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A Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop Speaks Out against the Satanists: ‘If they do not stop, then God will stop them’.

As time progresses, even those on the fringes of the Orthodox Church are coming to realize that the genocidal, CIA-installed junta in Kiev is in its essence Satanic. Here are the words of one from the centre, the latest bishop to speak out:

The fearless Bishop Longin (Zhar) of the Metropolia of Chernovitsy in the current Ukraine (formerly North Bukovina and part of Romania) has spoken out in Romanian against the war being waged by the Kiev regime oligarch Poroshenko (Waltzman) against the Ukrainian people. Notably he has called the current Ukrainian leaders ‘cursed’ and ‘servants of Satan’. He has also called on all Ukrainian faithful not to let their sons go to their deaths because the present war is against the Orthodox Faith:

‘I call on you to be united and not to send your children to their deaths. Our Orthodox Faith does not allow us to kill each other. They want the deaths of our people, who live in peace with God, for the sake of their political interests, for the sake of those who defend their businesses and their leaders’ duties. My beloved, you are not allowed to shoot and kill. God gives life and He takes it away. The leaders of the Ukraine have declared that ‘the Orthodox Faith is Ukraine’s greatest enemy’. This is what the foreigners, for whom the truth is unbearable because they are blind, have dictated to them’, said the Bishop.

‘How can you take up arms and shoot at God’s creation? Like all of you, he too has a mother, a wife, a child. Why do they force you to kill? What is secret has been revealed: thousands and tens of thousands, which they say is hundreds, have been killed. I do not bless you to go to war. We call you to peace. Some ten thousand soldiers have been killed and even their mothers do not know that they are dead. I am not engaging in politics, but with pain say to you that this war is not against an enemy but is a war between us. When the cursed defend the USA, they want to see Orthodox killing one another and at the same time they eat, drink, make merry and rejoice that blood is being shed on this holy earth’.

‘They will pay in full for the blood that has stained their hands and their clothes. All of this is the work of cursed Europe, of which the Holy Fathers said: ‘Do not worship the beast’, and the Americans who everywhere, wherever they interfere, sow only enmity and shed blood. Now they have gone away and take pleasure that the blood of us Christians is being spilled. Brothers, we all feel as if we are on the threshold of a Third World War. This is why I have called on you: Repent! I thank all the villages of Bukovina, all those who live here, that you have risen up. This is what we are all called on to do: We will not give up our children to be killed’.

‘I will never commemorate at the Divine Liturgy the cursed leaders of our country, the unbelievers, those who have no fear of God, who sit in their armchairs and give out orders to kill. Only one prayer remains: O Lord, if Thou canst, enlighten them, for they have been enfolded by darkness and the underworld. They need nothing except bloodshed and in that they take their pleasure. Satanists! Servants of the evil one. If they do not stop, then God will stop them and then they will have great sorrow’.