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Who is Sovereign: Parliament or People?

The UK Prime Minister has decided to suspend the Westminster Parliament for a brief period as it refused to implement the will of the people to leave the European Union. Some are outraged by this, but they forget that the MPs in Parliament were not elected democratically, that is, by a majority of their constituents. In the singularly undemocratic UK system, most governments are in power simply because only 30-35% (not 50% +) of the 65% of the electorate who voted chose their representatives of the government in power. Little wonder that about a third of the electorate do not even bother to vote and cynicism about overpaid and unrepresentative politicians is at an all-time high. Minority governments, and they virtually always are in the UK, do not have respect. The people have been lied to all too often down the generations.

The refusal by MPs to implement the result of the Brexit referendum after three years (!) has proved that most MPs are indeed anti-democratic. The anti-democrats even call for a second people’s vote because, as they say, the people are so stupid that they got it wrong the first time! Such is their patronising elitism. The ruling Conservative Party was indeed put into fifth place at the recent European elections as a result of its failure to respect the electorate. And the then Prime Minister had to resign for failing to implement what she had been chosen to do and had promised to do. Most of those who wanted Brexit were fed up with losing out in the EU and some of them were indeed financially modest; most of those who were opposed to Brexit had profited from the EU and belong to the effete, wealthy and ultra-wealthy, power-loving Establishment class who control all the political parties.

Brexit was then to a large extent the choice of the underclass of 52%, despised and patronised by the Establishment and its condescending BBC propaganda mouthpiece. The people voted against the elite who had ignored them and had expressed contempt for them for nearly half a century. But the worm always turns and so the outrage of the arrogant and anti-democratic Remainers is very hypocritical. With the suspension of the Westminster elite, the present Prime Minister has left his own gilded cage and gambled that the people will be grateful to him. In Brussels the equally oligarchic and unelected elite is worried. If the UK leaves the EU successfully, it is inevitable that other countries (Hungary? Italy? The Czech Lands? Sweden? Denmark? Ireland? Others?) will also leave. The inevitable end of the tyrannical EU is in sight.

But what will replace it?


The Deconstruction of the EU and the Construction of the Europe of Nations

The European elites learned nothing from Brexit, just as they learned nothing from the democratic self-determination of the Crimea. The people had spoken by referendum and the elites simply denied reality, declaring that the people had been wrong. Instead of undertaking to listen to the people who did not want their centralized bureaucratic nightmare of a Superstate, patronizingly they instead justified their tyranny and decided to speed ahead with their dictatorial nightmare. Now in Catalonia another referendum has, just, taken place. Again the European elites are in denial, sending in paramilitary police from the semi-Frankist government in Madrid to assault the voters. Are the European elites listening this time? Of course not:

Esteban Gonzalez Pons, an MEP from Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s so-called ‘Popular’ Party, said: “If today you let Spain break up with Catalonia, a domino effect will follow across the continent. Instead of a Europe of 27, we will have a non-Europe of mini-states”. Italian politician, Gianni Pittella, declared: “A unilateral declaration of independence would amount to a further provocation, which would throw oil on the fire after Sunday’s meaningless referendum”. Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian politician, said that the threats of revolt coming from Catalonia “threaten the spirit of European integration, even more than Brexit”. Thus speak the anti-democratic, anti-people representatives of the elites of the European Union.

 As the fake nations of Britain and Spain divide into their natural parts, the slow but inevitable crumbling of the centralist EU nightmare should be viewed as an opportunity. For example, Brexit should lead to Irish unity – the absurd and unnatural partition of the single island of Ireland cannot continue. Then all four newly independent countries of Anglo-Celtia can co-operate freely, as unity in diversity. The old word ‘Britain’, an 18th century invention in imitation of earlier Roman and Norman tyranny, can be dropped, and the whole can work together in a four-country Confederation, called ‘IONA’, the Isles of the North Atlantic. But far more than this, other peoples throughout Europe can likewise be allowed their long-awaited self-determination.

Other artificial conglomerates like Germany, Italy, France and the Ukraine can fall apart, like the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia before them, the failed, British-invented buffer of Belgium can disappear, absurd borders in Eastern Europe can be rearranged. Everything is possible – and in peace. And, at long last, Eurasia can work together, the Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis, destroyed by Western European tribal rivalries of 1914, can be revived. The anti-elite revolt, the long-awaited European Spring, is not far. Suddenly, everything is possible, as the dead hand of the EU Establishment risks being overturned by the real peoples of Europe. A Europe of False Unity is deconstructed: let the True Europe of Nations be constructed.



The People Choose Freedom

For 43 years since our betrayal by a Tory government we ‘the peasants’ have thirsted for freedom. Now, unexpectedly, we have at last received it – through a Tory government that never expected that the people were intelligent enough to choose it. 950 years after it was founded by the Normans, the arrogant UK Establishment and its pro-EU policy have been rejected by the simple people, who after decades were at last allowed freedom. Although the alien, upper-class Establishment patronized, insulted, bullied and intimidated us the ‘plebs’, as they called us, even threatening apocalypse, the ordinary people bravely ignored it, as well as the EU elite and the Obama-led US elite.

The hopelessly old-fashioned, anti-democratic, post-war EU project (nightmare), dying for years, is now dead in England and Wales. Having helped defeat the military Third Reich three generations ago, the UK has suffered almost two generations of a political Fourth Reich and has now defeated it too. The freedom that has been won here may embolden other European peoples who also want their freedom and their countries back, not to mention the peoples of the USA who want the same. There may yet evolve some Northern European Confederation, with the British Isles, Ireland and Scandinavia and perhaps the Netherlands.

Instead of the straitjacket of a narrow customs union in Western Europe, the people of the UK have chosen to go out to the world, as before, and a rapprochement with the USA may take place. A free and independent country is being reborn. Internally, the Conservative Party must reshape itself and find a new leader and, as for the Labour Party, its lame-duck leader, so out of touch with his own voters, can surely not last much longer. Undermined by caviar-eating, Blairite MPs, it will have to start choosing MPs who actually represent their supporters. The two-party mafia that has effectively run the country for 200 years and ultimately goes back to the times of the murderous Cromwell is over.

Political parties actually representing the views of the people will have to be formed. A Government of National Unity may yet have to be formed. It may be that the UK as a whole, ultimately also Norman-founded, will now break up and Ireland will at last get its unity back. It may be that the four countries that make up the Isles will have to be separated from the centralized European-style Union in London (Eire did long ago) before they can come together in a free Confederation of Sovereign Nations, as they effectively were 1,000 years ago. Above all the globalist project of the world elite for World Government has suffered a setback: the narcissistic elite never thought that the people were intelligent enough to return to freedom. We are.

A Message from Russia and the USA

President V V Putin said this on Friday:

[The referendum] was due to nothing more than the British leadership’s arrogance and superficiality regarding issues vital to their country and to Europe as a whole.

That’s all. Furthermore, President Putin gave his word that he wouldn’t interfere in British internal affairs. In response, the sheeple in the Western media went mad. The Washington Times was particularly strident, but the rest of the Western media did little better. Supposedly, President Putin planned this to split Europe, to take it over, and that he was the sole winner of the affair. Firstly, the President and Russia weren’t involved in the Brexit, so they can neither win or lose! Secondly, the Brexit had numerous causes, all of them domestic and homebrewed. The Establishment was hamfisted and clueless… their attempt to smear the Leave faction as terrorists after the Cox murder backfired and badly. To be clear, the Upper Middles pointed the finger at the whole English working-class, and the proles didn’t care for such vilification. Thirdly, it’s too much too soon to discern any of the real effects of this. The media screams for preventive war. I say, let things develop as they will; let the will of the people be done… not just in this referendum, but in the future ones on Scottish and Welsh independence, and on all-Irish unity.

A Message from Greece

Dear Father Andrew,

Yesterday, on the 24th of June 2016 it was the feast of the Nativity Saint John the Baptist (New Calendar) and I went to the church of Saint George in Dionysos Attica Greece early in the morning to attend the Divine Liturgy. The parish of Saint John was the “garden” that Archimandrite Markos Manolis (of blessed memory) “cultivated” from 1983 until 2010 as parish priest, a spiritual father of hundreds from all over Attica, Greece and beyond, as chairman of the “Orthodoxos Typos” newspaper and as a tireless and vigilant heart and mind that prayed for the salvation of all through daily Divine Liturgies, often making visits to prisoners and the poor and leading many other spiritual struggles.

In that church, while I was chanting as a member of the small parish choir, and just as we had finished matins and begun the Divine Liturgy (I think it was about half past nine local time), I heard one of the older members of our choir and also one of our best family friends saying to us all that the results of the British referendum were published and that the British people had voted to exit the E.U.!

We were all very glad to hear this. Even our friend, Mr Yannis, was very happy to bring us the good news, since he rushed into the church to do this after he had gone out for some reason a few minutes earlier.

Father Andrew, I have “followed” you since 2003 when twitter and other social networks didn’t even exist. Through all these years I have seen so many blessings of our Lord come true in your local Church (Colchester, restoration of Eucharistic Unity with Moscow Patriarchate and many more) and now this!

May God enlighten your steps from now on towards the endless journey to our common salvation!

I ask for your blessing,

Prokopi Evia Greece, where the holy whole-body and wonderworking relic of Saint John the Russian “lives”!

In Christ,


The End of the EU?

Recently the much-respected Metropolitan Athanasius of Limassol said in an interview that the end of the EU is not a matter of if, but when. As an observer, it does indeed seem that the stresses inside the EU are too great for this purely artificial and unnatural structure to survive much longer. Like all the other short-lived feudal ‘Reichs’, the First of Charlemagne, the Second of Bismarck, the Third of Hitler, so too the EU Fourth Reich is also doomed to collapse. A child of the early 1990s, it has now been around for nearly a generation – it cannot continue for much longer.

First of all, there is the stress of Northern and Southern Western Europe, in reality largely the stress between Germanic/Protestant and Latin/Catholic Europe Europe. Protestant, or more precisely Calvinist, Europe lives for petty-minded money and philistine savings; the banking capitals of Europe are in Protestant Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. On the other hand, Catholic Europe is less interested in Protestant Mammonism. It wants to enjoy life, to live. This fundamental division explains why supposedly unitive EU institutions are sited on the Catholic-Protestant fault-line in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

On top of this division, the EU elite then dared to introduce the euro. One size fits all, they said. Of course, it does not. Europe, Greece included, is not Germany and nobody wants a German Europe, which is what the EU is actually about. Some countries even rejected the euro, so hated by the German people. Notably, the UK elite rejected it. Now the patronizing UK Establishment elite is for the first time actually offering its subjects the freedom to leave the EU. It is just possible that by a small majority, the people may indeed seize back their freedom, to the despair of Washington which has always run the EU as its protectorate and is astounded that the UK elite could offer its plebs freedom and democracy.

Finally, there was the hubristic foolishness of the Western EU elite in thinking that the Western EU, already weak and divided, could also absorb Eastern Europe, which had emerged from Communist tyranny after some 45 years. Communism was certainly a tyranny, but it also had advantages. For example under the protection of Communism, everyone had a job (of sorts), a home (however modest), everybody had free education and health care, and crime was virtually non-existent. Even more significantly, Communism also protected Eastern Europe from the Western moral decay of the 1960s, which has led Western Europe to mass Muslim immigration on the one hand and Eurosodom on the other hand.

Today not just Hungary but also Slovakia, the Czech Republic and now the new nationalistic government in Poland are opposing the Western-run EU. The three EU Baltic States have been economically and politically crippled, many of the young people forced to emigrate. Romania and Bulgaria, run by hopelessly corrupt, post-Communist elites, are no-go areas. EU expansion to Montenegro and Moldova, let alone to the Ukraine, where the collapse of the US-installed, neo-Fascist Kiev junta is expected soon, is now unlikely. The peoples of Eastern Europe (and in fact those of Western Europe, but nobody asks them) do not want mass Muslim immigration, nor do they want gay parades and the obligation to recognize the Church of Satan, as the EU immediately imposed on the Ukraine.

Will the EU in its present form survive? We doubt it. As one of the foremost bishops of the Church of Cyprus has said, its collapse is not a question of if, but when. This is because only the Cross can unite the four corners of the Earth, North, South, East and West. And the EU is not the Cross, in fact it is the anti-Cross, Satan’s star. Thus, when some suggest that the EU needs baptizing, we say to them that that is not the solution, for it would refuse even the preparatory prayers of exorcism at the beginning of the baptismal rite. The devil’s own cannot reject and spit upon its master.

Christ or Eurosodom?

Tomorrow the Crimea, and, make no mistake, after it the rest of the Ukraine, sets out on the path of self-determination, not just of political and economic self-determination, but above all of spiritual self-determination. The choice is either to keep faith with our ancestral Orthodoxy or else to betray it, to accept the precepts of Holy Rus and eternal life, or to accept the Eurosodom mess of pottage and eternal death. And only the flight from Sodom, the acceptance of righteousness, can save from death.

Although post-Soviet Russia has not yet been fully restored to Orthodox Russia, nevertheless it has not accepted Eurosodom and every year it comes to resist ever more the globalisation that is preparing the path of Antichrist. Indeed, there are many Christian prophecies about the spiritual rebirth of Holy Rus before the end, but not a single one about the spiritual rebirth of ‘Ukraine’ as part of secularist Eurosodom under the yoke of the atheist troops of NATO.

The referendum in the Crimea is the first step in the restoration of the three parts of Rus, Great, Little and White Rus. It is no coincidence that the referendum comes the day after the feast of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God (2/15 March), the Heavenly Sovereign Lady of the earthly Kingdom of Rus, and on the day of the feast of all the Saints of the Kiev Caves and the Ukraine. Whatever happens tomorrow, how will this saga end? We already know: Christ will defeat Antichrist (2 Thess. 2, 8) and Holy Rus will defeat Eurosodom. ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’.

Refugees to Russia?

There is nothing new in European religious refugees. From the eleventh century on, all who opposed the iron grip of Papism and the blood-soaked Inquisition, fled to remote places. Then, after the Reformation, French Protestants, Huguenots, were forced to flee from Catholic intolerance to many countries, both inside and outside Europe. In the 17th century religious refugees from England, known as Puritans, fled from the local State Religion to America. After 1789 French Catholic refugees made for Russia and other countries, fleeing atheist persecution. After the export into Russia of Western materialism, known as Marxism, in 1917, Russian refugees in turn fled from atheist persecution, settling all over the world, creating a global diaspora. And in the near future, within the next few decades, it seems as though EU citizens and others may yet flee from the dictats of their unelected Eurocommissars, also for religious reasons.

Although the present struggle for the freedom of the Ukraine from these Eurocommissars, whose bribed imported supporters, it is said, were paid 30 euros a day by the CIA to parade in favour of the EU, is looking victorious, the situation elsewhere looks grim. Thus, the peoples ruled by the EU dictatorship and their bankrupt and corrupt puppet governments in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and elsewhere, are becoming economic refugees all over the world. Elsewhere in the EU, intolerance of Christian values is now such that many faithful Christians in Western Europe are beginning to look with hope elsewhere. But where?

To look to the USA, Latin America or Australia would be senseless, for the wave of intolerance of Christianity, Christian family life and Christian patriotism is just as strong there, as we saw in the recent attacks by 500 abortionists on a Catholic church in Argentina, or the almost daily attacks on Christianity by the secularist authorities and mocking, atheist media in other Western countries. Other parts of the world, either Non-Christian or else poisoned by the history of Western colonialism and all its abuses, are not places where Western people are welcome. The tolerance of sin and evil is in fact intolerance of good, of the spiritual and the traditional. Already the EU has refused to mention Christianity in its Constitution and it continues to attack those who hold dear national identity and national sovereignty all over Europe.

Where then will traditional Christians from Western Europe, even if they are not yet all members of the multinational Russian Orthodox Church, head? The situation may within the next generation reach a point that those last freedom-loving Europeans who still profess spiritual values may feel that the only solution is emigration to the Russian Federation. It is true that there is still much to do here to enlighten Western peoples and relieve them of their prejudices, as they have been zombified for generations by implicit Establishment theories of Western racial superiority and therefore anti-Russian propaganda, for many years cleverly masked as anti-Soviet propaganda. Even recently there was the statement by the warmongering Hillary Clinton that Vladimir Putin did not have a soul; though, true, this only made her look even more ridiculous than she already did.

The struggle against dehumanisation is on. Those who believe that the human-being is made in the image and likeness of God, who believe that each nation has the right to its own identity and sovereign existence, and stand against the forces of globalisation which wish to liquidate the diversity of civilisations, are starting to look to Russia as the source of support and freedom. It has been said that we should live in a multipolar world; it seems that rather we may be heading for a bipolar world; the West and the Westernised (that is secularised) world versus the renewed and free Christian Orthodox Empire centred on the Russian Federation and its free Eurasian Union allies, who, unlike the Western consumerists, affirm that man does not live by bread alone.

Those with traditional moral and spiritual values, family people, farmers who refuse to grow genetically modified crops, teachers who believe that there is a difference between right and wrong, doctors and nurses who refuse to administer abortion and euthanasia, artists who believe that art has a spiritual and moral aesthetic mission, aristocrats who seek to conserve traditional forms of life, architects who want to build structures fit for human-beings and not ants and robots, workers who seek social justice, would all be interested. However, it is also true that although the post-Soviet world has come a long way, it still has far to go to reform itself and restore what Western materialism destroyed after 1917.

Only when it has itself gone further down that path, not only showing resistance to the greedsters and banksters of the New World Order, but also reversing the damage that that Order has done there, especially in the last 25 years, will the Russian Federation attract numbers of religious refugees from the now militantly secularist Western world. We seek freedom for traditional spiritual and moral values and ways of life, incarnate in just, honest, unbureaucratic and uncorrupt economic structures, where family life can then freely prosper. The formation of such structures is only hesitantly beginning in the Eurasian Union. We will have to wait and see if the present tiny trickle of Western religious refugees to the Russian Federation and her allies will yet become the mighty stream, the Moses-led exodus, as has been prophesied.