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Paris: Violent Extremism Breeds Violent Extremism

In the eleventh century, the Western world, then meaning only some parts of Western Europe, finally rejected any kind of spiritual centre outside itself and made itself into its own spiritual centre. Thus, having become ethnocentric, it started to view all other civilizations as cannon fodder for its wholly unprincipled and egoistic purposes. All other civilizations became ‘good’ if they supported the exploitative and genocidal egoism of the West, but ‘barbaric’, ‘backward’, ‘primitive’ and ‘anti-democratic’ if they did not.

For example, the Jewish elite was useful to finance its tribal wars at various points in the Middle Ages, or to finance the Reformation and the wars that followed it (like Cromwell’s in Britain and Ireland), or to finance its twentieth-century ‘world’ (in fact Western) wars, but when ordinary Jews were not needed for this purpose they could be massacred.

For example, the Muslim world could be massacred, as in the eleventh century in the Iberian Peninsula, as in the Crusades, as today in the Gaza Strip, because Muslims are ‘in the way’. However, when it suited and suits the unprincipled purposes of the West, the Muslim world could and can become its closest ally, as in the anti-Christian Crimean War and in Bulgaria in the 19th century when the West supported anti-Christian massacres by Muslims, as in the West’s contemporary support of barbaric anti-Christian dictatorships in Saudi Arabia (whose Muslim fanatics were responsible for 9/11 but which was not invaded), in Qatar and Bahrein, as in Chechnia, Kosovo and Bosnia, where the West supported the establishment of anti-Christian Muslim criminal mafia governments, as in Afghanistan, where the CIA set up Al-Qaida, as in Iraq, where the CIA-imposed dictator Hussein was then betrayed by the West once he had outlived his usefulness and lived to see his country pillaged and over a million of his people massacred and exiled, as in Libya, where Britain and France bombed the legitimate regime to pieces and ensured that its armouries were pillaged by Muslim fanatics, as in Syria, where the West financed and trained fanatical Muslim terrorists and encouraged their own Western-born jihadis to fight there – until they started carrying their jihad into Iraq and now into France, or as in the Crimea where it supports the Muslim Tartar minority against the Christian Russian majority.

Thus, modern ‘radical Islam’ is a Western invention. Arms for the never to be justified barbaric atrocity of the outrage in Paris came from the arms-dealing mafia in Kosovo and from Libya. Sow the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. Government elites in Western Europe (as also in the USA, Canada and Australia) have over the last sixty years brought into their countries tens of millions of Muslims, to be exploited by their industrialists in low-paid jobs. The elites never consulted their peoples they dictate to about their immigration policies – the elites live in wealthy, white-skinned areas and do not see what they have done. Now they face the backlash. This began with the sadistic terrorist Breivik in Norway. Now it is clearly visible in Germany and France.

In one sense the extremist and totally unjustifiable atrocity in Paris is successive French governments’ own fault. Having committed atrocities in the Muslim world for centuries (not least by slaughtering two million in its colonial war in Algeria fifty and sixty years ago or in Libya a score of months ago), the French now see Muslims bringing atrocities to France. Having in the French Revolution officially renounced its own Christian roots and opened the door to freedom for blasphemy, French governments have created all the conditions for a spiritual vacuum, for unprincipled and cynical belieflessness. But nature abhors a vacuum and the devil always fills it. The renunciation of Christian spirituality in the West has led to a vacuum which has been filled by the satanic spirituality of terrorism. The totally unjustifiable atrocity in Paris is but a consequence of the West’s own spiritual crisis of unbelief and faithlessness.

Western violent extremism in the Muslim world has bred Muslim violent extremism in the Western world. To our great sorrow, the atrocity in Paris will be repeated elsewhere in the Western world by Western-born and Western-bred Muslim terrorists. And these will in turn bring a violent backlash for Muslims living in the West. The terrorist atrocities that the West has committed with bombs, uranium-tipped shells, bullets and drones in Iraq, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria are now spreading to the West, exactly as predicted. He who sows the wind shall indeed reap the whirlwind. The Western world has brought this atrocity on itself.

Immigration: The British Political Class Its Own Worst Enemy

Current political debate in the UK is focused on immigration from the EU. So the very politicians who are responsible for mass immigration, without popular consent, now outdo each other to be as anti-immigrant as possible. The infrastructure of this overpopulated little country, especially that in its south-east corner, is bursting at the seams. Huge pressures are being put on housing, transport, roads, schools and hospitals, as the population has increased by millions in just a few years and is continuing to bulge ever faster. Who is to blame? Definitely not the EU. And definitely not the immigrants themselves, who are victims, not culprits. British politicians, forbidding a democratic referendum over forty years on joining and remaining in the EU have again and again betrayed the sovereignty of the UK, selling it for the mess of pottage that is the EU empire, when its terms and conditions of membership were abundantly clear, are to blame.

Worse still – the whole Western world, which gleefully and irresponsibly bankrupted the Communist bloc by a very costly arms race and by artificially lowering oil prices (also bankrupting itself in the process, for which future generations will have to pay), is also to blame. The Western destruction of the economies of Eastern Europe, done to create new markets for Western countries, and the refusal to allow those economies to protect themselves from the ravages of the alien law of the jungle capitalism (the so-called ‘free market’, in fact debt enslavement) has had catastrophic effects on Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. Families are tragically divided, skype-mothers and fathers sadly having to leave their children, friends and homes to the care of impoverished grandparents, as the young are forced to head for wage slavery in Western Europe, to do the low-paid jobs that Western people do not want to do.

Worse still – the Western world is extending its meddling economic tyranny to the Balkans, Moldova, the Caucasus and particularly the Ukraine. Now ruled by a US-installed junta of oligarch-puppets, mostly with US or Israeli passports, led by a Mr Waltzman (who calls himself Poroshenko), the Ukraine has lost over two hundred and fifty thousand citizens this year alone. They are fleeing the civil war created by the US, which has ringed the Russian Federation with NATO bases, and its EU vassals. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, homes and identity. Many, trying to earn more than the $100 a month which they may be lucky enough to be earning at present, are fleeing. Once the breadbasket of Europe and an industrial hub of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine has been ruined by imperialistic Western meddling and its citizens are fleeing political, social, economic and military chaos and bankruptcy for Russia or for Poland and then Western Europe.

Worse still – the Western world refuses to back away from the catastrophe that it has created, let alone take responsibility for it. Elements in the US military-industrial complex actually want to unleash not just a new Cold War, but a Third World War and are sending in warships, planes, tanks and infantry for ‘exercises’ all over Eastern Europe. As for the German-run EU, all it wants is to create new markets for German economic imperialism. December 2014 marks a turning point; either NATO will continue its aggression and preparations for war – or else we shall go towards peace. In that case Eastern Europeans will no longer be forced to uproot themselves from their ancestral homes, friends, families and way of life, as the only alternative to unemployment and food banks, and will continue to live their family life together. As for xenophobic British politicians, they will be able to stop moaning about immigration. For that they have only themselves to blame.