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Myths about Contemporary Russia


The Western ruling elite in both North America and Western Europe is rattled. For the first time since 1917, its totalitarian monopoly of ‘liberal’, ‘West is best’, mythology is being challenged – by Russia and to the pleasure of the real international community, i.e. of everyone outside the narrow Western world. In Western Europe the elite is also frightened by the possible results of the European elections on 22 May, after which it may lose a lot of money. It is therefore pulling out all the stops and resorting to the demonization of and lies about Russia – its stock in trade that goes back to before 1917. Its favourite trick is, in its usual racist way, to present Russia as ‘Asiatic’ and ‘barbarian’- much to the disgust of real and ever more powerful Asian nations.

In reality the problems of Russia of the last 300 years have all been caused by the toxic waste that has been exported to it from Europe. Thus, revolutionary terror and Napoleon came from France, the concentration camp from Britain, Marx from Germany (with Ricardo’s economics, French socialism and Hegel and Feuerbach’s philosophy) and Hitler from Austria, with four aggressive Western invasions of Russia between 1812 and 1941, not counting the fifth one in today’s Ukraine…Here are five myths currently being plugged by the Western elite and the media that is feudally dependent on it, despite the fact that many Western people (‘the plebs’) do not believe them at all.

1. Russia produces nothing and is no more than a Third World country with oil and gas

Oil and gas represent only 10% of Russian GNP – as against 41% for the corrupt and fanatical Western ally Saudi Arabia. Agriculture is 5% of Russian GNP (third largest exporter in the world for wheat despite a difficult climate), industry represents 28% of the economy and the service sector represents 66%. It is also the world’s third largest producer of electricity (nearly twice that of France, where 80% of it comes from nuclear power) and it controls one third of the world’s nuclear construction industry. It has a monopoly of launch equipment for the international space station, has the second largest navy in the world, its search engine Yandex has been ahead of Google and the Kaspersky anti-virus is No 1 in the world. Third World!

2. Russia has never in 1,000 years had any system of rule except totalitarianism

Totalitarianism is an invention of the West – as was feudalism. The Empire of the Tsars was not absolutist (that was French) but, in its best moments, a people’s monarchy. Serfdom, as such, was introduced by the German Empress Catherine II on the basis of Western feudalism and lasted just over 100 years. It was abolished peacefully a few years before the USA abolished slavery and that at a cost of 600,000 dead. You only have to compare the way Russia treated the native peoples of Siberia and the way the USA treated their cousins in North America, massacring them and packing them into concentration camps called ‘reservations’. As regards the Western record in Latin America, Africa and Asia, we only have to think of Spain in Latin America, Portugal in Brazil and Africa, Belgium in the Congo, Britain in India, Tasmania, Canada, the Sudan and South Africa, Germany in what was South-West Africa and France in Algeria, Madagascar and Indo-China. The Orthodox Church always counterbalanced any excesses of the Russian State and the Tsars were forced to obey the Church’s morality – unlike today’s Western presidents and prime-ministers. Today Russia is no less democratic than France, though President Putin is seven times more popular than President Hollande; Western Europe accuses Russia only because it needs a mythical enemy so that its elite can profit from the US umbrella.

The demographic deficit

After the fall of the Soviet Union, so mismanaged by the atheist Gorbachov, and the disastrous decade of Westernisation (and the oligarchs it produced) that followed under the provincial drunkard Yeltsin, there was a huge fall in the birth rate from 1.89 in 1991 to only 1.17 in 1999. However, with abortions falling by one third between 1990 and 2006, since 2009 the population has been rising and in 2012 the birth rate stood at 1.73, higher than in the corrupt and bankrupt European Union. Life expectancy has also risen sharply in recent years and it now stands at 69 and is still on the rise. The great increase in prosperity since 2001 has helped enormously: between 2000 and 2013 the average salary rose sixfold (though, true, there has been some inflation), the rate of poverty went down from 35% to 13% (now lower than in many Western countries) and unemployment stands at only 5.5%, less than half of the EU average. (Of course none of this is true in the westernised Ukraine, where corruption and oligarchs have ruled for 23 years, ever since the country was invented). Seeing the demographic suicide of Western Europe, its selfish ‘childfree’ (not childless) propaganda, its ‘culture of death’ of abortion and euthanasia (John Paul II), and the consequent Muslim takeover, Russia has reacted. For example every child born there means a benefit for the family of 7,000 euros. Here the Russian Church has played a great role in promoting marriage.

The Gulag continues

The Gulag does not exist. Thus, in Russia there are 800,000 in prison – compared to 2.5 million in the USA, where one American in 140 is in jail. In the USA the death sentence exists (500 executions in Texas alone since 1976) – not in Russia, as was the case for most of the period under the Tsars. It was Western Communism, like Western Nazism, that murdered – the main victims by far being Russians themselves. And in Russia there is no Guantanamo.

Russia is immoral

‘Russians are cruel, thieving, dishonest and unable to cope with freedom’. The history of the prejudices of Western anti-Slavism goes back to the mass murderer ‘Blessed’ Charlemagne (ask the Slavic Wends) and the massacres by Western ‘crusaders’ in Jerusalem, New Rome (‘Constantinople’) and in Moscow in 1612. Little wonder that Hitler’s racism was not only against the Jews, of whom he slaughtered at least 5 million but even more against the Slavs, of whom he slaughtered 30 million. Perhaps his violence goes back to the Thirty Years War, when a third of the population of Germany was slaughtered, or is it to the Inquisition, or to the French Revolution or to the two World Wars that Europe started and spread? It seems strange that Russian crime should be targeted by Western countries where crime has tripled since the 1960s. Surely this is a result of Western materialism (the same philosophy that lay behind the Communism that the West exported to Russia), which makes people dependent on ever greater consumerist wants of material things, which has produced the contemporary Western spiritual desert.


At present the Western ruling elite and their feudal media are intent on spreading hatred of Russia. Would the West not be better off co-operating with Russia for its survival, so that it can cast off the shackles of neocon feudal colonialism, save family life from its culture of death and so recivilise itself with the values of bimillennial Christianity, which is still alive in Russia? Or does it really prefer to listen to its grasping and egoistic elite and their subservient and ignorant media and walk the path of hatred, jealousy and suicide? There is the choice.

Three Myths

The founding myth of the Western world is that East and West are divided and that the West is far larger and superior to the East. In terms of Church history, we know that this is untrue. Thus, Christianity is an Eastern or Asian religion, and for the first thousand years since Christ, the East dwarfed the small, provincial and backward West, which was still united to the East on which it spiritually depended. Thus, the vast majority of the Apostles and the Church Fathers lived in the East, all the Universal Councils took place in the East, and all the vital movements of Church life in theology, monasticism and liturgical and cultural life, began in the East and colonised the West. Thus, authentic Christianity united, and did not, and does not, divide, East and West.

A second more recent Western myth is that Greek Orthodoxy and Russian Orthodoxy are different. Yet history tells us that authentic Greek Orthodoxy is identical to Russian Orthodoxy, for Russian Orthodoxy comes precisely from Greek Orthodoxy. If some individual Greek Orthodox have in recent decades compromised themselves, that does not affect Greek Orthodoxy itself. Such a myth also demonstrates the total ignorance of those who propagate it, for it suggests that they have never heard of Romanian Orthodoxy, Georgian Orthodoxy, Serbian Orthodoxy etc., which are also identical to authentic Orthodoxy, which is multinational and multilingual, a unity in diversity, and which with all the other Local Churches form the One Church of God.

A third myth being propagated by the ignorant Western media and politicians at present is that the Ukraine is a single historic country. In fact it is an artificial construct, thought up by Austrian imperialism five generations ago in order to divide the East Slav borderlands (‘ukraina’) from the rest of the Russian Lands (‘Rus’) and so rule over them. Three generations ago Nazi German imperialism used this myth in the same way to divide and rule the East Slav borderlands; today American imperialism, to its shame, merely follows the Nazis, who as the Third Reich tried to destroy the much weakened Third Rome. Today, the destabilisation of the Ukraine by the USA is continuing apace and the US administration is spending billions of dollars to undermine the country.

Thus, recently, President Obama has been to see Pope Francis in order to encourage him to use Ukrainian Catholicism to undermine further the Ukraine. However, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Ukraine completely distrust Catholicism, for they know it to be an integral part of a foreign ideology and State, the Vatican, which has always warred against them. And at this moment between 100 and 300 US mercenaries from the notorious Blackwater Corporation are in the Ukraine to kill and punish the Ukrainian citizens who are fighting for freedom for the 80% of Ukrainians from the illegal Galician puppet junta in Kiev. New Russia (the south and east), Little Russia (the centre) and Carpatho-Russia (the south-west) are fighting for their lives against the US-installed Uniat separatists in power in Kiev.

Why do such myths exist? Myths are always cultivated for psychological reasons, for self-justification. Thus, the East/West myth has been set up for this. If it is believed, it means that the West is superior to the East, that the two are irreconcilable and that therefore the West must crush the East. The second myth of a difference between Greek and Russian is a feeble attempt to divide and rule the Orthodox Church and Uniatise or Westernise (it is the same thing) the Church, so that it is no longer able to resist. In this way the West shows how it encourages apostasy and moves towards Antichrist and the apocalypse, for when the Church is no more, the end will come. And the third and final myth is only a continuation of the second, an effort to destroy the last bastion of the Church in the Russian Lands, Holy Rus.