Why Does the Western Elite Want to Destroy Russia?

The Western elite began setting up an ideologically-driven, Non-Orthodox (in fact anti-Orthodox) Empire in north-western Continental Europe at the end of the eighth century by reviving Roman paganism and Old Testament iconoclasm. Ever since then, in order to justify itself, it has aggressively expanded, attacking all centres of Christian Faith outside itself. This first became apparent when the elite’s Emperor Charlemagne had the ‘Libri Carolini’ written in c. 790 and declared Christians (‘the Greeks’) to be heretics because they remained faithful to the Christian Church and Creed of the Seven Universal Councils. As soon as the Western elite was strong enough, in fact during the eleventh century, it took over Rome, founding its own semi-pagan ‘Church’ and attacking Christendom not only in words but also in deeds, its crusaders finally sacking and looting the Christian Capital in New Rome in 1204.

Having during the eleventh century founded its centralized papist Superstate, of which today’s EU is a re-creation, merely replacing semi-pagan Catholicism with the pagan ideology of bread and circuses, post-Christian Europe expanded with blood. Beginning in southern Italy and Sicily, it had already taken genocide to England (‘1066 and all that’) and then to the Celtic Lands before it took it to New Rome in 1204. Massacre by crusade and inquisition was similarly employed in its expansion to the Iberian Peninsula, the south-west of France and Eastern Europe. Later the same genocide would take place in the Americas, Latin and North, by the British in Ireland (1 million dead in famines), India (15 million dead in famines), Tasmania, South Africa and Kenya, and now the same genocide of the ‘natives’ is committed by Israel in Gaza and by CIA-directed Uniats in the Ukraine.

The 1204 Western attack on the European Capital of New Rome weakened it and led to its fall to the Muslim invaders of Europe in 1453. The West has always used Islam as a proxy for its evil purposes. If the Church were to survive, it would therefore need to move to another centre. This was Russia. Indeed, even before this transfer took place, the Western elite had already begun attacking Russia, notably in the thirteenth century its Teutonic crusaders launching vicious attacks against it, effectively stabbing it in the back from the west while it was being attacked by the Mongols and Tartars from the east. In the early seventeenth century Poles and Lithuanians invaded Russia, which ended in the invaders’ defeat in 1612. In 1812 ‘Twelve Western Tribes’ under the anti-Christian Emperor Napoleon invaded Russia and suffered a terrible defeat. But Western invasions were not to end there.

Thus, in 1854 Britain and France, again allied with Muslims, again invaded Russia, preventing it from liberating Christians in the Balkans from Ottoman oppression and from protecting Christians from Islam in the Middle East. And this was to be repeated again and again, invaded by Germany in 1914, when Russia was betrayed by its so-called allies, Britain and France and its own fifth column of aristocrats, and invaded again by Germany in 1941. And today invasion is being attempted yet again in western Russia (now called the eastern Ukraine), as the combined Western elite of the USA and its EU colony, back the Western proxy puppet regime in Kiev. Why have there been six Western European invasions of Russia over the last 400 years and not a single Russian invasion of Western Europe, excepting that of Eastern Europe entailed by the need to defeat Nazi Germany in Berlin?

First of all, Christian Russia must be destroyed by the Western elite, as its mere existence proves that the ideology of Western ‘Christianity’ is a deformation. The elite can brook no rivals. Although there are other parts of the Orthodox Christian world, in Romania, Greece, the Balkans and elsewhere, they are small and can be dismissed as mononational folklore by the West. However, the multinational Russian Church is different. It is three-quarters of the whole Church, covers one sixth of the planet and 62 countries, carrying on its shoulders the rest of the Orthodox Christian world. This was why the Satanic powers of the Western elite tried to destroy Russian Christianity in 1917, exporting to Russia its materialist ideology of greed based on bloodshed. This is why the Satanic powers of the West are again trying to destroy Russia’s reviving Christianity in 2014 by destroying the Ukraine.

Russian Christian Civilization, called Holy Rus, is based on original Christianity, unlike the West, which is based on the paganism of manmade materialism with a ‘justifying’ superstructure of judaising deformations of Christianity. Hence the millennial confrontation of the two Civilizations, Christianity and the West, Holiness and Unholiness, Faith and Materialism. This was why the West exported its materialist greed and love of profit to Russia, first contaminating its elite and then, once that elite had betrayed its sacral monarchy, contaminating with blood the rest of the country. This contamination by a failed materialism resulted in the final treachery by the pro-Western Gorbachev. Despite this, Russian Christian Civilization is still alive at the core of the Church. The West attacks Russian Civilization, Holy Rus, precisely because of its universal character, which the West mocks as ‘messianic’.

The Western elite mocks this universal character because Holy Rus is the only serious rival to that elite’s own ‘messianism’, which it calls ‘globalization’. This claims that the ‘West is best’, a ‘chosen people’ ideology that appeals to all that is basest in humanity. This is why the unprincipled careerists of the Western (and, outside the West, Westernized) elite tries to reduce the universal character of Russian Orthodoxy to mere folklore, as it has largely done to Greek Orthodoxy. Holy Rus has taken the main thrust of Western invasions because the Western elite knew that Holy Rus, stretching from the Carpathians to the Pacific Ocean, is the only spiritual force that stands in its way to global control, the only spiritual impediment to its materialist expansion, that is, the only force that stands in the way of world evil, and has saved innumerable peoples from desecration by the Western elite throughout history.

Most recently we have seen this in Syria, but most strikingly we have seen it in Siberia where the native peoples, unlike their relatives, the native peoples of North America, were not massacred by Western genocide and herded into concentration camp reserves, but survived and flourished under Russia. Holy Rus resisted the basis of Western materialism, greed and bloodshed, and replaced it with the desire for the collective good. Having defeated Western materialism in its genocidal Communist form, Holy Rus seeks the restoration of its Faith, its sacral monarchy and its peoples; only in this restoration can it again become the Third Rome and so resist the elite’s New World Order. This special worldwide mission of Russian Christian Civilization opposes the West, showing the way out of the suicidal Western culture of death, the dead end which has led the world to its present apocalyptic situation.