Christ or Eurosodom?

Tomorrow the Crimea, and, make no mistake, after it the rest of the Ukraine, sets out on the path of self-determination, not just of political and economic self-determination, but above all of spiritual self-determination. The choice is either to keep faith with our ancestral Orthodoxy or else to betray it, to accept the precepts of Holy Rus and eternal life, or to accept the Eurosodom mess of pottage and eternal death. And only the flight from Sodom, the acceptance of righteousness, can save from death.

Although post-Soviet Russia has not yet been fully restored to Orthodox Russia, nevertheless it has not accepted Eurosodom and every year it comes to resist ever more the globalisation that is preparing the path of Antichrist. Indeed, there are many Christian prophecies about the spiritual rebirth of Holy Rus before the end, but not a single one about the spiritual rebirth of ‘Ukraine’ as part of secularist Eurosodom under the yoke of the atheist troops of NATO.

The referendum in the Crimea is the first step in the restoration of the three parts of Rus, Great, Little and White Rus. It is no coincidence that the referendum comes the day after the feast of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God (2/15 March), the Heavenly Sovereign Lady of the earthly Kingdom of Rus, and on the day of the feast of all the Saints of the Kiev Caves and the Ukraine. Whatever happens tomorrow, how will this saga end? We already know: Christ will defeat Antichrist (2 Thess. 2, 8) and Holy Rus will defeat Eurosodom. ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’.