Free Nelson Mandela

Another secular saint has been created. Nelson Mandela will now join the gallery of other secular saints and ‘icons’ of secularism, together with President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Princess Diana and a multitude of other dead celebrities.

What is outrageous is first of all the sheer hypocrisy of many who now pay him tribute. Thus, President Obama reigns over Guantanamo Bay, where there are untried political prisoners, whose fate is similar to Nelson Mandela under the apartheid regime. Similarly, Anglo-Saxon and other leaders fawn on Nelson Mandela’s memory and yet surely all know that racist South Africa would never have survived, if it had not for decades been supported by various Western and Western-allied countries, especially Great Britain and Israel. Now that a great man is dead, they all say that they always supported him. That is a lie.

There is also a second lie. This is to make Nelson Mandela into an ‘icon’ of secularism. Why was he great? Not because of his lack of discernment, gullibility or broken family life – but because of his Christian faith. Like countless other Christian prisoners in the atheist Gulag of the Soviet Union, he spent over 25 years in captivity. (True, they spent their captivity in far worse conditions, many of them dying there; however the Western establishment and media ignore them because they were Orthodox Christians and so not ‘politically correct’). And like these countless others, because of his Christian background, he had the ability to forgive his captors. In this way, South Africa, although today extremely violent, extremely corrupt, with huge numbers of extremely poor people and ravaged by AIDS, at least did not embark on the disastrous and suicidal course of anti-White vengeance and terrorism, like Zimbabwe and many other ex-African colonies.

We can hope that the many faults and errors in the youth of Nelson Mandela will be forgiven him at the Last Judgement, since he forgave others their many faults and errors. This is Christian; but the rabid secularists of the USA, Canada and the EU will never admit to this. It is a pity; they could learn something and stop their nasty persecution of Christians in their own countries, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. Free Nelson Mandela from the strangulation of the secularists; let him be seen as what he was: a Christian.