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Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop calls on his Flock not to Surrender their Children to the Satanists

As the brutish and Satanic NATO aggression against the peoples of the Ukraine continues, the heroic Bishop Longin (Zhara) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has called on the people not to surrender their children as cannon fodder for the oligarch junta in Kiev. Bishop Longin is famous as the founder of the Monastery of Bachensk, where hundreds of orphans are looked after, 200 of whom have been adopted personally by this energetic bishop. He has said:

‘I ask of you just one thing: to unite and not surrender your children to death. Our Orthodox Faith does not allow us to kill one another. For the sake of political interests, for the sake of those who are defending their businesses and who are defending their high positions, they want to kill our people who live at peace with faith in God. My kith and kin, you do not have the right to shoot and kill. God gives life and God takes away. The rulers of the Ukraine have said: ‘The Orthodox Faith is the greatest enemy of the Ukraine’. This is what strangers ordered them to say and in their blindness those strangers cannot reconcile themselves with the truth.

How can we pick up a gun and shoot at the image of God? Like us, he too has a mother, a wife, children. Why are they forcing us to fight against our will? …There are already thousands and tens of thousands of dead, but they only speak of hundreds. I do not give you my blessing to go to war. We call you to peace. About 10,000 soldiers have died and their mothers do not even know that they are dead. I am not being political, it is just painful for me because this is not a war against an enemy, this is a war among our own.

…The United States wants to see Orthodox killing each other, shooting each other, while they eat, drink and make merry, rejoicing at the bloodshed in our holy land…Europe, of which the Holy Fathers said: ‘Do not worship the beast’…Now they are standing to one side and rejoicing at our spilled Orthodox blood.

We all feel that we are standing on the brink of a Third World War. That is why I am calling on you: Repent! And we shall not surrender our children to death!

At the holy Liturgy I will never commemorate the cursed leaders of our State – those unbelievers who do not have the fear of God, who sit in their armchairs and point and order: ‘Kill!’ I pray for just one thing: If Thou still canst, O Lord, enlighten them for they are overwhelmed by the darkness and filled with poison. They no longer need anything except the bloodshed which brings them satisfaction. Satanists! They are servants of Satan! If they do not stop themselves, then God will stop them and then there will be many sorrows!’

St John III the Merciful: A Model Orthodox Ruler and Saint for the Last Times

Known to the world as John III Doukas Vatatzes, St John the Merciful was Emperor of Nicea from 1221 to 1254. Born in c. 1192 contemorary Greece, he was probably the son of a general and his wife, an unnamed Imperial niece. In reward for his eminent service and promise, in 1212 when he was aged only 20, the then Emperor of Nicea, Theodore Laskaris, gave him the hand of his daughter Irine and made him his successor. In January 1222, John, aged around 30, was crowned Emperor by the Patriarch in Nicea.

Two years later the new Emperor routed attacking Catholic forces and as a result of this victory the greater part of what the heretics had captured in Asia Minor fell to his control. In 1228 the elderly Catholic John of Brienne exchanged his nominal kingdom of Jerusalem for the Latin throne of occupied New Rome (Constantinople) and in 1233 attacked the Christians. He too was routed and John extended Nicean control over much of the Aegean, freeing Rhodes, Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Cos and many other islands.

Next the Bulgarians joined John as part of an anti-Catholic alliance of Christian rulers. The allies immediately opened hostilities against the Catholic invaders and besieged occupied New Rome by land and by sea. Although the Catholics were reduced to a small strip of land around Constantinople, the siege was unsuccessful. The superiority of the Latin sailors over the Christians led to the defeat of their fleet. By land, however, John was more successful and liberated the rest of the Frankish possessions in Asia Minor. Later John was to liberate most of Macedonia and Thrace.

John’s policy of appointing non-aristocrats to administrative posts was revolutionary. In his social policy he took steps to improve the living standards of both those in the country and in the towns. He ordered a census and gave every subject of his Empire a plot of land. Towards the end of his reign he also requisitioned the property of great landowners and aristocrats. He himself led a very frugal life and took measures to end the excessive spending of private wealth. Moreover, in order to establish and affirm social justice he also took measures against the exploitation of the poor.

John oversaw the smooth functioning of Church affairs. In 1228 he issued a decree in which he forbade the interference of the authorities in matters of Church inheritance. He also made generous donations to Church institutions and saw to the rebuilding of existing churches and the building of new ones. In periods of peace John promoted the welfare of his subjects. He patronized the arts and sciences, built new roads, distributed taxes equally and was loved by all for his kindness and justice.

He was also greatly interested in the collection and copying of manuscripts. The leading representative of the educational movement of the 13th century, the scholar, writer and teacher Nicephorus Blemmydes, lived during his reign. Among Blemmydes’ students were John’s heir and son, the learned Theodore II Laskaris. Sources are full of references to the Emperor’s concern for the development of intellectual life. He promoted the creation of centres of learning, especially of secular studies, while higher educational institutions were established.

In about 1252 when a new war was threatened, John set out to defend the Christians, but fell ill in Macedonia and returned to Asia. He died after much suffering at Nymphaeum on 3 November 1254, probably aged sixty-two, ending a reign of some thirty-three years. He was buried in the Monastery of Christ the Saviour (the Monastery of Sosandra) on Mt Sipylos, near Magnesia in the area of Smyrna.

Christian historians unanimously glorify John and he is called one of the greatest Christian Roman Emperors. His son and successor, Theodore II Lascaris, wrote of him: ‘He unified the Ausonian land which had been divided into a great many parts by foreign and tyrannical rulers, Latin, Persian, Bulgarian, Scythian and others, punished thieves and protected his land…He made our country inaccessible to our enemies’. In spite of his epilepsy John provided leadership in peace and war and he is considered a talented politician and the chief restorer of the Christian Empire.

His foreign policy was focused on the recapture of New Rome and the restoration of the Christian Empire. He brought under his control so much territory that he practically restored the Empire and laid the groundwork for the later recovery of New Rome itself. He was also successful in maintaining generally peaceful relations with his most powerful neighbours, Bulgaria and the Sultanate of Rum, while his network of diplomatic relations extended to the West and the Papacy. Here John’s main diplomatic concern was an alliance with the German ruler Frederick II, as both rulers struggled against Papal aggression. Frederick supported Christian efforts to capture New Rome and in 1236 he stopped the crusade that Pope Gregory IX was organizing against John.

Domestically, John’s long reign was one of the most creditable in history, witnessing the development of a prosperous economy and encouraging justice, charity and a cultural revival. Despite expensive campaigns to restore the Empire, he lowered taxes, encouraged agriculture, built schools, libraries, churches, monasteries, hospitals and homes for the poor and elderly. The arts prospered and he took steps to ensure the harmonious co-existence of State and Church, so that Nicea became one of the wealthiest and finest cities in the thirteenth century world.

When John’s grave was opened seven years after his repose, a fragrance filled the air and his body was found to be incorrupt, an indication of holiness. His body was like that of a living person. John was so loved and revered by the people that he was commemorated as a saint under the name John the Merciful and a Life was composed. Those who went on pilgrimage to pray before the saint’s relics were granted miracles; the sick were healed and demons expelled. The clergy and people of the city of Magnesia and its surroundings, where the Emperor was buried, gathered every year on 4 November to honour his memory.

A half-century later one account mentions that when the Turks invaded Magnesia, a guard on several occasions witnessed a lighted candle circling the city walls. He sent men to investigate, but to no avail. Then the deaf and dumb brother of the guard was sent. He was given a revelation and returned completely healed. He said that where the candle had appeared, he had found a man of a grand royal stature, who loudly urged the Christians to continue their defence. Later, when visiting St John’s shrine, he recognized the icon of the man he had seen.

John’s incorrupt relics were transferred to New Rome once it had been liberated from the Franks. When Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453, his relics were hidden in a catacomb. Tradition tells that ever since he has been awaiting the liberation of the City. It also says that the holy king has his sword with him in its sheath and that every year the blade of the sword emerges a few millimetres until the time comes for the whole sword to emerge completely, which will signify the time for the liberation of the City.

In our own days Elder Ephraim of Arizona has said that the sacred relics of St John the Merciful were guarded by a family of crypto-Christians who kept them secret from generation to generation. He also affirms that the Merciful King has already risen and that the sword has emerged completely from its sheath. Now St John wanders around Constantinople in the guise of a fool and directs the hosts of the saints to take their places around the City. Here indeed is a model Orthodox ruler, and intercessor and restorer for our latter times, when we need him.

Holy John the Merciful, pray to God for us!

Greece: The Thirst for Freedom Spreads

Every attempt to bring the peoples of Europe under central control has always been catastrophic. Whether it was the centralizing military might of pagan Rome 2,000 years ago, the feudal papal project that opened in the 11th century and lasted until the 16th century, Napoleon 200 years ago, the Central Powers 100 years ago, the Third Reich 75 years ago or the EU Fourth Reich today, centralization under Rome, Paris or Berlin has always brought disaster in its wake. Blinded by their arrogance to the point of self-delusion, the centralizers have never learned from history, but always think that they are cleverer fools than the fools who went before them. Elitists to the core, they have always ignored the people and their thirst for freedom.

The fault-lines of Europe have always been clear. In the Western corner the Protestant North and the Catholic South will never see eye to eye. However much Latin bureaucrats try to force individualistic Protestants into their jesuitical collectivist straitjacket they will not fit, and however much Lutheran-Calvinist Merkels tries to foist Lutheran-Calvinist austerity on Catholics, they will not accept it either. However, beyond that, the 11th century dividing line between Orthodox Europe and the secularist rest in the Western corner is far older and far more fundamental. The attempt by Berlin-Brussels to absorb even the 17% of the Orthodox world of Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus, let alone the 83% of the Orthodox world in Russia, Serbia, Georgia and the Middle East, has been disastrous. As for the Ukraine, the Eurocrats have blood on their hands.

Through its totally unrealistic promises, which it has been encouraged to make by Washington and its NATO legions, the EU has de facto unleashed a civil war in the Ukraine. This opposes the 80% of the Orthodox Ukrainians with foreign volunteer fighters from Russia, and even from France and Catalonia, to the 20% of the far west Catholic Galicians (formerly in Poland) and their US-paid junta in Kiev. Thousands are dead. In the east dead bodies in NATO uniforms (no doubt belonging to those trained in NATO camps in Lithuania and elsewhere) have been found at Donetsk airport, together with the bodies of foreign mercenaries paid for by the oligarch Kolomoisky, and quantities of US arms.

Meanwhile, young Ukrainians are fleeing abroad from recruiting parties looking for cannon fodder for the junta’s hugely expensive and wasteful war; others who have enough money simply pay the $1,000 as a bribe to get exempted. Civil war threatens to spread to Kharkov in the north and Odessa in the south and in Kiev itself an oligarch coup d’etat against the disastrous puppet Poroshenko is rumoured. Cold and bankruptcy menace the whole country. As for Russian sanctions, they are hitting the EU hard, whether it is Greek fruit-growers, German carmakers, French tourist-operators or Welsh dairy farmers. Indeed, Russia has received open support from seven EU countries, notably from Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia and now from the new democratically-chosen government of Greece.

Thus, Gabriel Avramidis of the right-wing Independent Greeks Party (ANEL) has said that Greece must adjust its geopolitical priorities and turn towards Russia. And ANEL has joined a coalition government with the left-wing party (SYRIZA) which won last Sunday’s parliamentary election. Avramidis said, ‘We believe that Greece should make a geopolitical turn towards the Russian Federation’. It is no coincidence that their leader Panos Kammenos visited Moscow on 15 January. The Russian Minister of Agriculture stated that if Greece comes under EU pressure, Russia is ready to lift the embargo and begin to buy Greek agricultural products with a 30-year treaty. Avramidis also described recent statements that Russia plans to build a gas pipeline to supply natural gas to Central and Eastern Europe via Turkey and Greece and to end the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the Ukraine by 2019 as very important.

Interestingly, the first meeting of the leader of SYRIZA, Tsipras, with a foreign ambassador since being elected Greek Prime Minister was with Russia’s Andrey Maslov. And his first act as PM was to visit a rifle range where the Nazis executed 200 Greeks on 1 May 1944. We have further evidence that Tsipras will substantially realign his country’s national interest away from the west and towards the east. The Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias is due in Brussels on Thursday to discuss possible additional sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Before the cabinet even met for the first time, the Greek government said that it disagreed with an EU statement in which Donald Tusk raised the prospect of “further restrictive measures” on Russia.”

In recent months Kotzias has written on Twitter that sanctions against Russia are not in Greece’s interests. And he said in a blog that a new foreign policy for Greece should focus on stopping the ongoing transformation of the EU ‘into an idiosyncratic empire, under the rule of Germany’. Meanwhile, left-wing parties in Scotland and Catalonia want freedom from colonial centres, and right-wing parties in France, England and elsewhere want freedom from Brussels-Berlin. They defy the EU Superclass and fight for faith, heritage and sovereignty. The war for freedom which began in the Ukraine last year is spreading.

The End of the New World Order

Proclaimed by its ideologues as ‘the end of history’, the New World Order was seen as the end of all civilizational resistance to what seemed to them to be the triumphant Western ideology of globalist Capitalism. For the New World Order, long heralded on every dollar bill and trumpeted in 1991 at the collapse of the Western ideology of Communism, is in its turn collapsing. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there has been no power on earth to keep the aggression and hubris of the American Empire in check. So the New World Order that began with a war in Iraq is ending after scarcely a generation with New World Disorder and a war in Iraq.

‘The end of history’, ‘West is Best’, is ending in a new and highly eventful history of unceasing war, chaos, crisis, tyranny, corruption, assassination, disorder, bankruptcy and defeat. Hegemony, the obsession with obtaining all-corrupting absolute power, always ends thus, from the collapse of the empire of the dead and detested Genghis Khan to the mangled corpse of Hitler in the echoing ruins of ghost-haunted Berlin. Thus, the short-lived ‘Triumph of the West’, based on ‘the American Exception’, like every other self-proclaimed ‘thousand year Reich’ from Nazism to Maoism, is not exceptional at all, except in its cruelty and stupidity.

This collapse of the New World Order, or rather New World Disorder, is the fate of all false ideologies, which all contain the deforming seeds of their own inevitable destruction. This disastrous Western experiment, labelled ‘Pax Americana’ (the American Peace), should in reality have been called ‘Bellum Americanum’ (the American War), as it is based on a generation of war of terror (not a war ‘on’ terror). The USA has veered towards becoming an insecure and sinister police state, with the offshorization of jobs, ill-health of the poor and unemployed, constant repression, daily surveillance of phone calls and e-mail and perpetual warfare.

War, or rather a conflagration of wars, has engulfed North Africa (the Sudan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria…), the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria…) and Eastern Europe (ex-Yugoslavia and what is still called the Ukraine, despite the efforts of the West to destroy it). Over the last generation since 1991, the enforcement of ‘freedom and democracy’ by meddling Western bomb and bullet has already destroyed several once stable countries, reducing their peoples to misery, poverty and primitive living conditions. A generation of War has led to tens of millions of terrified and starving refugees and millions of corpses and still it is justified by the self-deluded.

Now heading for the proverbial dustbin of history, the New World Order was entirely determined by the failures of two earlier forms of Western ‘New World Order’ – Communism and Nazism. It was founded on the twin pillars of failure, symbolized by the Babylonian Twin Towers destroyed in 2001. The first pillar was the ‘freedom’ to condemn all religious faith and instead blindly conform to State-programmed and media-reinforced consumerist secularism (so-called ‘freedom and democracy’). The second was regret for the horror of what the Nazi form of Western ‘civilization’ did to the Jews and replace it with the idolatry of support for Israel.

However, recent events are making clear that the Non-Western world is now rejecting the twin pillars of these ‘anti-values’ of the contemporary West, its hatred for religion and its support for the State of Israel. The decision of President Putin not to attend the breast-beating religious rites of political correctness at the annual commemoration at Auschwitz, liberated ironically by the Red Army, is more than symbolic. The Auschwitz rite, established in 2001 by the guilt of the Judeo-Christian West for its appalling crime of slaughtering innocent Jews and exploited to the full by the genocidal State of Israel, has been snubbed by the Russian world.

After all, the peoples of the Russian world suffered in five times greater numbers from the Western Nazis than the Jews, whom the Russian world saved. In the ultimate irony, the peoples of that world are now suffering at the hands of the CIA-installed Neo-Nazi Galician junta in the Ukraine, some of them the grandchildren of the very SS Galician guards who oversaw Auschwitz. With the Russian boycott, the commemoration at Auschwitz, where a Western ideology massacred millions of Non-Western peoples, has been reduced to an all-Western event. However, there is no Western breast-beating for its genocides in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

As for another Western totem event, the clearly orchestrated Charlie demonstration in Paris on 11 January, President Putin also boycotted it. Regardless of whether the killings were committed by conveniently dead psychopaths or by the CIA, which wanted to throw pro-Palestinian and pro-Russian Europe into Washington’s embrace, the event has strengthened the European elite’s ties with Washington. However, it has also reinforced the yawning gulf between the elite and the peoples of Europe. For it has reinforced the ties of the peoples to anti-US and anti-EU parties of left and right, from France to England, from Germany to Hungary, from Scotland to Greece, from Catalonia to Denmark.

The Russian presence at the Charlie demonstration was limited to the Foreign Minister Lavrov, who almost immediately left the Western jamboree and went to the local Russian church. Demonstrating that Russia is with Christ, he showed that he is not Charlie, which is as blasphemously anti-Christian as it is anti-Muslim – all in the name of its idol of ‘secularism’. Christian countries, which is what Russia is returning to being to the horror of the atheist West, confess other values. On 7 January, Orthodox Christmas Day, President Putin attended a village church with orphans and refugees from NATO aggression in the Ukraine. This was his Non-Western civilizational choice.

Time and time again the West has been proved to be wrong through its utter stupidity, its inability to see the long-tern results of its short-term actions: in its war crimes in Serbia; in blood-soaked Afghanistan and Iraq; in the attempted 2008 invasion of Russia by a US-backed bandit clique of Georgians; in Egypt and Libya; in Syria where the Western-supported rebels, and not the Syrian government, used poison gas against Syrian civilians; at the Olympic Games in Sochi which the West wanted to boycott out of jealousy. And now in the Ukraine, where the genocidal forces of the Western-installed Poroshenko junta even massacred the pasengers on a Malaysian Airlines plane.

Now the West has launched not only a war of sanctions, but also an oil war and a currency war against Russia. According to the fantasist, Russophobic ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski, the idea is to make the Russian middle-classes angry with President Putin. Losing its privileges, they are then supposed to overthrow the legitimate democratic government, thus carrying out the American dream of ‘regime-change’, as in the Ukraine, only for less than the $5 billion which it cost the US taxpayer there. It has done exactly the opposite – it has made the once pro-Western Russian middle classes furious with the West, especially with the US. Wrong again.

The Charlie atrocity, officially carried out by psychopaths (like the far worse Oklahoma bombing or the regular High School killings in the USA), manipulated by the Western elite to justify its anti-Christianity and general anti-religious spirit, has been a turning-point. The totem of the Auschwitz commemoration of the horrors of Western civilization in its Nazi form, is another. (Apparently, the horrific burning of millions of Jewish bodies in Nazi incinerators is to be condemned, but the horrific burning of tens of millions of aborted babies’ bodies in Western hospital incinerators is not, for abortion according to President Obama last week is ‘an American value’).

After the Western aggression in the Ukraine, now ringed by NATO troops, Russia will no longer offer support to the Western elite. It will only offer support to the Western peoples in their love for their lost freedom and sovereignty. Neither at Auschwitz, nor in Paris, but especially not in the Middle East, where the Western elite both in the US and the EU, wants to spread war, now using the Charlie provocation as an excuse. For the New World Order has been emptying the Middle East of the ancient pre-Catholic and pre-Protestant Christians who have lived there for nearly 2,000 years – for most of that time peacefully co-existing with Muslims.

This is very convenient, but no coincidence, for the anti-Christian forces which want to dominate the Middle East need to empty it of Christianity first. Thus they are creating a wilderness acceptable to the demons who are coming up from hell in their grinning and mocking hordes to fill the vacuum on earth. Through its blasphemies and aggression the Western elite has made many enemies; but the cause of Christianity and peace in the Middle East has a constant friend – Orthodox Russia. Amid the ruins of the New World Order there is hope, but that hope depends not on human foolishness, but on Divine intervention. Man proposes, but God disposes. This is not the end of history. This is the end of ‘the end of history’ and the beginning of the end of history.

Sad News and Hopeful News

The Eurozone is bankrupt, so much so that it now has to go to the inflationary last resort of printing a trillion euros (a process known by the euphemism of ‘quantitative easing’), just like the bankrupted US and the UK before it. And yet many colonized countries in the feudal Eurozone, like France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, have already been ravaged by the debt caused by printing money before, debt which they will never pay off. Much of the eastern and southern Eurozone, although much less in debt than the US and the UK which will never pay off their debt either, has become a region of inevitable emigration for the young. It has reverted to poverty beneath the austerity programmes imposed on it by Berlin, which is at the top of the feudal Fourth Reich pyramid in Europe.

In countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland especially, young people are being forced to flee abroad to seek work as wage-slaves doing jobs that local people no longer want to do. Then their governments can declare that ‘unemployment is falling’ (only because the population is falling) and the young in question can send money home to their elderly parents, thus propping up the governments. In France, governed by a supposedly Socialist regime, almost every day they pick up the frozen corpses of those who died in the streets the night before (15,000 last winter). Even in the apparently prospering UK, as in the US, tens of thousands of people are living off foodbanks in a situation unthinkable only a few years ago.

Meanwhile, in the luxury resort of Davos, outside the ravaged Eurozone, it is said that 1700 private jets have flown in many of the world’s billionaires, including the arms-dealer Poroshenko, to talk about the state of the world. Elsewhere in Europe a war between the US-financed separatist Galician junta and the Ukrainian people rages. Thousands are already dead. American arms are found by the liberators of the Ukrainian people at Donetsk Airport. Ukrainian children are dying in bombardments at the hands of that neo-Nazi puppet Poroshenko and other murderous and anti-Christian oligarchs, most of them based abroad. They are keenly supported by the grandchildren of US and Canadian Galician Nazis who guarded Auschwitz, liberated 70 years ago by heroic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians.

The US has launched anti-Russian economic sanctions and a currency war, a declaration of economic war, against Russia because the people of the Crimea massively and democratically voted to join Russia. Now, at US behest, Saudi Arabia is pumping so much oil that the oil price has fallen by over half in the last few months. The objective is to bankrupt oil-rich countries perceived by wealthy neocons in Washington as enemies – countries like Russia, but also Venezuela and Iran. The objective behind this is ‘regime-change’ – manipulating and setting up pro-Washington puppet regimes in those countries, whose natural resources can then be stripped, or, if not, simply creating chaos and mayhem in them, as has so successfully been done in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Yemen, the Sudan, Nigeria etc.

The first problem with all this is that both US-imposed sanctions and cheapened oil are more likely to bankrupt EU vassal states and even US oil corporations first. The second problem is that the US elite seems to have learned nothing from the fate of the puppet governments in the banana republics it has always created in Latin America, as well as in South Vietnam fifty years ago and in Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago. It has forgotten that as one corrupt oligarch after another fell there, Washington had to send ever more of its young men to kill and then die there in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’, but in reality all for nothing. The result of it all is that a now bankrupt (by $17 trillion) USA is reducing itself to becoming no more than a regional power, with an economy already second to that of China.

The First World War, whose inglorious centenaries of the slaughter of the youth of Europe are being so noisily remembered just now, is commonly considered a war of futile deaths. And yet what could be more futile than the deaths of the millions of men, women and children who are dying today at the hands of pseudo-Muslim psychopaths and criminals, trained, armed and financed by the anti-Muslim West, its secret agencies and its allies? Has the West not understood that the terrorism of the pseudo-Muslim fanatics it has created in Syria and elsewhere will rebound on it again and again? In the globalized world that the West has created, it is no longer insulated from its own crimes. The secularist and atheist West has made its own worst enemies and dug its own grave for itself in its self-imposed old age.

Fortunately, outside the insular-minded West, healthy forces are gathering, not just in Russia, but in Iran, China, India, Brazil, in several Muslim countries including Turkey, as well as on the disillusioned fringes of the EU and Europe itself, in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia. And those forces are all saying the same thing – enough. Thus, ignored by the enslaved Western media which has no free speech, in the Chechen capital Grozny, 800,000 Muslims and Russian Orthodox Christians march hand in hand against the Western blasphemies of spoilt infantiles. Here is hope for the future, that spiritually healthy forces worldwide will yet unite against the Great Western Apostasy, which Satan has so cunningly prepared these last thousand years. All is not yet lost.

The Falls of Romes

Historiography, that is, the writing of history, has generated literally hundreds of theories to explain the fall of Old Rome. Some blame it on political divisions, others on economic factors, others on the invasions of Germanic peoples, others on environmental factors, others on a demographic crisis, others on moral decadence etc. However, whatever the reasons for the fall of Old Rome and its provinces in the Western corner of Europe, the Roman Empire itself did not fall. Long before the fall of Old Rome to barbarian tribes in 476, the Roman Empire, which had long ago expanded eastwards, had become Christian. And therefore, its capital had moved to a more central position in the world, away from isolated Old Rome and its outlying Western provinces with their heavy pagan history in order to become a Christian city. And by becoming Christian and moving, the Roman Empire ensured its survival there for another 1,000 years, long after the fall of Old Rome.

So was founded the Second Rome, positioned between Europe and Asia, where Christ had been born. Later called Constantinople, this Second or New Rome sadly became prey to narrow Greek nationalism, losing its original multinational character. However, when it in turn fell, first to greedy and murderous Catholic looters in 1204 and finally to Muslim invaders in 1453, the Roman Empire simply moved north to Moscow and survived there. This became the Third Rome and developed the Christian Empire which came to cover one sixth of the planet. However, although it expanded to China and even across the Pacific, it too fell in 1917, during a war against invading Germanic tribes, to rapacious Westernized materialists. These were opposed to the existence of the multinational Christian Roman (Romanov) Empire, opposed to its uncompromised Faith and values, for they desired to exploit its vast territories and rich natural resources.

Whatever the many reasons for the fall of the First Rome in 476, of the Second Rome in 1453 and then of the Third Rome in 1917, one of them was undoubtedly the loss of belief in the Christian Faith and the consequent loss of the spirit of self-sacrifice which underpinned the Christian Roman Empire. Thus, by 476 few believed in Old Rome any longer and as a result it was undermined by many factors – its use of mercenaries in its army, its expenditure on bread and circuses for the masses, its demographic crisis, its reliance on slaves to do its work, the debasement of its currency, its political divisions, its continual wars, the revolt of its subject peoples, its proud over-reach. Interestingly, all these nine factors exactly parallel those in the fall of today’s Western world, the American Empire, whose Neo-Roman legions are dispatched from its Neo-pagan (‘Neo-Classical’) White House in Washington to its colonies worldwide, just like those of Old Rome.

As regards the Second Rome, its leaders also lost faith, betraying Christianity to narrow nationalistic interests, finding full support in the alien ideology of Roman Catholicism, which had recently been invented in the West and was centred in pagan Old Rome. And, similarly, the Third Rome was also betrayed by a fifth column of narrow-minded traitors, deceivers and cowards, uprooted from multinational Christian Orthodoxy. However, the fall of the First Rome and that of the Second Rome both came about because of foreign invasions and occupations, by barbarians and Muslims. Although it is true that later the Nazi barbarians tried to invade and occupy the Third Rome, which after apostasy had become the Third International, they failed miserably in this. Unlike the First and Second Romes, the fall of the Third Rome came about because of internal treachery, when a large part of the elite wanted to seize power for itself by overthrowing the anointed Christian Emperor.

Here is the vital difference. The first Two Romes were invaded and occupied by aliens, by Germanic barbarians and by Muslims, but the Third Rome was betrayed by the enemy within. And when the enemy within the Third Rome is finally defeated, then the Third Rome, unlike the first and unrestorable Two Romes, can be restored. It is this process of restoration, led by the Church which is called on to Christianize the paganized Russian State, that has been under way for many years now. If the Third Rome is finally restored, it will again be able to challenge the forces of this world. Over the centuries their Satan-led centre has moved ever westwards from the Middle East to California, manipulating governments, sowing enmity and starting wars among the peoples of the world, controlling the media and brainwashing the masses for their one end – which is to drive the world into the arms of Antichrist. The challenge of the renewed Third Rome to those forces is now our only hope.

The Origin of Western Hypocrisy

The puppeteers who created jihadists and ‘radical Islam’ – groups of criminal fanatics and psychopathic/sociopathic terrorists like Al-Qaida and Islamic State – are regretting it. Originally created, trained and armed by Washington to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, then against the Russian Federation in the Caucasus, then against the Syrian government – the jihadis of radical Islam are wicked genies who have been let out of their lamps. In this century radical Islam has already attacked the USA in 2001, London in 2005, then spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East, from Iraq to Nigeria (9,000 dead last year alone) and Libya to Syria. Now radical Islam has rebounded again, this time in France. Quite predictably, it has dared to attack typically intolerant Western secularist ideologists who praise outrage and blasphemy, pouring oil on the fires of Islam.

When radical Islam attacked countries outside the West and Western interests, in Soviet-controlled Afghanistan, in Chechnia, in Beslan, in Libya or in Syria, it was good, but as soon as Western troops began dying because of it in Afghanistan and Iraq and Western civilians in New York, London and Paris, it was bad. In exactly the same hypocritical way, those who deplore barbaric deaths, including those of anti-religious and anti-Tradition blasphemers in Paris, do not deplore the unreported genocide of thousands of religious and traditional Ukrainians by the State terrorism of the Western-installed arms-dealer Poroshenko. Yet, he came to power through overthrowing a democracy and marches in Paris at their sides as an honoured guest on behalf of the freedom to outrage millions. The West has an intolerant compulsion to annihilate everything outside itself. Why these systemic double standards?

The history of Western hypocrisy stretches back into the millennial past and even beyond. Europe, and later its settlements around the world, was built on the systemic violence which started with Charlemagne, called ‘the Father of Europe’, on massacres, invasions, ‘crusades’, inquisitions, persecutions, burnings and feudal wars, on the systemic killing, enslaving and looting of the peoples of the planet, from Saxony to England, from Jerusalem to Constantinople, from the Americas to Asia, from Australasia to Africa. Gold and slaves were taken in the name of the idol of ‘progress’, concentration camps (‘reservations’ and ‘detention camps’) set up in a process called ‘spreading Western civilization’, the price of which is a billion Western and Westernized prosperous consumerists, a billion modest, three billion poor, three billion desperately poor and a planet on the verge of ecological catastrophe.

The history of Western hypocrisy goes back then to that point in history when the elite of the peripheral Western European provinces arrogantly appointed itself as the centre of the world, usurping even the authority of God through its new ideology called the ‘filioque’. This asserts that all the power and authority of God (‘shock and awe’) comes from fallen human nature, which takes the place of God and, worshipping itself, calls itself ‘humanism’ and ‘rationalism’. Thus, the elite then usurped the legitimate Christian Empire, making the pagan vestiges of Old Rome into its model and plundering the Christian capital in New Rome with its barbaric, military might. Today this is still apparent when Western people refuse to become Christians, that is, refuse to join the Orthodox Church, because they prefer their ‘Judeo-Christian’ (deformed Christian) culture, for they put their culture before the Church.

Western culture is then filioquized, that is, it claims the supreme authority of God for the fallen human nature of the Western and Westernized (‘filioquized’), thus idolizing and absolutizing that nature. Hypocritically, Western culture claims to be multicultural. It is not. It is strictly monocultural. Its cultural arrogance, utter intolerance and blasphemous disrespect are breath-taking. Only when any religious belief is reduced to folklore or psychopathological schism, degutted and castrated, is it acceptable to the West. Any, including perhaps especially Western people, who seriously reject and challenge Western atheism in favour of authentic and consistent Christian beliefs, are ostracized, mocked, despised, condemned as ‘eccentric’, ‘backward’ or ‘retarded’ and their faith blasphemed. The West may be at the very centre of apostasy, but spiritually it is hopelessly provincial, as it always has been.

This is why, like its model, the pagan Roman Empire, the egocentric and formerly ethnocentric modern West lives in moral degradation amid suicidal depopulation, too selfish even to reproduce, relying on cheap immigrant labour to function. This is the grave that Western ‘civilization’, with its aggressive atheism, has dug for itself. The only Christian alternative to Western totalitarian disrespect for spiritual belief is centred in Russia, at the heart of Christian civilization. Viciously attacked by Western materialism and atheism in 1917 and left for dead, it has risen from the tomb. Although it is now facing a new propaganda onslaught from the atheist West, which is also arming the Nazis in Kiev, its new Vietnam, it is the only strong centre of faith in the Risen Saviour, around which the last spiritually healthy forces of Europe and of the world can gather as the storm clouds of 2015 loom.

The Church is Irresistible

The Second World War in Europe ended on 6 May 1945 – according to the Orthodox calendar the combination of Easter Day and the feast day of the military saint St George the Victorious. (In their embarrassment the Soviet atheists deliberately delayed signing the peace treaty until just before midnight on the eve of 9 May in order to avoid this conjunction that was so obvious to all Russian Orthodox faithful

As for the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, to the embarrassment of the same atheists when they realized it, he went into space on 12 April 1961, the feast day of St John of the Ladder, who taught us how to get into heaven through the ladder of virtues, though Soviet atheism ridiculed its innate primitivism by declaring that ‘Gagarin had flown into space and not seen God’.

The Soviet Ukrainian atheist leader and persecutor Khrushchev, who promised to eliminate the Church by 1970 was overthrown on the Feast of the Protecting Veil, 14 October 1964, himself dying on 11 September 1971, the feast day of the Beheading of St John the Baptist, who denounced all tyrants. Meanwhile, by 1971, the Church was alive and reviving.

More recently, terrorist attacks in New York also occurred on 11 September 2001 and in London on 7 July 2005, both feast days of St John the Baptist, who called for repentance and denounced the iniquity of Babylonian towers and powers.

And on 11 January 2015, over two million – but only in the secularist Western world – protested against the murders of 17 people, most of whom had been assassinated on Orthodox Christmas Day, 7 January. 11 January was the Orthodox Feast of the Holy Innocents, when we also recall the millions of people who are murdered in abortions around the world every year – millions of abortions fully supported by Charlie Hebdo, whose present blasphemous and outrageously disrespectful journalists have still not learned that when there is a fire, you do not pour oil onto it, but water.

Those who protested in the Western world on 11 January claimed that the cartoonists and writers who were murdered were upholding the ‘Western value’ of freedom of speech. However, they also trampled underfoot the ‘Western value’ of respect for others, of tolerance for their religious beliefs and for the values of traditional family life and marriage, supported not long ago by mass demonstrations of over one million other French people. However, these people whose beliefs have been outraged by the atheistic French State did not interest the equally atheistic Western media.

We wonder if the present hysteria in France and in Western Europe in general will not be considered as an excuse for a new unwarranted war, just as the attack of 11 September 2001 led to the unwarranted war against Iraq, which caused a million victims of Western arrogance and imperialism.

Seventeen people were barbarically murdered in France. But when Western-trained, financed and backed Muslim terrorists slaughter tens of thousands in Afghanistan (Al-Qaida was founded by the CIA), Chechenia, Syria and Libya, when Israel slaughters 2,000 in Gaza (with Western bombs, shells and bullets) and when the Western-installed Nazi kleptocrats in Kiev slaughter thousands in eastern and southern Ukraine, all that is quite acceptable. Why? Because those genocides are Western crusades. So everything they do is justified. The Western condemnation of terrorism is always selective, for it never condemns Western terrorism itself.

However, this latest Western Crusade against the Church of God in the Russian world and Eastern Europe is in serious trouble. The CIA-installed Kiev junta is bankrupt and begging for billions more subsidies from deaf Western ears. Poland and Romania are more tempted by much-coveted parts of the Ukraine than by EU bullying. EU-abused Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey are looking with hope towards Russia. Businessmen and politicians in Italy and Germany are fed up with the swaggering cowboys from Washington who are killing their EU vassal with their anti-Russian and so anti-EU sanctions. In Macedonia the much persecuted Bishop Jovan has been released from prison at Russian insistence. In Russia itself there have been renewed calls for the Russian Federation to return to the Orthodox calendar, so overthrowing some of the last remnants of Western-imported Soviet atheism. And meanwhile the anti-ecumenical and anti-globalist St Paisius the Athonite (+ 1994), who prophesied many of the current events, has been canonized. The project to enslave Orthodox Europe is unravelling