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The End of the New World Order

Proclaimed by its ideologues as ‘the end of history’, the New World Order was seen as the end of all civilizational resistance to what seemed to them to be the triumphant Western ideology of globalist Capitalism. For the New World Order, long heralded on every dollar bill and trumpeted in 1991 at the collapse of the Western ideology of Communism, is in its turn collapsing. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there has been no power on earth to keep the aggression and hubris of the American Empire in check. So the New World Order that began with a war in Iraq is ending after scarcely a generation with New World Disorder and a war in Iraq.

‘The end of history’, ‘West is Best’, is ending in a new and highly eventful history of unceasing war, chaos, crisis, tyranny, corruption, assassination, disorder, bankruptcy and defeat. Hegemony, the obsession with obtaining all-corrupting absolute power, always ends thus, from the collapse of the empire of the dead and detested Genghis Khan to the mangled corpse of Hitler in the echoing ruins of ghost-haunted Berlin. Thus, the short-lived ‘Triumph of the West’, based on ‘the American Exception’, like every other self-proclaimed ‘thousand year Reich’ from Nazism to Maoism, is not exceptional at all, except in its cruelty and stupidity.

This collapse of the New World Order, or rather New World Disorder, is the fate of all false ideologies, which all contain the deforming seeds of their own inevitable destruction. This disastrous Western experiment, labelled ‘Pax Americana’ (the American Peace), should in reality have been called ‘Bellum Americanum’ (the American War), as it is based on a generation of war of terror (not a war ‘on’ terror). The USA has veered towards becoming an insecure and sinister police state, with the offshorization of jobs, ill-health of the poor and unemployed, constant repression, daily surveillance of phone calls and e-mail and perpetual warfare.

War, or rather a conflagration of wars, has engulfed North Africa (the Sudan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria…), the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria…) and Eastern Europe (ex-Yugoslavia and what is still called the Ukraine, despite the efforts of the West to destroy it). Over the last generation since 1991, the enforcement of ‘freedom and democracy’ by meddling Western bomb and bullet has already destroyed several once stable countries, reducing their peoples to misery, poverty and primitive living conditions. A generation of War has led to tens of millions of terrified and starving refugees and millions of corpses and still it is justified by the self-deluded.

Now heading for the proverbial dustbin of history, the New World Order was entirely determined by the failures of two earlier forms of Western ‘New World Order’ – Communism and Nazism. It was founded on the twin pillars of failure, symbolized by the Babylonian Twin Towers destroyed in 2001. The first pillar was the ‘freedom’ to condemn all religious faith and instead blindly conform to State-programmed and media-reinforced consumerist secularism (so-called ‘freedom and democracy’). The second was regret for the horror of what the Nazi form of Western ‘civilization’ did to the Jews and replace it with the idolatry of support for Israel.

However, recent events are making clear that the Non-Western world is now rejecting the twin pillars of these ‘anti-values’ of the contemporary West, its hatred for religion and its support for the State of Israel. The decision of President Putin not to attend the breast-beating religious rites of political correctness at the annual commemoration at Auschwitz, liberated ironically by the Red Army, is more than symbolic. The Auschwitz rite, established in 2001 by the guilt of the Judeo-Christian West for its appalling crime of slaughtering innocent Jews and exploited to the full by the genocidal State of Israel, has been snubbed by the Russian world.

After all, the peoples of the Russian world suffered in five times greater numbers from the Western Nazis than the Jews, whom the Russian world saved. In the ultimate irony, the peoples of that world are now suffering at the hands of the CIA-installed Neo-Nazi Galician junta in the Ukraine, some of them the grandchildren of the very SS Galician guards who oversaw Auschwitz. With the Russian boycott, the commemoration at Auschwitz, where a Western ideology massacred millions of Non-Western peoples, has been reduced to an all-Western event. However, there is no Western breast-beating for its genocides in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

As for another Western totem event, the clearly orchestrated Charlie demonstration in Paris on 11 January, President Putin also boycotted it. Regardless of whether the killings were committed by conveniently dead psychopaths or by the CIA, which wanted to throw pro-Palestinian and pro-Russian Europe into Washington’s embrace, the event has strengthened the European elite’s ties with Washington. However, it has also reinforced the yawning gulf between the elite and the peoples of Europe. For it has reinforced the ties of the peoples to anti-US and anti-EU parties of left and right, from France to England, from Germany to Hungary, from Scotland to Greece, from Catalonia to Denmark.

The Russian presence at the Charlie demonstration was limited to the Foreign Minister Lavrov, who almost immediately left the Western jamboree and went to the local Russian church. Demonstrating that Russia is with Christ, he showed that he is not Charlie, which is as blasphemously anti-Christian as it is anti-Muslim – all in the name of its idol of ‘secularism’. Christian countries, which is what Russia is returning to being to the horror of the atheist West, confess other values. On 7 January, Orthodox Christmas Day, President Putin attended a village church with orphans and refugees from NATO aggression in the Ukraine. This was his Non-Western civilizational choice.

Time and time again the West has been proved to be wrong through its utter stupidity, its inability to see the long-tern results of its short-term actions: in its war crimes in Serbia; in blood-soaked Afghanistan and Iraq; in the attempted 2008 invasion of Russia by a US-backed bandit clique of Georgians; in Egypt and Libya; in Syria where the Western-supported rebels, and not the Syrian government, used poison gas against Syrian civilians; at the Olympic Games in Sochi which the West wanted to boycott out of jealousy. And now in the Ukraine, where the genocidal forces of the Western-installed Poroshenko junta even massacred the pasengers on a Malaysian Airlines plane.

Now the West has launched not only a war of sanctions, but also an oil war and a currency war against Russia. According to the fantasist, Russophobic ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski, the idea is to make the Russian middle-classes angry with President Putin. Losing its privileges, they are then supposed to overthrow the legitimate democratic government, thus carrying out the American dream of ‘regime-change’, as in the Ukraine, only for less than the $5 billion which it cost the US taxpayer there. It has done exactly the opposite – it has made the once pro-Western Russian middle classes furious with the West, especially with the US. Wrong again.

The Charlie atrocity, officially carried out by psychopaths (like the far worse Oklahoma bombing or the regular High School killings in the USA), manipulated by the Western elite to justify its anti-Christianity and general anti-religious spirit, has been a turning-point. The totem of the Auschwitz commemoration of the horrors of Western civilization in its Nazi form, is another. (Apparently, the horrific burning of millions of Jewish bodies in Nazi incinerators is to be condemned, but the horrific burning of tens of millions of aborted babies’ bodies in Western hospital incinerators is not, for abortion according to President Obama last week is ‘an American value’).

After the Western aggression in the Ukraine, now ringed by NATO troops, Russia will no longer offer support to the Western elite. It will only offer support to the Western peoples in their love for their lost freedom and sovereignty. Neither at Auschwitz, nor in Paris, but especially not in the Middle East, where the Western elite both in the US and the EU, wants to spread war, now using the Charlie provocation as an excuse. For the New World Order has been emptying the Middle East of the ancient pre-Catholic and pre-Protestant Christians who have lived there for nearly 2,000 years – for most of that time peacefully co-existing with Muslims.

This is very convenient, but no coincidence, for the anti-Christian forces which want to dominate the Middle East need to empty it of Christianity first. Thus they are creating a wilderness acceptable to the demons who are coming up from hell in their grinning and mocking hordes to fill the vacuum on earth. Through its blasphemies and aggression the Western elite has made many enemies; but the cause of Christianity and peace in the Middle East has a constant friend – Orthodox Russia. Amid the ruins of the New World Order there is hope, but that hope depends not on human foolishness, but on Divine intervention. Man proposes, but God disposes. This is not the end of history. This is the end of ‘the end of history’ and the beginning of the end of history.