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‘Orthodoxy Main Impediment to Western Apostasy’

For us Western Orthodox who have not lapsed into a masonic, Western-manipulated Euro-Orthodoxy/Halfodoxy (masonic because its Western-appointed Patriarchs are all freemasons or do what the freemasons tell them to do), the below marks a very sad day in Western history. It is a historic definition of the new post-Christian Western ‘Civilisation’, which in the first millennium was Orthodox, as the religion of Antichrist. Thus, it marks the day of the final apostasy of the Western world after a thousand years of degeneration.

Coming from Sweden, a country notorious in post-Schism times for its Crusades against Russian Orthodoxy, this report, if it is true, is perhaps no surprise. With the new Western anti-Christian Crusade currently being operated in the Ukraine, Carl Bildt, an ideological disciple of the notorious Christ-hater, Russophobe and geopolitician Zbigniew Brzezinski, has in fact told the truth that we have always known: post-Orthodox Western ‘Civilisation’, in fact Western Anti-Civilisation, is leading to Antichrist and the Apocalypse. See:


If Carl Bildt actually said this, he is correct: the main threat to Antichrist is indeed Christ.

With the current suggestion, under pressure from the part-Jewish John Kerry, that the Israeli State hand over Mt Zion to the Vatican and international control so that the new World Religion can be further prepared, we move a step closer to the preparation of the throne of Antichrist. We also note that in a few days time Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew will be meeting in Jerusalem, thus furthering this World Religion.

However, we should not despair. In Syria the city of Homs has at last been delivered from Western-backed Muslim terrorists. In Germany ARD television has now proved that those killed in Kiev in February were all victims of the terrorists, not of the legitimate government, as we knew all along. In Russia President Putin has just signed a new law, forbidding the use of foul language in all media (the opposite of what has happened in recent years in the West). And in the Ukraine Orthodox forces are every day stregthening against the Uniat terrorists and the Judas Philaret of Kiev. If we pray to him who defeated the Scandinavian apostates in the past, St Alexander Nevsky, and to the great Swedish saint, St Anne of Novgorod, we shall be victorious again.