The Big Picture Beyond the Ukraine

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell

The battle for the Ukraine is on. All earnestly pray that there will be no full-scale genocide of the peoples of the Ukraine by the US-appointed neocon regime in Kiev. Those who live outside the Ukraine, including in the Russian Federation, can and should only watch, making sure that there is no NATO invasion, as is threatened. Russian intervention would only be justified in order to protect Ukrainians from such genocide by the US vassals in Kiev. In principle, it is up to the peoples who live in the present-day borders of the Ukraine to decide their destiny, which may even include leaving the country. So far only the Crimeans have done this, overwhelmingly expressing their desire for freedom in their referendum which at last restored them after a 60-year interval to the Russian Federation. Democracy thus denied access to the US fleet which had intended to use the Crimea as its Black Sea headquarters.

Here we should make no mistake. The general US-EU encirclement of Russia is designed to end Russian access to the North Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. By encircling and confining Russia to an isolated landmass without outlets to the sea, bullying US-EU empire builders seek to limit Russia’s role as a rival power centre and possible counterweight to its imperial ambitions for hegemony in the Middle East, North Africa, South-West Asia and the North Atlantic. The bankrupt US and transvestite EU are intent on destroying independent, national and non-aligned governments throughout the world and converting them into imperial satellites by whatever means are effective, ‘divide and rule’ being the favourite. Thus, the US has moved from encircling Russia via ‘elections and free markets’ to terror and economic sanctions in the Ukraine, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Asia.

Washington’s (‘the international community’s’) strategic objective is to isolate Russia, undermine its military capability and erode its economy by strengthening NATO’s political and economic collaborators/national traitors/NGOs inside Russia – so dividing it, returning it to semi-vassal status and grabbing its gold. Bankrupt Washington’s One-World goal is to place neo-liberal political puppets in power in Moscow, just like those who oversaw the pillage and destruction (‘privatization’) of Russia during the infamous Yeltsin decade, creating the oligarchs. The US-EU power grab in the Ukraine is a step in that direction. The neo-Fascist junta in Kiev has now unleashed a large-scale military offensive against the pro-democracy, anti-coup, Russian-speaking majority in the east and south of the Ukraine who have been demanding a federal form of government reflecting Ukraine’s cultural diversity.

The US-EU has promoted this ‘military response’ to mass popular dissent and encouraged the coup regime to eliminate the civil rights of the Russian-speaking majority through neo-Nazi terror and to force the population into accepting junta-appointed regional rulers/oligarchs in place of their elected leaders. In response to this repression, popular self-defence committees and local militias quickly sprang up and the Ukrainian Army was initially forced back with thousands of soldiers refusing to shoot their own compatriots on behalf of the Western-installed regime in Kiev. Some even joined the freedom fighters. For a while, the neo-liberal junta had to contend with the disintegration of its ‘power base’. Following the advice of visiting CIA Director, Brenner, the junta then dispatched its elite ‘special forces’, trained by the CIA and FBI, to carry out massacres of pro-democracy civilians and popular militias.

Thus, the puppets of the crumbling US Empire bussed in armed thugs to the diverse city of Odessa to stage an ‘exemplary’ massacre: burning the city’s major trade union headquarters and slaughtering 42, mostly unarmed, civilians who were trapped in the building with its exits blocked by neo-Nazis. The dead included many women and teenagers who had sought shelter from the brutes. The survivors were beaten and imprisoned by the ‘police’ who had passively watched while the building burned. It is clear that NATO strategists who planned the putsch were only thinking about weakening Russia militarily and gave no thought to the costs of sustaining their puppet regime in Kiev when Ukraine had been so dependent on Russia. They appear to have overlooked the dynamics of the predictably hostile east and south of the country, which after the massacres are now utterly lost to the murderous junta.

Today Kiev can barely afford to feed its soldiers and has to rely on neo-Nazi volunteer militias. The junta now lacks legitimacy among most Ukrainians and has lost control of all but a small patch of land occupied by government offices in Kiev (echoes of Baghdad and Kabul). It has even lost the loyalty of the neo-Fascists and other now disenchanted former supporters. In general, their power-base of Uniat or schismatic Galician nationalists from the borderlands (ukraina) in the former Polish far west have decided that they want to leave the Ukraine and join the bankrupt EU. Only it is not at all clear that the EU will ever want them, bankrupt as they are. Meanwhile, in other parts of the Ukraine, the peoples of Transcarpathia (Carpatho-Russia) and Transdnestria would like to join the Russian Federation, though they have no borders with it and are far away, unlike those of the Crimea.

The majority, the peoples of New Russia in the east and the south and the peoples of Little Russia, including Kiev, in the centre, are now alienated; the regime is killing its own and so has lost all legitimacy. Although it is clear that the Ukraine will survive its present turmoil, it will be with a real and non-NATO government, different borders and, quite possibly, a different name. It may be that a new Ukraine will revert to its historic name of Little Russia and consist only of Little Russia, New Russia, Transdnestria and Carpatho-Russia, losing the Crimea and, to its relief, trouble-making Galicia. Such a Little Russia would enter the new Eurasian Economic Union, which will initially consist of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. That would be the solution to the sorry Ukrainian saga, which is only a delayed result of the fall of the Soviet Union, with its ill-conceived internal borders, a generation ago.

That fall was itself the delayed result of the fall of the Russian Empire, the original geopolitical catastrophe in 1917. And that attempted destruction of Christian (Russian) Civilization was ultimately caused by the apostasy into Catholicism of the once Orthodox Christian West a thousand years ago. In 1204 in its pride it attempted to destroy Christian Civilization by sacking its capital in New Rome. It then degenerated into the Judeo-Christian or Catholic-Protestant world, which has now degenerated into the Euro-Atlantic and openly anti-Christian world. So this is a geopolitical struggle which has been going on for centuries. Thus, in 1854 the Western Powers invaded the Crimea (then, as now, in Russia) to destabilize and weaken the Russian Empire. Then they invaded the Ukraine for a second time in 1914 and for a third time in 1941. And now in 2014, they are doing it for the fourth time.

Thus, it can be said that the First World War of 1914 never ended – it was only ever interrupted. And it is being continued today, exactly one hundred years on and in the Ukraine again. The aim of this new aggression is to destabilize and weaken the unexpected and unwelcomed (for it) resurgence of Russian Orthodox Civilization. This aggression is only the next stage of a four-pronged aggression against the Orthodox Christian world: against the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the other ancient Patriarchates of Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem since 1917; against the Balkan Churches in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and also Cyprus since the 1920s; against Syria in the last three years; and, finally, today again, against the Ukraine. The atheist West cannot allow Russian Orthodox Civilization, which is the hub of the whole Orthodox Christian Church and Civilizational World, to grow strong.

The current aggression, led by the atheist US administration and backed by atheist EU bureaucrats, is then aimed at splitting off the Ukraine from Russian Orthodox Civilization. The latter stretches from the Polish border to the Pacific Ocean, with outposts far beyond in China, Korea, Japan, Alaska and in a great many other countries throughout the world, including in the Western world. And in this matter we faithful Russian Orthodox in the West have to meet our destiny and responsibility by being outposts, oases and envoys of that uncompromised Russian Orthodox Christian Civilization. The main arm being used here by the US is Galician nationalism, a terrain which has been well cultivated ever since the Hapsburgs. Ironically, however, as a result of that nationalism, today’s Ukraine has given up its freedom for dependence on the bankrupt USA and the EU (Berlin).

Just as Berlin organized the invasion of the Ukraine in 1914 and 1941, so it is invading the Ukraine once more in 2014, exactly 100 years after their first invasion. History is being repeated because people have not learned the lessons of history. True, this time the invasion is political and economic, but in fact Germany has always needed the Ukraine for Lebensraum (living space) and as a market for its exports. Thus, ironically, in its attempt to be independent of Russia, the Ukraine has become a vassal of the neo-feudal West. The only way in which Russia can bring most of the Ukraine back is if it can become an economic magnet for it – as also for the rest of the Orthodox world. This means throwing off the tyranny of Western neocon economics by developing the Eurasian Economic Union, which the atheist West is doing its best to undermine, precisely by destabilizing the Ukraine.

The unity of the Russian Lands was first lost with the overthrow of Imperial Russia after the First Germanic Invasion of 1914; they were gathered together after the defeat of the Second Germanic Invasion by the Soviet Union in 1945; then their unity was lost for a second time with the overthrow of that Union in 1991. We wonder if they are not being gathered together once more, in 2014, not this time by military means, but by political and economic means. Thus, nobody in their wildest fantasies has the intention of gathering together the Orthodox and Eurasian Lands militarily into a new Soviet bloc. Nobody wants or needs such mistakes of the past, however much the West wants to provoke a war between the brother peoples of Russia and the Ukraine. But what we do want to see is a new and voluntary Union, a new Empire, based not on Communist values, but on Christian values, on the Church of God.

This new Eurasian Empire, an Empire of the Spirit, but also a political, economic and social Empire based on Orthodox Christianity, would be a centre against the atheist West. The Russian Federation has to meet its destiny and responsibility, creating a centre of independence for Christendom against the forces of Eastern paganism on the one hand and Western atheism on the other hand. This was after all the role of the Tsar’s Russia before the Revolution and this can be the role of a renewed Orthodox Empire once more, a centre for all who do not recognise paganism or atheism, but recognise the Church of God, belong to Her and confess Her Faith without compromise. St Alexander Nevsky, who in the thirteenth century stood alone to defend the Church and Civilization against the barbaric Catholics wrote: ‘We must strengthen our defences against the West and seek friends in the East’.

Today’s Russian Federation has understood this and understood that playing with Western liberalism, that is, with Sodom and Gomorrah and the law of the jungle that has so miserably failed in the last decade in the Ukraine, as it did in Russia in the previous decade, will mean social, demographic, political, economic and industrial decline. The West wants an Arab spring in the Ukraine, a new Libya and Syria. But it has not understood the power of Russian Orthodox Civilization and that borders do not go through artificially constructed countries, but through the faith in human souls. The West may well have recovered its troublemakers of the nationalist, Uniat and schismatic far west Galicia, but it has lost the rest with its massacres. Orthodox Little Russia will survive as an independent sovereign state, outside vassal status to the US/EU cartel and with its soul, culture, identity and language intact.

Through its Ukrainian adventure, as also through its adventures in Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem, the Balkans and Syria, where it provokes apostasy through Uniatism, Protestantism and Ecumenism, the West has only reinforced the geopolitical sovereign identity of the millennial, multinational Russian Orthodox Civilizational World. Once pro-Western oligarchs are withdrawing their money from the West and its Israeli proxy and repatriating it, feeling betrayed. Once pro-Western elements in Russia and the Ukraine are beginning to understand that the pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian Orthodox of Holy Rus were right all along. As St Alexander Nevsky also said: ‘God is not in might, but in truth’. And that is something that the Western elites have never understood and never will, for they have never believed in the God of truth, only in their own towering Babylonian pride.