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The Looming Disaster

The news for the Western world is grim. The much-vaunted Ukrainian counter-attack near Kherson has been a catastrophe. 1,700 Ukrainian troops killed. No doubt thousands of others wounded, deserted and surrendered. Nearly all their equipment, including their Polish tanks, destroyed. This was the last gasp.

Meanwhile, on this 1st September, dozens of European business are going bankrupt every day. Yesterday we received this e-mail from a business supplier:

‘Thanks for your email,

Just to give you some idea of the current manufacturing costs here in Slovakia and to be brutally honest throughout the upside down world, We paid last year 85,000 euros for electricity, This year its going to be around 500,000 euros, As of Jan 1. 2023  its going to be 1.2 million euros at best.

So that’s just the electricity, never mind the gas, the increase in raw materials, salaries and all other manufacturing costs, This is a hard way of saying its impossible to reduce and every customer of ours has to accept it or not, Surprisingly we have never ever been as busy! You cutting margins down low is of course difficult, but at least you have margins, We simply do not have anything to reduced’.

In conclusion, expect revolutions and riots in Western countries. Russia has plenty of cheap oil and gas. All that Western countries have to do is to buy them from Russia in roubles. It is not complicated. The West has sanctioned its own people. Russia is awash with money that has come from the refusal of Western countries to buy their commodities.

If you don’t believe me, read the article below by Professor Geoffrey Sachs. He should know.




The Western World in Turmoil

With the Washington administration descending into infighting between the new ‘Drain the Swamp’ President and the neocons of the ‘Dark State’, who, regardless of Party tag, have been in control for a generation and do not want to give it up, US powerbrokers seem to be paralysed.

In the US-vassal organization, the EU, the policy of ‘Destroy the Church, the Nation and the Family’ has developed dramatically over the last generation, building on the millennial attack on the Church and the 20th-century attack on the Nation-State by the Western European elite. However, it too is now being challenged by the anti-EU protest of the European peoples, who want either their spiritual freedom (Church Life), or their identity (National Life), or simply their sanity (Family Life) back.

The Western world seems to be reaching a turning-point. Does it continue on the hysterical path towards Antichrist that it took 100 years ago and which it has accelerated on, especially in the last 50 years, or does it stop and perhaps even turn back to its roots and common sense? We of course do not know, but we do know that now is the time for prayer and repentance – or else….

A Victory for Confederation over Unionism

Although against the views of the younger generation, the older generation in Scotland has, unlike most of Ireland over 90 years ago, not chosen full independence, it has chosen home rule. This is in itself is revolutionary. It means that Scotland has rejected the 1707 form of Union, which was successful at the time only because of massive bribery by the British elite. This means that Northern Ireland, Wales and above all England will also receive home rule, whether the politicians grant it willingly or not. Unlike most of Ireland, independence for the peoples of the British Isles is to be gradual and non-violent. It means that the Unionist ‘United’ Kingdom, centralized in London, is no more; the Isles must now seek Confederation.

The Scottish referendum is a defeat for Unionism and the centralized State, as in the Ukraine, where a centralized State, a Leninist-Stalinist conglomerate, so keenly supported by so-called ‘democratic’, self-interested Western politicians, is massacring its own peoples. The results are a clear warning to Unionists in the EU and the USA and a clear warning to elitist Establishments everywhere. Elections to such Establishments are rarely popular and are characterized by very low turnouts. However, when the question put to the electorate actually concerns them, the effect on it is electrifying. Although total freedom for Scotland has not been achieved, the result is a turning-point in UK political life, whose configuration will never be the same again.

Firstly, the Labour Party has suffered massive defections to the Scottish National Party. Having allied itself with the Establishment, the Labour Party will probably never be elected again to government, either in Scotland or in England. Secondly, however, the Conservative Party, almost identical in views to the Labour Party, may also be unelectable – as it was already in 2010. Just as the Labour Party compromised its principles under the Tory Blair, so the Conservative Party has also compromised its principles under the Liberal Cameron. Thus the Labour Party is unelectable in Scotland because of the Scottish National Party, but the Conservative Party is unelectable in England because of the English National Party, although that still calls itself UKIP.

Since the three Westminster Establishment parties have all been reduced to rumps of careerists and opportunists, puppets of Washington and Brussels (Berlin), then the field is now free for new parties to speak up for the undertrodden and disenfranchized peoples of theses Isles. The field is now open to any party, of left or right, which can listen to the people and show a love of freedom and justice – everything that the old parties, captives of banksters, arms merchants, privatized and virtually unregulated monopolies and retail lobbies, have not done. Only through Confederation can the ‘United Kingdom’ survive for another generation, after which its dissolution will probably occur in the next referendum. It is a question of time.