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The end of the (Roman Catholic) Church will come through its corruption from within by the Jewish and pagan avarice that reigns in the very Kingdom of Christ that makes Rome a second Babylon.

Gerhoh von Reichersberg (1093-1169), the prominent Roman Catholic scholastic

The latest appalling Muslim terrorist outrages in three different countries have shocked. However, the fact is that worse happens every single day in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Yemen etc, where it is not uncommon for the fanatics to bomb babies and crucify Christians. And that goes largely unreported in the Sodom and Gomorrah of the hedonistic and immoral West.

Now, when the Nazis occupied Serbia in the Second World War and one of their soldiers was killed by Serbian resistance fighters, they applied a tariff. For every German killed, 100 Serbs were killed. And this appears to be the tariff of the Western media – every Westerner killed is equivalent to 100 Non-Westerners, no matter whether they are Arabs, Burmese, Nigerians or Ukrainians. Of course, if they are Christians, they are even less important. Christians are despised by the propaganda outlets of the Western media and their pagan Western leaders.

Islamic terrorism began when the colony of Israel was set up in Palestine, through the bribery and blackmail of Zionist bankers. Al-Qaida was set up by the neocon CIA, which trained Bin Laden. Islamic State is also a US/Zionist creation: divide the Muslims between pro-Western (Sunni) and anti-Western (Shia) and arming Sunni terrorists (Saudis, Qataris etc). What is the Western (and Zionist) disease that lies behind such slaughter?

It is that of profit, of Mammon, the old Syrian word for riches. It is this obsession with profit that lies behind idolatrous, neo-pagan Western materialism, whether Marxist or Capitalist. It is this obsession with profit that means that tens of millions of poor people from Asia and Africa, refugees from starvation and exploitation, have been forced to immigrate into Western Europe ever since the Second World War to work in its low-paid jobs, undermining the cultural identities of Western, and increasingly Eastern, European countries and leading to their mosque-ization.

In France there is now a debate about whether it is permissible to use abandoned Roman Catholic churches (all Catholic churches there were stolen by the tyrannical French State over 100 years ago and belong to the secular authorities) as mosques. Most French people are against them becoming mosques. But is this because they prefer to see them used as nightclubs? The fact is that Western people are responsible for their own decadence. If they practised Christianity, if they used their churches, none of this would ever have happened.

The contemporary crisis of the Western world is not about the breakdown of traditional Church culture, but about the breakdown of the secular culture which has tried to take its place. The demonic powers which have entered the empty house of secularism cannot be exorcized by the politician and the economist; the Church is the only power that can defeat the powers of destruction. But the various Western denominations, once Christian, are all but dead in Europe.

A Czech journalist, Ladislav Kashuka (1), has just written that Western people will one day have to find refuge in Non-EU Russia, ‘fleeing before the Muslim fanatics on their streets as they burn and destroy the Western cultural heritage’. Only Russia is still free from the Western elite, all the more so since the West declared war on it through the Ukraine. Thus, all intelligent and honest Russians have finally seen through the Western delusion, giving President Putin 89% of popularity. In other words, said the journalist, Western Europe’s nightmare future is already being lived out by Christians in Iraq and Syria today. There today; here tomorrow.

For this journalist the massive movements of migration, as from the chaos and violence in Libya, caused by the French and UK bombing of the country and their permission for its leader, once their feted friend, to be massacred by a mob, are pre-planned; the Western elite ‘wants to cause chaos in order to impose its totalitarian rule’ all the more easily. Only Russia, as we can see with the case of Edward Snowden, is strong enough to protect freedom and also big enough to accept and settle the millions of last Western Christians as refugees, who will be able to receive baptism only in Russia. There we would see established a European Orthodox Church Outside Europe (EOCOE).

None of this is new; it is all in the eighty-year old prophecies of St Seraphim of Vyritsa (+ 1948).


From Recent Correspondence (June 2015)

Q: From the Church point of view, what do you find newsworthy this month?

A: What a difficult question! There has been so much and the month has not ended yet. There has been the declaration by the Pope of Rome that he may consider returning in repentance to the Church Easter (true, his declaration was very vague and there are other, less repentant interpretations), his meeting with President Putin (despite violent US opposition) and the Pope’s approval of the Russian struggle against the anti-Christian European elite. There has also been the tragic EU-manipulated Synod of the Church of Serbia. And then there has been the inevitable closure of the St Sergius Institute in Paris at long last – over 30 years in the making – after its Archbishop asked it to return to Orthodoxy and it refused.

Politically, there has been the G7 meeting in Hitler’s villa outside Munich and the realization that the G7 is now a rather irrelevant US-led Western ghetto, a little huddle with their backs to the wall, unable ever to pay off their own debts, all the more irrelevant since India has now signed a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union. Then there is the Greek debt crisis (Greece’s debt is only about half of US debt per capita) and the possibility that Greece will at last free itself from EU slavery, after so naively and foolishly joining it thirty years ago. Perhaps economic pain is what Greece needs to lead its people to repentance, just as atheist oppression led Russians to repentance.

However, although it is a very minor event internationally, I would like to mention the transfer of the dismissed Metropolitan Jonah of the group known as ‘The Orthodox Church in America’ (OCA) to the Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). Even ten years ago, let alone thirty years ago, such a move would have been unthinkable, even impossible. The only similar event was in 1976 when Metr Antony (Bloom) requested a transfer to ROCOR. (Ironically, that was at the same time as Metr Antony (Bloom) had himself so wrongly refused to receive the then Fr Kallistos (Ware) into the Russian Church from Constantinople.) Metr Antony’s request was quite rightly refused by Metr Philaret for very good canonical reasons. However, in this very different case Metropolitan Jonah has been accepted by the ROCOR Synod in his retired status.

Q: Could this be the beginning of a movement towards ROCOR?

A: Not necessarily, I think it is a personal choice, but it is still symptomatic of a movement of repentance. The OCA is canonically adrift. Where is it going? What is its identity? What is its future? It is a fragment of the Russian Church adrift for the understandable historical reasons of former Uniatism and for political reasons. It used to be a hotbed of modernism. But today if you look at the most solid parts of the OCA, in Alaska, in Canada and in Pennsylvania around St Tikhon’s, it is clear that it is part of the Russian Church, but, for historical reasons, it is not yet part of the canonical and universally recognized Church Outside Russia. And yet that is clearly what the majority of the OCA is, part of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia. I think this event marks the beginning of healing for the OCA.

Q: Surely part of the original problem was ROCOR itself?

A: There was once a problem with politically-minded, nationalistic individuals in ROCOR, but that is in the past. We have moved on and that generation has left or else died out. Today we are in a completely different situation. Indeed, the last two Metropolitans of ROCOR have been Non-Russian, one a Carpatho-Russian Slovak, the present one a Canadian of Ukrainian origin. This means an opening to the whole multinational Russian Orthodox world outside the Russian Lands. ROCOR is moving towards our ultimate aim, to our universal mission, to prepare the path, as St John the Baptist of old.

Q: You ask questions about the identity and future of the OCA, but surely the same questions can be asked of ROCOR?

A: I disagree with you. Our identity is clear, it is in our name. We are that part of the Russian Orthodox Church that is Outside Russia, that is, outside the Russian Lands. On the one hand we have to be absolutely faithful to the Russian Orthodox Church and its Tradition, on the other hand, we have to express ourselves in the language of the country where we live and through the culture of that country, as seen through Russian Orthodox eyes. That is our missionary witness. And that is our future.

Q: Is that not what the OCA has done?

A: The best of it yes, but sadly some in it have lost, or never even had, the Tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church. For example, only a quarter of the OCA parishes keep the Church calendar, others in it have misunderstood and imagined that just because they live in another country and culture, they can therefore compromise our Faith. Instead of looking at the world through Russian Orthodox eyes, they tend to see Russian Orthodoxy through the eyes of the world. That is very clearly the path of apostasy.

Q: You mention the Synod of the Serbian Church. What is the problem?

A: The problem is the new persecution of the Serbian Church. It is worse than the Communist persecution. The episcopate of the Serbian Church is being herded like a flock of intimidated sheep into a corner, threatened by the EU wolf, behind which stand the USA and the new threat of NATO bombing, uranium-tipped shells and even nuclear war. And do not judge, until you have faced persecution yourself.

Q: Why do Serbs not stand up to defend their Church?

A: Because there are too many ‘Serbian Orthodox’, but not enough Orthodox Serbs.

Q: What do you mean by that?

A: I mean that any country only has value inasmuch as it is Orthodox or has values which are accepting of Orthodoxy. As Dostoyevsky said: ‘A Russian without Orthodoxy is rubbish’. That is the same for every country in the world. When I read of drunken British yobs on a stag night in Prague, do I think that they are English? Of course not. Sadly, the same disease is affecting every country in the world. It is the disease of apostasy. And nominal Orthodoxy is not enough to resist that disease.

Q: What has happened to the St Sergius Institute in Paris?

A: It has closed. A lot of money has disappeared. Archbishop Job is trying to restore Orthodoxy there after thirty years of weak bishops who allowed anarchy by promoting the anarchists. It may never re-open. It is another nail in the coffin of the Paris Exarchate.

Q: What is the situation in the Ukraine?

A: The civil war goes on as the puppet junta in Kiev kills the Ukrainian people. The US State Department is now bribing the Patriarchate of Constantinople to involve itself in schismatic groups in the Ukraine, thus compromising next year’s potential Council. But we have hope that by next year the war will all be over and the Ukraine will be free again. Sadly, however, I do not see any sign of repentance on the part of the US and the EU which, as one British politician rightly said, has blood on its hands in the Ukraine.

Q: And in Syria?

A: There too the war goes on, financed by fanatics in Western-backed Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who have created millions of refugees. In Libya Western intervention has also once more proved to be catastrophic and now 65% of Libyans want to flee, looking back on the Khadafi period almost as paradise, rather as many in impoverished and colonized Eastern Europe now regret the Soviet bloc with all its obvious faults. Today, for instance, a decent salary in Romania is 150 euros – per month – if you can get a job at all. This is all the fruit of Western meddling, divide and rule by reducing to poverty. The result of such meddling is mass migration and the break-up of families. The West has caused this. Rule Number One is that you do not destroy something until you have something better to replace it with. But that is exactly what the West did to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as also in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc.

Q: As regards Syria, surely it is the Muslims who are themselves to blame? They are killing each other?

A: When children argue and those children follow a religion which, like Judaism, has no concept of forgiveness, of turning the other cheek, you do not give them expensive arms to kill each other with. But that is precisely what Saudi Arabia and Qatar (and Israel), backed by the USA, have done, whether in Syria, the Lebanon or elsewhere. Remember that Al-Qaeda and Islamic State are CIA inventions to defeat the Soviet Union and divide the Muslim world. The whole Muslim problem began when Britain and then the USA backed Israel as a Western bridgehead in the Arab world. When Western nations turn into terrorist states (that is how Western nations are perceived in the Muslim world) and invade Afghanistan and Iraq, do not be surprised when Muslims turn to terrorism. The radicalization of Muslims was caused by Western governments. Appalling Western terrorism breeds appalling Islamic terrorism.

Q: When did the West set out on this path of apostasy? To what extent was race a factor?

A: I think that there are many misconceptions as regards race and the Western Schism. For example the Neo-Platonist Philip Sherrard presented the Schism as a kind of philosophical dispute between ‘East and West’, between ‘Greek and Latin’ between Plato and Aristotle. True, there was the problem of the Franks, but not for inherent racial reasons, as some modern and rather embittered modern Greek philosophers would have it, but simply because of the mentality which the Franks happened to be the first to adopt. And any race can adopt an anti-Church mentality, as the 20th century showed us. Such racial simplifications completely overlook the multinational nature of the Church. The Church includes Latins like St Hilary of Poitiers and St Ambrose of Milan, Syrians like St Ephraim and St Isaac of Nineveh, Egyptians like St Antony the Great, Georgians like St Nino, not to mention Slavs and so many other nationalities, including Orthodox ‘Franks’ from the period before Charlemagne and from today.

Another point is that although, quite rightly, historians look back to Charlemagne as the real initiator of all the problems, with his massacre of the Saxons and corruption of the Creed, his ramshackle so-called empire was very short-lived. There was a revival of Orthodoxy in the West after him, for example under the Empress Theophano at the end of the tenth century. There was no Schism until the eleventh century and that lasted 100 years; in other words the Schism was not a single event, but a process.

We can do no better than quote the Catholic religious historian, Christopher Dawson: ‘It was not until the eleventh century that the religious bond which united East and West was finally destroyed and Western Christendom emerges as an independent unity, separated alike in culture and religion from the rest of the old Roman world’ (The Making of Europe, P. 47). He relates this to the tenth century and whether ‘feudal barbarism was to capture and absorb the peace-society of the Church or whether the latter could succeed in imposing its ideals and its higher culture on the feudal nobility’ (P. 271). ‘It was not until the eleventh century that the military society (of the barbaric world of northern paganism) was incorporated into the spiritual polity of Western Christendom’ (Pp. 287-288).

In other words the tragedy of the West was that it left the Church and adopted instead the aggressiveness of ‘feudal barbarism’. This, allied with technology, is what lies behind the West’s aggressive imperialism of the second millennium, from 1066 and a couple of decades before that, onwards, and also of the opening years of this already deeply tragic third millennium. We can see this quite clearly in today’s regular gun massacres in the USA. What a culture! Aggression and violence and a society of obesity and mental illness….And you call this civilization?

Q: There is much criticism in the West of President Putin. They have demonized him, making him into a hate-figure. What is the truth?

A: The CIA-fed propaganda is quite shameless, not to say primitive. Of course President Putin, like contemporary Russia, has many faults, but unlike the West, they are both going in the right direction. That is what is important. The name Putin comes from the word ‘put’ which means ‘the path’, ‘the way’. And that is exactly the spiritual meaning of his name, for he is only an instrument. He is not the destination, just part of the way to where we want to go.

Q: What is that destination?

A: Today the atheist West is preaching spiritual death throughout the world. Russia’s spiritual meaning is to preach spiritual life. This is the universal meaning of the coming resurrection of St Seraphim of Sarov for which we must prepare. The West has chosen vulgarity over nobility. We shall not follow. Sadly, we must recognize that when Antichrist comes, he will speak English. It is for us to show him that not all English people will listen to him, that there is a faithful remnant, as in every country throughout the world, that we can speak of nobility, not of vulgarity. It is becoming rapidly apparent, even to those who before resisted – such is repentance – that Orthodox need a Protector, a Guardian, a restored Emperor. A repentant Greece today looks to Russia, a Russia that has thrown off the curse of atheism and apostasy. Many others do the same. We shall not surrender! Christ is victorious!

On the ‘Radicalization’ of Young Muslims in the UK

The Western Establishment’s attempt to take over the world goes back to the 11th century with the ‘crusades’ and their invasions, massacres and occupations. Its first victims were in the West – ordinary Christians in the Iberian Peninsula, the south of Italy and Sicily, England (in 1066) and the rest of the British Isles and then in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This was the age when the Western leader declared himself to be the substitute for the Son of God and claimed that even the Holy Spirit proceeded from him! In other words, already then, the Western world arrogated to itself the Divine right to conquer the world, a world in which the West (and its puppets, the Westernized) would reign supreme and all others would be reduced to living in a giant Indian Reservation, that is, a glorified concentration camp.

Next in line were the Jews and the Muslims. Indeed, anti-Western Muslim resentment goes back to the Crusades. In recent times it has gained much strength from Western support for Zionism and the occupation of Palestine, which has taken place to the profound disapproval of anti-Zionist Jews. Even more recently, it has gained in intensity thanks to the Western oil grab of 1991, when the forces of the CIA-appointed Saddam Hussein were repulsed from the purely artificial oil terminus state of Kuwait, after the entrapped Hussein had cunningly been misinformed by the US ambassador in Baghdad that he could occupy it freely. A few years later came the Western invasion of Afghanistan. However, it is clear that it is the invasion of Iraq in 2003 that was the turning-point in the scale of anti-Western Muslim resentment.

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, young European-born Muslims have become increasingly militant. In some cases they have been prepared to carry out appalling acts of terrorism in the face of Western Establishment aggression against Islam. Indeed, Western State terrorism against Muslim countries, which has killed over a million people and created millions more refugees, has provoked attacks by Muslim terrorists in response, killing tens of thousands of innocent Christians, mainly in Syria and Iraq. This destabilizing Western genocide in Iraq in 2003, openly called by the then Italian leader Berlusconi a ‘crusade’, has done even worse. It has set all North Africa and the Middle East on fire, from Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Cameroun, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt to the Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now the Western Establishment has yet again launched a new ‘crusade’ in Eastern Europe, committing genocide in the Ukraine through its puppet regime in Kiev. The contagion has spread. Europe is split. Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary are looking to free themselves from EU tyranny. Powerful minorities in Eastern Europe, in Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, and also in Western Europe, in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Italy, are now calling for freedom from the US political and economic straitjacket imposed in it by the US vassal Germany. And so Mrs Merkel, the head of the EU, has been summoned to her master in Washington. But why have Muslims, and not Ukrainians, launched attacks in the West in revenge for injustices committed?

It is because Islam, like Judaism, is an Old Testament religion. And Old Testament religion is marked by violence – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Hinduism and Buddhism (though not a religion, but a philosophy) also fall into this, as can be seen among Hindus in India and Buddhists in Burma. And modern religions like Atheism, for example, Communism and Nazism, are marked by extreme violence. Globalist Capitalism does the same – only not in Western countries. Only the Christian Faith, practised in most of the Ukraine, has the unique revelation that God is not Vengeance, but Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, and that is why in Christianity alone there is the Resurrection, proving that Love is stronger than death, as the martyred Tsar Nicholas wrote before his own martyrdom.

Of course, Non-Christians will criticize this and at once point to the Crusades, the Inquisition, Catholic ‘missions’ in Latin America and to the violent ravages of Protestantism in Africa and Asia; did not the meddling Methodist George Bush declare that God told him to invade Iraq? Is not the West, the inventor of the concentration camp and the Atomic Bomb, ‘Christian?’ However, such Non-Christians should know that institutional Catholicism and Protestantism and even more the modern West, are not part of the Christian Faith, they are anti-Christian reversions to an Old Testament in which God is the West. (Here we are not speaking of individual Catholics and Protestants, many of whom are fine and unfilioquized Christians, but about institutional ‘religions’, ‘isms’, Catholicism and Protestantism).

In other words, humanity has in large part either never received, or else openly rejected the unique revelation of the New Testament, that God is Love and Resurrection, Mercy and Forgiveness. Much of humanity has preferred religions of Hatred and Death, Cruelty and Vengeance. Large parts of the Western world, a thousand years ago in principle Christian, have since gradually reverted to the Old Testament religion of Phariseeism (self-righteous fanaticism which justifies its technological terrorism) and Saduceeism (indifferentism and hedonism which justifies itself with the word ‘tolerance’). And so they meet opposition from terrorists whose technology may be far more primitive but whose terrorist bloodthirstiness is just as appalling as the terrorism of the apostate, post-Christian Western world.

What should be done with ‘radicalized’ young Muslims in Western Europe? Those who flocked in their thousands to fight with IS terrorists against the Syrian government with, until recently, the support and training of Western governments. Those who have been armed and paid by the closest of Western allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Perhaps first the West should stop supporting IS terrorism and the finance and support for it by the Western puppet dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. After all, in the last few months the Saudi monarchy has beheaded twice as many people as IS. Some hypocritical politicians here have suggested that Muslims be taught ‘British values’. Does this mean that they should be taught to invade any country in the world and massacre its peoples? That is the history of the ‘British’ Empire.

There is no such thing as ‘British values’, because there is no such thing as ‘British’. ‘British’, like ‘Britain’, is an oppressive and purely political construct of Establishment imperialism. Ireland only escaped it with much bloodshed, Scotland is desperately trying to escape it and large minorities in Wales and England also want to escape it. In the struggle between McWorld and Jihad, between Atheist Secularism and Old Testament Fanaticism, both equally aggressive, there are no winners, all are losers. If you want to start taming Muslim youths, then start by channelling them into theological study and active charity work in the Muslim community. As for the rest, there is only one rule: ‘Do as you would be done by’. If you do not want to be massacred by others, do not massacre them first.

The Long Path to Restoration

As a result of the atheist and materialist philosophies which came out of the so-called ‘Enlightenment’ (in truth, ‘Endarkenment’), most of the 20th century was wasted. The appalling human and material waste took place in huge and extremely costly genocidal wars between rival European imperialisms and then between Capitalist atheism and Communist atheism. These conflicts reached their apogee in the Second World War between neo-pagan Nazism and neo-pagan Communism, between rival imperialisms in North Africa and the Pacific with nuclear holocaust and then in the stand-off and proxy conflicts between East and West in the Cold War, with its potential to obliterate all humanity in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).

At that time the Church and the last faithful Christians, representing the only Third Way between these rival neo-paganisms, were squeezed and oppressed between Communist atheism and Capitalist atheism. The former ideology held captive the larger Orthodox Churches of Eastern Europe, most notably the Patriarchate of Moscow, the latter ideology held captive the smaller Greek-speaking Orthodox Churches, most notably the tiny Patriarchate of Constantinople. Apart from the millions of martyrs of whom the world was not worthy, there were few who were free, but they included those who have come to be recognized as great saints, like St Nicholas of Zhicha, St John of Shanghai and St Justin of Chelije and St Paisius of Athos.

After the fall of Soviet atheism at the very end of 1991, Capitalist atheism stood triumphant and sought to globalize its imperialism unchallenged, seeking the world hegemony necessary to prepare for the enthronement and coming reign of Antichrist. Having defeated Communism, in its triumphalism it considered that now only the Islamic world needed to be crushed for the final victory of Zionism. However, the last faithful Christians in the various Local Orthodox Churches did not lose hope. Encouraged and inspired by the examples of the New Martyrs and Confessors throughout the Orthodox world, a turning-point came in 2007 with the long-awaited reuniting of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation.

Under the influence of the Church of All the Russias, the world’s largest and most multinational Local Church, the citizens of the Russian Federation have become conscious of the situation and have in the last few years been choosing sides. Some mainly older people, with a twisted nostalgia for the mass murderers Lenin and Stalin, look for their country to become a Soviet Union 2 and so fall back into atheist persecution of the spiritual and fail once more. Others, so-called ‘liberals’, want the Russian Federation to abandon its millennial identity and become a Western vassal-state of atheist neocons and traitors and so fall into the same spiritual impurity, selfish exploitation, consumerist self-indulgence and inevitable failure as the Western world.

However, ever more citizens in the Russian Federation are looking to the Third Way, the path of repentance and return to its historic identity and destiny. This is the path of becoming once more the Third Rome, the Christian Empire, the bulwark and centre of the whole Church and all the spiritual forces in the world, the centre of Resistance to Antichrist, Who has made the West into his blinded pawn. Currently a Satanic war against the Church is being waged – and we should make no mistake – this is the Third World War. Amid the catastrophes in Syria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova and the bloody, anti-Ukrainian NATO puppet-show in Kiev come the words of a Metropolitan of the Patriarchate of Antioch.

On 1 February, the sixth anniversary of the enthronement of His Holiness Kyrill, Patriarch of Moscow and All the Russias, the representative of the Patriarchate of Antioch in Russia, Metropolitan Niphon of Philippopolis, was present at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, built and then rebuilt to commemorate the victory over Western atheism. He said: ‘The meaning of today’s feast for the Orthodox world is in the care of Your Holiness for the unity of Universal Orthodoxy. Your open-ended dialogue during Your Patriarchal visits to the ancient Patriarchates emphasizes a Pan-Orthodox response to today’s challenges, in which religion is being squeezed out of human life and moral values are being subjected to radical revision’.

After the Liturgy on that day, at a meal in honour of the Patriarch at the Cathedral, surrounded by dignitaries, the Arab Orthodox Metropolitan, representing a land where people still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ, spoke. He asserted that the Patriarch’s activities resounded throughout the world and witnessed to the fact that his visits outside Russia were deeply significant for the various Local Churches and their peoples. He added: ‘Seeing, sensing and living Your care for the strengthening of the unity of all Orthodox and Universal Orthodoxy we, the representatives of the Orthodox Churches at Your throne, are witnesses that the day of Your enthronement as Patriarch of Moscow became an epoch-making event and great feast’.

The End of the New World Order

Proclaimed by its ideologues as ‘the end of history’, the New World Order was seen as the end of all civilizational resistance to what seemed to them to be the triumphant Western ideology of globalist Capitalism. For the New World Order, long heralded on every dollar bill and trumpeted in 1991 at the collapse of the Western ideology of Communism, is in its turn collapsing. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there has been no power on earth to keep the aggression and hubris of the American Empire in check. So the New World Order that began with a war in Iraq is ending after scarcely a generation with New World Disorder and a war in Iraq.

‘The end of history’, ‘West is Best’, is ending in a new and highly eventful history of unceasing war, chaos, crisis, tyranny, corruption, assassination, disorder, bankruptcy and defeat. Hegemony, the obsession with obtaining all-corrupting absolute power, always ends thus, from the collapse of the empire of the dead and detested Genghis Khan to the mangled corpse of Hitler in the echoing ruins of ghost-haunted Berlin. Thus, the short-lived ‘Triumph of the West’, based on ‘the American Exception’, like every other self-proclaimed ‘thousand year Reich’ from Nazism to Maoism, is not exceptional at all, except in its cruelty and stupidity.

This collapse of the New World Order, or rather New World Disorder, is the fate of all false ideologies, which all contain the deforming seeds of their own inevitable destruction. This disastrous Western experiment, labelled ‘Pax Americana’ (the American Peace), should in reality have been called ‘Bellum Americanum’ (the American War), as it is based on a generation of war of terror (not a war ‘on’ terror). The USA has veered towards becoming an insecure and sinister police state, with the offshorization of jobs, ill-health of the poor and unemployed, constant repression, daily surveillance of phone calls and e-mail and perpetual warfare.

War, or rather a conflagration of wars, has engulfed North Africa (the Sudan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria…), the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria…) and Eastern Europe (ex-Yugoslavia and what is still called the Ukraine, despite the efforts of the West to destroy it). Over the last generation since 1991, the enforcement of ‘freedom and democracy’ by meddling Western bomb and bullet has already destroyed several once stable countries, reducing their peoples to misery, poverty and primitive living conditions. A generation of War has led to tens of millions of terrified and starving refugees and millions of corpses and still it is justified by the self-deluded.

Now heading for the proverbial dustbin of history, the New World Order was entirely determined by the failures of two earlier forms of Western ‘New World Order’ – Communism and Nazism. It was founded on the twin pillars of failure, symbolized by the Babylonian Twin Towers destroyed in 2001. The first pillar was the ‘freedom’ to condemn all religious faith and instead blindly conform to State-programmed and media-reinforced consumerist secularism (so-called ‘freedom and democracy’). The second was regret for the horror of what the Nazi form of Western ‘civilization’ did to the Jews and replace it with the idolatry of support for Israel.

However, recent events are making clear that the Non-Western world is now rejecting the twin pillars of these ‘anti-values’ of the contemporary West, its hatred for religion and its support for the State of Israel. The decision of President Putin not to attend the breast-beating religious rites of political correctness at the annual commemoration at Auschwitz, liberated ironically by the Red Army, is more than symbolic. The Auschwitz rite, established in 2001 by the guilt of the Judeo-Christian West for its appalling crime of slaughtering innocent Jews and exploited to the full by the genocidal State of Israel, has been snubbed by the Russian world.

After all, the peoples of the Russian world suffered in five times greater numbers from the Western Nazis than the Jews, whom the Russian world saved. In the ultimate irony, the peoples of that world are now suffering at the hands of the CIA-installed Neo-Nazi Galician junta in the Ukraine, some of them the grandchildren of the very SS Galician guards who oversaw Auschwitz. With the Russian boycott, the commemoration at Auschwitz, where a Western ideology massacred millions of Non-Western peoples, has been reduced to an all-Western event. However, there is no Western breast-beating for its genocides in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

As for another Western totem event, the clearly orchestrated Charlie demonstration in Paris on 11 January, President Putin also boycotted it. Regardless of whether the killings were committed by conveniently dead psychopaths or by the CIA, which wanted to throw pro-Palestinian and pro-Russian Europe into Washington’s embrace, the event has strengthened the European elite’s ties with Washington. However, it has also reinforced the yawning gulf between the elite and the peoples of Europe. For it has reinforced the ties of the peoples to anti-US and anti-EU parties of left and right, from France to England, from Germany to Hungary, from Scotland to Greece, from Catalonia to Denmark.

The Russian presence at the Charlie demonstration was limited to the Foreign Minister Lavrov, who almost immediately left the Western jamboree and went to the local Russian church. Demonstrating that Russia is with Christ, he showed that he is not Charlie, which is as blasphemously anti-Christian as it is anti-Muslim – all in the name of its idol of ‘secularism’. Christian countries, which is what Russia is returning to being to the horror of the atheist West, confess other values. On 7 January, Orthodox Christmas Day, President Putin attended a village church with orphans and refugees from NATO aggression in the Ukraine. This was his Non-Western civilizational choice.

Time and time again the West has been proved to be wrong through its utter stupidity, its inability to see the long-tern results of its short-term actions: in its war crimes in Serbia; in blood-soaked Afghanistan and Iraq; in the attempted 2008 invasion of Russia by a US-backed bandit clique of Georgians; in Egypt and Libya; in Syria where the Western-supported rebels, and not the Syrian government, used poison gas against Syrian civilians; at the Olympic Games in Sochi which the West wanted to boycott out of jealousy. And now in the Ukraine, where the genocidal forces of the Western-installed Poroshenko junta even massacred the pasengers on a Malaysian Airlines plane.

Now the West has launched not only a war of sanctions, but also an oil war and a currency war against Russia. According to the fantasist, Russophobic ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski, the idea is to make the Russian middle-classes angry with President Putin. Losing its privileges, they are then supposed to overthrow the legitimate democratic government, thus carrying out the American dream of ‘regime-change’, as in the Ukraine, only for less than the $5 billion which it cost the US taxpayer there. It has done exactly the opposite – it has made the once pro-Western Russian middle classes furious with the West, especially with the US. Wrong again.

The Charlie atrocity, officially carried out by psychopaths (like the far worse Oklahoma bombing or the regular High School killings in the USA), manipulated by the Western elite to justify its anti-Christianity and general anti-religious spirit, has been a turning-point. The totem of the Auschwitz commemoration of the horrors of Western civilization in its Nazi form, is another. (Apparently, the horrific burning of millions of Jewish bodies in Nazi incinerators is to be condemned, but the horrific burning of tens of millions of aborted babies’ bodies in Western hospital incinerators is not, for abortion according to President Obama last week is ‘an American value’).

After the Western aggression in the Ukraine, now ringed by NATO troops, Russia will no longer offer support to the Western elite. It will only offer support to the Western peoples in their love for their lost freedom and sovereignty. Neither at Auschwitz, nor in Paris, but especially not in the Middle East, where the Western elite both in the US and the EU, wants to spread war, now using the Charlie provocation as an excuse. For the New World Order has been emptying the Middle East of the ancient pre-Catholic and pre-Protestant Christians who have lived there for nearly 2,000 years – for most of that time peacefully co-existing with Muslims.

This is very convenient, but no coincidence, for the anti-Christian forces which want to dominate the Middle East need to empty it of Christianity first. Thus they are creating a wilderness acceptable to the demons who are coming up from hell in their grinning and mocking hordes to fill the vacuum on earth. Through its blasphemies and aggression the Western elite has made many enemies; but the cause of Christianity and peace in the Middle East has a constant friend – Orthodox Russia. Amid the ruins of the New World Order there is hope, but that hope depends not on human foolishness, but on Divine intervention. Man proposes, but God disposes. This is not the end of history. This is the end of ‘the end of history’ and the beginning of the end of history.

Sad News and Hopeful News

The Eurozone is bankrupt, so much so that it now has to go to the inflationary last resort of printing a trillion euros (a process known by the euphemism of ‘quantitative easing’), just like the bankrupted US and the UK before it. And yet many colonized countries in the feudal Eurozone, like France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, have already been ravaged by the debt caused by printing money before, debt which they will never pay off. Much of the eastern and southern Eurozone, although much less in debt than the US and the UK which will never pay off their debt either, has become a region of inevitable emigration for the young. It has reverted to poverty beneath the austerity programmes imposed on it by Berlin, which is at the top of the feudal Fourth Reich pyramid in Europe.

In countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland especially, young people are being forced to flee abroad to seek work as wage-slaves doing jobs that local people no longer want to do. Then their governments can declare that ‘unemployment is falling’ (only because the population is falling) and the young in question can send money home to their elderly parents, thus propping up the governments. In France, governed by a supposedly Socialist regime, almost every day they pick up the frozen corpses of those who died in the streets the night before (15,000 last winter). Even in the apparently prospering UK, as in the US, tens of thousands of people are living off foodbanks in a situation unthinkable only a few years ago.

Meanwhile, in the luxury resort of Davos, outside the ravaged Eurozone, it is said that 1700 private jets have flown in many of the world’s billionaires, including the arms-dealer Poroshenko, to talk about the state of the world. Elsewhere in Europe a war between the US-financed separatist Galician junta and the Ukrainian people rages. Thousands are already dead. American arms are found by the liberators of the Ukrainian people at Donetsk Airport. Ukrainian children are dying in bombardments at the hands of that neo-Nazi puppet Poroshenko and other murderous and anti-Christian oligarchs, most of them based abroad. They are keenly supported by the grandchildren of US and Canadian Galician Nazis who guarded Auschwitz, liberated 70 years ago by heroic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians.

The US has launched anti-Russian economic sanctions and a currency war, a declaration of economic war, against Russia because the people of the Crimea massively and democratically voted to join Russia. Now, at US behest, Saudi Arabia is pumping so much oil that the oil price has fallen by over half in the last few months. The objective is to bankrupt oil-rich countries perceived by wealthy neocons in Washington as enemies – countries like Russia, but also Venezuela and Iran. The objective behind this is ‘regime-change’ – manipulating and setting up pro-Washington puppet regimes in those countries, whose natural resources can then be stripped, or, if not, simply creating chaos and mayhem in them, as has so successfully been done in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Yemen, the Sudan, Nigeria etc.

The first problem with all this is that both US-imposed sanctions and cheapened oil are more likely to bankrupt EU vassal states and even US oil corporations first. The second problem is that the US elite seems to have learned nothing from the fate of the puppet governments in the banana republics it has always created in Latin America, as well as in South Vietnam fifty years ago and in Iraq and Afghanistan ten years ago. It has forgotten that as one corrupt oligarch after another fell there, Washington had to send ever more of its young men to kill and then die there in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’, but in reality all for nothing. The result of it all is that a now bankrupt (by $17 trillion) USA is reducing itself to becoming no more than a regional power, with an economy already second to that of China.

The First World War, whose inglorious centenaries of the slaughter of the youth of Europe are being so noisily remembered just now, is commonly considered a war of futile deaths. And yet what could be more futile than the deaths of the millions of men, women and children who are dying today at the hands of pseudo-Muslim psychopaths and criminals, trained, armed and financed by the anti-Muslim West, its secret agencies and its allies? Has the West not understood that the terrorism of the pseudo-Muslim fanatics it has created in Syria and elsewhere will rebound on it again and again? In the globalized world that the West has created, it is no longer insulated from its own crimes. The secularist and atheist West has made its own worst enemies and dug its own grave for itself in its self-imposed old age.

Fortunately, outside the insular-minded West, healthy forces are gathering, not just in Russia, but in Iran, China, India, Brazil, in several Muslim countries including Turkey, as well as on the disillusioned fringes of the EU and Europe itself, in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia. And those forces are all saying the same thing – enough. Thus, ignored by the enslaved Western media which has no free speech, in the Chechen capital Grozny, 800,000 Muslims and Russian Orthodox Christians march hand in hand against the Western blasphemies of spoilt infantiles. Here is hope for the future, that spiritually healthy forces worldwide will yet unite against the Great Western Apostasy, which Satan has so cunningly prepared these last thousand years. All is not yet lost.

World War V Begins

Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

Rev. 9, 14

If for some European countries national pride is a long-forgotten concept and sovereignty is too much of a luxury, real sovereignty for Russia is an absolutely necessity for survival.

The support for separatism in Russia from across the Atlantic, including propaganda, political and financial support as well as support provided by special services…was absolutely obvious and left no doubt that they would gladly have Russia follow the Yugoslav scenario of disintegration and dismemberment, with all the tragic fallout for the people of Russia. It did not work. We did not allow that to happen. Just as it did not work for Hitler with his people-hating ideas, as he set out to destroy Russia and push us back beyond the Urals. Everyone should remember how that ended.

No one will ever attain military superiority over Russia. We have a modern and combat-ready army…We have the strength, will and courage to protect our freedom. We shall protect the diversity of the world. We shall tell people abroad the truth, so that everyone can see the real and not a distorted and false image of Russia.

Address of President Putin on 18/12/2014 in response to the War declared by Washington

Introduction: Satan’s Work Before 1914

Ever since the fourth-century settlement of the first Christian Emperor, St Constantine, Satan in his hatred, jealousy and pride has been striving to destroy the Christian Roman Empire and revive the Pagan Roman Empire in its place. This is all part of the ancient struggle between Good and Evil, between Jerusalem and Babylon, between the Gospel and Mammon, between a worldwide Kingdom of Christ and a worldwide republic of Satan, between Christ and Antichrist. This struggle will end with the enthronement of Antichrist in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and his defeat by Christ, Who will come again at the end of the world to judge it.

Satan’s breakthrough came after the first millennium when he divided from the Church the ambitious, power-holding elite of Western Europe, who had begun looking back with barbaric nostalgia at Pagan Rome. By the end of the fateful eleventh century that elite had begun spreading its errors not only to the newly-enslaved masses of north-western Continental Europe, but also by conquest to Sicily, southern Italy and England to the Near East. For over 400 years, the power-holding elite consolidated its feudal aggression all over Western Europe, conquering Wales, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Ireland, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and threatening Russia, the Near East, Cyprus and pillaging the Christian Capital in New Rome.

Thus, the elite started interminable wars, bloodshed and genocide, both in Western Europe, for example the ‘Hundred Years War’ between England and France, and outside Europe in the Near East, everywhere launching ‘crusades’, building castles to oppress the people and creating the ‘Renaissance’ of paganism. Over 400 years later, after the discovery of the Americas by greedy gold-seekers in 1492, the bloodshed and genocide was spread to New Worlds. So began feudal slavery and the colonial exploitation of distant lands in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia, encouraged by the ‘Enlightenment’, another great revival of paganism.

World Wars I to V: 1914-2014

Over another 400 years later, in August 1914 the bloodshed and genocide that the Western elite had been carrying out worldwide returned to Western Europe and led to a series of what were in fact five generational wars, WW I in 1914 and WW II in 1939. World War III began in October 1964, with the newly legalized holocaust of tens of millions of innocent people in the abortion war as well as in continuing colonial wars, conducted in South-East Asia and Africa in particular. WW IV broke out in November 1989 with the bankruptcy and collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, victims of Western money-lending. Without the counterbalance of the Soviet Union, this led to a generation of Western invasions and genocides in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, in fact all through North Africa and the Middle East.

Now in December 2014 there has begun WW V, when the Western elite has set its tentacles into long-coveted and resource-rich Russia, having already installed a Fascist junta in Russia’s soft underbelly of the Ukraine. Ruled by the grotesque Kiev puppet junta, the Ukraine already faces bankruptcy and social collapse. However, let us not despair – for the sake of ten righteous, even Sodom would have been spared. The difference between this war and the preceding four is that this is the final war between Pagan Rome and Christian Rome. If the Church does not win this war, then Antichrist will be enthroned in the rebuilt Temple and then Armageddon will come. However, if the Church does win this war, as we believe She will, then we shall be granted more time, another generation or perhaps many more generations in order to finish gathering in the harvest of the Church worldwide, work which has scarcely started.

This is the War that was prophesied by the Book of Revelation, as by Athonite and Russian elders alike, the war between the Orthodox World, Christian Rome, led by the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Pagan World, Pagan Rome, led by Washington, the World’s greatest aggressor, operating through its propaganda, economic and military forces and vassal states in Western Europe and worldwide. Today in the Ukraine, as in Syria, the servants of Satan make glad, as they shed blood and create chaos, removing, as they hope, the last barriers to their domination of the planet, a global empire with a bandit monopoly of money-lending and enslavement to debt, controlling all the world’s natural resources (Matt. 4, 8-10).

2014: Why World War V

The cause of all the world’s contemporary problems is not human evil in itself, but the preparations for the coming of him who is complete evil and who according to prophecy is briefly to rule the whole world. The Jews await him, supported financially and militarily by President Obama, by many sectarian Evangelicals and by ever more Protestantized Roman Catholics, who have fallen into seeking after the ‘New World Order’ (for, ‘Not everyone who saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven’, Matt 7, 21). These seekers are preparing through the bloodshed of the ‘Arab spring’ and Western-founded Islamist terrorism – violence is always the sign of Satan – to build the World Ruler’s Temple in Jerusalem, taking delivery from the USA of 60,000 tons of onyx for it, preparing ‘Greater Israel’ and ‘the New Middle East’ from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Opposed to this stands the multinational Russian Orthodox Church, which has led the Confederation of Orthodox Churches since 1453. All Orthodox who are free and still devoted to the Orthodox Faith stand behind Her. However, some, Orthodox in name only, have been corrupted and have fallen away in a process of Uniatization and Protestantization. Whether politicized, naïve or deluded, and so not supporting Russian Orthodoxy, they will now have to decide whose side they are on, with Christ or Antichrist. Moreover, today the Russian Orthodox world leads and protects not only the Orthodox world, but also all those of traditional religions and values worldwide. This is because the devout of all religions know that globalization destroys all faith, all values, except that of the idolatry of Mammon, which is that of Antichrist.

Indeed, the Russian Federation is the only large (in fact the largest), Christian, multinational country in the world, which defends oppressed Christians and upholds traditional religious values against Sodomy. Thus it supports patriotic forces in the oppressed EU countries and those who revere the first millennium of the Church in Western Europe. This is vital now, for tens of thousands of Christians are being slaughtered every year, merely for being Christians, in northern Africa, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and now in the Ukraine. Thus, Russian internationalism and support of diversity stands against Western nationalism and homogeneity which is now spread worldwide. In the Western world, especially in the corrupt and autocratic EU and USA, such values are attacked and destroyed. Indeed, if the Russian Federation goes under in World War V, then the whole free world will go under also and we shall know that Armageddon is for very soon.

Conclusion: The Future

In 2014 the Western elite launched first its propaganda War and now its economic War against the Russian Federation. Thus it has imposed illegal, anti-Russian sanctions and forced its voiceless and spineless colonies in the EU, to their own suicide, to do the same, so dividing Europe. It has launched a campaign of speculation against the rouble and attempted to bankrupt the Russian economy by making its Arab vassals overproduce oil – which is first of all bankrupting Western oil companies. The Bulgarian puppet government has been instructed by its EU masters (in turn instructed by its US masters) not to allow the South Stream pipeline. Now the Western elite is seriously discussing the next phase of its War – the possibility of launching a full-scale military ‘Hot War’ against Russia in the Ukraine, pouring its NATO troops and arms into the Baltics, Poland, Slovakia and Romania in readiness.

The elite knows that President Putin is determined to find an alternative world order to the dollar Mammon. This is to be based on the Eurasian Economic Union, the BRICS countries, the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), Iran and the huge Russian oil and gas deal with China. Such a dedollarization of the world economy would greatly weaken the US/EU/NATO mafia, on which the elite has built its power base. In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church is pressing ever more for an end to an economy based on interest and transnational money-lending, for ‘moral economics’, much closer to Christian (and also Islamic) Tradition. Little wonder, as Metr Amphilochy of Montenegro has said, that the arch-materialist warmonger, Tony Blair, declared that the Russian Orthodox Church is a greater enemy to the West than Bolshevism. ‘Moral economics’ would completely undermine globalized Western Mammon.

Now we recall the prophecies of Fr Paisius the Athonite about Russia and Turkey and those of the Elder Jonah of Odessa about the two-year war in the Ukraine, as well as the prophecies which foretell vast Chinese armies in Iraq. The Russian Orthodox world, wherever we live, is a defensive empire of faith, defending international law, respect for national sovereignty, national independence and traditional values. Little wonder that we defend the rights of the real patriots of Europe against the Babylonian EU and its rulers. The elite’s plans for a One World Government are being shaken. The coming of Antichrist which they have so carefully and slavishly prepared may be postponed. The elite is furious and has begun World War V, a war of propaganda, economic and military aggression.

Woe unto You

Pope Francis has visited Turkey. This is surprising; Turkey is a country where historically he has never had a flock or any jurisdiction. Since he did not go there in order to visit the handful of Catholic diplomats and foreigners who do live there, his visit was clearly politically and not spiritually motivated. Despite the pious spin put on the visit by his PR advisors and parroted by the subservient, ethnocentric Western media, we can guess what may really have been behind it.

Since the Pope’s recent visit to the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ of the Eurokommisar puppets and his recent contacts with US politicians, we suspect that that his visit was organized by his American masters. Otherwise he would have gone to Ferguson, where there are real, resident Catholics and the services of a pastor are more urgently needed. We believe that the Papal visit to Turkey had two aims:

1. To help ensure that the Turkish government, in the past pro-EU and pro-US, does not fall to Islamism. This seems possible given its imperialistic support for anti-Syrian terrorism and now its refusal to attack Islamic State.

2. To negotiate the further Uniatization of the Greek Orthodox remnants in Istanbul for their absorption into the Vatican meat-grinder.

This second aim is indicated by last week’s visit to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Istanbul by Joe Biden, who gave his instructions for the Papal visit. For despite the canons of the Orthodox Church which forbid political appointees, since 1948 the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul has been run by Washington.

Here the world’s powerbrokers are barking up the wrong tree. Patriarch Bartholomew is not ‘the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians’, as reported by the ignorant Western media. In reality, there are 215 million Orthodox Christians, 164 million of them in the Russian Orthodox Church, and Patriarch Bartholomew is only the much-contested representative of a small minority of 3 million Greek Orthodox, essentially outside Greece and Cyprus, mainly in the USA.

Despite the fantasies of the apparently uneducated mandarins of the US State Department, who imagine Patriarch Bartholomew as a political pawn able to snatch the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the multinational Russian Church, so helping to undermine Her, the tiny Greek Patriarchate in Istanbul is largely irrelevant in today’s world and has been since 1453.

As for the first aim, the Pope’s visit has surely done more harm than good. The Pope spoke against Islamist violence (which has in part been carried out by thousands of European-born Muslims and has largely been financed by US allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We too utterly condemn all violence, including Islamist. And that is why we, unlike the Pope, also utterly condemn Western violence. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya never invaded the West. The West invaded them and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In Iraq’s case, the West invaded twice and is now meddling there for the third time. This is the same hypocrisy as in the Crimea. For the West also invaded the Crimea twice, once in 1854, urged on by the then Pope, again in 1941, and then tried to meddle there in 2014, planning to set up a NATO base in Sebastopol with which to threaten Russia.

The Pope’s speech is all the stranger since he is the representative of the very organization which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Muslims (and Orthodox Christians) in the blood-soaked Crusades. In other words, the Pope represents the grandfather of Western violence against Muslims (and also against the Orthodox Church). We can therefore think of no-one less appropriate to call on Islamists to cease their violence than this ‘ecumenical’ Pope, who during his visit honoured Kemal Ataturk – responsible in part for the deaths of some two million Greek and Armenian Christians.

Only when Western and Western-supplied bombs, shells and bullets have stopped tearing apart the bodies of innocent Muslim men, women and children all over the Middle East, will fanatical Islamists stop slaughtering Non-Islamists in revenge. ‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity (Matt. 23, 27-28).