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Je Suis Les Otages

On Orthodox Christmas Day, a day when, like any other day, the French State allowed the murder of 600 people by new herods in the new Bethlehems of French abortion clinics, 12 people were barbarically murdered in Paris in an appalling act of terrorism by crazed psychopaths. Before anyone deliberately tries to twist our words and accuse us of justifying such an act, we unreservedly condemn it as the atrocity that it was. The fact that several atheists or blasphemers were murdered makes no difference – murder is murder and all are children of God, even if because of some psychological distortion some hide behind irrational atheism.

Thus, today, the billionaire oligarch, arms dealer and mass murderer of his own people, Poroshenko (Waltzman), walked as a free man in the streets of Paris together with EU leaders. If they had all been protesting at the never to be justified barbaric atrocity that occurred there last week, we could wholeheartedly have joined them. However, the union of these secularists with this war criminal proves to all that the real reason for their parade is not in fact belief in freedom and dignity, but a politicized, self-justifying belief in the double standards of Godlessness.

Those same EU leaders supported ‘Pussy Riot’, whose name is a synonym for lust and violence. That was a slippery slope which has brought a nasty result. The Western-organized Pussy Riot blasphemy took place in a shrine dedicate to all those who gave their lives to defend the Faith against the mass murderer, atheist blasphemer and arch-secularist Napoleon, ‘the founder of Europe’ and founder of the French secularist State, who stabled his horses in churches. Of course, EU leaders supported Pussy Riot. But look where it has led them. Blasphemy always ends up in violence.

On the one hand, the politically correct secularists of Western Europe say that Christians should not wear crosses so as not to offend Muslims, but on the other hand they give atheists the ‘freedom’ to blaspheme and deliberately and needlessly offend Muslims, Christians and those of any other non-secularist, spiritual teaching. When offended and blasphemed, as so often happens in the modern West as in the absurd book and film ‘The Da Vinci Code’, real Christians are taught to turn the other cheek because they know of the New Testament and the word ‘forgiveness’.

However, Muslims, like Jews, are peoples of the Old Testament and have never accepted the New Testament (like certain people who call themselves ‘Christians’ but are not), and their motto is ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Therefore, why deliberately and needlessly offend them instead of using reasoned argument against them? However, the terrorists who committed the atrocities in Paris hardly represent Islam. They belong to those fanatics who use Islam (or any other religion) to justify their amorality and sadism, because they are warped sociopathic and psychopathic criminals. In their case they are children of immigrants who have never fitted in or tried to fit into a Western society, rejected, unemployed and probably unemployable in a misgoverned French economy that has been in freefall for two decades.

Therefore, it is all the clearer that the real if covert motivation for today’s parade in Paris is not the defence of freedom of speech, but the secularist hatred for and rejection of any kind of spiritual life and spiritual freedom. There has been no demonstration in favour of freedom of speech, but rather in favour of the bullying lack of respect for spiritual values which constitutes political correctness. If they believed in freedom of speech, they would not practise the censorship of political correctness. This was a demonstration of thisworldliness.

And so it is also clear that the real winner of the awful, barbaric events in Paris, to be condemned universally, is neither Islam, nor Christianity, but Satan, whose sadistic laughter can be heard around the world, from Paris to Syria and the Ukraine, as freedom to blaspheme is justified by Europe’s atheist elite. A world that has rejected Divine laws and instituted blasphemy in its place lives under the rule of Satan. And Satan laughs because his millennial project to cast Christ out of Western culture is nearing completion.

On a Sunday in France two million went onto the streets instead of going to church. However, 63 million did not go onto the streets. In France some are saying ‘I am Charlie Hebdo’, others that ‘I am Ahmed’ (the murdered Muslim policeman). What do we Orthodox Christians say? Horrified by psychopathic terrorists, on this day, when we commemorate the Holy Innocents and all Orthodox Christians who died of hunger, thirst, freezing and the sword, we say: ‘Je suis les otages’, ‘I am the hostages’.

For we are hostages, victims, caught between the hatred and blasphemy of secularist atheism and the hatred and blasphemy of fanatical terrorism. And who are the Innocents? They are: Christ on the Cross, against Whom the secularists blaspheme daily; the infants of Bethlehem killed by Herod; the 600 aborted every day in France; the millions of refugees in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine; the hostages who died in a Paris supermarket; the millions of dead killed in the crossfire between blasphemers and psychopaths all over the world. Je suis les otages.

Paris: Violent Extremism Breeds Violent Extremism

In the eleventh century, the Western world, then meaning only some parts of Western Europe, finally rejected any kind of spiritual centre outside itself and made itself into its own spiritual centre. Thus, having become ethnocentric, it started to view all other civilizations as cannon fodder for its wholly unprincipled and egoistic purposes. All other civilizations became ‘good’ if they supported the exploitative and genocidal egoism of the West, but ‘barbaric’, ‘backward’, ‘primitive’ and ‘anti-democratic’ if they did not.

For example, the Jewish elite was useful to finance its tribal wars at various points in the Middle Ages, or to finance the Reformation and the wars that followed it (like Cromwell’s in Britain and Ireland), or to finance its twentieth-century ‘world’ (in fact Western) wars, but when ordinary Jews were not needed for this purpose they could be massacred.

For example, the Muslim world could be massacred, as in the eleventh century in the Iberian Peninsula, as in the Crusades, as today in the Gaza Strip, because Muslims are ‘in the way’. However, when it suited and suits the unprincipled purposes of the West, the Muslim world could and can become its closest ally, as in the anti-Christian Crimean War and in Bulgaria in the 19th century when the West supported anti-Christian massacres by Muslims, as in the West’s contemporary support of barbaric anti-Christian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia (whose Muslim fanatics were responsible for 9/11 but which was not invaded), in Qatar and Bahrein, as in Chechnia, Kosovo and Bosnia, where the West supported the establishment of anti-Christian Muslim criminal mafia governments, as in Afghanistan, where the CIA set up Al-Qaida, as in Iraq, where the CIA-imposed dictator Hussein was then betrayed by the West once he had outlived his usefulness and lived to see his country pillaged and over a million of his people massacred and exiled, as in Libya, where Britain and France bombed the legitimate regime to pieces and ensured that its armouries were pillaged by Muslim fanatics, as in Syria, where the West financed and trained fanatical Muslim terrorists and encouraged their own Western-born jihadis to fight there – until they started carrying their jihad into Iraq and now into France, or as in the Crimea where it supports the Muslim Tartar minority against the Christian Russian majority.

Thus, modern ‘radical Islam’ is a Western invention. Arms for the never to be justified barbaric atrocity of the outrage in Paris came from the arms-dealing mafia in Kosovo and from Libya. Sow the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. Government elites in Western Europe (as also in the USA, Canada and Australia) have over the last sixty years brought into their countries tens of millions of Muslims, to be exploited by their industrialists in low-paid jobs. The elites never consulted their peoples they dictate to about their immigration policies – the elites live in wealthy, white-skinned areas and do not see what they have done. Now they face the backlash. This began with the sadistic terrorist Breivik in Norway. Now it is clearly visible in Germany and France.

In one sense the extremist and totally unjustifiable atrocity in Paris is successive French governments’ own fault. Having committed atrocities in the Muslim world for centuries (not least by slaughtering two million in its colonial war in Algeria fifty and sixty years ago or in Libya a score of months ago), the French now see Muslims bringing atrocities to France. Having in the French Revolution officially renounced its own Christian roots and opened the door to freedom for blasphemy, French governments have created all the conditions for a spiritual vacuum, for unprincipled and cynical belieflessness. But nature abhors a vacuum and the devil always fills it. The renunciation of Christian spirituality in the West has led to a vacuum which has been filled by the satanic spirituality of terrorism. The totally unjustifiable atrocity in Paris is but a consequence of the West’s own spiritual crisis of unbelief and faithlessness.

Western violent extremism in the Muslim world has bred Muslim violent extremism in the Western world. To our great sorrow, the atrocity in Paris will be repeated elsewhere in the Western world by Western-born and Western-bred Muslim terrorists. And these will in turn bring a violent backlash for Muslims living in the West. The terrorist atrocities that the West has committed with bombs, uranium-tipped shells, bullets and drones in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria are now spreading to the West, exactly as predicted. He who sows the wind shall indeed reap the whirlwind. The Western world has brought this atrocity on itself.

The Crusades Rebound


Yesterday’s warning from President Assad of Syria that the West will pay a heavy price for supporting al-Qaida militants in Syria’s civil war and that those militants will turn against their backers and strike ‘in the heart of Europe and the United States’, should be heeded. After two years of bloody war, he should know about terrorism. President Assad has given a warning to the West. It is the same warning as that which is given in the old proverb: ‘Those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind’. Will the West take heed?


In Syria the West is repeating the very same mistake that it made in Russia in 1917. Then, having decided that the Tsarist system was not in its interests, it chose to back a group of aristocratic Russophobic revolutionaries who dreamed of setting up a Western-style Constitutional or Republican ‘democratic’ system in Russia. These feeble, uprooted and deluded dreamers were soon replaced by ruthless pragmatists who had no qualms of conscience about massacring all their enemies. The result was anti-Russian Marxist Bolshevism, the second most murderous Western ideology, after Naziism, known to human history. Not only did this ideology kill tens of millions over three generations inside the new Soviet Union, it also gave the West a new enemy and Cold War.

In its habitual mixture of naivety born of ignorance and arrogance born of self-absorption, the West created its own enemy. Thus, its ideology of ‘one size fits all’, that the whole world must be Westernised despite the flagrant failures of the West, its literal and spiritual bankruptcy, brought the West a new enemy. If it had not meddled in Russia, it would never have had to face German Naziism or Soviet Communism. Thus, the anti-Russian Crusades of the 13th century Teutonic Knights rebounded, as East Prussia and the Reichstag fell to the Red Army in 1945. However, Soviet Communism could not survive three generations. The Soviet gerontocats who so foolishly invaded Afghanistan were confronted by a West that so foolishly trained and financed Islamist al-Qaida in Afghanistan.


Just as the West undermined ‘nasty’ Tsarism in 1917 using ‘nice’ secularist Russian dupes, today it is undermining ‘nasty’ President Assad. It fails to see that President Assad is the lesser evil and that the ‘nice’ secularist Muslim dupes whom it backs have already been crushed by the new Bolsheviks, the fanatical Islamists, whom it has financed and armed. The Western Crusades in the Middle East are rebounding; the result is a Middle East which is being spiritually ‘cleansed’ of Christianity, in Iraq, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. Moreover, further to the south of these countries along the African Christian/Muslim fault line, Christians in a whole series of countries, Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Somalia, are also being spiritually ‘cleansed’ by Islamism in bitter persecution.

More than this, Western ignorance and arrogance have brought Islamism to its heart. Large parts of Western Europe now have Muslim populations of between 5% and 95%. Naively thinking that Muslims were just as secular as themselves, since 1945 greedy Western elites allowed them to settle in their own countries (naturally without consulting their peoples). Today, Marseilles is the largest Algerian city apart from Algiers, most boys born in parts of several large cities in England are called Mohammed, parts of Germany are being conquered by Turkey, Belgium is alarmed by the numbers of Belgian Muslims fighting as Islamist mercenaries in Syria, and the list of Western countries whose skylines are going to be dominated by mosques goes from Sweden to Italy and from Spain to Norway.


The West has stopped believing in its millennial semi-Christianity, in ‘Western’ Christianity. But as a result of the globalisation spread by the West, everything is global, including global terror and global Islamism. And so if the spiritual vacuum of the West, and we know that nature abhors a vacuum, is not filled by the real and full Christianity of Western roots, by Orthodoxy, it will be filled by Islam. Unfortunately, self-destruction is now at the top of the Western agenda, as even President Assad has pointed out….

Extremism Breeds Extremism


The recent trial and sentencing for attempted terrorism of three British-born Muslims should cause few surprises. A whole generation of Muslim youths, often of Pakistani origin, has grown up in this country. It has been profoundly disaffected by the profoundly anti-Muslim attitudes and policies of British governments – even to the point of planning or committing murderous terrorist attacks. Obviously, such dangerous individuals have to be imprisoned in order to protect the public, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike. What errors have British governments committed in order to create such disaffection?


The first error is historic, in fact going back many centuries to the Crusades. These were in fact Catholic or Western holy wars – anti-Muslim jihads. The Crusades themselves began a ‘tradition’ of racist attitudes and ignorance towards Islam, highly visible in the British Empire. Given such a historical background, it seems extraordinary that governments should have invited Muslims to come and live in Great Britain. It is almost as if they desired to create friction. After 1945, when British factories needed immigrant labour, governments could have invited immigrants from European backgrounds to come and work here. This surely would have created far less cultural friction.

The above error was compounded by secularism. Secularism had no understanding of religion and the fact that culture is moulded by religion. Therefore it had no understanding of Islam and Muslim culture. It presupposed that Islam would die out, just like British Protestantism has died out. In its supreme contempt for and ignorance of genuine religious belief, secularism promoted so-called ‘tolerance’ – actually indifference – and called it ‘multiculturalism’. Obviously, multiculturalism could never work and the ruins it has created are visible throughout Western Europe. Here, Islam is set to become the main practised religion, replacing the dying Western denominations.


The solution to historic hostile attitudes to Islam is to spread knowledge about Islam and its historic contributions to, for example, technology and medicine. A shift in the teaching of medieval history in British schools would be welcome. Western ethnocentrism has taught generations that the Crusaders, e.g. the cannibal French King of England Richard the ‘Lionheart’, were not the barbarians, but Muslims were! All those who have lived in countries with large Muslim minorities or majorities for centuries, for instance Russia or Syria, have always practised respect towards Islam, not racism. In this way, those peoples have been able to live side by side with Muslim neighbours in peace.

Such respect must be strengthened by realism. Realism means not mythical ‘multiculturalism’, but separation. Wherever Christians and Muslims have lived together in the same country in peace, it is because they have lived in separate areas. They have been good neighbours, but no more than this. Thus, at the time of the Crusades, militant Westerners arrived in countries where local Christians and Muslims had been living side by side in peace for five centuries or more. It was the foreign and alien violence which they brought which destroyed the peace. Similarly, today, it is the new militant Islam, Islamism, which is destroying peace in Egypt, Libya, Syria and a host of other countries.


Most sadly, there is little doubt that more and more British-born Muslims, most frequently the sons of Muslim immigrants, will be attracted to the new Islamic extremism. There are, it is said, some 500 of them among the foreign Islamists fighting at present in Syria. We can only hope that the security services of this country will protect us from the evil which these Islamists scheme, as has now happened. Most sadly, however, this disaffection has been directly caused by the extremism of recent British governments, which have undertaken invasion