Descendants of White Émigrés Address Appeal to EU Leaders

Over 100 descendants of the White Russian nobility residing in EU countries have called on EU nations to stop irrationally alienating Russia and give an unbiased appraisal to the Ukrainian crisis. On Thursday Rossiiskaya Gazeta published an open letter, written from Paris by Prince Dmitri Shakhovskoy and his wife, Princess Tamara, and signed by over 100 people representing the first emigration. Prince Shakhovskoy wrote:

“The aggressive hostility that Russia faces now lacks any rationality and the double standard policy simply exceeds all limits. They accuse Russia of all sorts of crimes, they pronounce it guilty a priori and without any evidence, whilst they show other countries surprising leniency, in particular, where human rights are concerned. We can’t put up with daily slander targeting modern Russia, its leaders and its President, who are slapped with sanctions and smeared with dirt, in contradiction to basic reason”.

The émigrés also said that the fact that EU officials and media consistently silenced the facts about the cruel shelling of civilians in the eastern Ukraine conducted by the junta military with support of paramilitary groups brandishing Nazi symbols outraged them. Another disturbing fact was the full blockade of the Donbass region by the Kiev junta, which seeks to destroy a region that it still claims to be part of Ukrainian territory.
The letter stated that junta forces are also allowing numerous attacks on Russian Orthodox churches, condoning acts of violence against Her, even extending to the murders of priests, the destruction of church buildings and staging repressions against Russian Orthodox believers. It said, “We can’t remain indifferent and silent in the face of the planned elimination of the Donbass population, open Russophobia, and hypocritical approaches that contradict the interests of EU nations themselves. We hope that the countries that in their time had shown hospitality to our families will again set out on the path of reason and impartiality”.

Earlier, the Russian Federal Assembly suggested that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe launch an international panel to investigate crimes against humanity in Europe, such as the tragedy in Odessa or mass executions of civilians near Donetsk in Novorossiya. The proposal mirrors an address to international organizations and national parliaments and governments, calling on them to investigate crimes against civilians in the warzone in Novorossiya, passed by the Russian Parliament in October this year.

25 December 2014