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The Fate of Christian Europe Hangs in the Balance in Greece

Greece had the misfortune of being the first Orthodox country to be betrayed by its political elite and sold for a mess of pottage to the EU. Current events in Greece point to the fate that awaits all the other Orthodox countries, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and others, which have already taken or still in their folly wish to take, that same path of apostasy. Thus:

Greece’s international creditors are setting it ever more anti-Christian ultimatums: it has been decreed by EU order that priests must no longer visit schools and groups of school pupils have been banned from attending services; Sundays will now be desecrated and businesses opened; priests have lost 20% of their paid leave; the number of ordinations allowed has been cut; the mention of religion has been removed from passports; a mosque must be built in Athens; certain Church properties may be privatised or else auctioned off by order of EU bureaucrats and their atheist quislings in the Greek government; laws on ‘free unions’ and others forbidding ‘insulting language’, the latter including calls to patriotism and quotations from the Gospels, are under discussion.

Little wonder that some bishops are preparing their flock to ‘to resist Antichrist’ in a new wave of persecution. Metropolitan Nicholas of Phtiotidis has spoken clearly of a possible popular revolt. Metropolitan Kosmas has said that if the law on same sex unions is passed, then the people must protest and become confessors of Christ. Like the Patriarchate of Antioch in Syria, today the Church of Greece has to stop compromising the Faith and stand up and be counted. The easy, consumerist times of previous years, when decadent practices were introduced from Western Europe and gradually everything was allowed – the Catholic calendar was introduced, the Liturgy was abbreviated, confession before communion was no longer obligatory, seating was introduced in all the churches, little girls were allowed to serve in the altar – are over. In reality the Church is not Consumerism, for the Church is the ascetic principle, not the rationalist and secularist one.

Greeks are finally waking up to the fact that their obsessive dream of ‘Europe’ has turned out to be a nightmare – just as their ignored monastic elders had forewarned. A wave of new barbarianism, this time of the liberal sort, is unfurling on Greece and massive immigration is destroying what remains of the local, Orthodox way of life and culture. Greece is entering the spiritual winter of Western Europe, as anti-EU Greek politicians are removed by ‘auditors’ from Brussels, Berlin and Paris. Only the Church of Greece remains independent from EU tyranny. Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus has threatened to excommunicate any politician who votes for laws which trample underfoot traditional moral standards. Many Church figures are finally asking that Greece leave the EU. It is no longer an economic struggle, but a spiritual, moral and cultural one.

Resistance now is vital for the future of European history. Given the apostasy of Protestants (and they are often in the forefront of the new decadence in any case) and the open abandonment of the Christian cause by most Roman Catholics (they see the EU has a pro-Cathoolic project and its flag as a Catholic banner), the struggle for Christ against those who are preparing the coming of Antichrist is now concentrated on the Orthodox world. Orthodox resistance to the Babylon of Brussels and its globalist ‘liberal’ project may be severely repressed, individual bishops and theologians may be ‘removed’, using contemporary technological controls. Other Local Orthodox Churches, already compromised by calendar change, should look carefully – they will be next to have to submit to the ‘New World Order’, that is, the restoration of the Old Pagan Order.

Resistance by Greece to the ethnocentric atheism of Western Europe is vital. Geopolitically, Greece is the key. If it falls, then the rest of the Balkans will also fall. And the EU tyrants know this. For if Greece is after all corageous and does choose freedom from the EU, then all the Balkans will also look north to Russia and the developing Eurasian Union, as the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer has already pointed out and as was evident when bankrupt Cyprus almost chose Russia instead of the EU to come to its rescue.

Let us pray for courage in the Church of Greece.

The Second Generation of our Revolution Begins: 1989-2014

A new survey by the independent Levada Centre in Russia shows that the proportion of the population of the Russian Federation identifying themselves as Orthodox Christians has risen by 400% in the past 24 years. The poll of 1,603 people found that 68% said that they were Orthodox Christians, up from 17% in 1989. The proportion of Muslims has also risen from about 1% in 1991 to 7% today. The number of Russian Catholics and Protestants remained roughly the same, at about 1%. 19%, stated that they were not religious, compared to 75% in 1989, when atheism was still the official State ideology. However, only 4% say that they attended services once a week and only 8% said that they took communion a few times a year.

Levada ran the poll on 15-18 November 2013 in 130 cities, towns, and villages across the Russian Federation and does not include the Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and the 58 other countries in the world which spiritually belong to Rus. The poll shows how far Russia has come in one generation, but also how very far there is still to go: The spiritual revolution has only just begun.

24 December 2013



As we have noted many times over the last thirty years, every generation or 25 years since 1914 has seen a revolution: from August 1914 a world war, from September 1939 a new world war, from October 1964 a social revolution, from November 1989 the collapse of Communism, and perhaps, from December 2014, another new turning point. We think that this may well be the turning point between those who support ‘progressive Western liberal values’ and the rest of the world. Already 15 Western countries and over 16 States in the USA have introduced homosexual ‘marriage’, thus cutting themselves off from the values of the rest of the world and some 2,000 years of life before. 2014 may well be the year of the final, radical, destructive ‘liberal revolution’ that leads to full-blown Neo-Paganism.

It is not only that Western countries have fallen themselves, but above all they are trying to foist their fallenness on others, using political and economic bribery (not in China and India, of which they are frightened, nor in allied countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel). Wherever possible Brussels ‘recommends’ that its diplomatic missions take part in ‘gay parades’. How long before ‘recommends’ becomes ‘must, or you are fired?’ In the European ‘Parliament’, as it calls itself, a feminist Portuguese deputy, Edith Estrella, has put forward a resolution that pre-school children must have sex education. In Germany it already exists. One father there who rejected this for his daughter was sent to prison for one night. How long before that becomes one year? In France homosexual marriage and adoption was enforced by police violence. How long before it is enforced by the guillotine?

Moldovan politicians, having foolishly signed an association agreement with the EU, have now been forced to declare 25 December a public holiday (so the next stage will be to force the Church to abandon the Orthodox calendar, as happened in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria) and to hold obligatory gay parades. The Ukraine would have been next, but it chose freedom. Serbia and Georgia are struggling to resist. As for Armenia, it may well survive the tentacles of the EU by joining the Eurasian Union instead. As for Russia, the key to the Eurasian Union, it is castigated by the hypocritical Western media for protecting its children from homosexual propaganda. Why has, of all things, sexual orientation been chosen as the flagship of Western intolerance of once normal and once universal values?

It is because in the West ‘progress’ has been redefined as unlimited sexual freedom, that which existed in the sex slavery of Pagan Greece and Rome. But behind it there is the attempt to redefine the very fundamentals of civilisation, the elaboration of the new ideology of the New World Order, in fact, of Neo-Paganism. This means abandoning Christian morality, as the Communists tried, but failed to do in the early 1920s in the Soviet Union. The DeChristianisation of the West, obligatory Neo-Paganism, always so shocking to newly-arrived immigrants from Eastern Europe and Christian Africa, is indeed taking place under the slogan of globalisation – the introduction of the lowest common denominator worldwide.

In order to do this, all differences must be erased, including those between the sexes. There will be no states, no borders, no moral standards, according to Lennon’s imagination. In other words, the project is to create an economic order, in which nationless individuals like nomads will work and wander, without any loyalty to faith, tradition, history, nation and family, manipulated and zombified by the media. We Russian Orthodox are not trying to foist our values on the West, who have chosen their path, but are trying to assert our right to freedom to live and confess our own values against the aggressive intolerance of the West. In this we have many allies in the Western and Non-Western world. Together we can postpone the Apocalypse.

Why are there still Ecumenists?

Many Russian Orthodox, both inside and outside Russia, are puzzled by the fact that there still exist a very small number of ecumenists, mainly clergy, belonging to the Church inside Russia. (There are none in the Church Outside Russia). How can we explain this curious phenomenon, that there are still people who actually believe in something as old-fashioned as ecumenism? Their most senior representative has today declared that Catholicism is not a heresy!!! We can perhaps give four reasons, two more excusable than the others, which are definitely not excusable:

1. Eastern European Pseudo-Catholicism

First of all, we have to recognise that in Eastern European countries like Belarus or Lithuania, ‘Catholics’ are almost all Orthodox in most respects. With the neighbouring influence of real Orthodoxy, they, unlike Catholics in the rest of the world, are faithful to Christian morality, would not dream of not having confession before communion, fast from midnight before their mass, venerate icons and relics, and their clergy, many of whom are married, dress as clergy. For Orthodox who have only ever met such Catholics (many of whom have Orthodox ancestors) and know nothing of the semi-Protestant liberal Catholicism in the rest of the world, such Catholics are of course not heretics. It is important that Orthodox who live in the West and do not know Eastern European Catholicism understand this.

2. Naivety, Inexperience

There are younger people in Russia who are fascinated by the West and find everything there of interest, including the Catholic/Protestant world. It is sad that they do not listen to us Russian Orthodox who live here, know the heterodox world far better than they ever will and long ago saw through all the illusions that they still suffer from through their naivety and inexperience.

3. Politics, Careerism

There was a time when in the old Soviet Union any ecclesiastic who wished for a career had to show ecumenist tendencies to his masters in the KGB. There is an older generation who still have such reflexes and still swim with the tide. After all, Catholicism especially has lots of money and its Gregorian University in Rome has degrees to give out to anyone whom obeys them, as certain people in the Patriarchate of Constantinople know.

4. Homosexuality

Sadly, we must also mention the homosexual aspect of this question. Under Communism Patriarchal bishops and parish clergy outside Russia were often homosexual and the scandals and names, especially in Western Europe and North America, are so well known that we will not unedifyingly repeat them here. Sadly, this continues today, and we know it, which is one of the reasons why so many people of integrity have over the decades fled to the far better disciplined Church Outside Russia. Whatever our faults, we do not tolerate such vice. Sadly, on the Catholic side there are also homosexual ecumenists. Birds of a feather flock together…

Whatever the motive, we must admit that ecumenists in the Russian Orthodox Church are very, very few in number and they are opposed by the whole Church Outside Russia and 99.999% of the clergy and people inside Russia. We should therefore keep our calm whenever someone in Russia makes an absurd utterance.

2014: Towards the Realignment of the World


Once upon a time the West was Christian. It is no longer, not even hypocritically. The long and complex process of DeChristianisation, that is, the fall from Orthodox Christianity known as Westernisation, has gone on for 1,000 years and is now coming to its bitter end. The last fifty years, my own lifetime, which followed two Western Wars, called World Wars, have seen a most dramatic turn. As we come to the 100th anniversary of the First Western War, we are now actually seeing a realignment of the world into only two blocs – one Western and Secularist, in other words, Neo-pagan, the other Universal and Traditional, in other words, Christian. However, the basis of this second bloc is in fact the Russian Orthodox Church with its integral Christian values and ensuing world view.

Why Only Two Blocs?

There are many competing religious ideologies in the world, but in reality they are too compromised, too weak or too local to withstand the Western Secularist onslaught. Thus, the heresies of Catholicism and Protestantism (and make no mistake, apart from a few eccentrics, the whole Russian Orthodox world categorically views these as heresies), have no chance of survival because they are at the roots of Western Secularism itself and so are inherently compromised; Buddhism is a psychic philosophy, not a religion; Hinduism depends on the inward-looking nationalism of Hindustan (India); Animism is even more primitive than Secularism itself. Of all the great religions there remains only Islam. But Islam, like its cousin Old Testament Judaism, operates on far too primitive a level of violence, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, to convince anyone beyond its own fanatical nationalists. And in any case, fatally divided into Sunni and Shia, Islam is a house that is destined to fall, its divisions now ruthlessly exploited by the Western Secularist Powers.

What remains? Only the Church of Christ. Its Empire, weakened by the deliberate export of Western Secularism, in its Communist form, 100 years ago, followed by the worst persecutions and massacres in the epic 2,000 year history of Christianity, is now reviving, as we hoped it would 20 years and more ago, under the name of the Eurasian Union. The spiritual foundation stone of this Union is the Russian Orthodox Church, 75% of the whole Orthodox world, and it stands out as the critic of Western Secularism.

With the political, economic and social project of the Eurasian Union under way, we are now more and more seeing the spiritual and therefore moral aspects of the project. This is essentially the first stage of the Reconstituted Roman Christian Empire – the rebirth of that which existed before the blasphemies of 1917. Standing completely outside the heterodox Christian world with its Scholasticism, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and Modernism, and uncompromised by Western interference as in some of the smaller Local Orthodox Churches, the Russian Orthodox Church is in fact the only consistent and consequent Christian critic of Western Secularism.

The Thirst for Revenge

Seeing the dangers for itself of any form of opposition, especially if that opposition has a real, that is, a spiritual and so moral, basis, the Western authorities, using their security services, subservient media and zombified populations, have therefore launched a typically underhand attack on Russia. This routine, highly aggressive Western Drang nach Osten (Drive against the East) comes on the exact 201st anniversary of the victory of Rus against the 1812 invasion of its domains by the French and their allied 12 Western tribes. This not only liberated the Russian Empire from the atheist scourge, but also resulted in the liberation of Paris by Russian troops in 1814. This was 100 years before Russian troops again relieved Paris, though then, in 1914, this was from the might of the Catholic-Protestant German Second Reich, rather than from the God-less, revolutionary hordes of Bonaparte.

This routine Drang nach Osten comes after the brilliant victory of Russian diplomacy last August which averted a possible Third World War being started by the USA in Syria. The Western revenge for the victory of peace has come in the last few weeks with the attempted invasion of the Ukraine, using Galician dupes financed by the CIA and encouraged by a series of foolish Western politicians, showing their usual militant intolerance for a Sovereign State. However, this too has failed.

So there has been the attempt to surround the Eurasian Union with missiles, to which the Russian Federation has replied by installing missiles around Kaliningrad. So now we are left with absurd and pathetic Western accusations about ‘political prisoners’, such as the billionaire bandit Khodorkovsky, who has shown his hatred for Russia by fleeing to Germany, or the yobbish and blasphemous female dupes of the CIA-orchestrated, sex and violence ‘Pussy Riot’ group, or the release of the detained trespassers from Greenpeace. If these silly slanders do not work, the all too predictable Western politicians will then try and spoil the Sochi Olympics.

The Fruits of Western Intolerance

Meanwhile, in the real world, millions of Syrians are starving and freezing as a result of the Western-fomented invasion of their country by savage Islamist mercenaries, paid for by the Sunni fanatics of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Islamist Afghanistan, 80% controlled by Taliban and the Western troop contingents holed up as prisoners in their own highly fortified ghettos, looms; ruined Iraq explodes in violence – like Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The whole Middle East is a powderkeg of Western-encouraged division and terrorism. Moreover, this terrorism is spreading throughout Africa; the Western-armed fanatics who have seized control of parts of Libya have now spread to Mali, as all along the long Muslim-Christian watershed of Nigeria, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.

In Central and Eastern Europe, it is now clear that although a generation ago so-called ‘perestroika’ led to the collapse of the dictatorship of Communist Materialism, it also led to the foundation of the dictatorship of Consumerist Materialism. The whole thing was, in the end, only treachery and the exchange of one God-denying tyranny for another. Thus, the former Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe have been ravaged; as the ‘losers’ of the Cold War, they are owned by European Union ‘investors’; there is no work, villages and towns have been destroyed, young people have fled as refugees to the ‘winners’ of the Cold War in Western Europe, where they work on minimum wages in menial tasks like Christian slaves in Ancient Rome, and their countries are ruled by utterly corrupt, but EU-approved, ‘parliamentarians’. Full employment, culture, low crime rates, social security, an excellent education and free health care, are lost and are bitterly regretted by all who knew them

Ironically, the greatest advocates of the internationalist rape of former Communist Europe are nationalists, often, as for example in the Ukraine, Hungary and Latvia, resettled there from their old emigrations. Like robots, they do whatever the CIA and their US ambassadors tells them to: support the drug dealers, human organ merchants and gun runners who run occupied Kosovo; open a secret prison where we can render and torture Islamists; allow poppy fields in Afghanistan to flourish; support genocide in Iraq and Libya; vote for the massacre and bombardment of Syria; visit a synagogue for a photo opportunity; hold a ‘Gay Parade’ and impose homosexual ‘marriage’; be nasty to Russia: and instantly the EU-installed elites of the new Central and Eastern Europe grin and vote yes, just as they used to grin and vote yes when before some Communist gerontocrat from Moscow told them to destroy themselves.

Against the European Suicide

These countries are today occupied by the colonists and integrationists of the EU Fourth Reich, just as they were once occupied by the Nazi Third Reich. Their conquered and foreign-owned media spread their lies to captive populations, their education systems are zombified, children are taken from their fathers and mothers, in Lithuania known as ‘parents No I and No 2’, assets perhaps to be sold abroad for adoption, perhaps to be adopted by homosexual couples, perhaps to be debauched by compulsory ‘sex education’, certainly to be taught that men and women are the same, for your very gender is, apparently, merely a social construct, a fruit of conditioning. So say all those who have been brainwashed by the conditioning of Western Secularism and so are unable to think for themselves.

Europe dictates that these countries too must be destroyed, they must lose their national identity and sovereignty and their national traditions. So, like Greece, they must be flooded with Muslims so that their Christian identity can be trampled underfoot. It is no good claiming that there is no alternative. There is. It is called the Eurasian Union. It rejects sodomy, moral decadence, liberalism, oligarchy, capitalist consumerism and proclaims the Tradition. This is not anti-Western, for all in the West who support just, healthy, traditional values, those of the ancient saints of the West, will join it – providing, of course, that the nascent Union can finally free itself of the systemic corruption spawned by the old Communist errors. After all, Christianity is itself an Asian religion that came to Europe and in the symbolism of the double-headed eagle supported the unity of East and West, Asia and Europe, Eurasia.

Western Europe continues its suicidal policies, resulting in ultra-low birth rates, homosexual marriage and senile dementia. Western Europe is dying out of its own will, reaping the millennial fruits of its apostasy, becoming a corner of irrelevance and Fascist intolerance before the face of the rest of the world. It is opposed by the ever-growing spiritual and moral importance of the Russian Orthodox world, incarnate in the Eurasian Union. This combines States with social values and traditional values, freedom from the anti-family sodomocracy and gender dictatorship of the barren European Union.


The essential Western heresy was to promote itself as independent of Asia, that is, independent of Christ, replacing Him with its ethnic leader in Rome, from whom it made to proceed the Holy Spirit, God himself. This is Sodom, the land of intolerance of real men and real women. We of the Eurasian Union utterly reject its tyranny of lies, injustice, stupidity and vulgarity, To its ideology of materialist Consumerism, Western and Secularist, we oppose the ascetic and ecological principles of Orthodox Christianity, Universal and Traditional, which are so hated by the decadent, self-indulgent and dying contemporary West. As we stand on the brink of 2014, the 100th anniversary of the first Western War, we issue a rallying cry: Those who are not with us are against us. Where do you stand?

25 December 2013

Two More Prophecies of St John

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Western European Diocese

8 avenue Douglas Haig
Versailles (S. et O.)

7 April 1960
No 804 / 248
Bright Wednesday

Decree to the Clergy of the Diocese

Today at approximately 3.00 pm THE GRAND DUCHESS KSENIYA ALEKSANDROVNA PASSED AWAY in England.

Born on the Feast of the Annunciation to the Most Holy Mother of God, she was a pledge of well-being and joy for the family of the Great Russian Tsar Alexander III the Peace-Maker and, together with them, for the whole of Russia.

Deeply pious and close to the spirit of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II, she bore the trials that fell to her lot after the collapse of the Russian Empire with strong faith and hope in God, suffering in her soul for Her ardently loved Homeland and the whole Russian people, firmly believing in their coming rebirth through the Orthodox Church.

Preparing herself for her repose she partook of the Holy Mysteries every day during the illness that preceded it and she offered up her soul to God in the Radiant Days of Easter Week , leaving behind her the memory of a devout Russian Princess.

Calling on all the clergy to commemorate her at every liturgy until Pentecost, we offer up prayers for her repose.

Archbishop John

(Notice the use of the term ‘Tsar-Martyr’ 21 years before his glorification and also the prophecy that Rus will be reborn through the Church. The Russian original of this prophetic decree, signed and stamped by Archbishop John, is to be found with other decrees and relics of St John in his church in Colchester, England).

On Conquering Nationalism and Globalism

Introduction: Patriotism

We define patriotism as the love of our country in its God-created beauty. This has nothing to do with the blindly fanatical promotion of man-created States, institutions and menacing armies as ‘better’ than others; patriotism has nothing to do with hatred for other countries, for in patriotism there is nothing negative, only positive. We have always maintained that love for other countries, inter-patriotism, is a virtue, but that it comes from love for one’s own country, where it was God’s will for us to be born. Indeed, we say that he who does not love his own country cannot love other countries, just as he who hates himself also hates others. This we can see throughout history in the stories of one pathological and self-obsessed ruler after another, from pagan Roman Emperors to Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Napoleon, the Kaiser, Lenin, Hitler and those more recent.

The Origin and Spread of Nationalism

We define nationalism as a secularist lack of love for other countries, which originates in ignorance of them and arrogance with regard to one’s own country. Modern nationalism was born in 16th century Western Europe as a secular reaction to the oppressive centralism of Papist Europe. Nationalism was thus born in the Protestant countries of Europe, the classic case being England, whose greedy ruler made himself head of his own national ‘Church’, a department of state, a secular institution or ‘establishment’ with a religious exterior. However, nationalism soon spread outside Protestant England, Holland, Scandinavia and Lutheran German principalities to Roman Catholic countries like Spain, Poland, Ireland and France which were soon infected. Ultimately, the evil of nationalism, evident in Western European nations, small but powerful through their technological superiority, was to result in the Satanic, inter-tribal slaughter of the First and then the Second World Wars.

Nationalism in the Orthodox World

However, it was not only the Protestant and then Roman Catholic world that underwent the inherently secular process of nationalism. Later, in the 18th century in Russia and in the 19th century the Orthodox world also underwent the same process, especially in the Balkans, thus repeating the ‘Balkanisation’ that had already affected Western Europe, causing warfare and strife there. As a result, a Council in Constantinople on 10 September 1872 qualified such nationalism, or ‘phyletism’, as a heresy: the Church, it said, should not be confused with a single nation or race. This phyletism affected the whole Orthodox world, but above all the Patriarchate of Constantinople and other areas that had been under the Turkish Yoke (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania). However, in recent generations we have seen the same intolerant, racist phyletism in the Ukraine, Finland, North America (‘the OCA’), Estonia and in France and England (‘the Paris Jurisdiction’).

Two Remedies for Nationalism

Since 1945, Western Europe and the Westernised world have found a remedy for the spiritual disease of nationalism in another spiritual disease: Globalisation (= Americanisation). This is in fact a return to the old Roman Papist centralism of the Middle Ages, a return to the oppressive pyramid of feudalism under the mask of the futurist Big Brother, with its universal electronic surveillance, satellites and drones. By destroying local diversity, globalisation, or globalism, has tried to project a homogeneous, ‘one size fits all’ uniformity onto the whole ‘Mcworld’. At last the Orthodox world has been provided with an alternative remedy. This is the Trinitarian ideal of ‘Holy Rus’, the multinational Inter-Orthodox Eurasian Confederation led by the Russian Federation. Belarus and Kazakhstan already belong to this and the Ukraine, last week on the verge of bankruptcy and social chaos, for which the illusory, US-devised, bankrupt EU puppet had no remedy, is now also finding an alternative in it.

Conclusion: Inter-Patriotism

Once Orthodox countries like Serbia, Moldova and Georgia have not yet fallen to the EU, though their political elites are being sorely tempted by EU bribes, as the elites of many other countries before them, including in the early 1970s the UK political elite. The hope now is that other countries like Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic States can also free themselves from the EU and join the Confederation, first overcoming their nationalism. As for the nations of Western Europe (which includes Galicia in the westernised far west Ukraine), only minorities there defy the pride of secularist nationalism. However, beyond them there are Syria and the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australasia, where Orthodox minorities are also allying themselves with the Trinitarian ideal of Unity in diversity: Inter-Patriotic Holy Rus.