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A Ukrainian Orthodox Bishop Speaks Out against the Satanists: ‘If they do not stop, then God will stop them’.

As time progresses, even those on the fringes of the Orthodox Church are coming to realize that the genocidal, CIA-installed junta in Kiev is in its essence Satanic. Here are the words of one from the centre, the latest bishop to speak out:

The fearless Bishop Longin (Zhar) of the Metropolia of Chernovitsy in the current Ukraine (formerly North Bukovina and part of Romania) has spoken out in Romanian against the war being waged by the Kiev regime oligarch Poroshenko (Waltzman) against the Ukrainian people. Notably he has called the current Ukrainian leaders ‘cursed’ and ‘servants of Satan’. He has also called on all Ukrainian faithful not to let their sons go to their deaths because the present war is against the Orthodox Faith:

‘I call on you to be united and not to send your children to their deaths. Our Orthodox Faith does not allow us to kill each other. They want the deaths of our people, who live in peace with God, for the sake of their political interests, for the sake of those who defend their businesses and their leaders’ duties. My beloved, you are not allowed to shoot and kill. God gives life and He takes it away. The leaders of the Ukraine have declared that ‘the Orthodox Faith is Ukraine’s greatest enemy’. This is what the foreigners, for whom the truth is unbearable because they are blind, have dictated to them’, said the Bishop.

‘How can you take up arms and shoot at God’s creation? Like all of you, he too has a mother, a wife, a child. Why do they force you to kill? What is secret has been revealed: thousands and tens of thousands, which they say is hundreds, have been killed. I do not bless you to go to war. We call you to peace. Some ten thousand soldiers have been killed and even their mothers do not know that they are dead. I am not engaging in politics, but with pain say to you that this war is not against an enemy but is a war between us. When the cursed defend the USA, they want to see Orthodox killing one another and at the same time they eat, drink, make merry and rejoice that blood is being shed on this holy earth’.

‘They will pay in full for the blood that has stained their hands and their clothes. All of this is the work of cursed Europe, of which the Holy Fathers said: ‘Do not worship the beast’, and the Americans who everywhere, wherever they interfere, sow only enmity and shed blood. Now they have gone away and take pleasure that the blood of us Christians is being spilled. Brothers, we all feel as if we are on the threshold of a Third World War. This is why I have called on you: Repent! I thank all the villages of Bukovina, all those who live here, that you have risen up. This is what we are all called on to do: We will not give up our children to be killed’.

‘I will never commemorate at the Divine Liturgy the cursed leaders of our country, the unbelievers, those who have no fear of God, who sit in their armchairs and give out orders to kill. Only one prayer remains: O Lord, if Thou canst, enlighten them, for they have been enfolded by darkness and the underworld. They need nothing except bloodshed and in that they take their pleasure. Satanists! Servants of the evil one. If they do not stop, then God will stop them and then they will have great sorrow’.



Freedom for Scotland?

The Westminster elite scurries for votes in Scotland. Having appealed to sentimentalism and then bribery, it next resorted to the terror tactics of economic intimidation and bullying, so well-known to the public schoolboys who run both the politics and the commerce of the British Establishment. The US President, at whose voice Westminster wags its tail, and the Australian Premier have threatened Scotland, as also the German Chancellor, who considers Scottish freedom as treacherous to the EU.

That at least is true, for freedom is always treacherous to tyranny, whether to tyranny in London or in Brussels. Whether the Scottish National leaders will be far-sighted enough to keep post-Calvinist Scotland free from the post-Catholic EU and become a permanent part of Non-EU Europe, together with equally post-Calvinist Switzerland and post-Lutheran Norway and Iceland, remains to be seen.

It is by no means certain that Scotland will choose freedom on Thursday 18 September 2014 and in any case we can doubt the fairness of the referendum; there will always be some who can ‘modify’ the result, if the result is not ‘the right one’, as we saw in the election of President Bush and as in countless EU referenda. Nevertheless, the genie is out of the bottle. If Scotland can be allowed to choose freedom, as Crimea was allowed to choose freedom – and overwhelmingly chose it – whatever the result in Scotland, others in the EU will also want to be allowed choice. At least the EU is not like the Ukraine, where, if you want freedom, you are massacred.

Most of Ireland freed itself from the Westminster tyranny at the cost of blood nearly 100 years ago. Now it is the turn of Scotland, once long ago converted to the Faith by an Irishman, St Columba, and other Irish (‘Scoti’) missionaries, who gave their name to Scotland. Sooner or later Scotland will free itself. One day Northern Ireland will choose freedom from the centralized union that is the UK, and Wales will follow. Then only England will still be bound by the Empire-making Norman elite that governs it – already there is talk of an English Parliament. Freedom is now only a question of time.

On the Spiritual Purity of Holy Orthodoxy


The living beliefs of St John of Shanghai swim against the tide of the world and are remarkable examples to all of us for the three following reasons. First of all, although he lived outside Russia he expressed faithfulness to Holy Rus, which for him, as shown in his sermon on the 950th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, is a living reality, not a dream or myth, as it is for unbelieving modernists a la Schmemann. This faithfulness to Holy Rus, even though it was enslaved beneath the Soviet atheist yoke, entailed his constant prayers for the Patriarch of the Russian Church (shown by his words to the then Fr Vladimir Rodzianko) despite the Patriarch’s political enslavement and so separation from free Russians. It also entailed St John’s opposition to those who fought against Russia, under the tragic and misguided illusion that that they were fighting against the Soviet Union.

Secondly, St John was faithful to the Tsar, already in the 1930s enjoining his canonization against those of both left and right who opposed it. Thirdly, he believed in the Russian Church not as a national ghetto, but as an organism with the worldwide calling to convert to Orthodoxy, as he clearly expressed at the Second All-Diaspora Council in 1938. These three virtues, faithfulness to Holy Rus, faithfulness to the Orthodox Monarchy and faithfulness to the Russian Church’s calling to preach to the heterodox and unbaptized world, are matched by three opposing temptations. These can be found among the still unChurched (and this includes clergy and laity), among those on the fringes of the Church and those outside the Church. These three temptations of spiritual impurity are liberalism instead of faithfulness, conservatism instead of faithfulness and heterodoxy instead of faithfulness.

Liberalism instead of Faithfulness to Holy Rus

This is the temptation from the left, with its renovationism, modernism, new calendarism, liberalism, ecumenism and freemasonry. We have met its spirit in ‘Orthodox’ freemasons in Paris, in cultish, Hindu-style gurus with a name-worship mantra or psychic hypnosis and even occultism, inspired by Blavatsky and Steiner, in those who cannot stop speaking of ‘hypostasis’ and ‘theosis’, rather than living the commandments of the Gospel, in ‘cowboy’ copies of liberal Protestantism and liberal Catholicism camouflaged by long Greek ‘theological’ words, in the elderly or now dead renovationism of the old KGB-selected Moscow Patriarchal representatives from before the fall of atheism, in well-read converts who reject new immigrants from Eastern Europe because they are not liberal intellectuals like themselves, and in ideologies driven by personalities, not by spiritual realities.

Conservatism instead of Faithfulness to the Orthodox Monarchy

This is the temptation from the right, with its phyletism, nationalism, naïve idealization, old calendarism, right-wing emigres and converts who support and accept money from the CIA or MI5, the cultivation of the museum ethos. We have met its spirit in Greeks who tell Non-Greeks to go away, in those who ban the use of languages other than their own, in nationalist Ukrainians who have nothing to do with the Church because they are driven by politics, not by Christ, in those who fall into schism on account of minor errors rather than the general correctness in the Church, in those who schismatically divide the Church, falling into the temptation of the Church’s enemies who want to divide and so rule Her, in converts from conservative heterodox who bring prejudices into the Church, in those who self-justifyingly confuse psychology with theology, serving self and not the general good of the Church.

Heterodoxy instead of Faithfulness to Missionary Work

Authentic missionary work is about conforming the world to the Church, and not as some compromised people have suggested, supporting the errors of those outside the Church through their own syncretism (‘all religions are the same’), founded on indifference. Also, if heterodox are prematurely received into the Church, they may bring spiritual impurities, either in the form of agendas for ‘reform’ or else of reactions to their heterodox past. Thus, there may be ex-Anglicans still with their Protestant mentality who want a ‘refomed’ Orthodoxy in their own image, since they, received prematurely and not yet ready for the Orthodox Church, are unable to cast off their own personal, cultural and spiritual prejudices. Either such will mature, or else they will lapse. Unable to cast off their Establishment class views, whether of left or right, they will never become Orthodox, however well-read.


The title of this essay is formed by the words of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus (+ 2008), said to me in May 2006, on the need to conserve the integrity of the Holy Orthodox Faith. However, his words were in the same line as those of three generations of Russian bishops of the Diaspora before him, of Archbishop Antony of Geneva (+ 1994), of St John of Shanghai (+ 1966) and of Metropolitan Antony of Kiev (+ 1936), the first First Hierarch of the Church Outside Russia. They all agree, in words as in deeds, that any immixture of spiritual impurity in the Faith is a dead end precisely because it is unspiritual and what is unspiritual by definition brings death. It is for us to follow with care their words, deeds and lives, so that we do nor err from the Tradition of the Church through impure influences from outside Her. And this we can do through faithfulness.