Sow the Wind: Reap the Whirlwind

The present internal British political controversy about high immigration from Central and Eastern Europe into the UK raises three points.

First of all, if the UK wishes to regain its sovereignty and control its borders, it must leave the EU. It is no good being a member of a club, if you do not agree to its conditions of membership. Those conditions state that all EU countries are borderless and must accept any immigrants from any other EU country, including from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, who wish to work here. It is as simple as that. Rather than playing the xenophobia card, we would recommend that British politicians of all parties stop being hypocritical; they have constantly forbidden the British people from voting on whether they wish to be members of the EU. Since the politicians, supported by the business and financial lobby, have imposed EU tyranny on the UK for forty years despite popular outrage at the loss of freedom, they will now have to accept the consequences of their unpopularity.

Secondly, the present waves of immigration from Central and Eastern Europe into Western Europe were all predicted over 20 years ago after the fall of Communism there and in the Soviet Union. If Western Europe did not want such immigration, then it should never have fought for so many decades for the fall of that system. Although it is quite true that religious freedom was severely limited under Communism, educational and often health systems there were far better than in Western Europe today. Moreover, there was full employment, safety and cleanliness on the streets and lack of zombifying advertising. And families could stay together, rather than being scattered throughout Western Europe by their corrupt, local, EU-bribed political masters, as today. They did not want to have to emigrate, to be scattered abroad. Little wonder that throughout Central and Eastern Europe many want to return to ‘the good old days’.

Thirdly, if British politicians do not want immigration, why are they supporting the present aggressive, US-orchestrated EU crusade, working mainly by bribery, to force Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and other still free Non-EU countries to give up their freedom and accept EU slavery? Why do those politicians object when the overwhelming mass of Ukrainians reject EU tyranny and NATO threats to invade, and instead choose to keep their freedom and sovereignty – the very freedom and sovereignty that British people themselves would so much like to regain. Why do British politicians support the German move to use the Ukraine as a source of cheap labour and food, destroying family life there too, just as Germany did during the Second World War? (We pay no attention to the CIA-financed rent-a-mob pro-EU demonstrations in Kiev, so loved by the Western media).

Is it possible that all British politicians are corrupt and hypocritical short-termists, or are there among them real thinkers and people of principle? The question is open.