The Atheist World Takes Literal Aim at Holy Rus: Three Dead

With the war instigated by the CIA-installed regime in Kiev going badly, thousands of Ukrainian troops changing sides with their equipment rather than kill their own and thousands of other troops captured, as in yesterday’s victory parade over the Fascists in Donetsk, anti-Church atrocities continue, unreported by the two-faced Western media.

Thus, during Sunday’s service in Moscow His Holiness Patriarch Kyrill prayed for the repose of the victims of the shelling by the Fascist Uniat/schismatic junta of St John of Kronstadt church in Kirov in the Ukraine. He said that he could not believe that the demolition of the church through shelling could have been a coincidence and that a canonical Orthodox could have done such a thing.

Calling the event ‘a monstrous crime’, he noted that the church had been wholly destroyed, three faithful were dead and many others in hospital injured. He said that ‘an Orthodox belonging to our Church could not have done such a thing, but I know what evil those who do not belong to our Church breathe. I would not exclude the possibility that in taking aim at that church, they were aiming at all of us, at all Holy Rus, at all historic Rus, at which aim has been taken so many times in our history’.