The Second Crimean War – or the Poodles Bark

The Western world (which so arrogantly and absurdly calls itself ‘the international community’) has taken a decidedly anti-democratic turn in recent weeks. In the Ukraine, it clearly stands as the voice against freedom. Not only has it installed a provincial Neo-Nazi Roman Catholic junta in Kiev (which has also ruined relations between the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church), but also it is now opposing the will of the people of the Crimea, to be expressed in a referendum tomorrow. And the Crimea is nowhere near the ‘Ukraine’ – a word which means the borderlands, i.e. the Polish border. The Second Crimean War has begun – but only in the fantasies of powerless Western politicians. The West’s Ukrainian attempt at the geopolitical conquest of the Russian Orthodox world, driven by the hatred of the Polish-American geopolitician, Zbigniew Brzezinski, son of a pre-war Polish Fascist, against the advice of Henry Kissinger, is supported only by a pack of barking poodles

The West continues to use 19th century gunboat diplomacy in the 21st century, sending battleships into the Black Sea. Here there is nothing surprising. This is exactly what it has done in recent years in other sovereign nations – Serbia (Kosovo), Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – invading and destroying four sovereign countries under false pretexts. (Who has forgotten the invisible ‘arms of mass destruction’ in oil-rich Iraq?). All the above four now chaotic provinces or countries are largely controlled by terrorists – a scenario that the West has tried to repeat in Syria and now, in revenge for Russian protection of the Syrian people, in the Ukraine. On the other hand, the West stoutly defends the oil-rich homelands of real Islamist terrorism – Saudi Arabia (the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists and of the family friends of the Bush dynasty – the Bin Ladens), Qatar and Bahrein. The hypocrisy is amazing!

Now the bankrupt European Union poodles of the US regime are barking against another sovereign nation, and this time a great power, – the Russian Federation. In France the utterly discredited President Hollande has ‘sent a signal of war’ to Russia! In the UK the highly aggressive and poorly-educated (surely such shameful crass ignorance as his must be the result of poor education?) Foreign Secretary, William Hague, who only a few months ago wanted to bomb Syria back into the Stone Age, now wants to introduce ‘measures’ against democracy in the Crimea (though apparently democracy in Scotland is acceptable)! In EU Warsaw politicians are desperate to reclaim Galicia and Volhynia – the slice of Eastern Polish (Roman Catholic Ukrainian) territory taken from them by Stalin in 1939 and where all the troublemakers in Kiev come from. As regards the pro-EU Ukrainian junta that seized power in Kiev from a democratically elected government last month, its armed forces – their military equipment mainly sold off to Third World countries since independence – are in a state of mutiny. Most of its Navy, Air Force and Army have deserted. It is doubtful whether it now has more than 6,000 troops to defend it.

In Berlin the real President of the European Union, Angela Merkel, is in two minds, even though she knows that all her e-mails and phone calls are being tapped by the CIA. A pragmatic realist from East Germany, she knows that half of all German gas comes from Russia. If it were turned off…She also knows that Germany is already being drained of Euromarks going to former Eastern European countries, not to mention Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland…She also knows that the Ukraine is as bankrupt as it is corrupt. For example, she knows that only 100 metres away from the Palace of the corrupt coward Yanukovich stands the equally elaborate Palace of the new, self-appointed Ukrainian ‘Prime Minister’ Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Other Ukrainian ‘politicians’ are little better: Klichko, the ultimate political naïf, is a German citizen who owns six luxurious houses and Timoshenko is worth an estimated $10 billion – all money stolen from the people of the Ukraine. In its primitive and provincial corruption the Ukrainian political elite is behaving just like corrupt Africans politicians after their countries received independence from Western colonisers in the 1960s.

The Ukraine is costing the US a lot – $5 billion has gone down the Ukrainian drain already, on the admission of the foul-mouthed US Victoria Nuland – we all now know what she thinks of the EU. And all anti-Russian sanctions will be very painful – for the West. As regards the US administration, it should recall that if pro-Russian China switches off the currency, the USA will drown in its 17 trillion dollars of debt. The Second Crimean War, started to divert attention from the real problems of economically and also morally bankrupt Western countries, is a War that will cost the West very dear. Let the poodles bark: bears roar.