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Told You So: Twelve Ukrainian Surprises for the Western World

  1. The Meaning of Nazism

For the West, the word Nazism denotes a brief period in German history over three generations ago. However, having had to tolerate constant invasions by the West between the 12th and the 21st centuries, including the collective ones in 1812, 1854, 1914, 1941 and the proxy one in 2022, Russians use the word Nazism to denote Western racist supremacism in general. In other words, the successor nations to the Soviet Union, which lost 27 million people, overwhelmingly civilians, to Nazism, the word in Russian denotes the whole historic Western racist attitude to all Non-Western peoples, Slavs, Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs etc. This is precisely why the Nazi Ukrainians claim that they have no Slav blood, but are Scandinavians and Germans. In an age of DNA, this claim is patent nonsense. It is just there to try and justify their sadism.

Thus, Nazism is the word that sums up the spirit of the White Supremacist US Senator Lindsey Graham, who said that the US financing of the war conducted by the Kiev puppet regime against Russia in the Ukraine is ‘the best money we’ve ever spent’. In other words, Slav Untermenschen, subhuman Russians, must be killed.

  1. The Russians Were Serious

The Western world never took Russian ‘red lines’ seriously, but thought it could behave with impunity both in Georgia and in the Ukraine and make them join the aggressively expansionist American organisation called NATO. Such was Western racist contempt for and racist ignorance of the largest country in the world, belittling it as ‘a regional power’ and ‘a gas station with nukes’. It was all delusional lies.

  1. The Effects of Sanctions

The Russian Federation had been preparing for further illegal Western sanctions against it ever since the first ones in 2014, when the West punished Russia with them for allowing free democratic choice and self-determination for the peoples of the Crimea. Here the US had wanted to open a NATO naval base in order to make the Black Sea a ‘NATO sea’. (The British had already tried this in 1856. The American Empire only follows the British Empire, repeating its errors and inevitable decline). In reality, Russian has prospered and grown economically from sanctions, as it has forced to become self-reliant. In this way ‘Anti-Russian’ sanctions have totally backfired. However, they have been suicidal for Western economies, causing notable the collapse of Germany, whose economy, once reliant on cheap Russian gas, from which it voluntarily cut itself off, is consequently now smaller than Russia’s.

  1. Ukrainian ‘Refugees’

In 2022-23 Western Europe took in nearly six million ‘refugees’ from the Ukraine. This purely political decision ‘to cut off your nose to spite your face’ failed to understand that not many of these were refugees. Millions of real refugees had been fleeing to Russia from Kiev regime genocide and persecution for eight years before 2022. That went unreported; it was censored. Many of these ‘refugees’, mainly from places where no war was going on at all, were people who were protecting themselves and their sons from being forced into the Kiev armed forces (now Zelensky wants them to be handed back) and being sent to die at the front. We can only sympathise with them.

Others were Ukrainians whose sense of entitlement meant that they wanted to take advantage of generous Western stupidity and go on ‘a long, free holiday’, as several of them informed me. After all, they had wanted to live in the West for years, anything to get out of the incredibly corrupt mafia Ukraine, and to do this and get paid and accommodated for free was just too tempting. We can understand them. At the same time as taking in these Ukrainians, Western countries were allowing real refugees from Africa and Asia to die en route. That just goes to show the West’s racism or, as they say in Russian, ‘Nazism’.

  1. The Unprincipled Ukrainian Readiness to Sell Everything

This Ukrainian sense of entitlement and lack of principle makes some of them do anything the West pays them to do. This brings us to the great weakness of many Ukrainians: their readiness to sell everything for money. Little wonder that Kiev is the surrogate mother capital of the world. If they will sell their wombs, they will sell anything. Thus, Zelensky has sold 40% of Ukrainian land to the US Blackrock Corporation. He literally sold his country. This act has done nothing to decrease anti-Semitism among Ukrainians.

  1. The Extent of Western Delusions and Media Dishonesty

Many Americans, quoting Eisenhower’s farewell speech and warning on 17 January 1961, speak of the MIC, the ‘military industrial complex’. It would be more accurate to speak of the MIMP, the ‘military, industrial, media, political’ complex. Conveniently, this rhymes with pimp. Western media lies have been extraordinary regarding events in the Ukraine. The use of the six corporations which control much of the world’s media to spread lies (propaganda, if you prefer) has made many Western people simply turn off the news. They know it is lies.

For instance, the West uses the term ‘editorial control’ instead of censorship. Quite simply, the most important events in the Ukraine are just not reported by the Western media and, when necessary to cover them, they are often replaced with absurd, local or sentimental stories of no importance in order to divert attention. This is Orwellian mass manipulation, the Pravda syndrome (the USSR’s main news outlet which the elite used in order to tell lies was called Pravda (the Truth)). The West has Sovietised itself. Thus, the extraordinary narcissism and disrespect of Western media at once led them to ‘cancel’ Russia. This is illegal, let alone immoral. For this reason, from the outset the Western media ignored the three clearly announced and very limited Russian aims: the liberation of the Russian areas of the Ukraine, and the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine.

Other examples of Western media lies are calling the very popular, democratically elected and re-elected Putin ‘a second Hitler’ or a ‘dictator’, calling the democratic vote of the Crimeans to return to Russia after a painful separation from Russia lasting 60 years ‘an annexation’, making out that the conflict began in 2022, instead of telling the truth that it began in 2014, with the $5 billion anti-democratic US and EU regime-change coup in Kiev, in which overthrow so many innocent died. For Russia’s aim is to end the war in the Ukraine, which the West began. Or calling the very limited (100,000 troops) Russian operation to liberate Ukrainians from Western-armed Nazis a ‘full-scale and unprovoked invasion’. This is delusional.

Other examples are the ‘Avenue of the Angels’ in Donetsk, commemorating the 400 Ukrainian children slaughtered by Kiev shells since 2014 (unreported due to ‘editorial control’ exercised by the Western media). The Ukrainian media are controlled by US and UK PR companies; they write the scenarios, then hand them over to the Ukrainian Ministry of Propaganda and the Western media to report. An example is MH17, when a civilian airliner was erroneously shot down by Kiev guns, causing the deaths of nearly 300 passengers, which they then blamed on Russia by psychological transfer or projection of their own faults. Another example is the Hollywood scenario of the Ukrainian TV series ‘The Servant of the People’, where Zelensky acted as President and which the made the comedian Zelensky President of the Ukraine. They needed an actor who could be dressed up in khaki and follow their scripts, not a real politician and literally ‘acts’ as President. A further example is the ‘massacre in Bucha, arranged so neatly by a British PR company (Bucha sounds like butcher – that is how the location for the staging was chosen), after the filming of which the ‘dead’ got up, took their dollar bills for work as extras and walked away.

More examples include the mining of buildings in areas to be evacuated by retreating Kiev Nazi troops, thus creating deserted and uninhabitable towns, maximum destruction for Russia to rebuild. Examples are the strategic withdrawals of Russian forces (many of these ‘Russian’ forces are made up of Ukrainian nationals) being presented as ‘defeats’. In fact, Russia withdrew, hoping for peace as it had been promised by Kiev, which then broke its word. Yes, Russia was guilty of naivete. Then there have been the ceaseless and ever more ridiculous Western media claims that Russians have ‘no more fuel, shells, bullets, tanks or equipment, and is bankrupt’. The Ukrainians are talking about themselves. They simply transfer truths about the Ukraine to Russia. As for the military situation now, they say it is ‘frozen’, ‘a stalemate’, and the ‘Russians are suing for peace’. All this in the face of the proof that the opposite is true in every respect.

Then there are Russian losses (50,000 dead), apparently, these are huge, far greater than Kiev regime losses (500,000 dead), for Russians fight suicidally like ‘Soviets’. The 1,000 Ukrainian dead and wounded per day are never reported. All the old Cold War cliches are good. But no proof. They refuse to understand that the USSR is long since dead. This is not the USSR, but the democratic Russian Federation. Then, apparently, ‘Putin has not long to live’, as he is ‘dying of cancer’, ‘is dead and they use a double’, is ‘incontinent’ and is ‘mentally unstable’ etc. Naturally, it is not the West that wants to use ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons, but Russia. Little wonder that the Western State mouthpiece media ignored the Carlson interview with President Putin, the most watched interview in history, with over one billion views in a few days. If a Western leader had given an important interview, it would have been advertised all over the Western media. But then hardly anyone would have watched it anyway.

  1. Western Europe Has Become a US Vassal

The illegal American invasion of Iraq and its grabbing of Iraqi oil and gas in 2003 were resisted by France, Germany and other Western European nations. Then they still had some independence. Now, all Western Europe, not just the UK, has shown itself to be the poodle of the US elite in Washington. Indeed, by accepting the US destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, Germany has in fact committed economic suicide and has been overtaken by the Russian economy. It is noticeable that once neutral Scandinavia has also turned into a US poodle. On the other hand, amazingly, Turkey, Hungary and Slovakia have all shown a certain brave independence despite great pressures.

  1. Global Support for Russia

The West has refused to recognise that 90% of the planet either supports Russia or else is indifferent to its actions as they are those of another sovereign state faced by an external threat. The West may call countries like Russia ‘autocracies’ and themselves ‘democracies’, but in reality countries like Russia are authoritarian democracies and Western countries are liberal oligarchies. The fact is that the for now ten members of BRICS, representing the Non-West, have for some time been superior to the Western G7 huddle. Both China and India, 35% of the world population, are part of that BRICS. Since Russia defeated NATO in the Ukraine, other countries have also begun to stand up to Western bullying, for example Niger has thrown out French imperialists. All have been encouraged, seeing the defeat of the West in the Ukraine, even though propaganda-blinded Western people have not yet seen it.

The delusion of false GDP figures has also been revealed by GDP figures at PPP (purchasing power parity), as used even by the CIA in its Yearbook. The eight most powerful economies in the world are: China, USA, India, Japan, Russia, Germany, Indonesia and Brazil and both Japan and the USA will be overtaken by Russia and India respectively within the next few years. BRICS increases in strength, even though the West threatens to steal or ‘seize’ (another Western media euphemism) Russian assets. This is suicidal, as no-one will any longer give their money to thieves. This could be the end of the dollar.

  1. Western Weapons Are Useless and Obsolete

The West’s success has always been about superior military technology. Whether it was Crusader knights against arrows in the Holy Land , muskets and armour in Mexico, machine-guns against spears in the Sudan or helicopter gunships against Vietnamese peasants (and the US still lost). Now Russian military technology has far outclassed Western. The Western world has supplied over 200 billion dollars to ‘the Ukraine’ so far (though nobody knows where that money has gone and perhaps only very little has actually reached the Ukraine). It has also supplied huge amounts of second-hand or obsolete arms, dating back to the 1970s, 80s and 90s. They have all burned on the steppes, where they burned before in 1943 and 1944. Most of the Western equipment is the best that the deindustrialised West has. These Western weapons have proved useless against far more advanced Russian weapons. It appears that Western weapons are made not made to win wars like Russian weapons, but only to make profits. The deindustrialised West cannot make weapons. NATO has been shown to be a paper tiger, like, indeed, the EU and the USA. The fact is that since 1945, the USA has only ever won one war, that in the 1983 invasion against the 1,300 strong army of Grenada, which invasion was condemned by the United Nations General Assembly as ‘a flagrant violation of international law’.

  1. Western Lies About Russian Intentions

The Western elites have consistently told their publics the lie that Russia wants to invade and occupy the Ukraine and then the rest of Western Europe! These are only self-justifying attempts to intimidate deliberately misinformed Western peoples and squeeze more money out of them. This is just a modern form of MacCarthyism, presenting Russia as a bogeyman. In reality, Russia wants to spark a spontaneous coup d’etat in Kiev so that the people can form a New Ukrainian government, one based on the interests of the Ukrainian people, not on those of Western oligarchs.

  1. President Biden’s Dementia

Nobody thought that President Biden’s ‘cognitive decline’ would be so rapid. It means that Europeans are being abandoned.

  1. The Orthodox Church

Nobody thought that the Patriarchate of Constantinople would accept US bribes and set up a fake ‘Church’, led by the defrocked and gangsters, in the Ukraine. However, some Russian bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate also appear to have mismanaged the situation, especially regarding the political fallout of the operation in the Ukraine. That Church is now being cleansed. The other fourteen Local Orthodox Churches look on in astonishment at both Patriarchates, where they see individuals, whose power has gone to their heads and who persecute the just.



On the Ten Steps in the Formation of Sects: A Warning from the Russian Orthodox Emigration


The growth of a sectarian mentality can be observed when any once healthy faith community declines and degenerates into a sect through spiritual decadence. Here we deal specifically with that decline in the Russian Orthodox emigration.


After 1917 the Russian Orthodox Church fell captive to the persecutions of militant atheism. With the Centre captive, divisions took place in the Russian Church everywhere outside Russia. As ever, as a result of those divisions, the spirit of sectarianism appeared. All my adult life I have fought against that sectarianism in the Russian Orthodox Church in the emigration. Our struggle was to help create unity within the Church and unity with it, once it was free, so that then we could move towards the even greater project of creating new Local Churches. Therefore, from close observation of unhealthy psychology and pathologies over the last nearly fifty years, I have been able to identify ten steps in the formation of sects. This identification comes from observing the process of what specifically has happened to multiple fractions of the Russian Orthodox Church in the emigration, especially since 1986, when it had clearly started dying out.

As a result, a whole series of tiny but almost routine schisms began from it. These fractions have above all appeared as a result of the inherently sectarian and puritanical Protestant culture of North America or contact with it. (It is no coincidence that the first of those schisms took place in Puritan Boston in New England). The apostasy in North America of mainstream Non-Orthodox religion, mainly Protestantism, but also highly Protestantised Roman Catholicism, seems to have been the cause. The strict and rigid Protestant moralism of the American Puritan past has in the last sixty years broken down into today’s total amoralism. As a result, insecure and unstable individuals searching for certainties outside that amoralism have come to the Russian Orthodox Church, However, this was already riven and destabilised by divisions stemming from attitudes to the Church inside Russia. These divisions had grown deeper inasmuch as links with the Mother-Church had been lost.

The Ten Steps

  1. Ignorance and a corresponding lack of any historical sense provides a fertile ground for the development of sectarianism. Ignorance to the point of obscurantism has been encouraged, educatedness being a common reproach in the Russian Orthodox emigration, where after the first generation illiteracy in Russian was common. Knowledge of the language was generally limited to kitchen Russian. For instance, we used to joke in the 1980s that for the mainly elderly members of the then Russian Church in the emigration in Western Europe there were only two besetting sins – youth and education. Both were despised and most churches were childless. They were dying out, turning into rather depressing museums of cultural nostalgia.
  2. The development of parochialism through isolationism, not frequenting and even despising other Orthodox parishes, deepens this ignorance. Indeed, the refusal to frequent others and even the censorious and judgemental condemnation of others for doing so is approved of. Contact with others is seen as disloyalty to the growing sectarian mentality. For example, home-schooling becomes common at this stage. Now begins the suspicion and condemnation of even the slightest contact with ‘impure’ Non-Orthodox, then of fellowship with Orthodox from other (also ‘impure’) Local Churches, and finally with Russian Orthodox from other (also ‘impure’) dioceses. They say of them: ‘They are not like us’. This tribalism means for them: ‘They are our enemies because they are different from us’.
  3. The next step is the exaggeration of the differences with others. ‘They don’t do things like we do’. ‘Our way is the only correct way’. Thus begins the judgementalism and censoriousness of the pharisees. Here we clearly see the priggish self-righteousness that comes from pride, from a superiority complex. ‘The others are sinful’, they say in condemnation, and their hearts swell with vain self-admiration. This exaggeration includes a great emphasis on tiny ritual differences. ‘Only we do that properly’. Generalisations are made on the basis of the behaviour of only one or a few others. ‘We can have nothing to do with any of them because so and so is one of them and he said or did that’. Thus: ‘The whole of the Moscow Patriarchate is corrupt because their bishop X said that. Thus, tens of millions of others were instantly condemned on the basis of the words of a bishop held hostage and speaking in a specific context. Here is the self-justification that stems from and then, in a spiral, creates, pride. Here begins the ‘we are the One True Church’ syndrome and ideology.
  4. It is at this point that cultish leaders, gurus, may appear. Sometimes they appear almost all by themselves, especially if inexperienced and uninstructed neophytes, who are out of touch with reality, are given positions of authority. At other times such gurus may be created by neophytes, who from instability and insecurity desperately want a ‘spiritual father’, even though they have no idea what that is. Their insecurity demands ‘a leader’. Through flattering the weak, they can manufacture such gurus. The gurus soon become increasingly tyrannical, confusing authority with authoritarianism and capricious despotism, and claim papal infallibility.
  5. Now inward-lookingness, introversion, reaches a degree which leads to a de facto lack of communion with others and the formation of a ghetto, headed by a ruling clique of ideologues, who are to be blindly obeyed. Indeed, they insist on blind obedience. Initially, the lack of communion will be selective and informal. In other words, communion will be retained with a select few elsewhere, a few contacts kept for form’s sake. They will claim these contacts as ‘theirs’. This is self-justification: ‘Look, we’re not a sect because we are in communion with so and so’. This stage does not last very long.
  6. From here adepts, led by the ruling clique, will start making more and more extreme accusations that others are ‘not Orthodox’ or ‘mentally ill’ etc. They slander and demonise in self-justification. Such is the pride of narcissistic self-love that gnaws away at their souls. They are pure and all others are impure. Thus, one of them said to me: ‘We are a glass of clean water. They are a glass of dirty water. Surely you do not expect us to mix the two glasses together by entering into communion with them?’ He was so blinded that he could not even see his own phariseeism and so ignorant that he could not even see the dirt in his own water.
  7. Now begins cloning. The cult adepts start dressing in the same way and adopting the same hairstyles or, for men, beardstyles, as those in the ruling clique. Any diversity is definitely forbidden at this stage of manipulation, indoctrination and brainwashing. Uniforms become the norm, the personality is repressed and depressed. Those who refuse to conform are coldly shut out. All the adepts look alike and relationships become almost incestuous, in the sense that there is no mixing with others, with ‘the impure’, outside the cult.
  8. This is now the stage when the group cuts off completely i.e. it finally becomes a sect, having cut off from others, that is, having performed a first schism. The word ‘sect’ means precisely ‘cutting’, as in the word ‘secateurs’. The sect now becomes ever more extreme and excommunicates (!) and ‘defrocks (!) others, even those in completely different dioceses (!), commonly declaring that the others have ‘no grace’. Indeed, the question of who has grace and who does not have ‘grace’ assumes great importance because the sect adepts have to justify their self-isolation and infallibility as the only ones who ‘have grace’. This is a kind of papism. ‘Either you are with us, or else you are against us’. All is black and white and those who oppose the sect are promised ‘hell’, for they will ‘not save their souls’ as they are ‘uncanonical’. Their god is the god of hatred. (We know what his real name is). So the sect becomes not only evil and nasty, but also absurd and makes itself into a laughing-stock. (The devil always mocks his own). Here we witness aggressiveness, harsh bullying, persecuting attempts to humiliate, intimidate and punish. These are all founded on the sect’s essential lack of love, because sects are never founded on Love, but on unhealthy and prideful psychology, which always requires heartless, ruthless and persecuting ideologies.
  9. Now the sect becomes ever smaller, as any last ‘impure’ are witch-hunted and cast out. From this point on, the already small sect grows no further and contracts. However, though the sect is tiny, it will have a large internet, that is, virtual, presence, as virtuality makes up for reality. Indeed, it can be noticed that large groups generally have a weak internet presence. This is because they are too busy with reality to bother. Sects are also desperate to obtain money and property. They need finance. This is because they are already by definition small (they have cut themselves off from the mainstream) and are limited to temporary rented premises and decorated garden sheds for their tabernacles. Expansion is only possibly through stealing the property or income of others.
  10. Soon infighting within the sect starts and further splits about extremely petty or abstract matters sooner or later follow. Introversion is such that such matters become vital dogmas. All is dogmatised. This infighting becomes ever more bitter and unloving and creates ever more tiny and more irrelevant splinter groups. These disputes often lead to expensive court cases about scarce resources, both resulting from and leading to moral and financial scandals.


Over the last two generations I have often seen all of the above among fringe groups, both on the left and on the right. Whether secularist liberalism or secularist conservatism, it makes no difference, both are secularism, that is, they are the abandonment of the Tradition of the Holy Spirit and Love. Such abandonment of the Holy Spirit always leads to the fringes or margins and from there on to the exit from the Church altogether. All this seems to have developed as a result of the instability of the 1960s, and the search for gurus, cults and the exotic, especially then in the USA, but not only. Such gurus prey particularly on the weak, the young, the ignorant and neophytes, as gurus manipulate the zeal and ignorance (‘zeal not according to knowledge’, as the Apostle writes) of converts.

In countries like Russia the Orthodox faith is not at all exotic and is a mass phenomenon. Mass phenomena prevent or greatly limit sectarian nonsense, unless politics or nationalism intervene, as for example in the Ukraine today. However, in the emigration it is possible for sects to be formed, unchallenged by the masses because the masses are not present. Today, the delusions thirsted for by the lonely, such as incels, mean that gurus have an ever greater field to recruit from, using their podcasts and zooms to build their largely virtual sects. Gurus always end up outside the Church, but so, sadly, do their followers, who eventually see through the gurus’ nonsense and become disillusioned and embittered. The straitjackets that the gurus try to impose are always shaken off, sooner by the aware and the strong, later by the naïve and the weak, and they always come to naught.


Sects always dissolve, sect-leaders are always defeated and those who should have supervised and controlled their activities are shamed and die out as they too become spiritually irrelevant. This is the spiritual law. May they hear it and repent before it is too late. They cannot get away with it, for our God is not mocked.



Spirituality or Moralism?

I spoke recently to a Romanian parishioner who had lived for a very long time in the Middle East and married a charming man, originally a Muslim. Taking him to a certain Romanian elder, who is still alive, she expected whom she supposed to be a very conservative elder to condemn her for marrying a Muslim and berate the Muslim for being such. Instead the elder came out and warmly embraced the Muslim and treated him as a brother. It was not long before the Muslim had joined the Orthodox Church. The story illustrates the old saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

The point is that the Spiritual is not conservatism. The Spiritual is the Tradition, the ever-renewed Inspiration of the Holy Spirit over the millennia, which is quite different from conservatism. Indeed, it is precisely in the absence of the Spiritual that conservatism, with its killing moralism and dead ritualism, takes over. Moralism is a sign of the end of the living, not of life. Both modernists and conservatives (‘traditionalists’) are moralists, because neither has the Spiritual, both lack Love, the very thing that they both claim in their self-delusion to have.

We saw it in the time of Christ with the Pharisees with their censorious judgementalism. We saw it with the Calvinistic Puritans, so intolerant that they could find nowhere to live in Europe and so had to go to America, where they slaughtered the native people and hunted innocent women to death as witches. We saw it with the Jesuits who preached hatred in the Name of God. We saw it with the Zoe and Sotir brotherhoods in Greece, who turned so many against the Church. We saw it with psychopaths and fanatics who tried to turn the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia into a mean and nasty sect. None of them knew that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Moralists always exploit the naïve and weak, manipulating them and making them feel guilty for not being ‘conservative’ enough. They lecture and berate others, who have experience of the inner life. This is all because the moralists themselves have no inner life. And because they have no inner life, they pre-judge and condemn all others. And they pre-judge and condemn because they have no compassion and love for human weakness, only hardness of heart which destroys both themselves and others. Moralism is spiritual death; only the Spiritual gives Life, for only the Holy Spirit is the Giver of Life.

Invited as head of the Vatican State by the Romanian President and Prime Minister (both fake Christians) Pope Francis has broken into the Romanian Garden of the Mother of God.

The Papal Drug


Fallen angel, into the house,

Dressed in white like the sun at noon,

Broke like a thirsty, hungry mouse,

Guard cats looking at a cartoon.


Drops of poison, like dew looking,

Honey-coated and counterfeit,

All the citizens are tasting,

From the poor to the high and great.


By the Papal drug bedazzled,

An ice storm will soon be received;

The love of Christ is bedraggled,

The Mother of God is deceived.


Nicuşor Gliga

Bucharest, 2nd June 2019

The Fall of the American Empire

All empires have risen and fallen, whether in Persia, Egypt, India, China, Japan, South and Central America, Africa or Europe. They rise when they have a creative power to give to the world and they fall when they stop giving and become negative and destructive. This explains why some last long, but others fall very quickly. History confirms this; thus the Western Roman Empire, for all its pagan cruelty, lasted for centuries because it had a civilization and a culture, not just great walls and roads, towns and cities, but poetry and art, sculpture and painting. Why did it fall? Because it became decadent (a word that means falling, but in a moral sense), in other words, because it lost its way, lost its civilizing force for good.

European Empires, like the French and the British, lasted, arguably, for some six generations. But they too fell. The British Empire justified itself for a time by bringing the Word of God to a great many peoples; but it fell because its very elite came to reject that selfsame Word of God and instead lived for greed. The Eastern Roman Empire, heir to Old Rome, also fell, though after over a millennium, in 1453. Why? Because it became prey to Greek nationalism and alienated peoples of other languages and cultures around it, limiting the Gospel on which it was based, to a narrow ethnic understanding. So that Empire was transferred to Russia. However, the Russian Empire also fell after some 300 years. Why? Because its elite stopped believing in its underlying principles and betrayed them and also betrayed their Emperor.

Today the world is dominated by the American Empire. Sixty years ago or so many thought very highly of it. It seemed to be philanthropic, a model. Sacks of rice, marked ‘A gift from the USA’ saved thousands of lives. America was the dream because it held to the Good Book, to Biblical and family values, to common human ideals and was enormously generous. Today its flag is spat upon and burned around the world. Opinion polls declare that most of the world’s people see the USA as the greatest threat to world peace. Its President – an African-Asian-European, whose religion is unknown, if he is any at all – has appointed a commissar to impose sodomy on the whole world. Resistance means that the sacks of rice will be stopped; though there are those who have already stopped taking the sacks of rice because they say that they are genetically poisoned.

When did it all go wrong? When did it become pagan? The popular American singer, Don McLean, said that ‘the American pie’ all went wrong ‘the day the music died’, in 1959. Others point to the Kennedy assassination, others point to the Vietnam War; others point to the massive debts that began when President Reagan and his neocon backers decided to win the Cold War by bankrupting his own country; others would go back much further in time. We do not know when it all went wrong, we only know that it has all gone wrong; that, after scarcely three generations since 1945 we are witnessing the fall of the American Empire which is ending in the same unprincipled moral and pagan decadence as Rome. It has lost faith in the underpinning Good Book and chosen Mammon instead of God.

Some empires lasted only for a short time. Thus, that of Alexander the Great ended swiftly because his empire soon became a force for destruction, an end to civilization, a military obsession. Napoleon’s empire lasted scarcely for a generation; his military obsession that killed two million Europeans and saw him stabling his horses in the Cathedrals of Holy Russia also soon came to an end. He had nothing to give except atheism and bloodshed. In other words, empires last only for as long as they are carriers of a great, ennobling and inspiring idea, and the civilization and culture based on that idea. And they always end in atheistic cynicism and black despair (called ‘post-modern irony’) at the loss of that idea and that end is always in spiritual and moral bankruptcy. Let America tremble and be warned. There are many good, ordinary Americans; if they can defeat the Satanic powers that have seized the high places in their country, they can still redeem their land and so help save the world.