Gathering the Russian Orthodox World Together

As the American-installed Galician junta in Kiev continues its campaign of economic suicide for the Ukrainian people according to IMF and EU criteria, it is also censoring Russian television – an act unheard of even in European Union countries. Meanwhile, the Ukraine’s former leader, the American-backed Julia Timoshenko, back from Germany, yesterday called for Russia to be obliterated by nuclear weapons and the 8 million citizens of the Ukraine who hold Russian passports to be murdered by ethnic cleansing.

The junta is currently shutting off water and electricity to the newly liberated Crimea. And in Transcarpathia (eastern Carpatho-Russia / Ruthenia), Neo-Nazis have kidnapped the heroic national leader of the Rusin people, Fr Dmitry Sidor, and taken him to an unknown destination. Many fear for his life. The kidnapping has gone unreported in the editorially censored Western media. In the south, north and east of the Ukraine, notably in Odessa, Kharkov and Donetsk, local people have asked for Russian intervention to free them from the tyranny and intimidation of the Uniat junta in Kiev.

It may be that this will not be necessary since the junta is now in a violent feud with members of the far right, anti-Semite ‘Right Sector’ clique which brought it to power. The junta is trying to replace it with US mercenaries, paid for by Washington. The Ukrainian Secret Police has indeed reported that Greystone Limited, a commercial military company, will take charge of suppressing protest movements in the Ukraine. According to a source cited by ITAR-TASS, the junta believes that it is unable by itself to suppress protests and neutralise leaders and activists of the pro-Russian movement among the 83% of Ukrainians who speak Russian in their daily life. In particular, the source said, the junta boss, the Protestant Aleksandr Turchinov, is of this opinion, ‘Therefore, they decided to hire foreign mercenaries, who would serve as political police and State security protection’.

The source stated that the idea of hiring mercenaries came from oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Sergei Taruta, the self-appointed junta governors of Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk provinces. Not so long ago, during a meeting with Turchinov, they discussed a plan to stop the protest movements when Kolomoisky noted, ‘Why reinvent the wheel if there are real people who understand how and how much to pay?’ According to open source information, Greystone Limited is a subsidiary of Backwater, renamed Academi. This well-known company has ties with the CIA and the US Defence Department and its employees participated in the American Afghan War and in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

In Moscow in the ‘Church and the World’ programme on the Rossiya-24 TV channel, none less than Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokalamsk has in a radical change of mind complained of the behaviour of the Uniats and their leaders, notably Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk, in supporting the violent protestors who overthrew the democratic government of the Ukraine in February. He said that those leaders had not only supported joining the EU, but had also campaigned for the active meddling of Western countries in the Ukraine’s internal affairs. He pointed out that Shevchuk had even been to the State Department in Washington together with the schismatic married ‘monk’ and semi-Catholic Filaret Denisenko and asked for US intervention in the Ukraine. The Vatican, he said, had refused to intervene to discipline the Uniats.

Thus, in its crass policies in the Ukraine, the Vatican is now losing its very last friend in the Russian Orthodox Church. We may conclude that is clear that the worldwide task of gathering all faithful Russian Orthodox together will now continue all the more intensively and that even those who formerly had illusions about our ‘friends’, both in the Orthodox Church and outside Her, are rapidly losing them.