Three Myths

The founding myth of the Western world is that East and West are divided and that the West is far larger and superior to the East. In terms of Church history, we know that this is untrue. Thus, Christianity is an Eastern or Asian religion, and for the first thousand years since Christ, the East dwarfed the small, provincial and backward West, which was still united to the East on which it spiritually depended. Thus, the vast majority of the Apostles and the Church Fathers lived in the East, all the Universal Councils took place in the East, and all the vital movements of Church life in theology, monasticism and liturgical and cultural life, began in the East and colonised the West. Thus, authentic Christianity united, and did not, and does not, divide, East and West.

A second more recent Western myth is that Greek Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodoxy are different. Yet history tells us that authentic Greek Orthodoxy is identical to Russian Orthodoxy, for Russian Orthodoxy comes precisely from Greek Orthodoxy. If some individual Greek Orthodox have in recent decades compromised themselves, that does not affect Greek Orthodoxy itself. Such a myth also demonstrates the total ignorance of those who propagate it, for it suggests that they have never heard of Romanian Orthodoxy, Georgian Orthodoxy, Serbian Orthodoxy etc., which are also identical to authentic Orthodoxy, which is multinational and multilingual, a unity in diversity, and which with all the other Local Churches form the One Church of God.

A third myth being propagated by the ignorant Western media and politicians at present is that the Ukraine is a single historic country. In fact it is an artificial construct, thought up by Austrian imperialism five generations ago in order to divide the East Slav borderlands (‘ukraina’) from the rest of the Russian Lands (‘Rus’) and so rule over them. Three generations ago Nazi German imperialism used this myth in the same way to divide and rule the East Slav borderlands; today American imperialism, to its shame, merely follows the Nazis, who as the Third Reich tried to destroy the much weakened Third Rome. Today, the destabilisation of the Ukraine by the USA is continuing apace and the US administration is spending billions of dollars to undermine the country.

Thus, recently, President Obama has been to see Pope Francis in order to encourage him to use Ukrainian Catholicism to undermine further the Ukraine. However, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Ukraine completely distrust Catholicism, for they know it to be an integral part of a foreign ideology and State, the Vatican, which has always warred against them. And at this moment between 100 and 300 US mercenaries from the notorious Blackwater Corporation are in the Ukraine to kill and punish the Ukrainian citizens who are fighting for freedom for the 80% of Ukrainians from the illegal Galician puppet junta in Kiev. New Russia (the south and east), Little Russia (the centre) and Carpatho-Russia (the south-west) are fighting for their lives against the US-installed Uniat separatists in power in Kiev.

Why do such myths exist? Myths are always cultivated for psychological reasons, for self-justification. Thus, the East/West myth has been set up for this. If it is believed, it means that the West is superior to the East, that the two are irreconcilable and that therefore the West must crush the East. The second myth of a difference between Greek and Russian is a feeble attempt to divide and rule the Orthodox Church and Uniatise or Westernise (it is the same thing) the Church, so that it is no longer able to resist. In this way the West shows how it encourages apostasy and moves towards Antichrist and the apocalypse, for when the Church is no more, the end will come. And the third and final myth is only a continuation of the second, an effort to destroy the last bastion of the Church in the Russian Lands, Holy Rus.