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Freedom for the Peoples of the Ukraine: Freedom for the Peoples of Europe

The Crimea, attached to the Ukraine by the drunken Ukrainian peasant atheist Khrushchov in 1954, chose freedom by referendum. The south and east, known historically as ‘New Russia’ and arbitrarily attached to the Ukraine by other Soviet atheists 30 years before the Crimea, are also choosing freedom against the martyr-making junta in Kiev. Odessa, with at least 46 victims of the Kiev terrorists, wants freedom; as also Donetsk and the region around it. Who is next? Could it be Transdnestria, which long ago declared independence from Moldova? Could it be ‘Transcarpathia’- Carpatho-Russia – which has already declared independence from the Kiev regime? Could it be the centre itself with Kiev, formerly known as Little Russia? Or will it be the freedom of Orthodox Volhynia and the great Lavra of Pochaev through the prayers of St Job?

What will remain is the Roman Catholic and schismatic far west province of Galicia, the only real Ukraine, or borderland, speaking its many regional dialects, much half-Polish, a quarter-Slovak and a quarter-German. Perhaps it should return to Poland, as an unwanted relic (and also invention) of the Hapsburgs. Perhaps the US will subsidise it (the EU has refused to do so). It seems curious that the West wished to preserve an artificial Soviet construct, the ‘Ukraine’, with its artificial borders, not registered internationally anywhere. It can only be presumed that the West was thoroughly ignorant of history, or else had actually started believing in its own myths. However, what is even more curious is that the West should have backed such losers as the incompetent murderers, handpicked by the US State Department and approved by the EU, as those who illegitimately seized power by violence in Kiev.

The unrepresentative US-installed puppet regime that was supposed to hand the Ukraine on a plate to the EU and NATO is collapsing, its soldiers and policemen in revolt, and with blood on its hands. Eurofascism has not won; not because the Russian Federation has invaded to liberate it, but because the peoples of the Ukraine have risen up to protest against the Galician separatists and their mercenaries. Colonialist Berlin and Washington, set to ravage the Ukraine, destroy its industry, dump its consumer goods and nuclear waste there, thought that it had won everything. In fact it is losing everything, once more discrediting itself in the eyes of the free world.

President Putin’s popularity has now risen to an unheard of 82%. Even the US now agrees that the EU has blood on its hands in Kiev. The EU is more discredited than ever, as we will soon see in the European elections. China and India have been drawn ever closer to the Russian Federation. The Eurasian Economic Union, which the EU thought it had for ever sabotaged, is about to be launched and may well expand rapidly, absorbing former US puppets like Georgia and Azerbaijan on the way. The world saw the isolation of the West in Syria when it accused the government there of using poison gas, when it was in fact Western-backed terrorists who used the poison gas. Now it has seen the crassness of the Western world in the Ukraine too.

No more will the Ukraine arm the enemies of the people, as it did the Saakashvili regime in Georgia in 2008, slaughtering 2,000 innocents. No more will politically-backed puppet schismatics like ‘the Patriarch of Kiev’ exist and Church property will at last be returned to the Church; no more will politically-backed Galician Uniatism be free to spread in the Crimea, New Russia and Little Russia. The scheme of the CIA-run Patriarchate of Constantinople to take over the Ukraine has failed. Just as in 1945, so in 2014, Eurofascism has been defeated again.

Where does the process of liberation stop? The Caucasus? The ‘Stans’ of Central Asia? Mongolia? Moldova? The Baltics? Serbia and Montenegro? (After all Galicia is to the Ukraine what Croatia is to Serbia; the Second World War proved that). Hungary? Bulgaria? Cyprus? Romania? Greece? Even Peru and Venezuela have expressed interest, indicating that the new Eurasian Economic Union may not only be geographical, but ideological as well. What we may at last be witnessing is the restoration of the Russian Empire, after the treachery and historic injustice that have now lasted for 100 years. Is freedom on the way? We must pray to the martyred Tsar for his help.

Holy Rus Lives and Calls: Now is the Hour

On 29 May 2014 the Eurasian Economic Union will be formed by the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, with Armenia and many another country waiting in the wings. The implementation of this new Union has been greatly hastened by the tragic events in the Ukraine. The divide and rule instability provoked by the USA, helped by the EU, in the Middle East and Northern Africa over the last few years has now spread there too. Standing on the threshold of global events against the background of the separatist junta in Kiev which is still slaughtering its own people, it is clear that the importance of this new Union is now no longer only economic. It is being dwarfed by its political importance as a centre of security, independence and freedom from potential global dictatorship.

Naturally, this Union is opposed by the fifth column of the Western media, which is still strong in post-Soviet Russia, as above all outside Russia. However, such media do not represent the Russian Orthodox ethos which lies behind this Eurasian Union; they represent only their sponsors. They are angry and fearful, for this new alliance opposes US plans for global hegemony, which is why they censor and block the free Russian media. And that fifth column, liberals, ecumenists and modernists, is looking increasingly old-fashioned. Resurgent Russia, built on Christian civilizational principles and values, is now competing with the atheist West and the decadence it has tried to sow in once Orthodox lands, gathering together different lands of the world beneath the protecting veil of Holy Rus and its consistent belief-system and world view.

The US administration spent a lot of money ($5 billion) and 23 long years to try and split the Ukraine from the Eurasian civilizational world of Holy Rus. Instead, Russia is gathering it together and integrating it, starting with the Crimea. Little wonder that seeing the US losing the Ukraine altogether, two days ago John Kerry agreed with the Establishment-maligned British politician, Nigel Farage, and condemned the EU for creating the chaos in the Ukraine ( What he did not mention, of course, was that it was the US that put the EU up to that chaos-creation, which it had itself financed and orchestrated, choosing even the leaders of the junta that seized power from democracy.

Details have their importance, but salvation is now in being together. Sticks can be broken one by one quite easily, but a bundle of sticks cannot. Post-Soviet Russia is turning into resurgent Orthodox Russia and so has begun fulfilling its historic and messianic role, which we have waited so long to see. It is showing an imperial understanding of the global situation – in the best sense of the word ‘imperial’; now the future has hope. We look forward to the moment when Russian leaders, who conquered atheism, address once cultured, educated and intelligent Western peoples, over the heads of their political and media elites who so despise them and feed them bread and circuses. Then they will denounce the lies of those elites about Russia and denounce also the elite’s own misdeeds, calling the Western peoples back to their spiritual roots and holiness. Holy Rus lives and calls. Now is the hour.