A Miracle in Syria

A miracle of the Mother of God has been reported from Saidnaya, one of the most famous Christian towns and places of pilgrimage in war-torn Syria. The ongoing civil war has destroyed several Christian institutions and displaced thousands of Christian families in Saidnaya.The incident was related by a Syrian Christian who visited her homeland recently.

The miraculous incident took place last month when a rebel group fired rockets at the monastery. The nuns inside the monastery experienced a huge noise and vibration from the rocket attack. They were sure that the rockets would kill them and also damage the monastery complex. But nothing happened as they expected, and the nuns wondered at the fate of the rockets.

A few days later one of the Generals of the Syrian Army visited the monastery to convey Nativity and New Year greetings. During the conversation he asked whether the monastery had experienced anything unusual recently. The nuns told about the rockets fired by rebels at the monastery but which did not hit them.

The officer was amazed to hear this and he confirmed that he had even seen the rockets fired towards the monastery, but he along with others had seen something very strange and unusual. The rockets were about to hit the monastery but suddenly a women dressed in blue appeared in the sky and took the rockets with her hands and threw them away. This was a great wonder to all of them. The General wondered who the could be the lady dressed in blue with amazing grace all around her. Finally they realized that it was none other than the Mother of Christ our God, the Lord and Saviour.

OCP News Service