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As we have noted many times over the last thirty years, every generation or 25 years since 1914 has seen a revolution: from August 1914 a world war, from September 1939 a new world war, from October 1964 a social revolution, from November 1989 the collapse of Communism, and perhaps, from December 2014, another new turning point. We think that this may well be the turning point between those who support ‘progressive Western liberal values’ and the rest of the world. Already 15 Western countries and over 16 States in the USA have introduced homosexual ‘marriage’, thus cutting themselves off from the values of the rest of the world and some 2,000 years of life before. 2014 may well be the year of the final, radical, destructive ‘liberal revolution’ that leads to full-blown Neo-Paganism.

It is not only that Western countries have fallen themselves, but above all they are trying to foist their fallenness on others, using political and economic bribery (not in China and India, of which they are frightened, nor in allied countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel). Wherever possible Brussels ‘recommends’ that its diplomatic missions take part in ‘gay parades’. How long before ‘recommends’ becomes ‘must, or you are fired?’ In the European ‘Parliament’, as it calls itself, a feminist Portuguese deputy, Edith Estrella, has put forward a resolution that pre-school children must have sex education. In Germany it already exists. One father there who rejected this for his daughter was sent to prison for one night. How long before that becomes one year? In France homosexual marriage and adoption was enforced by police violence. How long before it is enforced by the guillotine?

Moldovan politicians, having foolishly signed an association agreement with the EU, have now been forced to declare 25 December a public holiday (so the next stage will be to force the Church to abandon the Orthodox calendar, as happened in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria) and to hold obligatory gay parades. The Ukraine would have been next, but it chose freedom. Serbia and Georgia are struggling to resist. As for Armenia, it may well survive the tentacles of the EU by joining the Eurasian Union instead. As for Russia, the key to the Eurasian Union, it is castigated by the hypocritical Western media for protecting its children from homosexual propaganda. Why has, of all things, sexual orientation been chosen as the flagship of Western intolerance of once normal and once universal values?

It is because in the West ‘progress’ has been redefined as unlimited sexual freedom, that which existed in the sex slavery of Pagan Greece and Rome. But behind it there is the attempt to redefine the very fundamentals of civilisation, the elaboration of the new ideology of the New World Order, in fact, of Neo-Paganism. This means abandoning Christian morality, as the Communists tried, but failed to do in the early 1920s in the Soviet Union. The DeChristianisation of the West, obligatory Neo-Paganism, always so shocking to newly-arrived immigrants from Eastern Europe and Christian Africa, is indeed taking place under the slogan of globalisation – the introduction of the lowest common denominator worldwide.

In order to do this, all differences must be erased, including those between the sexes. There will be no states, no borders, no moral standards, according to Lennon’s imagination. In other words, the project is to create an economic order, in which nationless individuals like nomads will work and wander, without any loyalty to faith, tradition, history, nation and family, manipulated and zombified by the media. We Russian Orthodox are not trying to foist our values on the West, who have chosen their path, but are trying to assert our right to freedom to live and confess our own values against the aggressive intolerance of the West. In this we have many allies in the Western and Non-Western world. Together we can postpone the Apocalypse.

Metr Hilarion: On the Child Protection Laws in Russia and Church and State

An Extract from an AsiaNews Interview with Metr Hilarion of Volokolamsk:,-the-Pope,-China:-A-Conversation-with-Orthodox-Metropolitan-Hilarion-28880.html

AN: There is a law in vigor in Russia that prohibits “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations”, a law which has raised a lot of criticism. Do you believe that the country really needs this measure?

MH: I think that this law is not only necessary, but also that such laws should be adopted by other countries, in place of the rules which are launched today in the European Union on homosexual unions, which even give them the right to adopt children. I believe that this policy of Western governments is a suicidal policy, because under the conditions of the demographic crisis and destruction of the institution of the family, giving these privileges to homosexual unions means to signing the death sentence of a State, as well as a people.

AN: In what way?

MH: We are under the influence of secular ideology of consumerism in interpersonal relations, advertising, an educational system designed not to teach children to aspire to high moral values, but to free their basic instincts. Under the influence of all these circumstances, many European countries are going through a severe demographic crisis and the population is in sharp decline. This, from my point of view, it is a sign of deep spiritual sickness. If this disease is not cured, as for all diseases untreated, it will lead to death.

In this sense, I see Russia today as an example. The laws we are introducing, are directed precisely to the preservation of what we call ‘the gene pool’ of the nation, its ‘human potential’, so that there are strong families, with many children to inhabit the vastness of the Russian territory.

AN: Many accuse the Patriarchate of being too close to the Kremlin including many faithful. What is the church and state relationship in Russia today?

MH: I do not think many of our faithful are unhappy about our relationship with the State. It’s just the newspapers that sometimes write about this. The last time I was in England, the BBC asked in an interview if I thought that relations between our Church with the Kremlin were too close. I replied that in Russia relations between the State and the Church are a lot less close than in Britain, where the head of the Church and the bishops are appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Then they asked me, do you think that the same person should not be in power for too long? And I said that we have not yet had somebody is in power for 60 years in a row, like the Queen of England. But in spite of the British democratic traditions, my answers were censored and the interview was broadcast after they had been cut off.

Today the relations between church and state in Russia are based on two principles. The first is the principle of non-interference. The Russian Orthodox Church does not endorse any political party or none in particular. As it participates in society, the Church can make its own evaluation of a political program, or certain specific problems. But the Church does not participate in the management of the State nor politics. So neither does the State participate in the management of the Church, or interfere in the choice of bishops, the Patriarch, or any internal decision.

The second principle is that of collaboration between Church and State in matters of common interest. This are primarily ethical issues, such as population policies, family ethics, the problem of abandoned children and so many other issues on which there is ample space for our cooperation.