The Disunited Kingdom

Seeing the Christian people of the Crimea overwhelmingly vote for freedom and sovereignty and return to Russia last year, Christian Serbs also voted for freedom from looming EU/US tyranny and asked to be governed by Russia. Now it is the case of the peoples of the UK in their bid for freedom from the Westminster tyranny of the public school elite, from which Irish Ireland separated nearly 100 years ago and won freedom by violence.

Following the successes of anti-Establishment parties in the anti-democratic UK elections on 7 May, the governing elite has been taking its revenge. Last Saturday extensive rioting by crowds in London, Bristol and elsewhere was censored by the State-run media, especially by the BBC and the Murdoch press, who reported it as involving ‘100 people’ and presented them as violent anarchists, when in facts tens of thousands were involved.

In the UK politicians are not assassinated by the Establishment, however their characters are. Hence this week’s extraordinary campaign of vilification against the leader of UKIP, which is in effect the English National Party. The BBC have taken particular glee in digging up a critic of that leader and concentrating on his attacks. UKIP gained nearly four million votes: the Establishment was not amused and therefore it must divide and continue to rule.

Incomprehensibly for the BBC, that leader is very popular among the unknown to them white working class, who have for long been utterly abandoned by the Westminster elite. We now await a campaign of muck-spreading against the leader of the Scottish National Party. No doubt the BBC have been ordered to find dirt and a dissident there, so that the Establishment may also divide and continue to rule in Scotland. No-one has forgotten Casement in Ireland.

Now over 35,000 people from northern England have signed an online petition (, asking to separate from London and join a future independent Scotland. The northerners have more bonds with Scotland than with “the ideologies of the London-centric south” and “the deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the north of England”. Will other regions of England follow? We in East Anglia are ready. Freedom remains the great goal.