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2016 Words for 2016: On New Year’s Eve Our Future Hope is Imperial

The Romans…the bandits of the whole world…their greed is excited by an enemy’s wealth, their lust for power by his poverty…robbery, butchery, rape…they create devastation and call it peace.

Words attributed by Tacitus to the British leader Calcagus, after his defeat by the Romans at the Battle of Mons Graupius in AD 84

Introduction: The Last Twenty-Five Years

Many were deluded by the collapse of Communism twenty-five years ago, indeed so blinded that they could not see the ensuing and still impending chaos caused by the hubristic attempt of the USA to rule the world. Their Western vanity flattered, the deluded actually still believe in the myth of American Imperialism, ‘the New World Order’, that ‘liberal-democratic’ secularism has triumphed over all other ideologies and faiths. They actually believe that history has ended, that the global future is with the Imperialism of Washington and its absurd materialist ideology – ‘The West is Best over the Rest’. They have failed to revise their views and still now actually believe that there is no alternative to their primitive, spiteful, soul-destroying and world-destroying fantasy.

In reality, the anti-Christian Zionist elite which bankrupted Communism, through its ability to indebt and so enslave to bankers the peoples that it oppresses, failed many years ago. Its New World Order has become the New World Disorder, in North Africa, the Middle East and now Europe. As Russian aeroplanes and Chinese troops enter Syria, it is already dead. Although that Imperialist elite still governs the US and its bloc of vassal-states, it is utterly discredited. It is not only utterly immoral through its Mammonism, but its global power-grab has visibly ended in catastrophe. Instead of peace and prosperity, it has brought to the world unspeakable wars and misery, exploitation and environmental destruction, chaos and spiritual poverty, as well as uprooting hundreds of millions of families from their ancestral homes worldwide. And this devastation they do indeed call peace. The Imperialist elite has brought not life but death, with the apocalyptic threat of Armageddon in the background.

However, there are those who have not been deluded by the toys and baubles, bread and circuses, of globalist Consumerism and have not given up the struggle to find an alternative. They have sought a way out – though often by violent reaction to Western genocide some of them have also made the most appalling errors. For example, by reaction to global Western Imperialism, fanatical Islamists have turned to the horrors and abominations of terrorism. Nobody in their right mind admires or follows such Satanized individuals. They do not understand that further destruction is no response to destruction, that only construction is positive. Others, also by reaction to the selfsame globalism, have turned to narrow and provincial nationalism, failing to realize that in a globalized world, no small or even large nation can stand alone against the powers that be. United we stand, divided we fall.

Such is the fate of those in European countries who want to reclaim their sovereignty, resisting and abandoning the death-giving embrace of the Imperialist EU beast. For example, there are now strong nationalist political movements in the UK, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland and in many other countries on other continents, as in India and China. In Europe they do not understand that standing alone they will be crushed by the EU tyranny, behind which stands its parent, the Washington elite. In India and China they do not understand that, despite their size, they are still provincial, lacking global reach. However, if the ‘liberal-democratic’ myth of the West can be rejected as the failure that it is, together with the horrors of Islamist terrorism and the provinciality of narrow nationalism, even if that nationalism is on a sub-continental scale like the Hindu or the Chinese, what hope then is left?

The Alternative

Clearly, any hope that is left can only be something that is not immoral like Western Imperialism, that is not violent like Islamism, and that is not provincial like European nationalism, anti-Christian Hinduism or Chinese Communism. We would suggest that what is left can be summed up not by the word ‘Imperialism’, but by its opposite, the word ‘Imperial’. This may seem mystifying, since for many the two words mean the same thing and in any case ‘all empires are destined to fail’. History indeed tends to confirm the latter statement: the Persian, the Egyptian, the Macedonian, the pagan Roman, the ‘Holy Roman’, the Ottoman, the French, the British, the Soviet and many another Empire all rose and then fell.

However, the fact is that all who were not part of such passing Empires had to become their vassals or allies and were obliged to accept their policies. Such is the case today with the EU Fourth Reich (Reich = Empire), which crushes national sovereignty and obliges its members to do whatever its Imperialist US designers order it to do. Today’s ‘democracies’ in Western Europe are so weak that they must obey their Imperialist masters in Berlin and Washington. In the same way Hitler’s Third Reich smashed all the European ‘democracies’ and only another Empire, the Soviet, was able to overcome it, in the same way as only the Russian Empire had been able to overcome Hitler’s predecessor, Napoleon’s Empire.

In other words, only a powerful Empire can withstand another powerful Empire. We can see this today; no European ‘democracy’ has been able to withstand the Globalist Empire of Washington, they have all fallen to it one by one. Today, for instance, once Orthodox Christian but now apostatic Greece has allowed homosexual ‘marriage’, just as Montenegro is being forced by violence to join NATO and the occupied Ukraine is being tempted by its temporary government into the vulgar consumerism and profoundly ungay ‘gay’ parades of American Imperialism. Other countries, like India and China, merely resist that Imperialism in nationalistic words, but in fact imitate it from inside.

In fact, only one country, and one which does indeed have an Imperial, that is, multinational, profile resists and refuses to become a US vassal, and that is the Russian Federation, one eighth of the world. It alone has been strong enough to rebuff without either fanaticism or provincial nationalism. Western Imperialist meddling, which destroys national traditions and identities, local cultures and family life, provoking chaotic conflicts and bloody wars with its attempted imposition of the global MacWorld ‘culture’ of the ‘New World Order’ or ‘New World War’. It has done this on the basis of Christianity. Only that Christianity, restored as a Christian Empire, based in Russia, can resist – on condition, however, that its Imperial Empire does not fall into Imperialism, as it tended to do before the Revolution. Let us explain.

The globalist ‘New World Order’ is not democratic at all, that is a myth. It is in fact the dictatorship of an oligarchic elite, artificially divided into two parts, so providing the myth of democratic choice. It runs political parties, industries, banks, the media, the whole Establishment, and threatens those who counter it. Founded on the genocide of millions of Native Americans, the abhorrent slave trade in millions of Native Africans, a genocidal civil war, the bloodshed of two World Wars and the countless local wars of the twentieth century, it is trying to control the world. It subjugates peoples and countries by military aggression, colour revolutions, juntas and propaganda lies, ‘banana republicanizing’ by using local mafia networks to support itself and living off the resulting chaos. This is Imperialist – not Imperial.

For the mark of Imperialism, colonial or neo-colonial, is the suppression of local cultures and the genocide of peoples who resist the monoculture that it imposes. However, the one Empire that has lasted by far the longest has been Imperial, that is multinational and indeed multi-religious, accepting diversity. Quite different from the pagan Roman Empire, this is the Christian Roman Empire. Founded in the early fourth century in New Rome, it continued until it was interrupted by decadent Greek nationalism in 1453, then soon after restored in the Third Rome until it was interrupted by decadent Russian nationalism in the early twentieth century. Its restoration is now under way. It has survived interruptions precisely because, despite deviations in periods of decadence, it has not been based on Imperialism, but has been Imperial, that is, it has been founded on the Christian revelation of the Holy Trinity, unity in diversity.

Conclusion: The Next Twenty-Five Years?

Only in the framework of the Imperial and Trinitarian concept can sovereignty and ethnic differences be combined and the identity of diverse peoples be protected from corrosive, centralizing Imperialist globalism, terrorism and provincial nationalism. Such globalism was precisely the error of the neo-Khazar Bolshevik Empire, which lasted scarcely three generations because it was based on genocide as it imposed a single centralized model on Central Asians, Eastern Europeans, Baltic peoples, Finns and Ukrainians alike. The question of the restoration of the Russian Empire is vital to preserving the national identities of a hundred and more peoples, not least that of Little Russians. The alternative is that they all become second-class citizens, cannon fodder and pawns in the game of chaos of American Imperialism, as we can see is happening to Ukrainians, Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, Afghans, Mexicans and many other peoples worldwide.

The fact is that the Russian Federation is today the only country in the world which is defending Christian values. And this despite, or rather because of, the fact that twenty-five years ago it lived under the oppression of an imported atheist regime which was responsible for the multi-millioned martyrdom of Christians, by far the greatest known to history, and despite the fact that it is still suffering from the dreadful though now dying hangover of that atheism. This miracle has always been ignored by the Western world. Why? Because that world is in fact by ideology anti-Christian, having violently quit the Church 1,000 years ago. That is why all surviving remnants of authentic Christianity among the non-deluded peoples of the Western world look to the Russian Orthodox Church with hope. That is also why Russia is hated by the Trostskist post-modernist ideology of the Western liberal-neocon elite and is slandered by its closely-controlled media. For them ugliness has become beauty, noise has become music, discord has become harmony and lies have become truth.

An Imperialist Empire, in words first uttered by the Victorian Imperialist Palmerston, has ‘no permanent friends, only permanent interests’. However, an Imperial Empire does have friends, for it is a symphony of peoples, cultures and beliefs; but it needs an Emperor and that is what is lacking in the still post-Soviet Russian Federation today. Why? Firstly, because only an Emperor can act as the unique focus of belief and so channel his subjects, elite and people alike, into the service of the Empire. Secondly, because only an Emperor can control and limit the oligarchs or aristocrats and stop them becoming too powerful and so tyrannizing and exploiting the people. And thirdly, because only an Emperor can act as the unique commander-in-chief in the event of war.

As to who will become the Emperor of the restored Christian Empire that alone can restrain growing evil worldwide, we do not know. Only Providence can reveal him after repentance of the whole people. What we know is that only an Emperor, in the name of his repentant Orthodox people, can prove the Imperial truth that ‘Right is Might’ and disprove the Imperialist lie that ‘Might is Right’. The peoples of the Russian Federation, like all other peoples all over the world, have a choice to make: to subject themselves to barbaric Imperialism and accept the same fate as Yugoslavs, Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians, or else to unite and repent. If so, then we can await with hope the Emperor who will restore and defend Imperial Christianity, authentic Christianity, soaring like the double-headed eagle above East and West alike. And that is why, unlike unfaithful, compromised, Establishment Halfodox, all faithful Orthodox, wherever we live scattered across the face of the earth, are Imperial.

On the ‘Radicalization’ of Young Muslims in the UK

The Western Establishment’s attempt to take over the world goes back to the 11th century with the ‘crusades’ and their invasions, massacres and occupations. Its first victims were in the West – ordinary Christians in the Iberian Peninsula, the south of Italy and Sicily, England (in 1066) and the rest of the British Isles and then in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This was the age when the Western leader declared himself to be the substitute for the Son of God and claimed that even the Holy Spirit proceeded from him! In other words, already then, the Western world arrogated to itself the Divine right to conquer the world, a world in which the West (and its puppets, the Westernized) would reign supreme and all others would be reduced to living in a giant Indian Reservation, that is, a glorified concentration camp.

Next in line were the Jews and the Muslims. Indeed, anti-Western Muslim resentment goes back to the Crusades. In recent times it has gained much strength from Western support for Zionism and the occupation of Palestine, which has taken place to the profound disapproval of anti-Zionist Jews. Even more recently, it has gained in intensity thanks to the Western oil grab of 1991, when the forces of the CIA-appointed Saddam Hussein were repulsed from the purely artificial oil terminus state of Kuwait, after the entrapped Hussein had cunningly been misinformed by the US ambassador in Baghdad that he could occupy it freely. A few years later came the Western invasion of Afghanistan. However, it is clear that it is the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that was the turning-point in the scale of anti-Western Muslim resentment.

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, young European-born Muslims have become increasingly militant. In some cases they have been prepared to carry out appalling acts of terrorism in the face of Western Establishment aggression against Islam. Indeed, Western State terrorism against Muslim countries, which has killed over a million people and created millions more refugees, has provoked attacks by Muslim terrorists in response, killing tens of thousands of innocent Christians, mainly in Syria and Iraq. This destabilizing Western genocide in Iraq in 2003, openly called by the then Italian leader Berlusconi a ‘crusade’, has done even worse. It has set all North Africa and the Middle East on fire, from Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Cameroun, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to the Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now the Western Establishment has yet again launched a new ‘crusade’ in Eastern Europe, committing genocide in the Ukraine through its puppet regime in Kiev. The contagion has spread. Europe is split. Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary are looking to free themselves from EU tyranny. Powerful minorities in Eastern Europe, in Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, and also in Western Europe, in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy, are now calling for freedom from the US political and economic straitjacket imposed in it by the US vassal Germany. And so Mrs Merkel, the head of the EU, has been summoned to her master in Washington. But why have Muslims, and not Ukrainians, launched attacks in the West in revenge for injustices committed?

It is because Islam, like Judaism, is an Old Testament religion. And Old Testament religion is marked by violence – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Hinduism and Buddhism (though not a religion, but a philosophy) also fall into this, as can be seen among Hindus in India and Buddhists in Burma. And modern religions like Atheism, for example, Communism and Nazism, are marked by extreme violence. Globalist Capitalism does the same – only not in Western countries. Only the Christian Faith, practised in most of the Ukraine, has the unique revelation that God is not Vengeance, but Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, and that is why in Christianity alone there is the Resurrection, proving that Love is stronger than death, as the martyred Tsar Nicholas wrote before his own martyrdom.

Of course, Non-Christians will criticize this and at once point to the Crusades, the Inquisition, Catholic ‘missions’ in Latin America and to the violent ravages of Protestantism in Africa and Asia; did not the meddling Methodist George Bush declare that God told him to invade Iraq? Is not the West, the inventor of the concentration camp and the Atomic Bomb, ‘Christian?’ However, such Non-Christians should know that institutional Catholicism and Protestantism and even more the modern West, are not part of the Christian Faith, they are anti-Christian reversions to an Old Testament in which God is the West. (Here we are not speaking of individual Catholics and Protestants, many of whom are fine and unfilioquized Christians, but about institutional ‘religions’, ‘isms’, Catholicism and Protestantism).

In other words, humanity has in large part either never received, or else openly rejected the unique revelation of the New Testament, that God is Love and Resurrection, Mercy and Forgiveness. Much of humanity has preferred religions of Hatred and Death, Cruelty and Vengeance. Large parts of the Western world, a thousand years ago in principle Christian, have since gradually reverted to the Old Testament religion of Phariseeism (self-righteous fanaticism which justifies its technological terrorism) and Saduceeism (indifferentism and hedonism which justifies itself with the word ‘tolerance’). And so they meet opposition from terrorists whose technology may be far more primitive but whose terrorist bloodthirstiness is just as appalling as the terrorism of the apostate, post-Christian Western world.

What should be done with ‘radicalized’ young Muslims in Western Europe? Those who flocked in their thousands to fight with IS terrorists against the Syrian government with, until recently, the support and training of Western governments. Those who have been armed and paid by the closest of Western allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Perhaps first the West should stop supporting IS terrorism and the finance and support for it by the Western puppet dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. After all, in the last few months the Saudi monarchy has beheaded twice as many people as IS. Some hypocritical politicians here have suggested that Muslims be taught ‘British values’. Does this mean that they should be taught to invade any country in the world and massacre its peoples? That is the history of the ‘British’ Empire.

There is no such thing as ‘British values’, because there is no such thing as ‘British’. ‘British’, like ‘Britain’, is an oppressive and purely political construct of Establishment imperialism. Ireland only escaped it with much bloodshed, Scotland is desperately trying to escape it and large minorities in Wales and England also want to escape it. In the struggle between McWorld and Jihad, between Atheist Secularism and Old Testament Fanaticism, both equally aggressive, there are no winners, all are losers. If you want to start taming Muslim youths, then start by channelling them into theological study and active charity work in the Muslim community. As for the rest, there is only one rule: ‘Do as you would be done by’. If you do not want to be massacred by others, do not massacre them first.

Above East and West

Occult teachings come to us from both east and west…dreadful spiritual aggression against Russia, more exactly against Orthodoxy in Russia, is taking place in front of our eyes, for Russia remains the only pillar and bulwark of true Christianity in the world. And this is precisely why such huge efforts are expended in order to break Orthodoxy apart both from outside and from inside.

Hieromonk Anatoliy (Berestov) in his book ‘The Number of the Beast’


In 1904 Sir Halford John Mackinder (1861–1947), the father of geopolitics, wrote that the ‘geographical pivot of history’, the centre or heartland of the world, is Eurasian Russia. For Mackinder, he who controls Russia, uniting both East and West, controls the world, for it is at the heart of the universal spiritual struggle. In other words, either Russia with its untainted Christianity will set the world an example of how to live both personally and socially, in politics and economics, thus postponing the Apocalypse, or else it will be overcome by anti-spiritual values and the rest of the world will follow that destructive path of impurity. We can see the aggression of these anti-spiritual values at the present time in the ‘Ukraine’, a fictitious country on Russia’s western marches ‘made in Austria’ and now manipulated by the USA. However, these anti-spiritual values infect Russia from both East and West.

Infection from Eastern Monism

Every violent event in history is always preceded by a wave of anti-spiritual values, spiritual decadence and impurity in some form of occultism. This we can see before the English, American, French and Russian Revolutions. The Russian Revolution was preceded by occultism based on Hinduism. In the Russia of that time a de-moralised (because de-spiritualised) aristocracy gave itself up to the occult, as we can quite clearly see from the later history of that aristocracy in the emigration, the centre of which was Paris.

Such occultism thrives on passivity, giving it the ability to control individuality; it hates independence of thought, for independence means freedom from the guru cult. Indeed, totalitarian control by the guru is an essential part of Hindu-tainted occultism. Any independence would be a clear sign that the personalities of the devotees of the cult have not been crushed and so cannot be cloned in the image of the guru. Indeed, cults and cultishness can be identified simply by looking at the close, conscious or unconscious, physical resemblances between the guru and the cult followers, who are hypnotised by the chanting of the guru’s chosen mantra. Another essential feature of such cults is the esoteric language that they use, indicating their intellectual arrogance and that they are in fact philosophies and not theology. In contrast, the Saviour from Galilee attracted simple fishermen with simple words, leaving no long-worded, multi-volume philosophical treatises behind Him.

This is because occult Hinduism asserts that ‘love’ (usually in its coarsest physical form) means a merging into the Godhead, the disappearance of the human personality. For Christianity, however, love (understood as self-sacrifice) means that the human-being retains his personality, indeed becoming a fuller person, and not a non-person, through transfiguration, and not crushing, by grace. This difference explains the intolerance of the independent human personality by Russian occultism, even when that occultism is masked by pseudo-Orthodoxy. This is also why Paris philosophy so emphasised ‘theosis’, which it generally did not understand in the Orthodox sense, but in the Hindu sense of the personality being swallowed up. Hence also its pseudo-Palamism, its emphasis on the Divine energies, not in the Palamite sense, but in the sense of the person being assimilated into a nebulous godhead (Sophia) and so becoming part of that godhead, rejecting the principle of the God-man and Godmanhood.

In its emphasis on humanity Paris philosophy surpassed even Western humanism but only in order to assert the ability of that fallen humanity to be absorbed into their god. This is not Orthodox. Thus, in his fifth letter on spiritual life, St Theophan the Recluse writes that: ‘The true Christian is one in spirit with God – so close is the union. But at the same time the Christian is himself, he does not disappear into Christ the Lord, but remains a separate person, arranging himself according to the image of Christ’. Thus, for Orthodoxy, personal freedom remains and the personality is not bullied into submission as in tyrannical Parisian philosophy. As the Apostle Peter puts it, we ‘partake of the Divine Nature’ (2 Peter 1, 4), in other words, we partake, but we are not absorbed into God, for we retain our personalities.

Infection from Western Individualism

This emphasis on the human personality which resists Eastern (especially Hindu) monism also resists egocentric Western individualism and the contemporary I-culture. As the Orthodox academic theologian Vladimir Lossky pointed out some 60 years ago, the personality can attain the likeness of God, whereas the individual, fallen, is unable to, as it is locked up in itself, in its own ego. Indeed, all satanic teachings develop the individual at the expense of the personality. Individualism means that each looks after himself (‘No 1’), that society is irrelevant (‘there is no such thing as society’), and that one’s own comfort, satisfaction of one’s own ‘consumer’ needs, is all that counts.

Individualism is opposed to the Christian teaching on the Holy Trinity, one God in Three Persons (precisely Persons, or in Greek, Hypostases, and not Individuals). The Christian personality is part of a whole society with Christ and all His saints. Through communion with them, the individual acquires the mind of Christ, the mind of the saints, the life in Christ, which transfigure him precisely into a personality, who, moreover, is immortal. This is the very elixir of eternal life, so quested for by Western occultists and ‘mystics’, who inspired such Russian philosophers as Berdyayev. The redeemed human personality, no longer an individual, but belonging to communion with Christ and His saints, is not absorbed into God, precisely because he now has God in him.

Conversely, individualism is egocentric because the individual, locked up as a captive in his own ego, is cut off from the greater world, God’s world, Divine Love. Thus, the existential lonelinesss of modern secular humanity and the absurdity of its existence, for it thinks only of ‘the instinct of self-preservation’ and ‘the survival of the fittest’. This egocentric ideology is the exact opposite of the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and the whole ascetic teaching of Orthodox Christianity, so detested and rejected by the Paris School. We can see this in the spiritual manifestation of capitalism, the fruit of ’Judeo-Christian’ (= Protestant-Catholic) civilisation. Here ‘God’s blessing’ is understood only as the amount of money that can be accumulated by the egocentric individual; in other words, in Judeo-Christian economic life riches are a religion, Mammon is worshipped instead of Christ.

Conversely, in Orthodox Christianity, buying and selling are not a way to accumulate riches in order to pamper oneself as in ‘Judeo-Christian’ economics. They are a way to do good in society, to help the poor, to be a patron of the arts, to found hospitals, orphanages and schools, to build churches (like St Seraphim of Sarov’s merchant father or Russian merchants who paid for the Orthodox Cathedral in Tokyo or benefactors like the merchants Tretyakov and Soldatenkov). In other words, business is to serve Christ, His Church and His Creation. This is not capitalism, the worship of capital, the worship of Mammon; this is God-loving and so Creation-loving life. This is the inverse of boyars/aristocrats/oligarchs, who each in their own age all reflect the same spiritual decadence, the same falling away from the Orthodox Christian vision of life.


The ideal of modern secularist society is not God, Whom it has already declared dead, but the individualistic wants (and not needs) of the idolised human ego, so-called ‘consumerism’. Thus, modern humanity is building a new Tower of Babel to its own (fallen) glory. However, in this process Deicide is becoming suicide, for Creation cannot outlive the Creator. Its idols are today seen for what they are. Its idols are today seen for what they are. This is why night is fast falling on the Western world and the time has come when Western culture is altogether dying out. Having rejected the Creator and deified the fallen individual, Western humanity has in its mind emptied heaven, but so emptied the earth also. The individualisation of Western society has come about from its spiritual emptiness, but, woe betide! – since nature abhors a vacuum, demons are filling that emptiness. As St Justin Popovich wrote: ‘Europe has become a cemetery’.