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On Edmund the Martyred King

Men become devils and all dreams overthrown,

Shadows of moonlit trees and faces unknown.

Hope itself, with Edmund’s England, here lies slain.

Be warned: He will haunt you and come back again.


Bury King Edmund beneath the arrow shower.

Bury King Edmund beneath the fading hour.

Bury King Edmund beneath the stubble ground.

Bury King Edmund beneath the forest mound.


Bury King Edmund beneath the failing light.

Bury King Edmund beneath the thick of night.

Bury King Edmund beneath the stars that stand.

Bury King Edmund beneath his gentle land.


Bury King Edmund beneath the autumn bough.

Bury King Edmund beneath the snow and plough.


Edmund’s spirit is in little market towns,

Where we’d live as simple souls and win our crowns.

As a Saint, Edmund has shone forth through our tears,

Edmund’s prayed for us through all the clouded years.


Bury King Edmund beneath the spring green born.

Bury King Edmund beneath the standing corn.


Bury King Edmund beneath the hearts that cower.

Bury King Edmund beneath the lust for power.

Bury King Edmund beneath the greed for gold.

Bury King Edmund beneath the mind grown cold.


Bury King Edmund beneath the old faith lost.

Bury King Edmund beneath the darkness crossed.

Bury King Edmund beneath Empire that lied.

Bury King Edmund beneath the proud mind’s pride.


We who are Edmund’s people know only this:

There’s no help but in Edmund and his God’s bliss

And on the last day he will rise from his grave:

Edmund the Martyred King, risen bright to save.

The Anti-Christian Empire and the Resistance Movement

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

(Matt 10.16)

Introduction: The Case of Britain

After the Norman invasion of 1066 and the ensuing genocide (150,000 dead) and national degeneration into Roman Catholicism, there took place the further degeneration into Protestantism under the tyrants Henry VIII and Elizabeth I (150,000 dead). Then, almost 400 years ago, there took place in these Isles the genocide of Cromwell. Jewish-financed, this left nearly 900,000, mainly Roman Catholic, dead. From then on and until some fifty years ago, the lands of the UK further degenerated into Judeo-Protestantism (so-called ‘Judeo-Christian’, but in fact Judeo-Protestant, culture).

Today, as a result of the centuries of Judeo-Protestant degeneration in its inherent, ever-deepening worship of Mammon in a worldwide commercial empire, the UK has become an anti-Christian country. This cannot even be blamed on the EU, where Mr Cameron has recently been making some window dressing rearrangements – rather like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The fact is that, regardless of the EU Atheist Union, the UK has plenty of its own atheism to go around and it is doubtful whether leaving the EU alone (presuming that the electorate will be far-sighted enough to do that) can save us.

The Worldwide Empire

The British Establishment elite freely takes part in the once secret, millennial worldwide anti-Christian project, now openly called ‘The New World Order’. This anti-Christian project involves not only the UK and all former Judeo-Protestant countries in the Anglosphere, Scandinavia and elsewhere. Ever since the latest chapter in the apostasy of Roman Catholicism at the Second Vatican Council, it has also involved former Roman Catholic countries. In other words, it is irrelevant whether the previous culture was Judeo-Protestant or Judeo-Catholic, the whole Western elite has come to form an Anti-Christian Empire.

Today headquartered in the USA, its elite, now called neocons, has been trying for generations to control Europe and through it the whole world. It has done this by destroying European nation-states, deforming them into artificial international unifications like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, which inevitably led to Europe-wide wars become World Wars, and then to the EU. So it has built its Anti-Christian Empire on the ruins of the nations. The messianic ideology of this Anti-Christian Empire is today called globalism, which it has been spreading around the world especially over the last two generations.

After the dissolution of its main opponent, the Soviet Empire, a generation ago, the Anti-Christian Empire immediately destroyed the surviving Soviet-style remnant in little Serbia and began to destroy its other opponent –the Islamic world. Here the Anti-Christian Empire has over the last generation caused chaos and ruin, as we can see today from the Himalayas to Nigeria, passing through Syria, so dividing and ruling over most of the Islamic world. In this way, having created artificially chaos and war, it hopes to create a popular demand for One World Government to bring order and peace.

The Resistance of Rus

Having killed millions, made millions of others into refugees and created chaos and destruction in a multitude of Islamic countries, though still not having conquered them, the Anti-Christian Empire now faces unexpected resistance. This resistance comes from what is organically reviving in the place of the old Soviet Empire – the Sacral Christian Empire of Rus. The Secularist Anti-Christian Empire fears this Christian Empire most of all. One of its main ideologues, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has even called its ‘greatest enemy’ the Russian Orthodox Church, which is at the heart of this reviving Christian Empire.

The Anti-Christian Empire greatly fears even the present modest revival of the Christian Empire. So much so that its propaganda outlets (‘media’) actually try to make out that the Church is not in fact reviving there or that it is only a tool of the political leaders of Russia, who, they say, shape it as they wish. Of course, in reality, the exact opposite is the case: it is not these political leaders who shape the Church, it is the Church that shapes them, through its age-old culture. Like the pagan Romans of old, the Anti-Christian Empire is happy for there to be any false religions, and therefore not Christianity.

This is because Christianity alone can shape political leaders who can challenge the Anti-Christian Empire. For only Christianity is Incarnational, that is, not some mere private practice, but a teaching that transfigures social, political and economic life also. The Anti-Christian Empire’s fear the revival of this Christian Empire, both inside and outside the ancient bounds of ‘Rus’, for Secularists fear nothing more than the Sacral. It also fears that it may find allies, in the traditional Muslim world, for example in Iran, or in China and India, and also among Roman Catholics who are still free of the Judeo-Catholic degeneration of recent times.

Allies of Rus and Temptations

Here the Christian Empire finds allies in Latin America, Africa and the Philippines. In Eastern Europe it finds allies among traditional Roman Catholics in the Vyshegrad group of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. In Western Europe it finds allies among sovereignist, national resistance movements of both left and right. Promoting either the social justice of the left or the traditional values of the right, these national movements are active in France, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece and elsewhere. They all oppose the dictatorship of the Anti-Christian Empire.

Having destroyed the Soviet Empire and then weakened the Islamic world, in the early 2000s the Anti-Christian Empire saw itself on the verge of triumph, a triumph that was suddenly snatched from it, to its fury. For ever since the failed invasion of Russia from Georgia in 2008, the reviving Christian Empire has begun to resist, frustrating the Anti-Christians. For as long as there is a Christian Empire, even embryonic, the anti-Christians cannot enthrone their Emperor in Jerusalem. The Christian Empire is the last barrier to their triumph.

This is why they are intent on slandering it and destroying it, for its Sacral Tradition is death to it. Hence the attack on the Ukraine, toppling its legitimate government for a genocidal junta and creating chaos. Slandering and even destruction can come in two other ways also. The first is by infiltrating the renascent Christian Empire with modernism, which is what individuals have been trying to do in recent years and especially now with the divisive draft documents for the Crete meeting of selected Orthodox bishops next June. The second way is protesting against those unacceptable documents in a divisive and even schismatic way, exactly as Metr Onufry of Kiev and others predicted.

Conclusion: On Not Falling into the Trap of the Anti-Christian Empire

Such protests have already begun with several perhaps hot-headed priests in Moldova no longer commemorating their bishops. Other individuals are following. We suggest that this is an error. Two wrongs do not make a right. However understandable, the far better method of protest is, as we have suggested, for monasteries and parishes simply to petition their diocesan bishops stating that we do not accept the draft documents and that if they are accepted in Crete, we will tear them up, refusing to receive them. In any case, we should also know that several bishops in Greece and Cyprus, as well as the whole Georgian Church have already refused to accept these draft documents.

It is our belief that to fall into the temptation of non-commemoration is a simplistic error of schismatic proportions. This is the error of those who cannot see the wood for the trees, who lose the big picture because they are so intent on the details. The Anti-Christian Empire wants us of the renascent Christian Empire to be divided in reaction to the modernist expressions that it has infiltrated into the draft documents: non-commemorators have thus actually fallen into the trap set by the Anti-Christian Empire. Our opposition must take an organic form which respects the episcopal institution. Our canonical fightback against modernist infiltration has only just begun.

French Resistance Fighter Joins the Church in the Ukraine

As we know, the war of liberation in Novorossiya (southern and eastern Ukraine) from the American-imposed junta in Kiev has forced the junta to resort to the use of mercenaries, mainly from the US, UK and Poland. Paid for by Fascist oligarchs, the mercenaries have suffered huge casualties. What is less known is that the Ukrainian freedom fighters have also been aided not by mercenaries, but by volunteers, and not only from Russia. They have come from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, Germany and France, desiring to take part in a war between good and evil, between Holy Rus and the apostatic West.

A few days ago a young Catholic Frenchman from Paris was received by chrismation into the Church under the name of George. Since he had joined the resistance fighters in the eastern Ukraine, the priest told him: ‘Stand up for the truth until death, live in a holy way’. To which he answered: ‘Now we are brothers in faith and in spirit’. Later, George explained his motivation in coming to fight for Holy Rus and join the Church: ‘In France the news is completely censored. People have been left ignorant. People refuse to believe in the monstrous crimes of the Fascists…Democracy and freedom of speech are only words…Democracy merely means that you have the right to enjoy material goods…There is a moral crisis in the country, an extremely negative attitude towards religion is formed from childhood…Your services are like living water’.

‘In the churches in Paris you can have rock concerts, dog shows, even an exhibition of pornography. None of this has troubled anyone for a long time, and I won’t even mention Islamisation…When I saw the bestial acts of the Ukrainian Fascists here in Novorossiya, then something stirred in my soul – my place is here, with my brothers and their pain is my pain, so I came here. Here I met the ‘Russian’ God’. Archpriest Oleg Trofimov, a priest with a doctorate in theology who received George, recently received a family of seven Koreans into the Church. He added: ‘Our Mother-Russia has through the Providence of God become the Divine melting pot where the destinies of different peoples, cultures and religions meet. They all have the opportunity to come into contact with the Orthodox Faith…with Russian Orthodox civilisation’.

Free Ukrainians Reject Western Colonialist Junta in Kiev

For at least 400 years and more there have been attempts to split and divide the Russian world…When I say the Russian world, this does not mean, as those of ill will towards us interpret, the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union, it means the great Russian civilisation that came out of the baptismal font in Kiev and that spread to the vast expanses of Eurasia. This is an original civilisation based on Orthodoxy and the moral values of Orthodoxy – this is over 400 years which give no peace to those who see some challenge to their own ideological bases. And we know that whenever enemies have attacked our homeland, the main thing they have wanted to do is to divide our people and in particular tear away from this one world the southern and western Russian lands.

Patriarch Kyrill of Moscow and all the Russias, March 2014

The people of the Ukraine are choosing freedom in preference to the tyranny of the bankrupt Neo-Nazi clique that has illegitimately seized power with American baseball bats from the democratically-elected government in Kiev. And the Crimea is only the start. Most of the Ukraine is rising in revolt against the possibility of Western colonisation and NATO occupation. The Western attempt to use 19th century colonialism in its ‘scramble for Eastern Europe’ is failing in the 21st century. Only if the Euroterrorists in Kiev are very soon replaced with a legitimate and representative government which immediately proceeds with the federalisation of the Ukraine (which should have been done from the start 23 years ago), is there any hope that the land as it is today will survive.

Several questions arise. Why is the West so hostile to democracy and freedom in the Ukraine? Why does it support Stalinist-style centralisation? Why does it support and bankroll a country that has been run by one corrupt mafia after another for the last 23 years? Why does it maintain the borders of a country which were fixed by the atheist dictators Stalin and Khrushchev? Why does it rage against Free Russia?

To all these questions there is only one answer. It is because the impunity and pride of the West are such that it has lost its reason. Who but madmen would support the gangsters in Kiev? And where has this madness come from? It has come from the fact that the West has lost faith in God, lost faith in the very foundation of its culture which is in Christ. In the Western world, whether in North America or in its European vassals, the churches are empty of prayer, of they have not already turned into shops, clubs and bars, whether in Montreal, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Geneva, Berlin, London or Paris. And even where there are churches, there are suggestions that they should be used for homosexual ‘marriage’.

The fact is that the same demons that were once idolised by atheist Soviet leaders are now idolised by atheist Western leaders. They have migrated from the Soviet Union to the European Union, from the Red Star to the Ring of Stars. Hence the Western lack of logic and rationality, its worship of lies. The West hates Russia not because of the dirty and ignored statues of Lenin and his ilk that still litter the country through inertia, but because Russia is now largely Orthodox Christian, it believes in God. And that faith and its resulting civilisation must be discredited and destroyed by the West because they contradict Western atheist idolatry and its well-advanced plans for a terrifying global anti-Christian empire.

Why did NATO bomb Serbia and then split it apart, handing part of it over to Islamist drug barons and traders in human organs? Simply because Serbia was Orthodox. Why did the West hire snipers in Kiev so that they could kill policemen and demonstrators alike, thus provoking international outrage? Simply because the Ukraine was Orthodox and so, like Serbia, it has to be torn away from Orthodox Russia and Orthodox Belarus and then split apart. Those who are faithful to God must be mocked, discredited and destroyed. This is what the West and the Westernised already did to the faithful Anointed of God before 1918, applauding his fall in their parliaments and press.

The West bombed Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria with impunity because it knew that they had nothing with which to fight back. With Sovereign Russia, it dare not do this. If there were no Orthodox Russia, the secularist kingdom of lies and spiritual and moral darkness would grow worldwide, the demons would reign and then the end of the world would soon come. The smaller and weaker Orthodox Local Churches, forced by masonic cliques and personalities to adopt the Roman Catholic calendar for the fixed feasts, already look to Russia for protection. This is not the time for Russia to heed Western threats and blackmail, but to stand firm on principle, to defend Orthodox Christian values against the foolishness of secularist atheism gone global.

If former eastern Poland, apostate Roman Catholic Lviv and the surrounding area, wishes to rejoin Poland and so join the EU, let it do so, if the EU really wants these bankrupt provinces. For that region is the only real borderland (‘ukraina’), for only that lies on the borders of Poland. The Crimea does not. Nor do Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Uzhgorod and a host of other cities, towns and villages of the 83% of the country where Russian is the everyday language and most people can barely speak any one of the many dialects of the regional language that is called Ukrainian.

Little Russia, New Russia and much persecuted Carpatho-Russia want to have nothing to do with Poland. Having apostasised from Orthodoxy, the Western-backed Galician clique in Kiev no longer see Russia as its Mother. Let them therefore join them Polish stepmother. Let them buy their ticket for the Titanic. Then the many icons that have been weeping in Russia and the Ukraine since last September will cease to weep and instead flow with peace-giving myrrh.