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O ye of little faith…

The atheist/humanist authorities who rule this world do not understand that death is inevitable, that our destiny is not in their hands, and never has been, that our destiny is in the hands of God.

So far, over three thousand elderly or very sick people worldwide have died prematurely because of coronavirus, a form of bird flu (probably caused by the fact that so many Chinese people keep and eat birds and other small mammals; though conspiracy theorists disagree with this). Most victims of coronavirus are elderly, though some are younger, but usually already had severe respiratory illnesses. Most who have died have simply lost a few weeks or months off the end of their lives. Most of these victims of this tragedy have died in China – where every day some 700 people die in road accidents, making some 20,000 victims a month.

A million other people die every day worldwide, from multiple causes – old age, illnesses, wars, car accidents, suicide…. ( In the UK, five people on average die every day from other forms of flu and five from road accidents and about sixteen from suicide. Every day. And yet there are those who wish to close our churches for Lent and Easter, using as their excuse for persecution a simple virus. That is the devil’s work.

Of course, anyone of us could die from coronavirus. But then all of us will die from something in any case. Whatever may happens as the virus spreads, including an unnecessary, panic-caused economic recession, there is only one ultimate remedy: prayer.