Je Suis Les Otages

On Orthodox Christmas Day, a day when, like any other day, the French State allowed the murder of 600 people by new herods in the new Bethlehems of French abortion clinics, 12 people were barbarically murdered in Paris in an appalling act of terrorism by crazed psychopaths. Before anyone deliberately tries to twist our words and accuse us of justifying such an act, we unreservedly condemn it as the atrocity that it was. The fact that several atheists or blasphemers were murdered makes no difference – murder is murder and all are children of God, even if because of some psychological distortion some hide behind irrational atheism.

Thus, today, the billionaire oligarch, arms dealer and mass murderer of his own people, Poroshenko (Waltzman), walked as a free man in the streets of Paris together with EU leaders. If they had all been protesting at the never to be justified barbaric atrocity that occurred there last week, we could wholeheartedly have joined them. However, the union of these secularists with this war criminal proves to all that the real reason for their parade is not in fact belief in freedom and dignity, but a politicized, self-justifying belief in the double standards of Godlessness.

Those same EU leaders supported ‘Pussy Riot’, whose name is a synonym for lust and violence. That was a slippery slope which has brought a nasty result. The Western-organized Pussy Riot blasphemy took place in a shrine dedicate to all those who gave their lives to defend the Faith against the mass murderer, atheist blasphemer and arch-secularist Napoleon, ‘the founder of Europe’ and founder of the French secularist State, who stabled his horses in churches. Of course, EU leaders supported Pussy Riot. But look where it has led them. Blasphemy always ends up in violence.

On the one hand, the politically correct secularists of Western Europe say that Christians should not wear crosses so as not to offend Muslims, but on the other hand they give atheists the ‘freedom’ to blaspheme and deliberately and needlessly offend Muslims, Christians and those of any other non-secularist, spiritual teaching. When offended and blasphemed, as so often happens in the modern West as in the absurd book and film ‘The Da Vinci Code’, real Christians are taught to turn the other cheek because they know of the New Testament and the word ‘forgiveness’.

However, Muslims, like Jews, are peoples of the Old Testament and have never accepted the New Testament (like certain people who call themselves ‘Christians’ but are not), and their motto is ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Therefore, why deliberately and needlessly offend them instead of using reasoned argument against them? However, the terrorists who committed the atrocities in Paris hardly represent Islam. They belong to those fanatics who use Islam (or any other religion) to justify their amorality and sadism, because they are warped sociopathic and psychopathic criminals. In their case they are children of immigrants who have never fitted in or tried to fit into a Western society, rejected, unemployed and probably unemployable in a misgoverned French economy that has been in freefall for two decades.

Therefore, it is all the clearer that the real if covert motivation for today’s parade in Paris is not the defence of freedom of speech, but the secularist hatred for and rejection of any kind of spiritual life and spiritual freedom. There has been no demonstration in favour of freedom of speech, but rather in favour of the bullying lack of respect for spiritual values which constitutes political correctness. If they believed in freedom of speech, they would not practise the censorship of political correctness. This was a demonstration of thisworldliness.

And so it is also clear that the real winner of the awful, barbaric events in Paris, to be condemned universally, is neither Islam, nor Christianity, but Satan, whose sadistic laughter can be heard around the world, from Paris to Syria and the Ukraine, as freedom to blaspheme is justified by Europe’s atheist elite. A world that has rejected Divine laws and instituted blasphemy in its place lives under the rule of Satan. And Satan laughs because his millennial project to cast Christ out of Western culture is nearing completion.

On a Sunday in France two million went onto the streets instead of going to church. However, 63 million did not go onto the streets. In France some are saying ‘I am Charlie Hebdo’, others that ‘I am Ahmed’ (the murdered Muslim policeman). What do we Orthodox Christians say? Horrified by psychopathic terrorists, on this day, when we commemorate the Holy Innocents and all Orthodox Christians who died of hunger, thirst, freezing and the sword, we say: ‘Je suis les otages’, ‘I am the hostages’.

For we are hostages, victims, caught between the hatred and blasphemy of secularist atheism and the hatred and blasphemy of fanatical terrorism. And who are the Innocents? They are: Christ on the Cross, against Whom the secularists blaspheme daily; the infants of Bethlehem killed by Herod; the 600 aborted every day in France; the millions of refugees in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine; the hostages who died in a Paris supermarket; the millions of dead killed in the crossfire between blasphemers and psychopaths all over the world. Je suis les otages.