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On the Date of Easter 2015

1. When is Easter?

By the 4th century the whole Church had fixed the Christian Easter as the first Sunday after the end of the Jewish Passover, which begins on the first full moon after the spring equinox and lasts for seven days.

Thus, this year the first full moon after the spring equinox appears on Saturday 4 April and so the Jewish Passover starts then and continues until Friday 10 April. Therefore, this year the Christian Easter falls on Sunday 12 April.

2. Why does the Catholic/Protestant Easter fall a week early on Sunday 5 April?

In the 16th century the Pope of Rome made various changes to his calendar and dropped the Biblical and Apostolic ruling that Easter must fall after the end of the Jewish Passover. Since the Protestants follow the Pope, they too dropped this ruling. Therefore, this year the Catholic/Protestant Easter is a week earlier than the Christian Easter.

British Values

1. Introduction

In recent days in connection with the ‘radicalization’ of young British Muslims the UK Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) has spoken much of ‘British values’. This is nonsense. There is no such thing as ‘British’. This is a purely political construct of the Establishment. Certainly, however, there are Welsh, Irish and Scottish values. Thus the Scottish National Party (SNP) and its many supporters have a very clear idea about what Scottish values are. Perhaps they should start a branch in England and call it the ENP (English National Party), so that it too could define English values and at last liberate England from the foreign myth of ‘Britain’.

And foreign it is. Only three groups have ever used the myth of Britain: the Latin-speaking imperialist Romans; the French-speaking imperialist Normans; the German-speaking imperialist Hanoverians and Saxe-Coburg-Gothans (who reign over us to this day). It is time for us to reclaim England and recover and restore our English values. We have spent too long forced to hide in the marshes of Athelney. Our moment is coming, with the support of the liberators of the peoples of Europe from European Unionists, liberators of the English from the British Establishmentists.

2. Radicalization

Thousands of young British Muslims, born to Muslim immigrant families or else converts, have become disaffected from society and have turned to violence. This was smiled on by the British government as long as they went off to murder tens of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians and supporters of the majority Assad government (called ‘the Assad ‘regime’ by the State-run British media). However, when they started murdering in Iraq and elsewhere, ardently supporting the ever more powerful, brutal and international IS and then started murdering Western hostages, they were suddenly unacceptable. Their violence is repulsive – though no more repulsive than that of the British-armed Kiev junta against the Ukrainian people – up to 50,000 dead and some 2 million refugees in Europe’s unreported (because censored by the Western media) civil war. (About the only British journalist who has reported the war is Graham Phillips, who was interrogated for hours by MI5 on his return).

The question is why have these young British Muslims become disaffected and even turned to abhorrent violence? Why have Home Office appointed ‘youth workers’ or ‘deradicalizers’ been mocked and rejected, indeed why has their propaganda often been mocked and had the opposite effect on young Muslims, especially when they talked about ‘British values’? Why has their disaffection been so destructive and why has the government not been able to channel it constructively? The answer as to why radicalization has appeared comes in just two words, in a name that reeks of that infamous British value – hypocrisy: Tony Blair.

Let us now look at the three values which are supposedly ‘British’: Democracy, Freedom and Fairness.

3. Democracy – A British Value?

Democracy has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.

Strange in a country where the adult male and female electorate has only been allowed to vote for less than 100 years. Strange in a country where the only choice is between two Establishment-approved puppets with strangely similar views. Strange in a country where most governments, like those of Thatcher and Blair, are elected in a first past the post system by a minority of 25%-35% of the electorate. Strange in a country where Members of Parliament are generally not allowed to vote as they and their constituents think according to their conscience, but as they are ordered to by Government enforcers called ‘whips’. Strange in a country where referenda are rarely allowed and only when the ‘right’ decision is more or less guaranteed. Strange in a country where the phrase ‘election bribery’ is a cliche. Strange in a country where a large minority never votes because it considers that it will make no difference and that all politicians are corrupt. Strange in a country which was created by invasion and genocide (England), castle-built brute force (Wales) and bribery (Scotland and Ireland).

Indeed, such is the power of ‘democracy’ that the State even refuses to recognize referenda abroad. Thus it forbids referenda in the various parts of the Ukraine, a country cobbled together in the last 90 odd years by three of the most brutal dictators in history – Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Apparently the democrat-lovers in London fully support them. And when the Crimean people seized the opportunity for a referendum in the Crimea and overwhelmingly voted for freedom, then the same democrat-lovers rejected the result. It was not the result that they wanted.

Democracy – a British value? That is Democracy spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

4. Freedom – a British Value?

Freedom has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.
A recent meeting of small, far-right European political parties met in, of all places, Saint Petersburg. Why there, when their theoretical views are so distasteful (and they really are) – though less so than the actual practices of the murderous, Neo-Nazi, Western-approved regime in Kiev? Simply because in a West which is under the witch-hunting dictatorship of political correctness, there is no tolerance for a meeting of such political parties and their freakish and often laughable views.

Such is the Western world where child-murders and the cremations of their little bodies in hospital gas chambers totalling millions annually is quite acceptable, where in several countries euthanasia is quite acceptable, where ‘homosexual marriage’ has been enforced by police truncheons, where Roman Catholics have been forced to close their orphanages, where bed and breakfast owners are not allowed to express their opinions about the practices of certain guests, where teachers are sacked for refusing to teach thirteen-year olds LGBT propaganda and where many people are not allowed to wear the sign of the Resurrection, the victory over death.

Freedom – a British value? That is Freedom spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

5. Fairness – a British Value?

Fairness has been put forward by the Establishment as a British value.
So it must be fair to invade other countries, massacre their peoples and plunder their resources. Such, after all, is the history of the Establishment in Britain (the ‘Enclosures’, the Highland ‘Clearances’, the Irish Famine) and its Empire overseas: From India to Kenya (divide and rule), from Tasmania to the Sudan (genocide), from North America to New Zealand (poisoning of the native peoples), from Afghanistan to South Africa (massacres and concentration camps), the British Establishment has given excellent examples of how it has made ‘fairness’ and its flag hated.

The bones of a British King, Richard III, who despite perhaps being a relatively good king, was still a man of violence and possibly a child-murderer, have just been re-interred with all pomp and ceremony by the Archbishop of the Establishment in person. It was a festival, a celebration, a party, attended by tens of thousands and widely reported by the State-run media. Why? Because he was a murderer. Because he was a hero of the Establishment.

Just over thirty years ago the holy relics of an English King, Edward the Martyr, a victim of violence, were reinterred in a church in Surrey. That event was attended by a few dozen and ignored by the State-run media. Why? Because he was a saint who supported monasteries. Because he was a victim of the Establishment.

Fairness – a British value? That is Fairness spelled H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

6. Conclusion

What would Jesus say?

The real Jesus, not the idol of sentimental sects which with self-justified aggression and smug pride claim that they have been ‘saved’ and we have not, but the real Jesus, Christ the Son of the Living God and the Vanquisher of Death and Death’s Kingdom, Hell, would say:

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in…Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but are within full of dead men’s bones and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men. But within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity…For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. (Matt. 23, 13, 27-28; 24, 27).

Three Prophecies on the Ukraine

St Laurence of Chernigov (+ 1950) said:

When a little freedom comes and they open and restore churches and monasteries, then all sorts of false teachings will appear; demons and secret atheists (Catholics, Uniats, self-ordained Ukrainians and others) will take up arms and fight against the Orthodox Church of Rus, its unity and its catholicity with ferocity. A Godless government will support the heretics and so they will take away churches from the Orthodox and slaughter the faithful. Then a Metropolitan of Kiev (unworthy of the name) together with like-minded bishops and priests will shake the Russian Church to the core. His iniquity will frighten and amaze the whole world. He himself will go off to eternal perdition like Judas. However, all these slanders of the evil one and false teachings will disappear in Russia and there will be a united Russian Orthodox Church.

Elder Jonah of Odessa (+ 2012) said:

Troubles in a country smaller than Russia will come a year after my death. The troubles will continue for two years, after which a Russian Tsar will appear. The first Easter will be full of blood, the second of hunger and the third of victory.

Elder Gregory of Docheiariou, the Holy Mountain (21 March 2015)

Every Ukrainian must understand that if he wants blessings on his country, then you must kick out the Americans. Let Ukrainians rely on their brothers in the faith and in blood, the Russians. If you allow American interference in Ukrainian affairs, then your country will never recover. There is no need to kill your neighbour… how is this possible, brother killing brother? Today, we watch these developments with great pain. Docheiariou Monastery sends up many prayers to succour the Ukrainian people, to whom we as a monastery are very grateful.

Our Role and Destiny As

…Faithful Orthodox

Since the Western elite had successfully neutralized the vestiges of Christianity in the West, deforming them into self-justification for its planetary greed and insatiable ambition, it next had to neutralize the Church. This was the spiritual meaning of the twentieth century. Thus, after the Western-orchestrated overthrow of the legitimate Russian government in 1917, an example of Western regime-change long before the more recent, well-rehearsed example in Kiev in 2014, the West set about dividing the Orthodox Church by establishing ‘Halfodoxy’ and persecuting us through atheistic Communism and atheistic Nazism. It need to devise and impose a religion in which the sacred had become secular, a Halfodoxy so secularized that it would be indistinguishable in its essence from modern Catholicism and Protestantism.

Through the soft and impoverished underbelly of the Church in Constantinople, Western agents, first British, then American, began to implement their time-worn policy of divide and rule. From there they moved step by step to the Balkans and the Middle East, little by little crushing resistance. In this way, it invented the myth of two Orthodoxies, one spiritually and morally compromised, new calendarist, masonic and modernistic, which it unfairly and libellously dubbed ‘Greek Orthodoxy’, and the other, faithful to the Orthodox Tradition, whose bastion is in Russia, for long inaccessible to the West, ironically protected by militant atheism. That did not prevent them from perverting Russian Orthodoxy on the fringes, among Westernized Russian emigres, corrupt individuals and politicized nationalists of all origins.

…Members of the Church Outside Russia

During the captivity of the Church inside Russia, unlike the politicized Pharisees who condemned and condemn the repentance of the fallen and forgiveness for them, the faithful of the Church Outside Russia, ROCOR, fulfilled our role and destiny of loyalty to the whole Russian Church. We waited for freedom inside Russia, so that we could play our role in the greater destiny of the whole Russian Church. When the faithful inside Russia had been taken hostage and underwent persecution from atheists and their spiritual twins the renovationists, we witnessed in freedom and in many languages, fighting for Christ spiritually against compromises and treachery. This meant isolation, mockery and even excommunication from those who had given themselves up to the spirit of this world, but we carried on despite them.

Now that the Church inside Russia is free, we can witness to Russian Orthodoxy worldwide, together with local representatives of the Church inside Russia. It means that at last we have a voice strong enough to make contact with those outside Russia who are our allies, an opening to those who have seen through the millennial Western myths, both those on high and among the humble. No longer can we be dismissed by the propaganda of the enemies of Christ as ‘schismatic’, ‘reactionary’ and ‘a tiny group of foreign immigrants who are dying out’. Such enemies now have to recognize us as a force to be reckoned with. From Europe to South-East Asia, from Australia to Latin America, from North America to Indonesia, ‘we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and into the Greeks foolishness (I Cor 1, 23).

…Orthodox Living in the Contemporary West

Today the neocons in Washington say like the post-Protestants they are, ‘as we are all saved but you are going to hell anyway, therefore we can destroy you’. Thus, they fantasize about launching a nuclear war against Russia and, in the words of one Nazi-sympathizing US general, ‘killing Russians’. Not only has Washington declared war on Russia, but so has its puppet elite in several EU and other countries, all fanatical vassals of the neocons. However, not all Europeans by far agree with the neocon elites. There are still patriotic Europeans who seek Christ and oppose the aggressive and hubristic anti-Christian Western elite. They look to a Europe which does not invade other countries and start wars, but only fights to defend itself and others against Western aggression and opposes Eurosodom. That Europe is called Russia.

In this sense, ‘Russia’ is not a country or a state or a nationality, but a spirit and a civilization, indeed, the centre of Orthodox Christian civilization. This is the centre which after a generation is raising itself up from the ruination of Western-imposed materialism into the alternative Europe, the Europe which is opposed to the post-Christian world and its anti-values. And that and that alone is why the neocons have declared war on the Church of God. They have declared war on those who love Christ and therefore propose a unity different from theirs, a Eurasian unity from Lisbon to Vladivostok, a unity of sovereignty and freedom, a unity in Christ. The neocons created an ‘Arab Spring’, a movement of terror, bloodshed and destruction. We propose a ‘European Spring’, a Spring of Christianity and Civilization.

The Origin of Pan-Demon-Ium

We have come from afar, from Athelney and Ekaterinburg, from the tenth century and from White Russia.

‘The argument here is not that the eleventh century invented these distinctions (between the secular and the ecclesiastical), but it made them fundamental to European society and culture, for the first time and permanently. Since this was the foundation on which European civilization has been constructed, it is not easy for Europe’s children to remember that it might have been otherwise’.

The First European Revolution, c. 970-1215, R.I Moore, p. 12

The Year 1000 and the Old Feudalism

The result of revolutionary changes, the Western Schism marks a radical departure from the first 1000 years of Western history A.D. and from every other world civilization. But can it be dated? When did the West, made ‘eccentric’ by its invention of secularism, break away from the rest of Eurasia and above all from the Church? In one sense, the Western Schism cannot be dated because it is a process and is still ongoing. The West is still falling away from the Church and so from Christianity, as the vestiges of the Church and Orthodoxy that it has held on to for a thousand years are ever more decomposing and disintegrating. This we can see, for example, in its recent global releasing of all the demons of hell called ‘shock and awe’, that is, the planetary spreading of Pan-Demon-Ium in violent unrest and wars, its recent approval as ‘a Western value’ of single-sex ‘marriage’ and the latest anti-Christian crusade of the new Teutonic Knights against the Ukraine. True, the Schism has proceeded at varying speeds and with a varying geography, with the ever-present possibility of repenting and returning, though made ever more difficult by the now inherent paganism of Western culture. However, there remain two questions, Can we speak of the beginning of this process of Schism? And why do we refer to the date of 1054?

1054 marks the date of a single event which was a turning-point in the breaking away, but still only the end-point of the actual process of breaking away. In other words, it marked the beginning of the acceleration of a new period characterized by clear anti-Christian aggression towards the peripheries of Western Continental Europe, to Southern Italy, Sicily, Spain, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Southern France, and then to the Near East. 150 years later this led directly to the sack of the European Christian Capital in New Rome by the barbarian ‘crusaders’ in 1204 and then to the Teutonic crusades against Russia. However, if 1054 is followed by several significant dates, it is also preceded by a host of other dates which illustrate how and when the West fell away from the old order, making the Schism of 1054 inevitable. Academic study after academic study (1) confirms that the event of 1054 is simply the central point of a chain of events between about 900 and about 1200, with the Schism being actively prepared from about the Year 1000 in ‘the crisis of the 11th century’ (2). And by far the most important physical manifestation of the spirit of the Schism, that is, of the theology of the filioque, is the invention of a thoroughly anti-Christian social order called Feudalism – the ultimate pyramid scheme and protection racket.

Thus, the beginning of the Schism can be determined by the physical manifestations of Feudalism – the appearance of an order and institutions which simply do not exist in Christian (= Non-Feudal, Pre-Feudal, Orthodox) civilization, whose development accelerated enormously in the West after about 1050. The clear chain of events involved is: the clearly anti-Christian and much hated wave of castle-building started in about 950 by ‘lords’, that is racketeers and extortioners; the ‘knightmare’ appearance in about 1000 in these ‘castles’ of mounted, mail-clad thugs and marauders called ‘knights’ (= servants) who exercised a legalized reign of terror to enslave, extort and plunder, but who themselves were vassals of their lords; the ensuing militarization of the countryside in order to enforce serfdom (enslavement or ‘feudalism’), whereby peasant freedom was crushed and they were made dependent on the warrior households in the castles and herded into concentration camp villages; the leading role in all this of the now feudalized (theologically speaking, filioquized) Western Church, which had become a Westernized Church, that is, a Super-State, Institution and so Religion, and the rejection of this from about 1020 on by people who were called heretics.

The Feudal Schism

Thus, according to all the studies (1), the vocabulary of Feudalism appears between 950 and 1100, especially around 1000, castle-building and feudal attitudes increased enormously from the year 1000; the first stage in the process of enslavement or enserfment opened between 997 and 1038; the unity of the Church in East and West began to break up after 1000; from the 1020s and 1030s Christ was more and more portrayed on the Cross as a dead man, that is, in His human nature separated from His Divine nature; the lives of saints were falsified and in fact paganized after 1028; campaigns of military aggression began in 1030; ‘a new time’ began after 1033; there occurred in c. 1045 the first known case of stigmata with Peter Damian; cardinals were first introduced in 1050; the Pope first blessed bloodshed in battle in 1051. All of this is summed up in the words: ‘It is at the end of the tenth century that a very ancient social fabric begins to fall apart, and there was an end in Western Europe, or the beginning of an end, of the dominance of a very ancient mode of production’ (3).

There is no clearer example than pre-Norman England, which lay outside and free of the initial process of social, economic, moral and spiritual decomposition and disorder, or ‘Feudalism’, as it is now called. This had begun as such in what is now northern France, between the Loire and the Rhine. Thus, the first castles in England appeared in 1050, erected on the orders of the treacherous, half-Norman King Edward (later called ‘the Confessor’ by the Norman invaders) by foreigners whom Edward had invited into England. However, the foreigners who built the castles were chased out of the country by English patriots. Slave-done castle-building began again only with the papally-blessed genocide by the Norman occupiers of 1066, who introduced Feudalism and enserfment – previously completely unknown in England or anywhere else in the British Isles and Ireland. The Normans set up what is known as ‘the British Establishment’, which is a mafia, whose foundation is Feudalism, the supreme protection racket. Even today, the British Establishment is known for its perversions and pedophilia, having 950 years ago assassinated the King and then massacred, dispossessed or exiled the whole native English ruling class.

As we can see, from about the Year 1000, it is clear that Christianity in Western Europe was displaced by another system of belief, which, however, did retain vestiges of Christianity. Those vestiges were particularly important among the people, but much destroyed among the fundamentally atheist elite; as they say, ‘a fish rots from the head’. Thus, we should distinguish very carefully between ideologies which justified plunder and barbarity and hid behind ‘religion’ in self-justification, and the ‘natives’, the local Christian people, who like the later ‘Red Indians’ were and are the first victims of institutionalized spiritual deprivation. We distinguish very carefully between Catholicism and Catholics, between the barbarian thugs of the Crusades and the Inquisition and their first victims. The latter came to be ‘Catholics’ but only because the real Church had been stolen from them and replaced by the all-powerful feudal elite with an anti-charismatic ersatz institution, a medieval con-trick, to which they were allowed no alternative.

The Year 2000 and the New Feudalism

The essence and foundation of the Western world is then in Feudalism: ‘Whatever the case, it (feudalism) is, whether we like it or not, the lasting foundation in Western Europe of a solid and complete political hierarchy. The state…can now despise or pretend to despise the submission of one man to another, a ritual fiction of an all-powerful paternity’ (4). What better description of Big Brother? So it is no surprise to see that nothing has changed today. Since about the year 2000 we have seen in the West another half-millennial turning point in the development of its Schism. 1,000 years after the rejection of Church Christianity by the Western elite and so its introduction of Feudalism and the secular principle, 500 years after the turning point of the ‘Reformation’, that is, the rejection of a great many of the vestiges which still restrained the development of modern secularism, we are now seeing a Second Reformation. This time it means the rejection of all the remaining underlying restraints inherited from the Church Christianity that was planted in the West in the first millennium. This means total paganization, including that of many instinctive, ‘natural’ values which only a few years ago were absolutely unquestioned.

Of course, the vocabulary has changed; God is called Profit; the Pope is called the US President; Western Christendom is called ‘the international community’; Europe is called the EU; castles are called military bases; cathedrals are called shopping centres (though the aisles are still called aisles); knights are called tanks; swords are called guns; catapults are called missiles; falcons are called drones; feudal lords are called oligarchs; enserfment is called work; plunder is called capitalism; farms are called offices; usurers are called bankers; merchants are called businessmen; slaves are called voters (and also plebs); heretics are called anti-political correct and are ‘pilloried’ and their characters ‘assassinated’; courtiers are called PR advisors; feudalism-justifying troubadours are called singers; jesters are called entertainers; magicians are called scientists.

All else is the same atheism, the same inward and ignoble Godlessness hiding behind noble words, the same arrogant terrorism and aggressive hubris, the same exploitative spirit and hostility to all others, the same dehumanizing, demonizing and supremely ignorant propaganda from William the Bastard to Goebbels and the US State Department, the same anti-people elitism and manipulations, whether in Western Europe or Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria or the Ukraine, whatever the camouflage made of outward pietism and sweet-worded sentimentalism. Above all, the plunder of the planet’s resources goes on, no longer masked by ‘spreading true religion’ and the excuse of ‘crusading’, but by the cries of ‘spreading freedom and democracy’ and the excuse of ‘bringing peace’, sowing Pan-Demon-Ium worldwide. This is none other than Neo-Feudalism. Until the Western world can think outside the feudal, filioque box into which it confined itself a thousand years ago, it will never escape its spiritual and so mental self-enslavement. And that can only happen when it returns to the Orthodox way of thinking and life.


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Is Today’s Orthodox World Post-Christian or Pre-Christian?

To assert that the Western world is post-Christian is self-evident – it says that about itself. However, from the point of view of the Church and the Orthodox World in general, the Western world has clearly been post-Christian ever since 1054. Not in the sense that there have been and still are individuals who, though outside communion with the Church, live by spiritual inspiration exemplary Christian lives, but in the sense that the whole Western world has been institutionally post-Christian ever since its schism with the Church.

Some may be shocked by this, but they should take thought. Anyone who can call a world which produces Feudalism, the Normans, the Crusades, the Inquisition, the ‘Wars of Religion’, worldwide evil and genocide in the Americas, Asia and Africa, World Wars I, Communism and Nazism, World War II, Belsen and Hiroshima, ‘Christian’, is either insanely illogical or simply insane. Only post-Christians, those lapsed from the Church, could have done such things. Thus, obviously the Western world has been post-Christian since the eleventh century.

However, what can we say of the Orthodox world? For nearly 100 years most of it has lived far from the Church, lapsing beneath atheist Capitalist or atheist Communist regimes. The Patriarchs of two Local Churches are today US-appointed and now the CIA is trying to destroy and divide the Serbian Church in the same way – and having some success.

Talks on preparing the proposed Inter-Orthodox Conference in summer 2016 are now being hampered because representatives of one of the Local Churches, on strict US orders, want approval of homosexuality. US meddling is also notable in the Church of the Czechs and Slovaks and in the Ukraine. The fall of some Orthodox representatives, bishops included, into such traps would suggest that the Orthodox world too is ‘post-Christian’. Is this true?

The attempt to destroy Orthodox Rus, which is what lies behind the current reckless adventurism of the West and NATO terrorism in the Ukraine, is here the litmus test. Western meddling activity in the Ukraine, well-rehearsed in destroying Yugoslavia in the 1990s when the Russian Federation was still ruled by judases, is running into trouble. First of all the people of the Crimea (stolen from Russia by the Western-supported, Ukrainian brute Khrushchev in 1954) have liberated themselves from the largely Uniat Kiev junta and returned to Russia by an overwhelming democratic vote for freedom by referendum.

The same is happening in Novorossiya (what the West likes to call ‘the eastern Ukraine’, but in fact a chunk of western Russia stolen from it by the Western-supported Tartar-German-Jewish brute Lenin in 1922). The same is happening in Carpatho-Russia (‘Transcarpathia’ in Kiev jargon), stolen from Czechoslovakia by the Western-supported Georgian brute Stalin in 1945.

We can only hope that the people of Malorossiya (central ‘Ukraine’) will also rise in revolt against the CIA junta and declare themselves an independent country like Belarus. This will only leave the real ‘Ukraine’, Uniat Galicia, stolen by Stalin from Poland in 1945, to return to Poland, or else to become a separate country which will provide colonial manpower for German factories, as it did between 1941 and 1945.

Of course the Western global elite, ever eager to get its greedy hands on Russia’s natural wealth, is attacking elsewhere, in Central Asia, in the Caucasus, in Moldova, in Belarus and in the Russian Federation itself. Here the assassination of Boris Nemtsov was a clear provocation, an attempt at ‘regime change’, just as the CIA successfully did in Kiev just over a year ago. The CIA is after all expert in overthrowing democratic governments, whether in Latin America, Asia or southern Europe.

It remain to be proved whether the CIA was directly involved in this assassination (as it was in the ‘Pussy Riot’ provocation) or whether this was the work of Muslims, outraged at Nemtsov’s open support for the anti-Muslim blasphemies of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. No-one has forgotten the million-strong demonstration against Charlie Hebdo in Grozny in Chechnia, supported by Muslims and Orthodox alike – all of which naturally went unreported by the CIA-directed Western media cartel.

Here I would like to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support of a great many Orthodox over the last month, as compared to the two isolated individuals of the ever more discredited British Establishment, one anonymous, who pathetically attacked my integrity. I have been heartened by the support of so many Orthodox of so many nationalities, especially Ukrainians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Greeks, Cypriots, Serbs and Russians.

They fully understand that the only way forward for the whole Orthodox world is the re-establishment and restoration of an Orthodox Tsar to protect all Orthodox worldwide against the atheist Western onslaught. Each Orthodox country must have its sovereignty and independence restored, escaping Eurotyranny and the US Fleet, beneath the protection of an Orthodox Emperor for the multinational Orthodox world.

In March 1917 the protection of the Orthodox world was given over to the Mother of God in her Reigning Icon. As we said above, the key question is now whether today’s Orthodox world is post-Christian or pre-Christian. If it is post-Christian, in other words, Westernized and secularized, then there is no hope. We can only wait to see the Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem and Antichrist enthroned, perhaps even within a matter of years.

If, on the other hand, the Orthodox world is pre-Christian, in other words it still has the potential to abandon its Halfodoxy and return to the living fullness of Orthodoxy, then there is hope and the conditional prophecies of so many Orthodox saints, from St Seraphim of Sarov to St Paisius the Athonite, will be realized.

Russia’s role as an Orthodox nation (as a Communist or Capitalist nation, it has no role whatsoever except as a Western colony) is to defy the US and its EU vassal. When Russian Orthodoxy calls on other peoples to work together with it, She is not trying to impose Her way of life, language, tastes and traditions on others (sadly, both the pre-1917 Westernized elite of the Russian Empire and the Soviet nomenklatura did that). Russian Orthodoxy is simply inviting us to walk together with Her in the same direction – towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

That of course only earns us the hatred of Satan and all his minions, some of whom are conscious, some of whom are simply deluded. Some at least in the Western world have understood that Russia is now its only and last hope of salvation. Because if we do not walk with Russian Orthodoxy and instead choose the US/EU option, then we shall be renouncing the Kingdom of Heaven. Let the fifth columnists in all the Local Churches, including in the Russian Church, the placemen of Washington and Brussels – they know who they are and we know who they are – be warned.

The War on the Church and the Revolt of the Hobbits

The first war on the Body of Christ began with the Birth of Christ, His Flight into Egypt, the Slaughter of the Innocents and the rest of Christ’s Life on earth. This culminated in the Crucifixion of the actual Body of Christ in Jerusalem and then His Resurrection some two thousand years ago. This first war continued with three centuries of martyrdom and direct persecution of the Body of Christ, the Orthodox Christian Church. The second war on the Body of Christ began in Western Continental Europe some thousand years ago during the course of the eleventh century. This entailed the final apostasy from the Orthodox Christian Church of the barbaric Frankish elite of Western Europe and their delusional substitution of a false ‘Church’ and a false ‘Christianity’ for the real Church and real Christianity.

In this way, this elite dragged its subject peoples away from the authentic Church and Christianity. It literally enslaved them to their mafia protection racket – filioquist feudalism and the delusion of the substitute ‘Church’ under its control. Thus, like all the other Western lands which one by one fell away from the Church under the Frankish conquistadors, England became a conquest state. Indeed, since the first occupation by the bandit Conqueror in 1066 and his genocidal introduction of feudalism, the people have been overlaid and enslaved by an alien Establishment and the whole country has gradually degenerated into pagan Britain. The most recent alien waves of occupation, those that began in 1942 and 1973, now pose the question if the remaining vestiges of England can survive at all.

Those last vestiges of England, much in retreat and now to be found mainly only in the remoter places, can only survive if they are reintegrated into Church values after nigh on a thousand years of separation. Alarmed by this possibility, the British Establishment elite, as is its wont, has tried to take over the Church, to infiltrate it with its nationalistic, ‘British’ Establishment representatives, its calendar, spiritual and moral compromises and secularism, removing Her from the control of the spiritually free abroad. The corrupted Establishment elite wants to castrate the Church, to give Her a ‘nice, polite’ exterior and polish, but to spiritually deaden Her from inside, so incorporating Her into its lapsed Establishment self. However, despite all the attempts to suppress the Church and the people, we are still here.

The still Frankish elite sneeringly calls all attempts to bring the ordinary people back to the values of the Church ‘populism’. However, populism is crowd-pleasing, seeking to please the majority, whereas we are a minority who do not seek to please the masses, but to express the Truth, which is so hated by the elite. We grew up in the West with the essential values of the vestiges inherited from our forbears, we tried to understand them and worked out their consequences through prayer, study and travel. We followed history back to understand how the Frankish elite had westernized the West and we renounced the results of that Westernization, having received the great revelation – that the True West is identical with the Church and so understanding why the world is in its present catastrophic situation.

Today we are suffering the third war on the Body of Christ, the Church. This is not a war against one minority part of the Church, as in Western Europe one thousand years ago, it is total war against the whole Church on earth. Orthodox Christians in Syria, the Holy Land, Africa, Istanbul, in the Local Churches in Greece, Albania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Georgia are all under attack at the same time. Now too the Russian Church is being attacked not only in the Ukraine, but now also in Moldova, Belarus and Russia itself. But Russia, Syria, Greece, Cyprus and others are preparing an alliance, ignoring the ‘Orthodox’ apostates and hirelings who have been bribed and blackmailed into becoming puppets of the neo-Frankish neocons and their Satanic master.

Their military arm, NATO, once justified its existence as a counterbalance to the Warsaw Pact – just as its political arm, the EU, opposed COMECON. So why do they still exist when the Warsaw Pact and COMECON were long ago dissolved? Why does a ‘North Atlantic’ organization terrorize Yugoslavia, the foothills of the Himalayas and now the Ukraine? Under its cloak, the militarization of Europe is under way, more spending on more offence (‘defence’) is being urged by the neo-Frankish elite, the neocons in Washington. So they summon up a demonized fantasy bogeyman, President Putin, for their new Cold War, designed to increase the profits of their military-industrial complex. This hubristic elite is now flooding all of Eastern Europe with its propaganda, troops, tanks, arms and instructors.

The elite wants to create ever more ‘shock and awe’, its euphemism for its State terrorism and genocidal chaos, as we have seen in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. However, the ‘hobbit peoples’ of Europe are in revolt. We, the faithful Orthodox and peasants of Europe, reject the filioque yoke of the neo-feudal elite. We choose freedom and the Church, Whose Truth has set us free. Among the neo-Frankish elite religion may be everywhere, but faith among them is utterly absent. However, we have Faith and they can never take that away from us. That is why they hate us. But we already have our places to go to in readiness for the persecution and are prepared for the great day. We believe and we know that eventually the Shire will conquer Mordor through the Church of God.

The Post-Soviet State and Holy Rus

Russian people have ceased to understand what Rus is;
it is the footstool of the throne of the Lord.
St John of Kronstadt

Introduction: Protection

On 17 July 2014, the 96th anniversary of the entry into heaven of the Russian Royal Family, on orders from Washington an attempt was made by two Kiev junta fighters to shoot down the aeroplane of President Putin, which was then flying over the eastern Ukraine. They failed, mistaking a Malaysian Airlines jet for his plane. They had tragically murdered nearly 300 innocent people on board Flight MH17, a foretaste of the thousands and thousands of Ukrainian citizens the CIA-installed junta was about to murder. What did all this mean?

It meant that the repentant President Putin, once a lowly KGB operative and today a politician who grew up in the Soviet era, is being protected. We know that if the dark forces which control the Western world have their way, there will be a war, a war such as the world has never seen, the Last War. Whatever we may think of President Putin, and he is supported by most Orthodox though only as a lesser evil, it is clear that at present power in the Russian Federation has to pass through him in order to get where we want to get. And where is that?

The Real

Today, a majority of Russian Orthodox still live in a post-Soviet State, not in Orthodox Rus, let alone Holy Rus. True, unlike in the West, at least the direction which the Russian Federation has taken is right. But there is very far to go in a country where fewer than 5% of people really practise Orthodoxy. How and when will we know when the post-Soviet State and its post-Soviet people have become more than nominal Russian Orthodox, that they have become an Orthodox people living in an Orthodox State? It is:

When abortion hardly exists. Although the abortion rate in the Russian Federation has gone down nearly sevenfold in the last twenty-five years since the fall of the atheist Soviet State, it is still nearly double even the very high rates of Western countries like the UK and France.
When corruption stops everywhere. For example, we know that at least one half of a per cent of British police are corrupt and that percentage is higher in countries like France and Italy, but the percentage of Russian police who are corrupt is much higher. We know that in the UK, for instance, there is a large amount of corruption in the political and business world, not least through freemasonry and other ‘clubs’. But what of government officials, businessmen and tradesmen in Russia? Corruption among them is rife. If they were real Orthodox and not nominal Orthodox, as many are, they would not be corrupt.

When alcoholism falls well below the high Western levels.

When divorce hardly exists, falling well below the high Western levels.

When Orthodoxy ceases to be a mere ideological excuse swapped for Communist ideology.

When the statues and place named after the blood-sucking Lenin (together with his mouldering corpse), Stalin and their henchmen have all disappeared.
When the Russian State stops adopting and imitating Western laws and its people stop imitating Western dress.

When there are no more Russian internet brides because Russian women want to stay in Russia.

When health and education in the Russian Federation are largely Church-run.
When the handicapped in the Russian Federation are looked after and respected.

When 100,000 churches have been built and are open, that is, triple the present number.

When people stop substituting mere Russian nationalism and its imperialistic centralization for the multinational idea of Rus and so large-scale missionary work takes place outside the lands traditionally associated with Rus and Rus becomes truly global.

When people understand that if Russia is ever to be the Third Rome, it must also be the Second Jerusalem.

How long will all this take? It took three generations to destroy even pre-Revolutionary Russia. Will it then take three generations, that is two more generations, to reach what is better than that? And it must be better, for if we return only to that, there will simply be another Revolution.

The Ideal

If all the above has been done, and it is a colossal and unlikely IF on which the future of the whole planet depends, then the people will at least be ready for the restoration of a real Tsar, to whom the Mother of God will return the power entrusted to Her on 2 March 1917, after the Russian people had fallen into apostasy and rejected their God-anointed Tsar.

Then will be fulfilled the prophecy of Elder Philotheus that all Orthodox will gather round and join the Centre of the Orthosphere, one eighth of the world, the Tsardom of Rus. It is already clear that even now the Orthodox who are the most devout are closest to Rus and the Church and Patriarch of Rus. This has nothing to do with some sort of nationalism, as some misunderstand, it is to do with faithfulness to the Incarnational ideals of (Orthodox) Christianity. Those who have lapsed by calendar or custom, allowing themselves to become worldly, Westernized or Catholicized and tried to make the Church into a mere intellectual speculation through their ‘theology’, stand furthest away from Rus, even denying Her, apostate Russians among them.

But those who have kept faithfulness to Orthodoxy, in Jerusalem and on Mt Athos, in the Churches of Serbia, Poland, Georgia and in many places elsewhere throughout the world, from Alaska to Australia, from Argentina to Austria, are closest to Rus. Russian Orthodox Civilization and those of all nationalities who are allied with this, can alone bring Christ to a world that has fallen away and not be conquered by it, falling away from piety into indifference. Geographically, Rus is everywhere, all over the planet, wherever there is faithfulness to the Church of Christ, wherever there is spiritual victory over Satan.

In the early 1970s sectarian ROCOR emigres in London misinformed me that Tsar Nicholas was merely a symbol of their narrow Russian nationalism. At the same time anti-ROCOR Russian emigres in Oxford misinformed me that Tsar Nicholas had been a bad Tsar and that they had been happy to overthrow him. However, in 1976, on learning that I was Russian Orthodox, a Romanian Orthodox nun whispered to me that all the difficulties of her country were due to the fact that Russians had overthrown the Tsar of all the Orthodox. She was right; Russian irresponsibility and apostasy has led to every single disaster in the Orthodox world since then. Now it is time to be responsible again, to free what has been enslaved and restore what has been lost, to return to the Father’s house, ‘the footstool of the throne of the Lord’.


As Russian Orthodox, our ideal has always been and will always be Holy Rus, that is, the Gospel incarnate as the life in Christ, heaven on earth. Whenever the vision of the life in Christ incarnate, Holy Rus, has been lost, the way has been lost. This was the case outside the territory of the former Russian Empire, for example, among politicized and nationalistic members of the Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) who had misunderstood and thought that our enemy (militant atheism) was their enemy (but the CIA enemy was actually Holy Rus itself, as they have now declared). It was also the case inside the territory of the former Russian Empire, for example, in the pre-Revolutionary Russian Empire itself, where the elite was mainly corrupted, in the atheist-run Soviet Union and its corrupt appointees among Church ‘representatives’ including outside Russia, or in the present-day Russian Federation among the nominal and nationalistic who confuse the Church with Stalin.

In ROCOR, the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus, a Carpatho-Russian from the foothills of the Carpathians in Slovakia, constantly spoke of ‘the purity of Holy Orthodoxy’ and ‘our ideals of Holy Rus’. It is our task to present to the world those ideals which he preached and lived and which we share. In Fatima in 1917 the Mother of God called on the Western world to repent for the evil of Western atheism that it had spread to Russia. The West did not listen then and mostly has not been listening since. However, in the face of current events, in by far the most dangerous situation the world has seen since 1962, when the USA admitted defeat and withdrew its nuclear missiles from near Soviet borders in Turkey and the Soviet Union did likewise in Cuba, at least some in the Western world may at last be listening.

Last Chance for Europe

‘The countries which today so criticize Russia are in fact trying to deprive Russia of her traditions, memory and territorial logic. It is commonly said that in order to control and deceive peoples and countries with impunity, they must first be deprived of their memory and hope. In my view, such games will end badly – above all for those who play them. Everyone will become the same and lose their initiative, particularities and individual roots, all for the sake of a few international slogans. And, if I may put it like this, they want to ‘sloganize’ Russia. Fortunately, Russia has a solid Slav foundation. And I consider that in defending its independence, Russia is at the same time defending our independence too’.
Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon-Parme

The Western world is isolated. Although it likes to call itself ‘the international community’, it is no such thing. Indeed, even the phrase ‘the Western world’ is inappropriate because a great many Western people are wholly opposed to the policies of ‘the Western world’. In fact ‘the Western world’ is not a geographical construct, but an ideological one. The phrase ‘the USA’ is also totally inappropriate, since many Americans are thoroughly opposed to today’s ‘Western world’, not least native Americans. In fact, by ‘the Western world’ we are talking about a small but immensely powerful global elite which controls the politics, economies and media of ‘Western countries’, despite their peoples, and wants hegemony over the whole world. But what does even the phrase ‘Western countries’ mean?

Today the phrase ‘Western countries’ means the elite of the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most EU countries. This elite also has agents in other countries, sometimes though by no means always Jews, such as Petro Poroshenko (real name, Waltzman) and Igor Kolomoysky in the Ukraine or the vilely murdered Boris Nemtsov in Russia. Here we immediately affirm that we utterly detest all anti-semitism and resolutely stand in defence of ordinary Jews who have suffered so much in history, pointing out that Western elite Jews are not Jews at all in the historic or religious sense, but uprooted Zionists. And the difference between a Zionist and a Jew is as huge as that between a neocon bankster and the average US citizen struggling to avoid foreclosure or between a Brussels bureaucrat and the average EU citizen struggling to pay bills.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union a generation ago, this hubristic Western elite has embarked on its ambitious ‘New World Order’ campaign to acquire worldwide hegemony. As regards Eurasia, the Western elite has since 1945 controlled the vassal archipelagos at either end of Eurasian Continent – Japan and the British Isles. Thus, as regards Great Britain, the US elite first dismantled its Empire in order to build a US Empire in its place, then it forced it to join the future European Union. It has recently strongly objected to any attempt by the British people to liberate itself by referendum from EU slavery, has strongly objected to the desire of many Scots to liberate themselves from the tyranny of London and has recently protested at any attempt to reduce defence (= offence) spending, since the British armed forces are in fact only ‘partner’ forces under US orders. The UK is in fact just a US aircraft carrier off the coast of Western Europe.

The US elite has used the elites of both the UK and Japan against the national interests of their subject populations to penetrate further into the Eurasian mainland, whether into Siberia, in the US-encouraged and British-financed anti-Russian war of 1904-5 and in the 1950s in Korea, or into Western Europe. Indeed, since the US invasion of Western Europe in 1944 (carried out in order to prevent the Red Army arriving on the shores of the Atlantic), the US elite has been trying to control the Western tip of Europe, penetrating ever more eastwards since 1989, using the puppet EU as its Trojan Horse. However, there are now active forces in the EU, which are at last awake and are opposing vassalization. Curiously, these forces belong politically to both left and right.

Thus, mainly in southern or ex-Catholic Europe, in Spain, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland – we can see left-wing movements resisting US colonization. On the other hand, mainly in northern or ex-Protestant Europe, in England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, we can see right-wing movements resisting US colonization. Why this difference between left and right? It all depends on their local history since 1945. By and large, in countries where oppressive right-wing ideologies have been in power, resistance comes from the left. By and large, in countries where oppressive left-wing ideologies have been in power, resistance comes from the right.

In a similar way, in recently colonized Central and Eastern Europe, there is increasing nostalgia for Communism, oppressive, but everyone had a job and a dwelling, there was little crime or insecurity, there was free education and medical care and the young were not forced to leave their homes and families to emigrate in order to find work. Here, where US vassalization has gone further, including in Non-EU countries, with American ministers appointed in Georgia, Estonia and the Ukraine, the US takeover of the media in Serbia, CIA torture camps in several Eastern European countries such as Lithuania, US or EU political appointees in Sweden, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria and Montenegro, generously-financed US regime-change agents in the Ukraine, Armenia and Turkmenistan, resistance is also growing. The adoption of Wild West capitalism and mafia politics, the law of the jungle where there is no social justice, has not brought happiness.

On the left-wing of resistance and sovereignty stand thinkers and politicians like the Americans Noam Chomsky and Paul Craig Roberts, the Canadian Naomi Klein, in Germany Gregor Gysi, in Scotland Alex Salmond, in Czechia Milosh Zeman, in Greece the leaders of Syriza and in Spain of Podemos. On the right wing of resistance and sovereignty stand thinkers and politicians like Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan in the USA, Philippe de Villiers, Marine Le Pen, Alain de Benoist and the late Dominique Venner in France, Nigel Farage in England and Viktor Orban in Hungary. Whatever we think of their politics or personal eccentricities and however much we may disagree with them, they at least all stand united in their opposition to the one size fits all globalization of the elite and against the post-modernist neocon ‘war against all who disagree with us’.

The more spiritually sensitive European resistance workers are beginning to realize that only the return to European roots, ultimately to the European Tradition of the first millennium, can act as the antidote to the ‘Western’ elite, with its EU totalitarian ‘liberalism’ and NATO military hysteria, which have both been artificially created by the neocon warmongers of Washington. The Brave New World of the New World Order which the elite has sought to create for a generation is nothing but the justification for its own greed and depravity. And that is precisely what all the saints of Jerusalem and Rome, Greece and Italy, Egypt and Syria, Gaul and Ireland, Wales and England, Bulgaria and Serbia, Russia and Romania have always fought against – greed and depravity.

However, having infiltrated and largely vassalized the Western tip of Eurasia, the real aim of the elite is to go much further. It is to acquire control over the huge natural riches of what the geopoliticians call ‘the heartland’, that is, northern Eurasia, which stretches half-way around the world – the Russian Federation, over one eighth of the planet’s land mass. As a result, the Russian Federation is trying to create friends all around its frontiers, forming the Eurasian Economic Union, creating alliances with China, Syria, Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, and also further afield, with Latin America and Africa. It wishes to create a network on its periphery, a global alliance of sovereign nations which believe that their civilizations and traditions, their national cultures and identities, are more important than the Western elite’s idols of the US dollar and the ‘freedom’ to be greedy and depraved. As Nigel Farage, who comes from the land of Thatcherite monetarism, bravely said: ‘Some things are more important than money.’

All of this would be mere politics and therefore have little place on this website if it were not for one vital fact. Standing far beyond the petty interests of provincial and narrow-minded Russian nationalists, the multinational Russian Federation is by far the largest Orthodox Christian country in the world, sole heir to the Christian Roman Empire. Although its spiritual rebirth is only beginning and is still being held back by the weight of the recent past and has far to go, its positive direction, unlike that of the Western world, is clear. Russia’s destiny as the Third Rome of the Last Times, the last Christian Empire, is to rebalance a divided and tormented planet, to resist Satan in the last times though the traditional values which it is now recovering after the three generations of the demonic possession of Western-imposed atheism. And those values are love, mercy, non-acquisition, personal righteousness, social justice, generosity, hospitality and self-sacrifice.

For this reason, healthy spiritual forces in the Western world, as elsewhere outside it, today defend the Russia which is being reborn and also seek her support. Europe in particular stands at the crossroads. Is Europe to survive or not? After more than three generations of Americanization on the one hand and more than one generation of Islamization on the other hand, can it survive? Only if it refers back to its roots in its historic identity in Christianity because the roots of all civilizations are in spiritual inspiration, in Faith. Any civilization which abandons its spiritual roots withers and dies. This is the inevitable law of history. To throw off the modern yoke of the idolatry of the dollar, the law of the jungle, and return to the truths of Galilee is the only way in which Europe can be saved.