Holy Rus or the Atheist West

There is no more hot water in working-class parts of Kiev. Pensions are half of what they once were and workers are being made redundant because of closing enterprises (most of the Ukrainian economy depended on the self-imposed loss of the Russian market). Adulterated bread is on sale in Kiev bakeries and many goods are no longer to be found in the shops at any price. Most men are avoiding the draft, no one wants to go killing their own people and die for the oligarch/Uniat junta. The natural gas supply is running out for the bankrupt regime and is due to be gone as the autumn and winter approach. The German Chancellor has just been in the Ukraine to warn the Ukrainians not to steal the Russian gas on which Germany depends for 50% of its energy supply. As for the Malaysian Airlines flight that the Ukrainian Air Force shot down, as was revealed by German sources, the events surrounding its downing by the junta have just been ‘classified’ by Western secret services, which supplied the logistics. The junta is in trouble, as are the Uniat and schismatic hierarchies which openly show their demented approval of it.

As in 1914, there is still a Holy Rus, even though the predatory West brought down the Imperial Christian government three years after 1917 and still, the BBC often at the forefront, vilely slanders the holy Tsar Martyr Nicholas, all his holy Family and all faithful Rus together with them. Holy Rus includes Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine, as well as many other areas of the world and living hearts and minds in 62 different countries, who resist spiritual death. Holy Rus wants to live in peace with all other peoples of good will. Of course, that means that Holy Rus, by definition, must come into conflict with the narrow-minded Western world, which preaches spiritual death and so does not live with good will towards others. The only things that it believes in are its right to totalitarian control of the rest of the world and its resources, that ‘might is right’ and that ‘money (and not Love) makes the world go round’. This is the New Dark Age, called the ‘New World Order’. Support Holy Rus and oppose the spiritual death of the atheist Western world – this is how we honour God and His Church.