they occupied the Ukraine over 70 years before them. Thus, they hope to create a CIA-friendly Halfodox Church, one which is spiritually degutted, a Euro-Orthodoxy, an Orthodoxy lite, like that in US-run Constantinople or in CIA-subsidized old calendarist sects, and like that which the US/EU is desperately trying to produce in its newest colonies in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and, if possible, with time, in Serbia, Montenegro and Georgia. However, we shall, as ever, resist to the last drop of blood and sweat.

A Decisive Moment in History

In order to wipe out the Russians, we must not only destroy their army, wreck their towns and liquidate their State, but it is also vital to kill their culture, deprive them of moral direction, belittle their heroes and force them to forget all their achievements. Only then can this people finally be defeated.

Josef Goebbels

If people lose faith in God, it is a tragedy, and if they do not repent, they die and disappear off the face of the earth. Many peoples have disappeared, but Russia exists and will continue to exist. Pray, entreat and repent! Then the Lord will not leave you; He will save the whole Earth!

Blessed Matrona of Moscow

We live at a decisive moment in history, at an exceptional time, when prophecies are taking flesh before our very eyes. When the Washington puppeteers sent their junta on its blitzkrieg against the people of the eastern Ukraine, it thought that if it used carpet bombing against an intimidated population and destroyed their infrastructure, then they would rise up against the ‘separatists and terrorists’.

This plan did not work. Poroshenko’s (Waltzman’s) American advisors grossly miscalculated when they thought that they knew his subjects’ psychology – they thought that the people would settle for the mess of pottage of comfortable consumerism, for bread and circuses, like Western people. They will not. Like the Mongols, the Swedes, the Poles, Napoleon and Hitler before them, the CIA are wrong again.

Every day the war in the Ukraine takes the lives of civilians, including children. Spilled blood is marking out the future borders. However, although the régime continues to massacre the people in its occupied territories, it has failed to stamp out resistance. In captured Slavyansk and Kramatorsk they have staged mass shootings of residents and of the mothers of Home Guardsmen. Already the angel of vengeance has erased the names of the executioners from the Book of Life.

From a spiritual perspective, a pathological hatred of Russia is understandable. Stating a commitment to ‘traditional values’, in fact to Orthodoxy and Christ, Russia has made Satan gnash his teeth. For more than twenty years he believed that Russia was his. Then, after nearly a generation, at the State level we have seen spiritually informed decisions. Satan wanted Orthodox to continue to bow down before his golden calf, to have no other god but it. He decided to punish Russia with sanctions until it changed its mind.

In the eastern Ukraine we are seeing the Resurrection of Orthodox Rus, a new social system, that which the Tsar-Martyr had tried to introduce before the Revolution, that is, before the Western-organized coup d’etat of February 1917. As then the aristocrats resisted that social system, so today the oligarchs resist it. The oligarchs now face a new generation brought up on the Orthodox White Idea – and that generation is the future Orthodox political élite of Russia. People in the Ukraine long endured economic slavery under the oligarchs without a murmur, but they rebelled against spiritual slavery, against the bloodthirsty Nazi idol erected on the independence of the Ukrainian nation. For idols collapse onto the heads of their devotees.

The thesis of the Russian Orthodox thinker and prophet Ivan Ilyin was that after the collapse of the USSR twenty quasi-states would exist on the sacred sites of Holy Rus, but then ‘a new Russian union would implement a policy based on religious contemplation and spiritual freedom, on justice and fraternal patriotic feelings, and on the dignity of the government, on its power, strength, and universal trust’. He was right. The plans of the global hegemonists are coming to naught.

The Nazi bandits sent by Washington through Kiev are only victims of their own ignorance; the time will come when they will realize who and what drew them to the slaughter. The world’s grandmasters calculated that President Putin would play by the rules of this world. He has not. According to the law of Russian Orthodoxy, when the country is in danger, God chooses to bring the things of this world to naught, the commoner trumps the powerbroker, and those who calculate according to the rules of digital culture the consequences of disobeying the golden calf are proved wrong.

The Poles and the French walked around the Kremlin, then, the fickleness of fate struck them – they had to eat horse-feed. When Napoleon sat in the Kremlin, the French desecrated the holy places, ravaged Russia, but the scales on the eyes of the Russian elite, the allure of the West, fell away. In 1941, the Germans admired the Kremlin through their binoculars. In 1942, Ivan Ilyin wrote the article ‘Why We Believe in Russia’. In 1943, anyone could have written it, but in 1942, in defeat, only Ilyin did. That is, faith saves.

Orthodoxy is not only a gift; it is also a cross. Some people drink the cup of suffering in the name of Russian Orthodox faith, while at the same time others blithely lead carefree lives, wasting their time, not knowing why they are Orthodox. Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? (Lk. 13, 4). The Lord warns us. God judges people. His Judgement comes about at the time of our actions, but He does not execute His sentence immediately, God gives people time to repent.

Political frontiers reflect human truths, but often they do not coincide with the frontiers of spiritual civilization. Between Galicia and the rest of the Ukraine there is a frontier, it is a spiritual frontier, that between apostasy and faith. Satan deceives nations with the spirit of national pride. This is symbolized by the Ukrainian Army, most of which refuses to fight or simply joins those whom it is supposed to be fighting. Another 300 have now joined the side of freedom against their CIA paymasters. The worst thing for the hopelessly provincialist nationalist Uniat Galicians is that they still do not realize that they have been judged by God.

War often gives a nation a painful shock. Such a painful shock stopped the Vietnam War. When burial crosses dot the Western and Central Ukraine, serving to subsequent generations as a reminder of how dear the cost of the Nazi hallucination was to the people, then, the mothers of the dead and maimed soldiers will stop the war. Hubris and blind hatred led them to reject federalism, which alone would have allowed people to live within a shared common frontier, as heirs of Kievan Rus.

Feelings overrode reason. Hatred destroys, and only love can create. Thus, Nero hated the Christians, he wanted to immortalize himself in grand architectural monuments and wipe Christians off the face of the Earth, but the persecution only strengthened Christianity in a phenomenal way, while there is nothing left of Nero’s grandiose buildings. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous: but the way of the wicked will perish (Psalm 1, 6).

Adapted from an article by Sergey Moiseev.

Metropolitan Onufry: ‘The Church must follow Christ, not Politicians’

The news has come that Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev, the long ill and incapacitated leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has been replaced by a deputy, Metropolitan Onufry of Chernovitsy and Bukovina. A monk of the great monastery of Pochaev, a great friend of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, a carer for orphans and the leader of the Church in multinational North Bukovina, he has already shown formidable abilities.

The time of the traitor Yanukovich and the former Communist oligarchs is over in the Ukraine. Now the political vacuum can only be filled by the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the vast majority of the many peoples of the Ukraine, part of the multinational Church of Rus. Only it can guarantee the peaceful separation of the present Ukraine, that strange and artificial amalgam of Catholic Eastern Poland with Orthodox Little Russia, Orthodox New Russia, the Orthodox Crimea, Orthodox Carpatho-Russia and Orthodox Northern Bukovina.

This separation should come on the model of Czechia and Slovakia, and not on the model of Yugoslavia, Libya or Syria, which Western countries have through their arrogant and incompetent backing of fanatics done so much to destroy. Both the imperialist USA, with its experience of meddling in banana republics around the world, and the EU must be warned not to be tempted to invade yet another sovereign nation, the Ukraine, with their legions of NATO troops, as they did in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The American, British and Israeli ‘instructors’ and special forces at work in Kiev over the last three months will have to leave.

Today only the Russian Orthodox Church stands between Christ and the Antichrist of the New World Order. After the coup d’etat in Kiev the latter is represented in Kiev by Protestants, like the new ‘President’ voted in by the laughing stock of the non-representative Galician ‘Parliament’ in Kiev and financed by the Protestant USA, Uniats, promoted by the new and aggressive Vatican of the Jesuit Pope, and the ragtag of provincialist, nationalist followers of the married ‘monk’, Filaret Denisenko. They represent collective apostasy, which Metropolitan Onufry and the rest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will have no truck with.

To Metropolitan Onufry – Many Years!

Freedom for Orthodox Little Russia and Orthodox Carpatho-Russia?

The Time of Troubles, the anarchy of the mob, is real in Kiev and the Galician far west of the Ukraine. The meddling French, German and Polish Foreign Ministers have had to flee for their lives from the swastikas and EU flags of the Nazi mob. They fled along with the utterly corrupt Yanukovich, though democratically elected and not at all a dictator, still abandoned by President Putin in disgust at his avarice and provincial stupidity. The EU representatives really do not need what they have created – a bloody quagmire with a humanitarian crisis, hundreds of thousands of refugees, terrorist attacks, tanks on the streets and other such joys of the Second EU War (the First EU War was, and still is, in the refugee camps and street demonstrations of Yugoslavia).

Now the EU representatives will have to answer some very difficult questions from television viewers at home. Such as: “Why are the people waving EU flags wearing Nazi emblems?” or “If they are peaceful, then why are they throwing Molotov cocktails at policemen and taking them hostage?” “Do we really want these violent barbarians from Lviv to join the EU?” “What makes you think that the five Ukrainian nuclear power plants will remain safe if the country falls into chaos?” “If Ukraine becomes ungovernable, how are we going to get our Russian natural gas next winter?’’

The Jews are fleeing Kiev in fear of Fascist pogroms unleashed by the separatists and bandits from Galicia, some of whose grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought in the SS, some of whom were given asylum in the USA and Canada after 1945, some of whose children and grandchildren then became advisors to the US and Canadian governments. Even at the US embassy in Kiev they are now wondering whether the 5 billion US taxpayer dollars they have spent trying to undermine the sovereignty of the democratic Ukraine over the last 20 years has been worth it.

Just as in Libya and Syria, they are beginning to realise that the careerist upstart ‘Opposition’ ‘leaders’, who could smell Western money, whom they have backed, actually have no control over the mob that is now in control. And the mob is hopelessly divided, each speaking a different dialect of ‘Ukrainian’. Financial reserves are down to a few days, federal structures are being dismantled throughout the country, regional governors are fleeing, and a default on some €60 billion of Ukrainian bonds seems likely. The EU should be quaking at the Pandora’s Box it has opened, for Russian gas transits through the Ukraine and no refugee camps have yet been set up in Poland.

However, some are rejoicing. Little Russia in the north and east and New Russia in the south, Russian-speaking and Orthodox, are only too glad to see the back of the troublemakers in Eastern Poland (‘’the Ukraine’’), Ukrainian-speaking and predominantly Catholic. After all, the “Little Russians” outnumber the “Ukrainians” by two to one and they have all the riches and industry. Over two thirds of the eastern, southern and northern ‘Ukraine’ will be only too happy to see the back of the separatist rump of the far western Galician Uniats, as they leave Little Russia to become wage-slaves to labour in Berlin’s EU concentration camp and members of an EU puppet government. Yes, they have chosen ‘European values’ – atheism, bankruptcy and unemployment.

Little Russia, freed from the pro-Nazi Galician thugs, will become a new sovereign country and join the Eurasian Union. In the far south-west Carpatho-Russia (Transcarpathia as the imperialists in Kiev have dubbed it) sees at last an opportunity for freedom from the Fascist Ukrainians in Kiev and it too may join the Eurasian Union. The West has lost again through its own ignorant hubris and inept stupidity. Having created anarchy in Kiev and Galicia, who is the West going to support? The guerilla warrior nationalists? The provincialist Galician Nazis? The terrorists with their anti-semitic slogans? The club-wielding Uniat and schismatic thugs? And what if Little Russia and Carpatho-Russia achieve freedom and join the Russian-led Eurasian Union, which will then grow even stronger?

The End of the Ukraine?

Artificial countries with amalgams of people do not last. We have seen it so often in Africa and the Middle East, with countries designed by colonial tyrants. Designed by the colonial tyrant Stalin, the Ukraine is just another such country.

Today, gangs of Uniat and schismatic thugs, lawless right-wing extremists and radicals have seized power as a result of the US-financed and EU-supported coup d’etat against the democratically-elected government in Kiev. The weak, corrupt and incompetent President Yanukovich has fled, rightly fearing assassination. So Kiev is in chaos, much like Polish-occupied Moscow in 1612 or Western-occupied St Petersburg in 1917. Indeed, the leaders of the so-called ‘Opposition’ from the far western Galicia and meddling EU and US politicians have lost control of the mob, which they urged on and paid, will not even recognise their former leader Timoshenko, let alone the upstart Klichko, so favoured by the US and Germany, where he lives.

Meanwhile, in the Polish borderlands, Uniat Lviv has declared its independence. And so the solidly Orthodox Little Russian north, south and east of the country has therefore declared its independence. Kharkov could become the new capital of this restored Little Russia. And Carpatho-Russia continues to yearn for freedom from Kievan banditry. A landlocked far western Ukrainian rump, centred in Lviv, virtually without industry and dependent on Berlin and Warsaw (as in Nazi 1941) seems to be in formation amid the chaos. The division of the country seems inevitable and only idealists are talking about federalisation; if that were to have been successful, it should have happened 20 years ago. It is almost certainly too late for that now.

We can only hope and pray now that the division of the Ukraine will occur without civil war, without the mutual violence and hatred of recent weeks. May the Saints of Kiev and Pochaev save the faithful Orthodox people from Uniat and schismatic thuggery. The Last Judgement draws near.

Geopolitical War in the Ukraine

The word ‘ukraine’ means borderland. In other words, ‘ukraine’ is not a country, but a region. In fact historically, it is a separatist term for Galicia, which was invented for anti-Russian political reasons by Austria-Hungary only some 120 years ago with strong Vatican approval. In reality, all of what is called the Ukraine today is not part of that borderland, but part of the Rus homeland of Orthodoxy, called Little Russia.

Therefore, what is happening today in Kiev and the far western Ukraine (Galicia) is not so much a civil war, but more part of a continuing divisive and imperialistic geopolitical war. This is a war against Eurasian Christian Civilization, an attempted coup d’etat financed and orchestrated by meddling Western atheist secularism, which already tried to annihilate the Sovereignty of the former in 1917, exporting its atheist materialist ideology there. Long before this Western secularism had, under various camouflaged names, already produced the Europewide massacres of Karl the Tall, the Crusades, the Inquisition and Wars of ‘Religion’, and then the worldwide genocides of slavery, Imperialism, the Industrial Revolution, Darwinism, Marxism, Nazism, an utterly corrupt EU whose ‘breathtaking’ corruption costs 100 billion euros a year (according to the February 2014 report of EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem), and exploitative Globalism.

Twenty years ago we saw the first part of this geopolitical war in Yugoslavia, also a borderland area, which the EU, led by the Vatican, wanted to divide and rule, snatching it too away from the cradle of Eurasian Christian Civilization. The US-backed EU has not yet been successful in this and has to supply troops to keep the newly parts of this area even under relative control. These troops, and the threat of bombing and economic blockade of Serbia, have not been able even to begin to prepare this region for European Union control and exploitation by Berlin (except for Slovenia and Croatia). However, today, a similar process is beginning in the Ukraine, where the much-practised Western terrorist techniques of the Arab ‘Spring’, including the use of social networks by the terrorists and snipers, are being tested yet again against the democratically-elected government.

Armouries have been seized in the three former Polish provinces in the west of the Ukraine (Ukraine proper) and semi-professional terrorists, well-trained and orchestrated, have flung themselves against police in Kiev, murdering nine of them in the last 24 hours. These Fascist bandits have left swastikas behind them and one of their leaders, the anti-semite Tyagnibok, has been called a Nazi even by the Calvinistic Angela Merkel in Berlin. However, there are other leaders from the far west, Yatsenyuk, and the favourite German-American puppet Klichko (he speaks English), so beloved of the foul-mouthed US politician Victoria Newland. The present war in Kiev and the far west of the Ukraine is an attempt to yugoslavise the Ukraine.

This attempt is unlikely to succeed, for unlike Serbia, the Ukraine has a border with Russia. As soon as the Olympic Games are over (and the present troubles have clearly been orchestrated by Washington and Berlin to time with them), it is likely that Russia will move to protect its people, the majority of the so-called ‘Ukrainians’. It has no desire to see the Libyanisation and Syrianisation of the Ukraine, or to see it turned into a Polish colomy or German colony, as it was in World War II. Moreover, US dollars and Brussels euros are in short supply nowadays; the US embassy in Kiev has been subsidising the terrorists to the tune of $20 million per week and privding ‘instructors’; the absorption into the US-designed European Union of the Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus has all been much too expensive.

Yesterday one of the US warships sent to Sochi two weeks ago to intimidate Russia got stuck on a sandbank in the Black Sea. It may be a symbol of all attempts by Western politicians and media, whether they are Obama or Ashton, to intimidate in the Ukraine. The threat to send NATO troops from Germany, France, Hungary, Poland and Romania to occupy the Ukraine in the latest anti-Christian Western Crusade is only a threat. If the ‘Ukraine’ returns to its pre-1939 borders and the former Polish and before that former Austrian Uniat far west breaks away completely and becomes yet another bankrupt Fourth Reich EU colony, the rest of the Ukraine (85%) will only heave a sigh of relief and say ‘good riddance’.

Oligarchs and Western Ambassadors

According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, once human biological and physiological needs, safety needs and love needs have been met, the next human needs are esteem needs and self-actualisation needs. These last two groups of needs basically mean money and power. The latter need is the need that in 1917 incredibly wealthy and decadent Russian aristocrats sought to fulfil by overthrowing the Lord’s Anointed and that in 2014 incredibly wealthy and decadent Russian oligarchs seek to fulfil by overthrowing democratic government. Moreover, their decadent and anti-people ambitions are fully backed by Western media moguls, politicians and ambassadors. Thus:

In 1612, during the Time of the Troubles, Russia was invaded by Poland and betrayed by boyars (aristocrats).

In 1801 Emperor Paul I was assassinated in a plot set up by the British ambassador and carried out by Russian aristocrats.

In 1917 Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown in a plot set up by the British ambassador and carried out by Russian aristocrats.

In 2014 Kiev is under siege by Western ambassadors, supported by Russian oligarchs.

Is there a pattern here?

The Ukraine Chooses Freedom

The Ukrainian government today decided to suspend the signing of an association agreement with the European Union. Instead, the decision was made to study and work out measures to recover lost production volumes and directions of trade and economic relations with Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Union: ‘With a view to protecting and enhancing the economic potential of the State, active dialogue should be resumed with Russia and other members of the Customs Union and CIS countries to revive economic and trade relations’, said a spokesman. As a condition of the association agreement, the EU had demanded the release of the former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko, the pro-American puppet who was imprisoned for corruption.

The decision followed an open letter addressed to President Viktor Yanukovich by Orthodox citizens of the Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan, warning him that the Ukraine faced a choice between light and darkness, Christ and Antichrist. By associating itself or integrating with the EU, the Ukraine would enslave itself, as have Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. In its new slavery, the Ukraine would lose its cultural roots in Christian civilisation, betraying this unique faith for the mess of secularist pottage offered by the US-backed EU, which the authors of the letter called ‘Eurosodom’.

They noted that supporters of the EU were the spiritual descendants of Catholicised and Polonised ‘Ukrainians’ (= border-dwellers) in the extreme west of the Ukraine, who had persecuted the Carpatho-Russians during the First World War and fought with the Nazi SS in the Second World War. The authors also noted the anti-Christian nature and practices of the EU with its secularist policies and open support for bandits in Syria and the Middle East, who were intent on the genocide of Christians there, and its persecution of the remaining Christians in Western Europe. The authors considered the possibility of the Ukraine associating itself with the EU as a new Unia and a new betrayal of millennial Orthodox Christianity, the Holy Rus that began with St Vladimir in Kiev 1025 years ago.