The Ukraine: Winter Approaches

US aggression in the Ukraine has achieved a catastrophe, whether through incompetence or, as the conspiracy theorists would have it, on purpose. The CIA-installed oligarch junta in Kiev, stubbornly insisting on keeping an old-fashioned, Communist, centralized State, has lost the war in the east, and the north like Kharkov and the south like Odessa are in revolt. Even Poroshenko, like the Nazis, has realized that he has slaughtered in vain; he cannot occupy the lands of the free, of those who reject his Fascism. The newly-discovered mass graves in the east have revealed bodies of civilians with certain organs removed by his ‘stormtroops’ who can only torture civilians. The 1500 US troops now invading Romania and the others entering Poland are not going to help.

Up to 10,000 of Poroshenko’s much-vaunted, US-directed, but in fact ragtag National Guard are dead. Over 550 of their bodies cannot even be identified, the others are coming back in coffins to the west of the country, where families are furious with the Kiev regime which has destroyed their country and their lives. In Poroshenko’s own words 65% of the Ukraine’s military equipment, deployed in the east, is destroyed and even US, UK and Polish mercenaries no longer want to fight against the Ukrainian Resistance volunteers – too many of them have died; this is not an easy fight for them as in Africa. Kiev has wasted 5 billion dollars murdering and bombarding its own people, discrediting itself for ever.

All over the Ukraine production has been slashed, the economy is in ruins. Everywhere there are rolling power cuts, for lack of coal and with winter not far away and gas bills unpaid, people in what was once the richest part of the Soviet Union fear the worst. Ukrainian companies have lost their greatest market, the Russian Federation, and none of the promised generous subsidies are coming from the West, instead just empty words, pats on the back and meaningless words. Disenchantment with the West is setting in – the Western elite really could not have done more to destroy its standing in the Ukraine.

In any case, the Western elite is now preoccupied with a war of its own crass making in Iraq and Syria, where it is now bombing the very fanatics whom a year ago it was training, arming and financing. (Again, the conspiracy theorists presume that the chaos is deliberate). The Western elite has no time for corrupt oligarchs on the Ukrainian periphery. Worse still, ill-thought out sanctions, bullied into place in its poodle EU by the US, threaten to push Western Europe into a new recession. As for Russia, it has turned to the east and a giant anti-Western coalition of Russia and China is now in preparation.

In the eastern Ukraine several churches have been destroyed, several priests murdered and in the west one or two churches invaded by Ukrainian nationalist fanatics, whose head, a married and defrocked ‘patriarch’, is a visitor to the State Department/Colonial Office in Washington. The US policy is to divide and rule the Church, just as was that of the Nazis when they occupied the Ukraine over 70 years before them. Thus, they hope to create a CIA-friendly Halfodox Church, one which is spiritually degutted, a Euro-Orthodoxy, an Orthodoxy lite, like that in US-run Constantinople or in CIA-subsidized old calendarist sects, and like that which the US/EU is desperately trying to produce in its newest colonies in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, and, if possible, with time, in Serbia, Montenegro and Georgia. However, we shall, as ever, resist to the last drop of blood and sweat.