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Who Will Win?

Some reading this title may think I wish to talk about the Ukraine and Russia. Of course, I do not. That is not what is important in the long-term. This title is about the battle for the Church.

Who will win?

Will it be the scribes and pharisees, many of them in the highest positions in the Church hierarchy? After all, they crucified Christ. In the last century, they disgraced and exiled St Nectarius, Metropolitan of Pentapolis, and slandered St John of Shanghai and Western Europe (as we call him here), right up until the present day from 1992 to 2022, as I have witnessed myself. These false brethren have always been active in the Church against the Church and they rejoice together with satan when churches are closed and they rant when they are opened. They are the right-wing, the sectarians, the misogynists and hypocrites, the anti-missionaries and anti-pastors, who not only act against the canons, but also act against Love, the Gospel of Christ, replacing the spiritual with mere moralism. This is the betrayal of Judas

Or will it be the Saducees who swim with the secular tide, the might of this world? After all, they rejected Christ, because He rose from the dead, defeating the Death that they worship, in deed and thought. These false brethren condemn the great saints, from St John Chrysostom to St Nicholas of Ochrid, who spoke the Truth when it was unfashionable to speak the Truth. The Saducees are the left-wing, the modernists, who follow the mob, zombified by the State, who have television-sets instead of brains, who are ready at any moment to shout, ‘Crucify Him, crucify Him, His blood is on is and on our children and on our children’s children’. They declare that Might is Right, worshipping the world, whose prince is the devil and which, as the Apostle says, lies in evil. This is the betrayal of Pilate.

Or will it be the Saints and those who love the Saints, who are Saints because they love Christ?

I will tell you the answer now:

The Saints and those who love the Saints will win, because Christ, Whom they love, has already won. All other thoughts are illusions. Whatever happens in the short-term, in the long-term you should tremble and shiver, for God is not mocked. And we know that, even if you do not.