Judas Does Not Sleep: Orthodoxy or Demonocracy in 2015

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine…And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise and more.

Rev 6, 6 / 18,11

Whatever our nationality, all Orthodox Christians who know and follow the Tradition are in a sense ‘Russian’. Of course, this is not at all in the sense of nationality or passport – there are many who have the nationality and the passport, but they are not Russian in our sense at all. It is in the spiritual sense of belonging to multinational Rus, to the Orthodox world, of being true Christians, real Orthodox, appreciating Orthodox culture and having a generous heart. As one Muslim said to a friend recently, now in 2014 is decision time: Are we with Washington or are we with Orthodox Russia? Are we with those who want to set up a global dictatorship, demonocracy, atheist hegemony over the whole world, or with those who defend Faith in God and spiritual life?

As part of the Russian Orthodox mission outside Rus, we too defend Holy Rus, our spiritual homeland and our cultural values. The choice is between the sectarian and Godless world of neocon mammonism and the communitarian and Orthodox world of Holy Rus, the primacy of this world or the primacy of the other world. Holy Rus must prevail in this momentous and worldwide struggle which was begun in 2014 or Night will fall on us until the Second Coming. In 2015 we pray for the victory of Holy Orthodoxy and our allies over money-worshipping hegemonists, their self-centred individualism and self-seeking hedonism, over the CIA-puppets in Kiev and Moscow, the so-called Poroshenkos and the millionaire Navalnys, or else….For Judas does not sleep.

Today there is the Russian world, the Orthosphere, with her allies and sympathizers, who have been set upon in 2014 through the Western invasion of the Ukraine and the propaganda and currency attacks on Russia, and the rest. Any so-called Orthodox who deludedly choose the rest, choose apostasy and Gehenna. As for Europe, it stands between these two worlds, between Sovereign Freedom and World Dictatorship, between Moscow and Washington, between Jerusalem and Babylon, between Christ and Satanization, between the Church and Sodomization. Who is not against us is with us. Europeans can only be saved through Holy Rus. In 2015 healthy forces in Europe, as elsewhere, may gather around Russia and the Saints of Old Europe against planetary evil, and the Russian world may extend to it. In 2015 we shall see the further development either of a world of free and patriotic nations or of a worldwide dictatorship. And that development is our responsibility.

As a consolation, but also as a warning, we have the prophecies of Elder Jonah of Odessa (+ 2012). In 2007 he said: ‘The Catholics will come to our country…They will not stay long but will do a great deal of evil and shed so much blood…but they will leave, hanging their heads in shame’. As regards the war in the Ukraine, he foretold that ‘it is a spiritual war and its main aim is to tear the Ukraine away from Holy Rus and destroy Orthodoxy in it’. As for the dollar, he said that ‘the wind will blow dollars along the road like leaves in autumn and no-one will chase after them, they will be like bits of cheap paper’. And he said that ‘if the Lord is to give Rus an Orthodox Tsar, then we must repent and pray very hard and that only through a Tsar given by God will Russia find might and salvation’.

And this will be our New Year.