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Towards the Post-Western New World Order

Since the dissolution of the failed Marxist experiment of the Soviet Union in the last days of 1991, the US elite has had its quarter of a century of fame. As ‘the only Super-Power’, it barged its way into the internal affairs of many countries, creating havoc either directly or through its NATO terrorist wing, in ex-Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, the Ukraine, Syria and the Yemen, or else economically and politically. In a word, the slogan ‘let’s bomb them back into the Stone Age’ went to the heads of the neocon elite, infected by the hubris of the absurd ideology of dependence called ‘The West is Best’ with its power craze for universal control.

Now the whole world has seen the results of its terroristic ‘we shall bomb them into democracy’, as today in Mosul. With seventy years of CIA ‘regime changes’, corrupt puppet regimes and rigged elections, in Latin America, Asia and all over Western Europe, especially in Italy, France and Eastern Europe, and its recent history of hacking into other countries’ computer systems, the world has seen its double standards and spiritual and moral bankruptcy. Many are now abandoning the Western fantasy, recognizing that different countries have different identities and need independence from the ‘one size fits all’ West. In other words, we are moving to a post-Western New World Order.

Here there is a challenge for the neocon-founded European Union especially. Deserted by the Brexit British and by the new American administration, which praises Brexit and sees the EU and Cold War vestige NATO as urgently needing reform, and rejected by hundreds of millions of Europeans, the old EU elite will have to abandon its neocon New World Order, launched by Bush Senior a generation ago. This was invented, as explained by the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, at the International Security Conference in Munich last weekend, by an elite group of Western States in order for them to dominate the rest of the world, to create dependent vassal nations worldwide.

In other words, the present new Cold War, aggressively launched by transnational arms merchants and failed ideologues like Clinton, Blair, Bush and Obama, just like the old Cold War, must come to an end. A bankrupt United States and puppet European Union simply cannot afford the bloody games and arrogant meddling of yesterday’s men. Not so much peace at any price, but peace for economic and human survival. The terroristic, anti-international neocon class and its paid media hacks, ironically calling themselves ‘the international community’, is being forced to opt for peace, freedom and justice. This is the post-Western New World Order. We welcome it.

Archbishop Mark is Relieved as Ruling Bishop of the Diocese of the British Isles and Ireland of the Church Outside Russia

On 8 December 2016 the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia finally relieved Archbishop Mark as ruling bishop of the Diocese of the British Isles and Ireland. In his letter, which he asked to be circulated, Archbishop Mark asked forgiveness of all for what he had said and done over the years that had hurt and aggravated his flock. He particularly regretted that his lack of pastoral oversight made two monastic communities in England turn their backs on him.

The First Hierarch of the Church, the Most Reverend Metropolitan Hilarion, is for the moment the new ruling bishop. The Diocese thus becomes stavropegic, as it had requested, and thus begins a new and dynamic period in its life.

President Putin and the Empire

The Empire’s debt casino is unsustainable and the ruling oligarchy sees war as the only way to salvage their hegemony

by Sergey Glazyev

Originally appeared on Lenta.ru.

The author is a prominent economist, advisor to the Russian President on regional economic integration, and the mind behind the Eurasian Economic Union

Is there any reason to expect the lifting of American sanctions?
The sanctions are an element of the hybrid war that the US is waging against us. They are doing this not because they do not like Russia’s ‘annexation’ of the Crimea, but because of the objective and subjective interests of the American establishment.

The US is losing its hegemony: it is already producing fewer products and exporting fewer technologies than China. China is also catching up with America in the number of scientists and engineers, and many innovative Chinese technologies are capturing world markets. China’s development rate is five times that of the US. The international system of economic entities recently set up in China exemplify the new world economic order.

The economic entities that dominate in the US, serving a financial oligarchy, have destabilized the American monetary and financial system, which defaults about twice a year. The causes of the global financial crisis of 2008 have not disappeared and the American debt bubble — financial pyramids composed of derivatives and the national debt —are still growing.

According to systems theory, this process cannot continue indefinitely. The American oligarchy is desperate to get rid of its debt burden, which is why it is conducting a hybrid war, not only against Russia, but against Europe and the Middle East.

As always happens in a changing world economic order, the country that is losing its leadership tries to unleash a world war for control over the periphery. Since Americans consider the former Soviet space to be their financial and economic periphery, they are trying to gain control over it.

The American political establishment has been brought up on the chimeras of nineteenth century geopoliticians. American students study basic English and German geopolitical ideas of that time in political science classes. The main question back then was how to ruin the Russian Empire, and they still look at the world through the eyes of the XIX century ‘hawks’, when Great Britain tried to save its hegemony in the First World War, then lost its colonial empire after the Second World War.

This is what American geopoliticians study in the State Department and the White House, continuing to look at the world through the prism of both the Cold War and British confrontations with Russia and Germany in the nineteenth century, and now the US is unleashing another world war.

The combination of the objective problems of the American financial oligarchy, and the strange mindset of American geopoliticians threatens a world conflict. This has nothing to do with the Crimea. Any reason will do.

We need to act in terms of the contradictions leading the US to an aggressive stance fraught with the risk of a hybrid war with the whole world. They have chosen Russia as their main objective, and the Ukraine, occupied by them, as their main means of destruction.
To survive under these conditions, maintain our sovereignty and develop our economy, we need to build a broad anti-military coalition, pursue our priority development strategy, recover our financial and economic sovereignty and pursue Eurasian integration.

To prevent war, we need to realize the president’s goal of a common development area from Lisbon to Vladivostok. It is very important to convince our European partners as well as our partners in the Far East and in the South that we need to cooperate, not by blackmailing or threatening them, but through mutually beneficial projects, joining our economic potential while respecting the sovereignty of each state.

Can we mend relations with the EU and how?

To mend cooperation with the European Union, we need to restore its sovereignty. The sight of European politicians among the crowd of Nazis at Euromaidan showed how much European political culture has degraded. The EU leaders are not independent; they are US puppets.

The American media dominate Europe’s political space, embedding anti-Russian chimeras into people’ consciousness, intimidating them with a so-called Russian threat. Their politicians are forced to go with the media line provided by Washington in order to win votes. This has lead to the catastrophe we are watching today in Brussels and other European cities, which are gripped with fear as governments fail to provide security.

Unfortunately, the sovereignty of Europe cannot be restored just by booting up social consciousness. The problems did not appear out of the blue; they are the result of the European political class abandoning its national interest. Europe is facing a very difficult period of transition, during which it is not yet a partner, but Washington’s shadow.

Europeans have lost their sense of direction. They live in a mosaic, a fragmentary world that has no shared relationships. But life will force them back to reality, and I believe that eventually European democratic traditions and humanism will prevail.

A Protestant and an Orthodox


James Hudson Taylor (1832 – 1905), born in Barnsley, was one of the foremost Protestant missionaries to China and spent 51 years in China, where he died. He was known for his sensitivity to Chinese culture and zeal for evangelism. He was able to preach in Mandarin, Chaozhou and the Wu dialects of Shanghai and Ningbo. He also wore native Chinese clothing. Primarily because of his campaign against the opium trade, Taylor has been referred to as one of the most significant Europeans to visit China in the 19th century. Preaching in Britain, he described a future national spiritual awakening in Russia:

“I saw a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recede then start again, actually being two wars. After this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings. In Russia I saw a general, all-encompassing national spiritual awakening, so great that there could never be another like it. From Russia I saw the awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the coming of Christ.”


Before the 1917 Revolution, a young aristocratic woman (later to become Mother Barbara, Abbess of the Church of St Mary Magdalen on the Mount of Olives under ROCOR) and her father visited a holy man, Fr Aristocles. He prophesied:

“Europe will be laid waste and Germany divided in two, France will just be nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Great Britain will lose her Empire and colonies and be on the verge of collapse. America will feed the world, but finally collapse.

An evil will soon befall Russia. Wherever this evil comes, rivers of blood will flow. It is not of the Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is a spirit from hell. Finally, Russia will be free… from out of Russia believers will go forth and turn many nations to God.”

A Warning from Future History

From ‘The World since the Fall of the Berlin Wall’ (1989-2039)

Chapter 12

The Proposed Third World War and the Ukraine

Although it is only twenty-five years ago, 2014 still seems like a century away to those of the present generation. Incredible though it now appears, by 2014 extremist elements in the political and military-industrial complex in the US and the rest of the Anglosphere (UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and their puppets in the European Union were minded to start a Third World War and were even prepared to use nuclear arms. If these extremists could have had their way, this would have entailed all the inevitable human blood sacrifices of any War, which are so delightful to Satan. If moderates had been unable to control the aggression of those who wanted to start such a War, they would open it with an anti-Christian war, a new Teutonic Crusade, in the Ukraine, which the elite had already designated as a battleground between good and evil, Christendom and Satanism, Orthodoxy and the West. Why would this War be started precisely in the Ukraine, and not on alternative battlefields in the Middle East and China?

In order to understand this, we have to remember that a small part of eastern Poland (then called the western Ukraine) was Uniat and schismatic, that is, outside Holy Rus on account of its spiritual degeneration or nationalism. Therefore the rest of the then Ukraine had to be tested. Was it really Russian Orthodox, or was it merely like the Uniat and schismatic part, observing outward rituals disguising inward decay? In any case, from the Western viewpoint, the international Russian Orthodox Church had at all costs to be destroyed as a spiritual entity, divided into dissident sects and reduced to irrelevant folklore and nationalism, like the CIA-approved new calendarist Local Orthodox Churches and their old calendarist sects, or, even better, like the inherently culturally enslaved Protestant and Catholic churches. The Russian Church was the centre of resistance to Western exploitation of resources, the last barrier to global hegemony and the object of revenge for many, since her defeat of the earlier Western forerunners of Antichrist, Napoleon and Hitler.

Satanism and the Ukraine

Now Satanism is always accompanied by human sacrifice. This had already been seen in the bloodbaths of the First and Second World Wars in the first half of the last century and in the abortion holocaust which followed them. And the sure sign that Satanism was present in the Ukraine could be seen in the seizure and destruction of churches and human sacrifices and atrocities, including torture, mass murder and even crucifixion, organized by the Fascist regime in Kiev. Thus, already by the autumn of 2014 thousands of Ukrainians and an airliner full of Western civilians, had been sacrificed on the altar of Western secularism, not only in the eastern Ukraine, but also in the north and the south of the country, in Kharkov and Odessa. US tanks and troops were by then pouring into Poland, Romania and the Baltics.

The scene was being set by the hawks standing behind the US frontman Obama, the winner of the CIA-financed Nobel peace prize. By 2014 the Euroatlantic coalition, run by Washington ever since its occupation of Western Europe in 1944 and Eastern Europe after 1988, represented only a declining 10% of the world population and was facing bankruptcy. For the Euroatlantic elite a war, if possible a World War, seemed the obvious solution to its internal problems. By its actions in the Ukraine, the coalition, which pretentiously styled itself ‘the international community’, had isolated itself from the rest of the world. Thus, in the face of Western aggression, Russia had already turned east, tightening its bonds with China. With the whole of Eurasia set against Western aggression, the coalition therefore began provoking China.

Satanism and the USA

Satanism had been apparent in the very foundation of the USA at the hands of dissident republican and atheist Europeans. It could be seen in the slavery present there from the start and in the blood sacrifice of millions of its slaughtered native peoples, carried out at the hands of those ruled by masons. Immediately after the further ruinous bloodletting of the American Civil War and the North’s barbaric conquest of the South, there began the USA’s international campaign of imperialism. This entailed dividing other lands and peoples all over the world by destabilization, creating internal chaos in order then to rule over them through terroristic wars of intervention in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’ – as in Yugoslavia.

Whether through political cunning or huge bribes made in order to corrupt members of local political and media elites (English-speaking puppets), whether through massive artillery bombardments or carpet bombing, whether through co-ordinating revolutions (as the British government had done in Russia in 1917) or systematically organizing political chaos through social media (as the US had done in many Arab countries and then in the Ukraine in early 2014), whether through the use of atomic weapons or simply favouring, arming and training one faction in a country against another, the US elite’s obsession with control had by then become global. No power on earth could restrain it – unless it was the empire of the Spirit – Holy Rus.

Satanism and the EU

Now the Christian State has as its ideal the provision for the potential attainment of the Kingdom of Heaven. On the other hand, the Satanic State always has as its aim the provision for the potential attainment of hell through worldly comfort under illusory slogans such as ‘liberty, fraternity and equality’. Therefore, all who rejected the Satanic State’s aim, wherever they lived in the world, had to be tyrannized, their phones tapped and their electronic messages controlled. Those who tyrannized in this way believed like Lucifer that: ‘We shall be like God’. And such was the path to Antichrist adopted by the EU.

Therefore every country in Europe had to be subjugated to the EU, the structure for the new world order in Europe. The EU’s Satanic nature was revealed in its self-justifying demand not only that the sterile sin of Sodom be recognized as natural and sinless, but also in a whole series of anti-Christian laws, closing churches, encouraging massive Muslim immigration, banning the cross in public places and making human sacrifices through euthanasia and abortions, the sign of which was the Satanically-inspired smoke from aborted babies’ bodies, belching forth from hospital and clinic chimneys throughout the EU.

The Proposed Path to Antichrist

Those national elites who joined the EU at that time were undertaking to destroy the souls of their peoples, their national traditions, cultures, identities, morality and the family, every vestige and ideal of Christianity, so that all would be ready to accept Antichrist. If any countries resisted, they would be bombed into submission or, failing that, economic sanctions would be applied to them in order to annihilate them physically. Even countries that until recently, two generations before, had been nominally Christian, began foisting Satanism on the still relatively innocent peoples of Eastern Europe.

Those countries were attempting to corrupt Eastern Europe spiritually, morally and physically in the name of the future World Government. All of this was done under the disguise of consumer comfort and freedom. They said: ‘Renounce Christ and the commandments and then you will have the right to our bread and circuses’. Thus, the Western elites, elected by minorities through media manipulation and public relations, became the enemies of their nations’ traditions, the enemies of their own peoples. But by the time zombified populations realized this, it would be too late.


By then the population, zombified by the State-controlled media, would also have been poisoned by genetically modified foods, which even insects refused to eat, by hormones and additives, by chemical and nuclear pollutants causing cancer, autism and debilitating allergies, by heavy metals, by foods ‘for the third world’, so that there would be nothing healthy to buy. This had already become visible in the USA, where 60% of the population had been poisoned by contaminated foods and genocide through obesity, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes was taking place.

Having plagued its peoples by sterility and the inability to conceive, creating the need to conceive in test tubes, through surrogates or else to adopt children from elsewhere in the world, the Western elite also removed children from their natural parents and created families of two fathers or two mothers, brainwashing the people through propaganda to think that this was normal. The elite thus ensured the ignorance of the people, making sure that their only beliefs were death and materialism, that it did not matter what one was, only what one had. Orthodox Christianity or the West, life or death, here was the choice.

How it All Turned Out

Such were the thoughts of the elite in October 2014; but the elite had forgotten the old saying: Man proposes, but God disposes. And so it was that…… (text interrupted at this point).

Our Hope

Arise, O saint-haunted Europe, the one thousand years have passed!

There was once a Europe where peoples were still free to follow Christ and their own innocent ways, a Europe where Englishmen played cricket, Portuguese sang fado, Carinthians dressed in folk costume, French people tasted wine from all over, Italians sang opera at work, Scottish people wore kilts, Spaniards were noble, Germans were helpful and Dutch people were informal; as for Russians, they named their children Nicholas and Alexandra. And it seemed that this would continue until Kingdom come…

But then there came a grey Europe, a homogenous Union, in which centralised bureaucrats try to regulate and control every detail of our lives. This is an anti-Europe which plays at Hitler’s game of divide and rule, which now attempts to balkanise and provincialise the next victims of EU debaptism and gay parade colonisation, the weak countries of the soft underbelly of the Orthodox world, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Ukraine and, if only it were possible for the eurocrats, Moldova, Georgia and even Belarus.

But there is coming a Rus of all the East Slav peoples, reunited in a single Tsardom, opposed to the electronic concentration camp of the New World Order in formation. This will be a Rus where the media are not controlled, as now, by foreign, anti-Orthodox propaganda, which brainwash, debauch and zombify the people, where the families with many children will be protected from countries that have renounced Christ and seem to be crawling towards hell, of their own so-called free but indoctrinated and conditioned will.

This is yet to be a Rus under a Tsar chosen by the Queen of Heaven, as Elder Nikolai Guryanov foretold, a Romanov by his mother, as the prophecies tell us, where Siberia will be transformed, the Church cleansed and joined by many peoples, including the Greek, as Elder Joseph of Vatopedi foretold. Rus will be the Ark for all faithful Orthodox when Orthodoxy will have faltered elsewhere. And there, from Europe, Asia and America, people will gather to live according to the Church and preach the Orthodox Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Let us pray to Christ, the Mother of God and the holy, martyred Tsar Nicholas, his family and all the New Martyrs and Confessors that this may soon be so.

The Chance of Redemption for Western Europeans

One thousand years of error and injustice will be made right. There will be a new Tsar in Russia and a new repentant culture in Europe, as it rediscovers its forgotten soul which it had busied itself burying for a thousand years beneath the ingenious but unnecessary.

Foreword: Faith on Earth

In 1914, nigh on one hundred years ago, Western Europe destroyed itself and all those whom it dragged into its great suicidal war. This was the fruit of the evils which its elites had wrought among their exploited peasantry, working classes and colonies. Little wonder that the country which suffered most in the Great War was Belgium, whose king had wrought so much evil in Central Africa, where perhaps 10,000,000 had perished. However, Great Britain everywhere, especially in the Indian subcontinent and in South Africa, France in Northern Africa and Indo-China, Austro-Hungary (Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky and Freud all lived in Vienna at the same time) in Central and Eastern Europe and Germany wherever it could, were all guilty. The catastrophe of 1914 had been heralded by the rebirth of European paganism, in Music by Stravinsky in the pagan dissonances of his Firebird and The Rite of Spring, in Art by the Futurists, as well as in Theatre by Strindberg, in Sculpture and Literature.

Indeed, it was ultimately in Alexander Blok’s poem ‘The Twelve’, in which the author saw Antichrist, pretending to be Christ, leading the Russian Revolution, that Europe could have seen its fate for non-repentance. Although the Great War would have left a great scar, the flower of much of its youth dead, it could have been reversed. Russia tried to reverse it, taking the brunt of the attacks in the East. However, it stopped being reversible in 1918 with the permanent installation in the Russian Empire, encouraged by the Western Powers, of a Western-inspired materialist regime and the martyrdom of the Russian Royal Family. The War could have ended in 1917, with Russian troops peacefully triumphant in Berlin and Vienna led by Tsar Nicholas II, as they had been by Tsar Alexander I in Paris in 1814, freeing Central and Eastern Europe from tyranny and restoring Poland and Finland. Instead of this, the War dragged on for another eighteen months and countless more young men died.

And as a result of this apostasy, today we ask the question: When the Saviour returns, will He find faith on earth? Fifty years ago, we thought this impossible – then there was still faith. Today this is not so, for over the last fifty years yet another chapter of the Book of Revelation has been enacted. At the present time we see the gradual development of a global surveillance society, controlled by what is becoming a world mafia-state, the fruit of the intolerance of the new Puritanism. On various false pretexts, freedom in the post-Protestant West is fast vanishing. With miniature cameras, drones, Google Glass, debit cards without which food cannot be bought, that world is fast heading for spiritual endarkenment. And yet over the last fifty years the Russian Church has offered spiritual enlightenment to the souls of this post-Protestant world, especially in the USA and the UK. At first slowly and cautiously and then more openly, Her witness to salvation in the Church of God has become ever more apparent.

Enlightening the Endarkened Post-Protestant World

Although this post-Protestant world is on the very fringes of Church consciousness, of authentic Christianity, the Russian Orthodox Church inside Russia, then still captive to Communism, did witness here, showing great patience. Thinking that in its spiritual weakness the post-Protestant world, especially ex-Protestants, would find it difficult to adopt the Orthodox calendar, She allowed it by generosity, that is, by economy, the secular calendar; thinking that because of its Western political prejudices and lack of understanding the post-Protestant world might not be able to venerate the Tsar and the other Royal Martyrs, by generous economy She did not insist on this; thinking that in its narrowness, the post-Protestant world might suffer from phyletist nationalism, She translated the Orthodox services wholly into its languages. Over the last fifty years what was once inaccessible has become accessible – there are no more excuses.

It must be said that success has been limited, especially among those who had been practising Protestants, less among those who were blank sheets, starting from nothing. Even among those who have accepted the invitation, there are those who refuse to enter the Arena, and do not become integrated Orthodox, even after fifty years. Also, some ex-Protestants, having joined the Church, then abandoned Her to go off and found their own sectarian ‘churches’, chapels, ‘sketes’ or even deaneries, whether to the left extreme or to the right extreme. Both in the post-Protestant cultures of North America and the United Kingdom, the Church inside Russia suffered many setbacks in its missions, until quite recently politically unable to heed the local experience of the Church Outside Russia. Using less economy, the latter has sometimes had more success (though with disappointments also), because of its local understanding of the ex-Protestant culture.

Here, there are those who have agreed to enter the Arena even after only a few months and so become grounded Orthodox. There is even one Archbishop of the Church Outside Russia who is from such a background, not to mention many other clergy and laity. Why have the spiritually sensitive been able to do this, whereas others have brought first moral scandal and then Protestant-style schism, as in England, or else first moral and financial scandal and then Protestant-style modernism, as in North America? The reason is to be found in psychological motivation. Those who join the Church from a self-serving need, even pathology, do not bear fruit and leave for self-made sects and cults, according to their ‘old man’, their old Protestant culture. However, those who enter the Church because they wish to save their souls and so serve others, do bear fruit. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’. Therefore, ‘Wretched are the impure in heart for they shall not see God’.

Enlightening the Endarkened Post-Roman Catholic World

Today, having reached the limits of what is possible in enlightening the post-Protestant world, the now reunited Russian Orthodox Church is turning to the far vaster post-Roman Catholic world. This world had long been closed to the Church because of its illusion that it is itself the Church, so cultivated by its purposeful deformation of the call to the West to repent made by the Mother of God to Portuguese children at Fatima in 1917. However, its recent wave of moral and financial scandals has revealed the corruption that has existed inside it for centuries and brought at least some to humility. Now the Russian Orthodox Church must battle for the souls of this post-Roman Catholic world. Fifty years ago that world began to fall into the desacralisation and infantilism of secularist Protestantisation and yet, traditionally it had conserved from Orthodoxy the sense of the Mother of God, the communion of the saints and the sacramental sense. There is cause for hope somewhere here.

Unfortunately, Roman Catholicism in the Western world has almost wholly lost its way. According to the design of evil forces, which had long planned its ultimate downfall, and the horror and scandal of its rejected faithful, since the Second Vatican Council two generations ago it has adopted the desacralised sentimentalism of secularist Protestantisation. Whether in North America, the UK, France, the Netherlands or in the Germanic and Scandinavian world, Protestantised Roman Catholicism is in a state of almost total apostasy, its liturgical heritage dumbed down, infantilised and all but destroyed. Western Europe has largely kept only the relics of the Faith. Quite literally, the relics. Western Europe resembles a huge treasure chest of relics, to which modernist Roman Catholicism has thrown away the key. However, a new key is being rehammered and reforged on the anvil of Tradition by the smiths of Orthodoxy. This is the key to the best of the West, the literal relics of its former piety.

Fortunately, there is hope of redemption among the simple faithful, often Orthodox in all but name, in Black Africa, in Latin America, in remoter parts of Southern Europe, in Eastern Europe, in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary and elsewhere, where piety and the veneration of icons have survived and not all are very aged. Here interest in Orthodoxy comes from the faithful of the mainstream, not from extremes, whether of left or right. It is this mainstream that has been rejected by its clerical elite. Thus, pro-Protestant modernists in Poland who seek self-destruction, have no interest in authentic Orthodoxy, at best only in a fake and sanitised Orthodoxy; nor do Roman Catholics in the extreme west of the Ukraine who have joined the Lefevrist group, unable to accept the Second Vatican Council’s Protestant-style, clericalist modernism. However, their extreme right-wing politics, Russophobic and pro-Hitler, prevents them like the rest of the Lefevrist movement from joining the Orthodox Church.

Today it is little wonder that various refugees from the spiritual desert of the Western world, whether post-Protestant or post-Roman Catholic, from the American whistle-blower Edward Snowden to the French actor Gerard Depardieu, look, consciously or unconsciously, to Russia for hope. Since the glorification of the New Martyrs and Confessors in 1981, confirmed in 2000, the Church has been renewed, a process which continues as more New Martyrs are canonised. Only a few weeks ago in Paris thousands of demonstrators at mass rallies against ‘homosexual marriage’ and the adoption of children by same-sex couples, chanted ‘Russia, save us’, knowing that such perversions are forbidden here. For fifty years and more the Russian Church has tried to redeem the post-Protestant world, suffering with limited success. It is now our turn to try to redeem the post-Roman Catholic world, a more serious proposition, revealing to it, to its astonishment, its long forgotten roots in Orthodoxy.

Afterword: Redemption by Suffering

In 1917 the West was warned of the evil it was exporting to Russia by the Revelation of the Mother of God in Fatima. ‘Until you stop spreading the evil that you are spreading to Russia and consecrate yourself to Orthodoxy, the Holy Father (the Patriarch) will suffer and all will go worse’. It refused to listen and deformed the message of the Mother of God into self-justification. Then, in 1919, as prophesied, it guaranteed a Second Great War by afflicting the German and Austrian peoples, and not their elites, with an unjust peace. Thus, Russian troops would be triumphant in Berlin and Vienna – but only in 1945 and after the most barbaric of wars, with its camps and genocides, the greatest of which was that of 30 million Slavs, imposed by racist Germany. And even after all this Western Europe still refused to repent and so has gone on with its abortion holocaust beginning in 1964, and in 1989 its destruction of an unfree Eastern Europe, which it had itself created in 1917 and 1945.

However, God gives many opportunities for repentance, up unto seventy times seven. Every generation has its chance. The chances were refused in August 1914, in September 1939, in October 1964 and in November 1989. In December 2014 there is coming yet another chance. Four horrible scars will be left, but there is still time. Since 1914 the old Protestant culture has fallen, its decadence becoming apparent after two generations in the 1960s. Since 1964 the old Roman Catholic culture has fallen, its decadence becoming apparent after two generations today. Once blinded by arrogant hubris, its delusion of self-belief, the old Protestant culture has over the last fifty years disintegrated. It is now the turn of the old Roman Catholic culture. If it understands its error of hubris, it will have the chance to listen to the real message of Fatima, the call to the West to repent of its pride and its poisonous materialist ideology and accept the restoration of Church Orthodoxy in its integrity.

It is by no means certain that this will happen. The post-Protestant world is still offered Orthodoxy, but few accept it. It may be the same with the post-Roman Catholic world. It may be that no restoration of Orthodoxy in the Western world, however partial, will be possible until there is the example of full restoration in Russia. It may be that until the House of Romanov, through the son of a Romanov mother, is restored, even until another War, the fallen Western world will not be ready to listen, understanding at last that its own propaganda about Russia before the Revolution was merely lies. It may be that the Merciful Mother of God must yet appear again, as She did in her Myrrh-Giving Iviron Icon in the 1980s, again witnessing to the New Martyrs and Confessors and confirming her words of Fatima. Only then will the Western world start to repent of the materialist ideology which it has spread and return to the clean Gospel of Christ and His Holy Church in the purity of Orthodoxy.

The New ROCOR: The Fourth and Fifth Generations of the Emigration

The first generation of émigrés were those born in c 1900 and who became adult at the time of the Revolution and Civil War. They left Russia together with others older than themselves, of the previous generation. This is the generation of St John of Shanghai and Metropolitan Philaret, preceded by the generation before them of Metrs Antony and Anastasy. The second generation are those of my parents’ age group, born in c. 1925. This is the generation of Metr Laurus. The third generation is my own generation born in c. 1950, that of Metr Hilarion.

The fourth generation is that of my children, born in c. 1975, and the fifth generation is that of my grandchildren born in c. 2000. Now that the old, first, generation of ROCOR, adult before the Revolution, has gone and the second generation, born in c. 1925 is dying out, there are those who wonder about the future identity of ROCOR. The next Metropolitan may well, after all, belong to the fourth generation, born in c. 1975. What are and will be the characteristics of the fourth and fifth generations that now live amid globalisation and Facebook?

First of all, these generations are often the fruit of mixed marriages. Their knowledge of Russian is not and will not be very good, in general, although there are already and in the future will be more opportunities for many of them to live or study in free Russia. However, they often communicate with friends in and from Russia in English, or at best, in a mixture of Russian and another language. However, the loss of fluency in Russian, which already affected the second generation, is not necessarily an impoverishment.

These generations are enriched by a balanced attitude towards their heritage and also their now native countries, the USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Australia, Venezuela, Germany, England or whichever it may be. Moreover, these fourth and fifth generations do not suffer from the political distortions of the Cold War period which so affected their forebears. These generations may be less Russian linguistically, but they may be more faithful as Russian Orthodox spiritually. This may yet prove to make them the best generation of missionaries that the Church has known.

This possibility will depend on their faithfulness to the Tradition and a consciousness of their identity. These generations must know that they are the descendants of those who keep the faith despite everything, by the grace of her Who Shows the Way, the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God, the Protectress of the Emigration. Multinational, multilingual and able to serve and express themselves in local languages, these generations will prove themselves not by their Russianness, but above all by their faithfulness to what is greater than themselves, the Tradition.

The Tradition is that collection of shared values, which often go without saying, because we know them instinctively to be true. The flexibility and breadth of these generations is their strength. Their temptation is the egoism of the modern, consumerist ‘I’ culture, that of the ‘Me’ generation. As long as these generations are conscious of their heritage, conscious that their destiny is to pass on the Tradition received, what is greater than themselves, without veering off into the tangents of selfishness, then all will be well.