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Western Peoples, Awake!

We see crucifixions in Syria and decapitations in Iraq, where the Iraqi-Syrian caliphate has been created by Western meddling – for the only ever weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were those taken there by the genocidal Western forces sent by Bush and Blair. In Israel the US-subsidized genocide of the Palestinians – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – continues, only Nazi-style, with 100 eyes for one eye, 100 teeth for one tooth.
Then there is the Taliban restoration in Afghanistan, made inevitable by the departure of Soviet forces a generation ago, then there are the murderous Islamist fanatics in Nigeria, the bombing of ancient Nubian Christians in Sudan, the Western-sponsored caliphates in Libya and Saudi Arabia and the persecution of Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia….

All these events are little reported and even deliberately ignored by the Western media and the sodomized Western world as a whole. For they have nothing but contempt for Christians and are in any case too frightened of their self-created Islamic minorities, 5%-10% of Western Europe now, and of their oil-rich paymasters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

However, even less reported and indeed deliberately ignored by the Western media, is the use of poison gas and phosphorus bombs in the Ukraine, as criminals are released from prisons and employed by the CIA-installed Nazi junta in Kiev to murder their own civilian population during and since their recent pseudo-ceasefire.

Armed and financed by the US and Galician Uniats, the criminals sent from Kiev, together with Western mercenaries and Western ‘Special Forces’ (i.e. trained killers) have slaughtered thousands, creating the worst refugee problem in Europe since 1945. And all this in order to implement the ‘plan’ of the Californian ‘think tank’ RAND Corporation for the destruction and then colonization of the third-worldized Ukraine, sowing it with GM crops and using it as a dumping-ground for Western nuclear waste and unwanted immigrants.

Above all, what the Western world does not want to admit is that all the present troubles are the beginning of Armageddon, of World War III, and that this War, just like the previous two World Wars, has been started by the sheer imperialist greed of the Western world. Only this time, unlike the previous two times, the whole of the West is united, not divided as before, against Christian civilization, and is fighting on the side of Antichrist.

100 years ago it was the Germanic world that began the First World War and again 75 years ago it was that same world. But today it is the whole Western world that has joined the Nazis. Some will say that peace-loving Russia is at fault. If in the 1990s it had stood up to the Western invasion and genocide in Yugoslavia, then today there would have been peace in a Non-Yugoslavized Ukraine. But in the 1990s decadent Russia was under the jackboot of a pro-Western regime and not free.

The time may be coming when we, the last Christians in the West, all of us Orthodox, whatever our nationality, will have to make plans to take refuge in our only earthly spiritual homeland, in Orthodox Russia, from the Western Antichrist. We now ask the Russian authorities to prepare to issue us with Russian passports. Only the prayers of us, the people of God, for our own repentance and for the restoration of Russia as the Orthodox Sovereign Power, the last bastion of Christianity left in the world, can now delay the coming of Antichrist, Who is so eagerly supported by all the Western elites. Western peoples, awake – it is now or never!

Archpriest Andrew Phillips
Holy Apostles Peter and Paul 2014

Why There Will be no World War III Yet

The atheist US elite wants to start World War III in the Ukraine, which it has spent 5 billion dollars destabilising and undermining. With a bankrupt economy, such a war would be the ideal solution for the US military-industrial complex run by the neocons. However, nobody in the international community wants it, neither the Russia Federation, nor China, nor India, nor anyone else, including even the war-weary, German-run European Union. Although the illegal US-funded, head puppet in Kiev, Arseniy Yatsenyuk (called ‘Yats’ by his US neocon puppeteers), has unleashed a civil war against the Ukrainain people, he also wants a World War, but he will not get it. Why?

It is now fifteen years since atheist NATO forces bombed Belgrade, murdering and maiming innocent Serbs, and dismembering Serbia. It is six years since the atheist US tried to take over Christian Georgia and invade Christian Russia – and failed. Since then it has gone on to tear apart and persecute Christians in once relatively prosperous Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria, where the capital Damascus, seat of the Patriarchate of Antioch is in ruins and Christian flee for their lives from Muslim fanatics, armed, funded and supported by the atheist West.

Now the US and EU elite is trying to destroy the Christian Ukraine, where the anti-Orthodox Kievan fanatics, who seized power from the democratically-elected government two months ago, have sent, on US advice, a reluctant army, backed by US mercenaries, to slaughter Ukrainian citizens in the New Russian east of the country. The situation in the Carpatho-Russian (Transcarpathian) south-west and Little Russian north is not so different. Only the people of now Russian Crimea are safe from the ravages of the CIA-controlled, separatist junta in Kiev which is now escalating tensions all over the Ukraine.

The bullying bombast, threats and blackmail coming from Washington have isolated the atheist USA elite from the international community as never before. But however much the pathetic propagandists of the venal Western media scream about a Third World War, to terrify and intimidate the naive Western public and demonise Russia, it is not to be. However many warships with missiles the Washington elite sends into the Black Sea, there will be no Third World War. Whatever the devilish scenario dreamed up by the atheist neocons for the Christian Ukraine, there will be no Third World War there. The atheists will bring Antichrist to power otherwise.

Tsar versus Antichrist: What Lies Behind

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Abraham Lincoln

Imperial Russian Armies have now crossed the Caucasus and are heading in a two-pronged attack towards Constantinople and through Turkey and Syria towards Jerusalem.

‘It’s Later than You Think’ (July 1991) in Orthodox Christianity and the English Tradition

The sabre-rattling by chemical-weapons-providing Western elites against the Syrian government has for the moment been stopped by the common sense of Western peoples. The peoples recall the recent lies that they were told about Iraq by their financially and morally bankrupt governments. As they say: Once bitten, twice shy. However, what has not been explained as yet is what the present turmoil in the Muslim world, the centre of which is Syria, is really about.

Ever since the fall of Communism, it has been clear that the next enemy of those who want to see a World Dictatorship, which will lead to the enthronement of Antichrist in Jerusalem, is Islam. This is clear from the Western creating and arming of the Taliban and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan, then from the first Gulf War, which ended even before the final days of the collapsing Soviet Union. And since then from the wave of divisive events, in Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.

Only when the Islamic world has first been divided, brought back by the most barbaric violence to a primitive state, can it be ruled over. And the Islamic world can be divided most easily by pitting Sunni against Shia. This is exactly what is happening in Syria, where the oil-rich, Sunni, Saudi and Qatari dictatorships, strongly backed by the West, are financing and arming the fanatical terrorists and mercenaries who are fighting against the Shia-backed Syrian government.

Why, however, must the Islamic world be ruled over? It is because only when it has been divided and so ruled over can the Islamic shrine of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem be destroyed. And only when the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has been destroyed, can the Temple where Antichrist is to be enthroned be rebuilt. Fortunately, there are still healthy forces in the world which consciously and unconsciously resist this movement towards a World Dictatorship.

Firstly, there are some independent Western people who still resist the movements of their own elites. The latter are desperate, as their lies show, to become paid minions of the coming World Dictatorship, which is to be centred in Jerusalem. Some Western people realise that their countries are being prepared by bankruptcy and used, so that they can be enslaved to this coming Power. Secondly, there are countries outside the Western elite’s hegemony, such as Syria, Iran, China and, now most visibly, Russia.

At present post-Communist Russia is ruled by a Russian politician. Like all politicians, he is liked by some and disliked by others. This is inevitable because he is only a politician. A Russia ruled by politicians will always be mixed and divided. However, as the respected Athonite Hieroschemamonk, Fr Raphael (Berestov), has prophesied: ‘There will be a Tsar in Russia’. And it is only then that the Coming of Antichrist will be truly resisted and systematically opposed.

Resisting Globalisation

new world order

The Life of Christ, Orthodoxy, witnessed three horrible deaths:

Firstly, there was the death of Herod. He who through lust had instituted physical and economic slavery was eaten by worms from inside.

Secondly, there was the suicide of Pilate. He who through cowardice had instituted intellectual and political slavery did away with himself.

Thirdly, there was the suicide of Judas. He who through greed had instituted spiritual and religious slavery, who had replaced the worship of life and the living by the worship of death and the dead, hanged himself and his guts spilled out in his fall.

These three deaths are also the deaths that are necessary if all Christian nation states and legitimate hierarchies are to be liquidated in order to enthrone Antichrist:

Firstly, monarchies had to be destroyed by physical revolutions so that Herod can take control: the English Protestant in 1688; the French Catholic in 1789; the Russian Orthodox in 1917.

Secondly, national sovereignty has had to be destroyed by intellectual revolutions so that Pilate can take control; this means transnational organisations: UN; NATO; IMF; WTO; EU; NAFTA etc

Thirdly, a unipolar Global Empire must be constructed by religious revolutions so that Judas can take control; this means what we are seeing at this very moment, with his capital planned in Jerusalem.

This globalisation, the new feudalisation, the movement towards a unipolar world against a multipolar world, the syncretistic, unionistic movement to prepare the enthronement of Antichrist in Jerusalem, can only be resisted by a united Orthodox Christian Empire. It is time to see visible Orthodox Unity under the Third Rome and Second Jerusalem. Local Churches, fallen into decadent practices, have to remove themselves from their political and spiritual manipulation, from nationalism, protestantisation, vaticantwo-isation, secularisation and modernisation, by spiritual renewal and so movement towards spiritual purity.

With the mighty Russian Orthodox Church, paralysed by its Babylonian captivity and Golgotha, and so absent from the world scene for three generations between 1917 and the 1980s, the manipulated modernist and pro-secular forces on the fringes of and even in the midst of the Local Churches fell into this decadence. Since the canonisation of the New Martyrs and Confessors, these forces have largely been defeated by the resurrection of the Russian Church, so long awaited and so long prayed for by lonely White Orthodox exiles outside Russia and, in spiritual unity with them, by the people, monastics and faithful clergy of the Church inside Russia.

All is beginning to change as a result and now, whether in the first-fallen Phanar or in Alexandria, Bucharest, Antioch, Athens, Nicosia, Prague, Sofia, Warsaw, and also in sorely tempted Belgrade, Jerusalem, Tbilisi and Tirana, even some repentant secularists are beginning to realise that the choice is clear. It is either the pagan First Rome, the false globalist US/EU path they have already taken or are being bribed into taking, or else the multinational but united Orthodox path of resistance set by the Christian Third Rome, the Second Jerusalem. The resurrection of the Orthodox Empire and Monarchy is now the only path that can and does lead to freedom from global slavery, the only path that can and does lead from death to life, from Judas to Christ.